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MicroCloud Pillow V-Shaped

MicroCloud Pillow V-Shaped

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Happy Customer

Great value with pillowslips versus what else we have had, that go flat too quickly. Better quality, size and comfy. We sleep every night with ours(I pop another pillow under).

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi Katie, thank you for your review. Pleased to know our V pillow has surpassed the quality of anything you have had previously. It really is a popular versatile pillow for sitting up in bed, body rest, sleeping and for pregnancy too.

Great product and service. Highly recommended!!

The pillow is fantastic, very comfortable and rarely need to re-adjust it.
The pillow provides excellent support and a great night sleep.
It is a slightly fuller, firmer pillow so may not be ideal for those people who like a very soft pillow with not much support.
Personally, I love it!

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi Jason, thank you for your review. Pleased to know that our pillow is helping you enjoy great sleep! We designed it to help aid head and neck support whilst providing a soft, pressure relieving feel.

Great v-shaped pillow

The V-shaped pillow is really supportive and the service was great in getting it here so quickly, we are very pleased with the pillow. It has helped my husband's neck after surgery.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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Hi Gill, thank you for advising the great result for your husband and the comfort the V pillow has provided. The V pillow is not designed to be a sleeping pillow, rather its ideal for a back support aid when sitting up and also ideal for nursing mum's as well. The V shape pillow always comes with two V pillowcases as a bonus. Thank you Gill for your feedback , it is most appreciated indeed. We are delighted to assist all enquiries via www.microcloudbedding.com.au Regards, MicroCloud

Love this pillow

I bought this pillow on a bit of a whim, not being sure if I really needed it. However I am absolutely delighted with it and now could never go back to the usual European cushion that I used to have. I am someone who likes to read in bed, and this pillow is so incredibly comfortable for sitting up in bed with.
It would also be a wonderful pillow for anyone feeling sick who wants to prop themselves up a bit and have some relaxed support. Perfect TV pillow.
The only query I have is that there don't appear to be any pillow protectors which come with the V pillow. I am a bit puzzled as to why this is, given that all the other pillows produced by microcloud come with a pillow protector.
I would really like it if microcloud could offer pillow protectors as an optional extra, I would be happy to pay for them, and it would make the pillow a bit more durable.

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Hi Helena, the "V" shape pillow ( comes with two V pillowcases ) is certainly ideal to use as you have so clearly informed as part of your review. We have also found that the same "V" pillow to be highly valued by nursing mothers when assisting baby during breastfeeding and also to assist mum as a very comforting lower back support rest aid. Our team are always keen to receive suggestions and ideas, and yours Helena re. the protectors is constructive and will be considered by our internal design team. Many thanks again for your glowing 5 star review. Regards, MicroCloud

Have bought these v pillows for family from the very elderly to young breast feeding mothers & all

Very comfortable and offers great support for neck, back & shoulders. Great aid for breast feeding mothers as flexible enough to position the baby close to mother to insure the baby latches on well.

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Hi Leah, our "V" shape pillow is ideal for both a rest aid for the lower back and also ideal for nursing mothers too. All "V" pillows come with two "V" shape pillowcases . For information on all our pillows please visit www.microcloudbedding.com.au Thank you for your feedback . Regards, MicroCloud

Another perfect pillow

I recently purchased the V pillow, after trying lots of others. This one is so comfortable and I'm so happy along with the two standard pillows bought previously. Having neck problems I have never found a really comfortable pillow. These pillows are wonderful! I am now considering buying the mattress topper. Thank you so much Microcloud!

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Hi Sandikins, that's great news about the MicroCloud "V" shape pillow - we consistently receive excellent feedback on the "V" pillow especially as a rest aid when sitting or propped up to support the back and assist with comfort / relaxation . Some clients have used the "V" pillow to sleep with although it wasn't designed specifically as a sleeping pillow. Your review is much appreciated thank you, and we look forward to your next visit re the MicroCloud topper. Rgds, MicroCloud

Fantastic pillow

My partner bought one and it's so good I'm always trying to steal it. I'm so excited to see they are back in stock. Can't wait for it to arrive next week so I can get a decent night sleep

Comfortable V-Shaped Pillow

I'm so glad I found MicroCloud Pillows! My pillow is comfortable and gives support as I'm currently pregnant. It's not too big either as most body/pregnancy pillows take up a lot of bed space.

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Thank you Maria for your helpful review of the MicroCloud "V" shape pillow. Its a very popular item indeed and is ideal especially during pregnancy for comfortable back support and also for nursing mums too . We look forward to your next visit to MicroCloud . Rgds Jonathan

Extremely comfortable

I recently purchased a Microcloud V Pillow to replace a memory foam pillow which turned out to be too hard. My new pillow is perfect, very soft and comfortable, but
still supportive.

The best V-shaped pillows

I have purchased so many v-shaped pillows, but nothing compares to the MicroCloud version! Comes with 2 pillow protectors and 2 lovely pillow cases. Such great quality and just mould to your head.

It has been 1 year since I purchased these pillows and they are as perfect as the day I bought them. I got 2 sets expecting that they would wear out, but the spares are still sitting in the cupboard. Still thrilled with my purchase and the pillow cases are still looking great.Hi Brookiess, just an update for all readers, the MicroCloud pillow still comes complete with 2 superb white pillowcases but no protectors are included. The V pillow is designed more to be a support pillow rather than specifically a sleeping pillow. Although some of our customers use the V pillow as a sleeping aid. Thank you for the update review and comment Brookiess, always appreciated. Regards,MicroCloud

So comfortable....the MicroCloud v shaped pillow

I tried the standard size pillows....nothing standard about them!! I was so impressed I bought v shaped pillows for us all! They are so supporting and make sitting up in bed reading a real pleasure! In fact I now use mine for watching TV! So comfortable and even after use it does not flatten and lose it's supporting shape!

I can really recommend all the pillow products for lasting quality and comfort!
Puffiness, keeps it's shape, comfort

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Questions & Answers

Hi We have tried many V shaped pillows for sleeping as a standard pillow doesn't work on a waterbed. We have found a lot to be to heavy and too big leaving us both with sores necks. You have mentioned that your V Pillow isn't designed for sleeping yet many people do. Is there a reason you keep mentioning that it isn't designed for sleeping. We also have found many V shaped pillows are too high again causing neck problems. Can you make suggestions please?
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Hi Annette, thank you for your question. Our pillows are generous in size; approx 76 x 76cm. The pillow was designed to be versatile and to be used for sitting up in bed, on the couch, breastfeeding and body support. Some also use as a sleeping pillow too. The design was large so that it could be used for body support.

Could you tell me the price please of a V shaped pillow?
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Hi Sue, the V pillow will be available next month and we will then update our price or even a super special during July. Regards, MicroCloud


Pillow V-Shaped
Release dateApr 2013
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