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Michelin Primacy SUV

Michelin Primacy SUV

4.4 from 21 reviews

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Perfect tyre for CX5 SUV

Changing 4 tyres on Mazda CX5 from original Yokohama done 50,000km to Primacy SUV. I was surprised with its quiet and feel soft on road. Road handling is good bothe dry and wet. It was special discount from Costco purchase 4 tyres get $100.00 discount, fitted and balance included. Happy with Costco service and price, a bargain @ $150.00 each. Highly recommended.

Purchased in March 2019 for $600.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 1,000 km
Car ModelVolkswagen Passat B8 MK7 Sedan 132TSI Comfortline
Off-Roading FrequencyNever
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling
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Done more than 2000km now. Driving suburban and highway in all conditions. The tyre still quiet and soft riding. So far so good

perfect tires for small SUV

first thought about the tires, they really are quiet.

i mainly short commute on highway with good road condition and it feels comfortable compare to my old tires.

i live in tropical country (Indonesia) so only dry and wet condition apply. so far no problem and better performance.

i also notice handling improvement to more confident driving experiences on corners.

about durability, i expect it to last 20.000kms

i recommended this tires

Purchased in April 2019 for $150.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 1,000 km
Car ModelHonda CR-V
Tyre Pressure Used35 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyNever
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Michelin Primacy SUV - 6/2015 Kluger 3.5 V6 AWD

Kluger was purchased as a brand new company car but now has 180,000kms. I'm fortunate enough to pick tyres of my choice when needed, rather than by price alone. Car OEM were Michelin Latitude tyres which performed very well in all conditions but gave a very hard and uncomfortable ride even with adjusted air pressures. Next came Yokohama Geolander 055 SUV, excellent comfortable tyres and did everything the Michelin Latitude could do and more but just a tad more noise on the limit. The Yokohama's also looked narrower despite being identical size 245/60/18.

I was skeptical to go back to Michelin but the tyre dealer assured me they were a next level tyre. I can not speak more highly of these tyres, they are quiet, they handle extremely well on a 2000kg SUV, they dont wander all over the road and they stop very well indeed. The mileage so far (20,000k) has shown virtually no signs of wear despite the Kluger being loaded up on a regular basis. I have very high confidence in the Michelin Primacy SUV's in the wet, especially cornering, absolutely hang on without a hint of slipping. If you are considering replacing your SUV tyres soon then do not ignore the Michelin Primacy SUV for consideration. Not as cheap as some options out there but performance/mileage of these tyres will definitely make up for it.

Purchased in November 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 20,000 km
Car ModelToyota Kluger GSU50R
Tyre Pressure Used38 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyNever
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Good tyres. Handle as expected. Seriously worth consideration

Had 4x Michelin Primacy SUV in 215/70/r16 size fitted to our 2002 Toyota RAV4.

Tyres replaced were a mix of well worn (rear tyres) and OK tread, but lower quality tyres on the front.

On driving the car from the tyre shop, initial feeling was the tyres were 'softer' and seemed a lot quieter. At only local street, 50kmh speed, it was hard to tell, but I swung into a servo to check the tyre pressures and they were all up at 38 psi, so the "softness" wasn't the tyre pressure.

On the trip home, and over the next few days, I did a mix of 50, 60, 80, 100 and 110 kmh driving so also a mix of road conditions, and these roads are what we drive on 99% of the time, so I know the bumps and noise of the road surface etc.

Well, these new tyres, caused a problem. I could hear a LOT more rattles in the old car! Yep, these tyres are definitely quieter so the road noise wasn't drowning out the rattles in the old RAV4.

The tyres perform well, and handle good. I really do not know what the other reviewer on here means by the handling not being good and feeling different when cornering etc. I feel these Michelin Primacy SUV tyres handle and hold really well, and have no concern of the tyre slipping out or losing traction.

My wife drives the vehicle daily as her commute to work car, and has even noticed these new tyres feel much softer and 'smoother' for her trips to and from work.

We haven't had any wet weather so can not comment on the wet road traction or performance as yet.

Fitted and Balanced with a wheel alignment, total cost was $829 at Jax Tyres. Alignment is $69 of that total.

CarToyota RAV4

It’s a soft tyre which hold the road perfectly

Is a good tyres
It get worn out easy with high temperatures but you enjoying until last moment the quality
Some tyres not worn out but becomes hard and still can not use . I had a Michelin also on my bike and I have neve had a problem . It’s a bit more expensive but you pay for what you get it for

CarNissan Dualis

Primacy SUV on a Mazda CX5 - excellent

Isn't the tyre industry a nightmare???? So many brands, so many different models and tread patterns.... so I took my time to decide on the Michelin Primacy SUV. Purchased from Costco, there was a tyre size issue... the OEM size is 225 65 R17 and are Yokohama's. Unfortunately, they performed quite badly... becoming noisy as they wore out and at 45,000 klms, they had to be replaced even though the Mazda dealership did the tyre rotation every 10,000 klm. Very disappointing. There was an issue with the same replacement Primacy SUV size as they were speed rated H and not V. I wasn't planning on doing 240klm per hour, however I opted for the slightly different size of 235 60 R17. According to my research, this is an acceptable alternative with only a 1.4% difference and with the correct speed rating of "V". In short the tyres are exceptionally good.... very quiet in the dry, very good grip in the wet and only time will tell if they last the distance. They seem to have a less rolling resistance and ride is comfortable when filled with nitrogen. BTW, these were cheaper than the OEM size - go figure! I would highly recommend these tyres on any SUV. Hope this helps. There is a wonderful web site that gives you safe tyre size alternatives - www.wheel-size.com

UPDATE: Have had these tyres on now for over 10,000 klm. Still very quiet ride and got me out of an accident in the wet... I don't drive on the conservative side so these tyres behaved beyond my expectation. Highly recommended.

CarMazda CX5 KE2 2015

All good so far on ride quality, noise and wear

Very happy so far. Far better than the OEM Kumhos which have a good treadwear but were far too hard, noisy and plain dangerous in the wet. Only time will tell re treadwear but with a rating of 440 I'd expect to get roughly 50k+ which is more than enough for me.

CarKia Sorento

Not durable

I put the Michelin Primacy SUVs on to replace the original dunlops that came with the car new. I got 90000 kms out of the Dunlops by driving carefully. I do a lot of highway driving, often loaded up and with a trailer. The rear michelins lasted 10000 kms before they were down past the wear marks. To the credit of the shop I got them at they replaced them with pirellis. The michelins drove really nicely around town and were exceptional in the wet. As promised they were very quiet. Not that I cared with a diesel! They are far too soft for a 4WD towing at highway speeds.

Car2015 Pajero

They say Michellin is the best

Purchased these after much research. My Pajero came with "H" rated tyres and I wanted to make sure "H" went back on as most tyre places wanted to sell me "S". The tyre placard lists only "H". Keep legal!
My impression is that they feel more "squirmy" than the Bridgestone Dueller 840 H/T that came on my vehicle.
The ride does seem better, but to be fair, judging new tyres against worn out ones of a different brand is not realistic.
The wear rating would suggest that I should get around 20,000km more than the Bridgestones for the same price.

CarPajero 2010

very good tires

got these tires for my tiguan because the previous tyres just worn out too quickly (I think they were yokohama). i really just wanted something that will last me and won't cost me an arm and lag. dont really know the technical aspects of it but does the job and works pretty well

CarVW tiguan

Great tyres for the price

My old tyres were starting to wear, and I was recommended these ones through a friend. They are great, and I could feel the difference as soon as I have Bob Jane. The overall drive felt smoother, and the braking was noticeably better as well. I would definitely choose this again for my next tyre!

CarToyota RAV 4

Bought 4 and got $200 rebate

I bought 4 of them during promotion (buy 4 and get $200 rebate) from T-mart. I've used them for 3 months now and have no complaint. My previous Micheline (not sure about the model) lasted for just little over 3 years (3,5000 km) but hope this time it'll last longer.

Car2015 Jeep Cherokee

The best Tires.

I'v been using Michelin for the past 6 years. have done average 80K for the last 2 times with Michelin on a Honda Accord.
Bought a new set of tires for a Toyota Kluger. It's really amazing!!! You cannot hear the tire at all while driving. I have also tried it in wet conditions, grip, break, everything is perfect. No sliding, No sound, instant stop.
I love these tires..!

CarToyota Kluger 2012

Not perfect

Got a new set of Michelin tyres for my Mazda Cx5, compare to stock tyres which is Yokohama’s Geolandar (238$ each) , The Michelin primacy (241$each) does not have enough traction through sharp corners. I drive offensively, I never slow down for corners with the stock tyres , but I have to slow down with Michelin tyres due to LOST TRACTION for a few times, scared the hell out of me. I won’t say Michelin is bad, but I would say not as good as the stock tyres……
Same driver, same road, same car, same Tyre size, same driving style , same weather conditions.… srsly, Michelin loses in every single turn that I made with my cx5.
Gonna try Bridgestone next time, won’t come back for Michelin

Car2016 Mazda CX-5 FWD

Soooo disappointed

Have always loved Michelin from Synchrone to Energy XM1, XM2 etc. So threw the Primacy SUV on the Forester without a second thought. Very disappointed, not good on gravel road, dirt driveways etc. Wet asphalt a little dodgy as well. Have never had ABS or VSS operate so often. When first on, put 36 psi in them, same as always and my fuel consumption went from around 6L/100K to 7.2L/100K. Found out by putting 40 psi in and went back to economy same as the geosquealers. So, the next tyres will no longer be Michelin, but either Pirelli or General Tyre. I look like I will get about 20-25,000 Kms out of them.
UPDATE - 25,000 km - 2mm to breaker strips 4 mm to groove bottom left at most, now "tramlining" on a lot of roads (following road grooves, pulling steering.) More slippery on dirt and now have picked up a nail in one. Hope to get to May when will replace so winter I have new tyres on (hopefully better ones, probably pirelli ATR).

Car2015 Diesel Manual Subaru Forester

good tire

tires on my car wear out. so drove it to bearupair to change tires. i changed one tire only. it looks awesome. i am happy with the price and quality of the tire. the service of the dealer is good too. satisfied with my experience overall. will stick with this brand


So quiet it's ridiculous!

Purchased these tyres today. Absolutely silence when driving it's crazy.
Replaced our Latitude Cross's with the Primacy SUV's. Handling so far feels good. Tyres pumped up to 38psi all round.
I still can't get over how silent these tyres are, far out!
More to come in the following weeks ....
Purchased from JAX tyres West Ipswich.

Car2009 Toyota RAV4 CV
1 comment
So we have had our first weekend touring with the new Primacy SUV's fitted to the RAV4. Will add more in the following months, but here are my honest opinions as it stands: Pro's: * Beautiful comfortable ride on Ipswich's country roads, motorways and highways. * Very quiet ride even on SEQ's course country highways. * I can feel a slightly lower rolling resistance, especially on the downhills. Con's: * Only con so far is the handling is not up to what the Latitude Cross's were. Seems to lean a bit more in tighter corners at 100Km/hr. It seems that it will take some time getting used to this. It may be a confidence thing I guess. Tyre pressures are at 38psi all round. The quietness of this tyre still blows me away! My conclusion thus far is that everything is a compromise. If you love Michelin like me, and you want your SUV to have a quiet comfortable ride, go for the Primacy SUV series. If you want better handling with a bit of off road stuff, get the Latitude Cross for A/T, and Latitude Tour HP / Sport for awesome handling and grip on road.

Quiet and smooth

Fitted to my Kluger AWD, these are my second set of Michelin, after 2 sets of Dunlops, all of which were good, Dunlops returned 60,000KM and the Michelins gave 90,000km, 30% on dirt out west.
These Primacy SUV are the quietest yet and give a very smooth ride although there seems to be a slight give on wet roundabouts, but this may be because there have been so few rain events here so the roads may be greasy.
The price for this set bought in March 2017 is less than what I paid 3 years ago for the previous Michelins so I am happy in that regard.

CarKluger KXR AWD

Primacy SUV is a new tyre released 2016.

I'm commenting here because I changed from Cooper CS-4 to Primacy SUV and the reasons are:
Cooper dealer service was awful
Cooper prices haven't reduced enough to match the market
Primacy SUV according to Michelin Australia will last 50 - 60,000 kms
Primacy SUV prices from Costco are very competitive.
Costco service is excellent.

This is not to say that Cooper's new CS-5 won't be a good tyre and worth considering. For me, it was convenience that compelled me to look around for alternatives and during that, I discovered SUV tyre prices had come down since my last purchase 3 years ago and more brands now offer better mileage. This meant (to me) that Cooper's unique position in the market of high mileage had changed substantially.

I'll be back later with more information after putting distance on the new tyres but in the meantime, I strongly advise you to shop around if you need new SUV tyres because a lot has changed. It will be definitely worth your time.

Car2007 Volvo XC90 Diesel.
We have travelled around 4,000kms on Michelin's Primacy SUV and can report - It is a firmer tyre vs Cooper CS-4. If you over inflate, the ride will be hard and possibly uncomfortable. Handling / control is very good - turning in and braking. We haven't had any rain for months so I can't comment on wet weather performance while I'm confident it will be okay for those who obey speed limits.Update May 5, 2018. We have now travelled 20,000kms on Michelin's Primacy SUV and report as follows: Steering, braking and wet weather are all good for driver feedback, grip and resistance to aquaplaning. Tyre wear is excellent according to the most recent tyre rotate & balance at Costco Fyshwick ACT. To achieve this, I watch pressures and any signs that alignment needs attention.

Feeling great after the fit

My car is a Kia Grand Carnival, tyre size is 235/60R17.
I got the 4 tyres from Jax for $730 including wheel alignment which sounds alright as other brands cost as much.

The first impression is, "wow!" the car stops more responsive than the old tyres. But again, the old ones were so old to compare with.

After 1 month driving, I can now give some comments on this tyre.
To be honest, not that great.
When I break, it takes quite a while to complete stop. I can't really feel the difference between these and my very old tyres. The noise and handling are okay, but the stopping is really a concern to me.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, would you use the Michelin Primacy SUV on a small pickup truck?
1 answer
Hi, check your required load rating first, then cross-check against the Primacy numbers.

HI all, has anyone noticed a huge increase in fuel economy since having Michelin Primacy suv? Mine has gone up by heaps in a 2015 Kluger 9l/100 to 14l/100. last tyers were Michelin Latitude Tour and i could get fuel economy down to 7.5l/100 sometimes
1 answer
Hi, no difference on my end. Loaded on trips out west I can easily get 8.5L/100 sticking to the speed limit and running around 38psi. I achieved this figure with Michelin Latitude, Yokohama Geolander 055 and the current Michelin Primacy 3 SUV. Around town 11.5L all day. On another note, see if there are any software updates from Toyota as I took mine in to have the reverse camera looked over due to a viewing delay on the screen. They told me it was a 'software' update and the camera worked better for about a week but the car was greatly improved, better responsiveness, better gear changes.

Hi, I am considering the Michelin Primacy SUV for my X-Trail 2014. I am replacing the original tyres for the first time and I am overwhelmed with choices. Since we are in winter and having a lot of rain in Melbourne recently, can you please advise on its performance in wet weather?
2 answers
We get so little rain here I cant really comment in that regard with this particular tyre, but my last set also Michies were brilliant in all conditions including snow, so I think these new models will be just as good. I have just done 10,000 on these and they are brilliant for feel, quietness and road holding and performance on gravel roads out west.I can't comment on the wet weather performance just yet, as it's been so dry lately in SE QLD. They are really quiet tyres though compared with our previous tyres - Michelin Latitude Cross (Lat Cross's are awesome tyre in wet weather), but Michelin are phasing the Cross's out, unfortunately. If you are driving around town Conservatively / Normal / Highway driving, then the Primacy SUV's are great, but if you drive aggressively through the corners, then maybe look at a different set of tyres.

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