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Horrific return process

I returned my shoes (just one size off), hoping for a quick refund (they don't do returns).
Four weeks later, they still haven't arrived in the post (I followed their returns instructions exactly) and I am $150 out of pocket.
Their customer help line ([name removed]) has been incredibly unhelpful, returns emails weeks late and won't offer any support or compensation.
Very frustrated and disappointed.

Return Claim MadeYes

Merrell All Out Blaze should indeed be burnt

Purchased these Merrell All Out Blaze sandals from Brand House Direct (who are con artists btw).

As per worldwide reviews of these sandals the rear strap islets broke rendering the shoes useless within weeks. What used to be a good quality product is now nothing more than dollar store junk.

Do not buy !

Good experience with Merrell customer service and Merrell Moab shoes

After reading many reviews of hiking shoes I ordered a pair of Merrell Moab Adventure shoes. These are the type which give protection against wet grass. When they arrived they felt a little tight so I contacted Merrell customer service and was given a code for free return of the shoes. I ordered the next size up, which were delivered the next day. The shoes fit very comfortably and give good traction. I also like the traditional robust appearance without coloured stripes. Recommended company and shoe.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance As advertised

Merril Moab hiking shoe

I have had two pairs of Merril Moab shoes and they are reasonably good until they start to wear. After a year to so of wearing (a few times a week) the material at the back of the heel wears, I believe, prematurely for such a priced shoe. But the issue is not so uhh that, but when it wears it results in a hard surface underneath that causes nasty blisters if a longer walk is undertaken which renders the shoes effectively useless (not a problem for shorter walks).

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

What has happened to Merrill's quality?

Today, I bought my third pair of Merrill Moab hiking boots. I have been wearing these boots since 2008. My first pair lasted about 8 years and many, many trail miles before I wore holes in the mesh and they had to be relegated to yard duty.
The next pair had a different lacing system that I didn't like as well, but I still liked the brand do o put up with it. That pair only lasted 3 years and many less trail miles before the toes started curling up and the upper surround started cracking.
This time, the store I went to didn't have the regular Moab in my size, so I got the waterproof ones. Even the guy at the store commented that Merrill's quality has gone downhill in the last 5 years. Now I'm wondering what is going on at Merrill? What happened to their quality control?
Will this be my last pair of Merrill's or is Merrill going to return to the high quality product they use to be?
Going to be interesting to see if these boots make it through their first year.

Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Out of the box : NOT waterproof.

Tested a new set of Moab low-cut Goretex boots straight out of the box, at 0 months of wear. Feet were wet within 1 minute of a light spray over the toes. Either terrible quality control or false advertising. A big let down when the only reason for buying new shoes this time was for the waterproof feature.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Visit at birkenhead

I went in thinking maybe I might buy another pair of walking or trekking shoes, there were nice every day walking shoes on special for $100. The young lady asked if she could help me I said do you have these in a 12 or 13 she said no but we Have these for $200 but they might be out of your price range. Now I thought I was dressed quite nicely. I might never go back into a merrel store again as I found this very rude how does this person know what I can or can’t afford.

Merrell sandals and joggers.

It was easy to navigate the store , they had heaps of products, the quality of the products I bought were very poor

Rediculous Return Process

Bought a pair of boots for my granddaughter. Unfortunately wrong size, did a return for exchange. Received notice on 27 Oct 18 that the return was received. Had to call 3 times to follow up on status. Was told they didnt have another size so a refund would be processed. Had we not contacted them it would have sat in a black hole. On the 3rd call we finally got the refund processed. That's on 15 Nov 18. Very unsatisfied with the return process.

Merrell "dry rot"

I have had a number of Merrell shoes and been happy with them, so much so that I received a pair of "Pulse 2 Smoke" Merrell shoes from family as a present.

Unfortunately I did not start wearing them immediately, leaving them for future use, stored in the shoe cupboard in the house. I found that the heel reinforcement material has turned grayish colour. When I wore the shoes, it started to crumble and the heel block has detached from the Vibram sole. It seems I now have a virtually new pair of Merrells made in a way and out of materials that disintegrate when not used.

Is there anything you can do to help?

Official response: An acknowledgement of my point

Merrell has a 12 month manufacturing warranty which commences from the date of purchase. Unfortunately, without proof of purchase we will not be able to help to process a faulty claim.

Please understand that even when footwear is not being worn, it does continue to age and rubber molded compounds along with adhesives will dry out after several years and become brittle (this is called hydrolysis or "dry rot"). The compounds age at different rates, so there is no "shelf life", so to speak. Footwear stored for extended periods are no longer reliable and this can occur. This is not a manufacturing fault.

Just how many receipts does one have to keep in this life????

Merrell Moab Waterproof Not Waterproof

I own a couple of different styles of Merrell shoes and generally find them to be comfortable and worthy of the price. I am however very dissastified with the Merrell Moab. I have had to return 3 pairs of these beacuse thay are indeed NOT WATERPROOF. The last pair which had the gore-tex brand membrane started leaking after about 2 months of service. The other pairs which had Merrell's own waterproof booty did not even last that long. If you work outdoors and need to keep your feet dry while walking through wet grass, don't waste your time or money.

Caution, Slippery when wet!

I have worn a different brand shoe for years because they were great for a broader foot like mine however the quality of them seemed to spiral downhill over the years. The great staff where I buy my shoes from suggested Merrell Vibram because they are a shoe designed for lots of walking and I do heaps of walking in my line of work. They are a fantastic shoe for comfort and style but I was sadly disappointed to discover that they are useless as soon as you walk on a hard floor surface that has a bit of water on it. They are down right dangerous. I work with children who are notorious for getting water on the floor in bathroom areas and I have already nearly broken my neck several times on my first day of use.

Buyer beware

I bought a pair of sandals in winter for a summer holiday, but when wearing in several months later found the strap faulty. I was told by the store a return is not possible as 6 weeks has elapsed and I don’t have the original box! I am really disappointed that such a reputable brand would treat a customer so badly.

$180 shoes last only 2 months walking in shops

Good comfortable shoe. Unfortunately they don't last long. Storekeeper said her mesh shoe had worn through after just 2 months walking around the store & called it normal wear & tear for a $180 pair of shoes. Not what I'd recommend for a performance shoe & definitely not value for money.

Fabulous shoes

Staff are helpful, engaged and strive to find what you need, many happy customers return to this store. I tried the barefoot style and they are great for travel, light and washable, and for outdoor pursuits such as beach walking and tai chi. Wear well, comfortable, long lasting.

Excellent Hiking Shoes and Fantastic Customer Service

While on a recent overseas trip I was suffering severe foot pain and so decided to upgrade my hiking shoes. Having been happy with the fit and comfort of my previous pairs of Merrell trail shoes I purchased a pair of Merrell MOAB 2 low cut shoes in a Wide fitting. These shoes are extremely comfortable and have a wide forefoot that is perfect for those of us with wife feet that want a bit of wiggle room. My foot pain eased almost immediately and within a few days I was bounding about the Muir Woods in San Francisco with ease.

Unfortunately, a few months after arriving back in Australia one of the shoes suffered a small tear in the rubber forefoot protector. As I had purchased the shoe overseas I had resigned myself to having to live with the damage and/or get myself a new pair. However, I made contact with the Merrell Australian supplier and after verifying the damage I was provided with a replacement pair.

This is fantastic after sales service and shows that Merrell is a company that cares about its customers and the quality of its products!


Seriously the best shoes I have ever worn. Used for recreational walking etc and are really comfortable. Something you wouldn't really think off but the grip from the sole is very noticeable and gives confidence on uneven ground. First pair but if last will definitely recommend and buy again.

Bare Access Flex

I ordered my first pair of Merrell running shoes a little over 2 months ago. I love the way they feel and look. They have definitely helped the pain in my legs and heel. However, they are already wearing around the toe box, above the toe cap. There are no other visible signs of wear on these shoes. I have less than 150 miles on them and I rotate them with two other pairs of running shoes. For the price, I think they are wearing too fast.


Great No More

I've been wearing the same style Merrell shoe for over 10 years. My job requires a lot of walking and these were my everyday shoe. First pair lasted over 4 years and still looked new, unfortunately I tore the toe on a large metal door. The pair of the same style shoe I'm about to bin were purchased less than 12 months ago and have fallen apart. I've noticed a gradual decline in quality for the last 5 years. Very disappointing.

Best shoes I've ever worn!

I needed a pair of shoes for an upcoming holiday that will require me to be on my feet a lot. With a weak ankle I needed something with support through the heel. The sales assistant was amazing with trying a variety of styles on me and the MQM Flex trainers that I chose are AMAZING! I have not had so much as a twinge in that ankle while wearing the shoes, even over loose rocky paths. Will always buy my shoes from Merrell.

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If I wish to purchase on line how confident can I be with the sizing
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There is a guide on their web site what is the equivalent sizing. I have never had a problem and they are quite helpful if you talk to them. I am just surprised at all the negative responses about Merrell, would never wear anything else.

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