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Do not use. No idea of customer service

I ordered from this company. Immediately got an email. Saying it would be dispatched and tracking advice sent. No email sent. I sent email asking for tracking advice. Received sms saying items sent tracking that day. After another 5 days I sent sms back saying I had not received. [name removed] cc'd me into emails into despatch manager. In one he states. Can you follow up. Customer riding me. Asking politely for tracking info as not stated is not riding you. No tracking ever sent. Items were dumped on front door step with no permission to leave ever given and one pillow missing from order.

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Hi Per, thank you for sharing your feedback. We're terribly sorry to read your disastrous experience. This is not typical. We pride ourselves on fast, prompt, reliable and helpful service. This has clearly failed in a number of ways. One of our team will contact you now to arrange compensation as small token of our apology and organise the missing item to you.

Perfect Pillow

We used these pillows whilst away on holiday and had to found out what they were as were so lovely to sleep on. We purchased 4 king size ones for our family. Best nights sleep ever!!

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Hi Nat, thank you for your review. We're very pleased to see that amazing nights sleep on holiday is now replicated every night at home.


I have been looking for a pillow for years as I have trouble sleeping
Since talking to different people and through the radio i heard about Koala beds so looked on there website Microcloud Bedding and purchased their V pillow.
Honestly I love this pillow I am having deeper night sleeps and longer .
Also the shape of the pillow not only helps me sleep better but has stopped pain I had in between my shoulder blades and neck, which at times have been extremely bad
Thank you Microcloud for producing such an amazing pillow, quality is sensational
When I am financial I will absolutely purchase a koala mattress in a box
Sharon D :)

Product Quality
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Hi Sharon, thank you for your review. We're very pleased to know that our V Pillow is providing you with improved sleep and pain relief. Our Mattress is popular because of it's comfort and support. We'd love to assist you with a new bed. Just to let you know however, we are not associated with Koala. Two separate businesses.


Always loved med cloud pillows it arrived in one package and when opened was delighted straight away with the soft wooly like texture that nestled my head after a long day.

Product Quality
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Hi Mel, thank you for your review. Pleased to know you're enjoying the comfort.

The very best pillow ever

The pillows are so comfortable and retain their shape all night giving you a really good night's sleep. The service we got from microcloud was first rate and would recommend them to friends and family

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Hi Christine, thank you for your review and recommendation. Pleased to know you're having great sleep.

disappointed with the mattress topper

We bought the mattress topper on the 6th of December after reading the reviews. However much to our disappointment the product is not comfortable at all. It is a waste of money. We had to buy a replacement from another company after 6 weeks of used, and this product is cheaper and very comfortable.

Product Quality
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I am glad that I have been contacted by MicroCloud and my issued has been resolved. Thank you Jonathan and Robert.

Top quality bedding

We received delivery of our MicroCloud single bed mattresses, bases, toppers & incidentals on October 1st. We are both very happy with the quality and comfort & expect many years of pleasant sleeping. My wife now starts each day with no shoulder pain as previously.

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Hi Lindsay, thank you for your review. We're pleased the whole MicroCloud bedding package as allowed you and your wife to enjoy better sleep and importantly wake pain free!

Comfortable at last!

I purchased the mattress topper and one pillow. I am extremely happy with both products and intend buying another pillow and doona/quilt in the near future.
I have tried many different products over the years from other suppliers that have not achieved the comfort I was hoping for but now I can gladly report that finally I have a comfortable bed.
Thank you MicroCloud

Hi Rhon, thank you for your review. We're really pleased to know the our range tops any others that you have tried. Look forward to assisting with your next purchase. The quilt is popular because it is lightweight, breathable and regulates temperature superbly during all seasons.I have since purchased the quilt/doona and I am so comfortable. It is so light to handle and magnificent to sleep under. I have recommended all the products I have purchased to others and they are thanking me!

Beautiful bedding and great service!

My husband and I work away a lot, sleeping in lots of motels, on some beautiful mattresses and some not so good. Every time we came home, our quite new, expensive mattress was worse to sleep on. We both had sore shoulders by the morning and the heat build up in the mattress was unbearable. Not wanting to go through a store again, I decided to find a motel mattress manufacturer that supplied to the public. A lot of searching found MicroCloud and are we glad! After a couple of phone calls with Tony, we settled on the mattress and base he recommended. We live a long way from Melbourne but the whole deal happened exactly as arranged. The service from Tony and Jonathon at MicroCloud was excellent, the deliveries on time, the workmanship was first class, and Australian made. The base, mattress and topper is superb to sleep on, can't wait to fall into bed. No aches and pains, no heat build up and easy to handle. I also like that I can take the topper off to wash. The pillows are beautiful. I also ordered a queen sheet set which is also all Aussie made. Very generous in size and beautiful quality. Would definitely recommend MicroCloud bedding.

Product and service only ok.

My experience with Microcloud bedding

After 10 years of sleeping on the same Sleep Maker (medium) mattress, we knew that it was time to upgrade. We went to a few show rooms and were completely put off by pushy sales men.

This prompted my internet search, where many online businesses claim that trying out a bed for 15 minutes in a showroom is no use at all, and that you can confidently buy online.

Completely befuddled by the dazzling variety of materials and feels and levels of luxury, I stumbled on the MicroCloud website.

Microcloud claims that they have mastered a universally comfortable sleep system which suits just about everyone. I thought this sounded perfect. Only one choice of each item, one type of: pillow, mattress, etc. Awesome. Checked Product Reviews and saw an array of positive feedback about the product and service. Even better, service and quality – I want it all.

I sent an email through the website on 1 January enquiring about the mattress, and received a call the next day from Tony. He was very helpful, and gave me a special price for their mattress & accessory package. Usually $2,900 but special price of $2,500. I thought wow, this is probably going to be some sort of amazing mattress considering I saw some good AH Beard mattresses for $2,000.

On the 7 January I placed the order, and so swept up in the “amazingness” of the service I had received so far, on the 13 January I added some pillowcases and a quilt.

Long and boring story about how service expectations were not met, I will summarize below:

- Tried to organize delivery for a specific day in the end of January, and was given a phone number with no detail about who I was calling. It was a delivery company who had no idea what I was talking about and said no chance for a January delivery.
- Passed on my feedback, and received a call to say my mattress ended up in the wrong depot, but that the accessories had already been dispatched and the money already taken from my account. I verified that the accessories would include the quilt and pillowcases. I was told yes.
- Received accessory order, no quilt or pillowcases. Called. Was told they will now be dispatched separately and will arrive next week.
- Received an email to advise that mattress will be delivered early Feb.
- Got a surprise delivery of the mattress.
- Did not receive quilt & pillowcases the following week. Followed up the next week. Was only then told they were shipped incorrectly and were waiting for collection at our local post office.
- Collected quilt and pillowcases so that I could finally use the king sized pillows that I had received three weeks ago. They were not what I ordered.
- Sent an email to the effect that the pillowcases were incorrect, and no reply as yet.

Here is my review of the products

- Although I have no pillowcases to try them with, I love them. They are soft and squishy but have enough support to be comfortable.
- My husband hates them. Not enough support.

Mattress Topper
- I honestly don’t know if I love this or not. It’s not got the loft that I was expecting, and coupled with the mattress (see below review), I’m not sure.

Mattress Protector
- I previously had a top of the range Protect-a-bed mattress protector which is not nearly as hot as these protectors make me at night.
- It’s ok. Not amazing.

- It’s good. I don’t know if it’s worth $275.


- When their website speaks of hotel luxury, I imagined the most comfortable beds I’ve stayed in in fancy hotels. This is not their product.
- A mattress that is only 23 cm high and does not weigh much is never going to be amazing. I had convinced myself otherwise.
- It could not even support itself laying against the wall. It simply fell into itself. My 10 year old Sleep Maker is still of better quality than the construction of this mattress.
- The manufacturer is SlumberCare. Their range seems to be in the budget category.
- Maybe I had unrealistic expectations; maybe Microcloud helped me to imagine that I was going to get the best.
- For a total outlay of $2,500 (approx.), I expected more.
- Mattress was super hard – way harder than the “medium” feel mattresses that I had tried in shops. My shoulders hips knees and even ankles hurt after sleeping on this bed. My husband was the same.
- I raised my concerns about the mattress the next day with the company who offered to send a second topper to make it softer. I am dubious that this will fix the problem. We still have not received it, so I don’t know.
- In the meantime we purchased a long finger deluxe foam topper for $230 from Clark Rubber to try and soften the mattress. It is certainly better than the mattress and Microcloud topper alone. However my total spend is now $2,700.

In sum, I’m sure Microcloud are completely sick of hearing from me, but in fairness, the service I have received is ordinary at best, and I am completely sick of following up with them. The accessories are of good quality, but I question their price point. The mattress is not great, and I would not recommend it to anyone.

Next time, I will deal with the pushy sales people and at least know what I’m buying. Lesson learnt.


Having already purchased pillows and mattress cover, we bought the Microcloud Doona. What a great buy. Normally each winter we have a woollen doona plus blanket but with the Microcloud Doona there is no need for the extra bedding. With all three products I feel like am sleeping in the clouds. Excellent products - would definitely recommend.

This is perfect. So comfortable.

Recently while on holidays we had the pleasure of sleeping on a bed fitted with MicroCloud bedding.
We have never experienced such a comfortable nights sleep and have since purchased the bedding.
The service provided by the company was exceptional and we would them to everyone.

Just the best bedding company!

I first slept on a Microcloud mattress topper in a hotel. I couldn't believe how soft, cosy, and beautiful it was to sleep on. So, came home and ordered one for myself, along with a new mattress, pillows, and quilt. They are all just so beautiful and wonderful thing to sleep on. I actually look forward to going to bed, just to lie on it! The topper, quilt, pillows and their respective covers are all machine-washable, and hypo-allergenic (which is wonderful for someone like me who's allergic to dust-mites). Microcloud Bedding is the best company to deal with - their service is amazing: prompt, great comms, great follow-up. I can't recommend the company or the products highly enough!

Exception product exceptional service

Good morning Tony,
Just a short email to thank you very much for your cheerful and prompt service, the package arrived yesterday and was excitedly opened.
I placed the topper on our bed along with the beautiful king sized pillows and it was amazingly comfortable, you have named your product well as it really was like sleeping on a cloud !

I have spent a small fortune trying to seeking out this sleeping experience and I am thrilled to have found you - think I have started something in our family and will be in touch soon for order number 2.

With thanks
Janet Yeates
Quality and comfort

Awesome Bedding,

Thank you so much Tony and staff for you service it was excellent, not only that the products we brought have been fantastic, from protectors, toppers, pillows etc.
Thanks so much for giving us a refreshing nights sleep. :-)
We will be recommending you to all our family and friends

Amazing products

I recently purchased the pillows and quilt after my husband and I were constantly searching for that "hotel" feel. We can without a doubt recommend these products to everyone who is on that endless search for the "perfect" pillow and quilt. The pillows are everything they claim to be and more. We both wake up refreshed and no longer suffer with that interrupted sleep and sore necks. The quilt is amazingly light and so warm and cosy, that winter nights are no longer spent with a tonne of blankets on the bed just to keep from freezing. As for the service, I no sooner called to place my order, that the goods arrived on my doorstep. My husband was so eager to "try out" the pillow that he ripped open the package, slipped on the covers and proceeded to fall asleep on the lounge! Lol
Everything! The best pillows and quilt I've ever bought.

Questions & Answers

Delivery time from placing order
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Hi there We placed order on the 22nd April and was delivered to Central Coast NSW on the 30th AprilHi Grannycool, the delivery time will depend on your location. Please e-mail info@microcloudbedding.com.au for specifics. @ Nat L - thank you for your helpful reply.

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