Good suction but disappointing unexpected features

Vacuum glides and sucks well. Unfortunately the 'comfort' handle is anything but. The built in dust brush means that you can't dust above 1m without hoiking the cleaner up onto a chair. Impossible to dust cornices. The handle is heavy and cumbersome.

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Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Noise Level
Product is used: Weekly
Pet OwnerNo
Floor Type Carpet, Tiles and Wood
Clogging Issues No
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Hi Kylie, thank you for your feedback. We will pass this feedback onto the Miele team.

Perfection, in every way

No Issues, amazing, wow, if my late husband was still here, I wouldn't have brought this, he would of said it is a tad expensive, true, I absolutley love, it worth every cent, and the dirt it picks up, I thought I haven't been outside with it, it was really full, hey there is only me here, and off course when u turn it on, it is like a Rolls Royce engine, like when these new aeroplanes are ready to taxi, that sound, and off course u can hear the t.v. hear what people are saying, and it isn't heavy to lug round, and off course getting the attachments off are great, just press a button, two main big brushes, one just swivels all the time gets into the corners, I use that for the tiles, and floating floor would be great if u have that, I know in my own heart, I have a vaccum life, hey how many cheap ones have we brought, (I am cringing here), no more. Great for Christmas, just the one present, cos that is all the money we have, But I know I haven't regretted buying it, and it has so many small crevis tools, and they are stacked so cleverly, like a rocket ship, everything fits in sublimely And true vaccuming is not so tedious like every week, No more, more like once a month

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Thank you Rosie for your feedback!

Very disappointed

I have always had Miele appliances and unfortunately I am very disappointed with the Miele Blizzard. Whilst the cleaning capability is ok, it certainly doesn't have as much power as a bagged Miele.

The hose and cable are much shorter than other Miele's, the bottom of the dust container doesn't seal 100% and leaks a small amount of dust, the small wheels struggle to make it over the cable and is quite heavy and clunky.

In my opinion, there are a number of design flaws that really need to be ironed out - my handle has already been replaced under warranty and I have ended up selling on ebay and replacing with a regular bagged Miele C3 - which is 1000% better than the Blizzard.

I would not recommend the Blizzard.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Hi there, thank you for providing your feedback and we apologise for the inconvenience with your Blizzard vacuum. We will pass your feedback onto the relevant team and are glad you are happy with the Miele C3 vacuum. Kind regards, Miele.

Fantastic cleaner

I love this vacuum cleaner. I had a Dyson for many years but in comparison the suction is much better and I like that I can change the strength of the suction. While not light it is easily manoverable. Fabulous cleaner love it
I have found no problems and emptying is so easy

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Thank you for your feedback!

Absolutely incredible, I love it!

My concern with this vacuum is that it is heavy to get in and out of the cupboard but it is absolutely effortless to use. My last Miele which I also loved did a good job but it was hard work where as this is a breeze. No more purchasing bags and the hair that it picked up had to be seen to be believed. I am 100% thrilled!

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Thank you Sharon for your feedback!

used it once wow

Hi people,remember I said I have or had a cleaner, well no more, she couldn't make it this week, so last night I used my brand new Meile, u know it is like one of those high end cars that we can never afford, it purrs, and when u turn it on press the switch, wow it is so quiet, and most of all it picks up heaps of muck, and the cord is so much longer, I used the crevic tools, great, but no, read this, the vaccum is for carpet and parquet floor, I have carpet and mostly tiles, so I used the other vaccum head on the tiles, wow it really is amazing,, it swivels, like all the fun of the fair ground ride, consequently it goes into corners, hey u don't really need the crevice tool. And off course changing heads, my past vaccums shivers pulling and tugging, but not not Meile, there is a button on top, hey presto and the head comes loose, how easy was that, and emptying the dirt bin, which is large, great, but it is so easy to take out and put back.

Remember I said before I used it, it is expensive, true, but once u have used it, u know u have a winner, and because the Meile is so neat and easy, u won't need to pay for a cleaner, Howzat

Remember it is the one that does the Parquet floors, I assume they mean floating, wooden floor, but rest assured it does tiles so so good

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Thank you Rosie for your feedback!

Pleased with this one.

We bought this to replace a previous Miele. Very pleased with the way it cleans our floors, which are mostly carpeted. Vac is heavy but moves easily. The vac is "bagless" and easy to empty, but will require emptying most times we use it as the dust container has a “max” mark at half way up the container. Also was easy to remove the shower cap inadvertently vacuumed up!! The dustbrush on the handle has been criticised by reviewers, so we kept the one from the old vac and it fits, for when we need it for high up. One warning about the dust brush…it is quite hard to release to move it into position. Ask the store salespeople to demonstrate it for you or you will have to do as we did….return to the store, and ask for help. Once mastered it is very handy. Lastly, the noise during operation is low pitched and not too loud.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Thank you Claire for your feedback!

Better than Dyson!!

I bought this 4 months ago and I was dead set on getting Dyson because my siblings have it. I ended up going with Miele because I have hard wood floors and was worried the Dyson would scratch them.
I am so unbelievably happy with my vacuum. My house is relatively clean but every time I vacuum it picks up so much dust particles and I feel like the air is cleaner.
Best thing I’ve ever bought. It also cleans itself too and it’s so easy to use. Will stick to Miele in future!

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Thank you Taz for your feedback!

Perfect, loving it

I was looking for a bagless vaccum when I learnt about this brand. I was thinking of buying from a different brand but saw the miele vaccum in the corner. No regrets, I’m Loving my Miele vaccumm cleaner. Very efficient plus savings for the vaccumm bag as it is bagless. Strong suction power its worth the prize. Certainly recommend this vaccum.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Thank you Maria for your feedback!

Thought it would be better

I bought this machine 4 months ago after reading great reviews. There are a lot of pros, thats for sure, but I am actually a bit disappointed with the suction. Some people rave about it, but I found my old bagged vacuum, which cost less that half the price of this one, was way better. It certainly doesn't 'grab' the carpet like I hoped. I do like the interchangeable heads, and the self retracting cord (cord could be longer). It's fairly quiet and I like the smaller attachments for my stairs. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong to get maximum power?? It is on the highest setting, so it's not that. Regularly gets emptied etc. Any advise would be great!

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Hello, thanks for your feedback. If you have any concerns regarding your product you can contact us on 1300 464 353 and a Miele specialist would be happy to assist. Kind regards, Miele.

this vacuum works FANTASTIC. The one patch I have a more regular ...

My house is 90% hardwood floors, with some indoor/outdoor rugs scattered throughout. For these surfaces, this vacuum works FANTASTIC. The one patch I have a more regular type carpet, there is some resistance.... and this probably would be a poor choice for those situations, i'd recommend one of the models with a different head.

That said, the power is more than enough, it's super light, it's quiet. The retractable power cord is convenient. Overall it's great for my house.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Thanks Arnold for your feedback!

So far so good. Very happy

Attachments clip on smoothly and easily (unlike our previous Bosch). All attachments on board, price was reasonable for a good quality vacuum cleaner. I havent had it long but is doing a great job, easy to empty and clean - there doesn't appear to have the paper filter that I used to have to clean out before. Bagless means I will save money - has the turbo head.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Thank you Andie for your feedback!

Good vacuum

Good suction. Bagless. Easy to empty and clean. Spare tools held at the back of the vacuum cleaner. Brush component is on the handle which is ok but can't be removed if you need to use the brush on the wand for higher area cleaning. The turbo carpet head would be a nice addition as it only comes with the normal floor/carpet head.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Thank you for your feedback!

Well- built and llightweight

This vacuum is very well-built and lightweight, it is easy to manoeuvre, the power cord is extra-long and It helps me to vacuum fast as I do not need to change the power cord in different sockets. This vacuum has good suction and the bags are standard Miele bags and are easily replaceable and I can buy them online.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Thanks Mel for your feedback!

Great little unit!

Great little vacuum cleaner! Can't beat it!
No need to spend a small fortune on a Dyson, that's for sure!
Great for removing pet hair - it picks up dirt and eliminates everything out of the carpets including dust and dirt.
It's on of the best I've ever used! !

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Thank you for your feedback!

This thing sucks!

We have been using Target and Kmart vacuum cleaners for a long time and were always complaining how bad they are. We came across some positive reviews about Miele and decided to see if it works. And does it work!?

It is powerful enough to suck and hold a small chair! I was amazed at how powerful this machine is. It works smoothly.

The cleaning is super simple. The ease to maintain this vacuum cleaner is great. It also has a self-cleaning mechanism.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Alright, but it's no Dyson!

I was convinced to buy this vacuum cleaner after reading so many positive reviews online. In the past I have had Dysons, and I love them, but not the fact that they don't seem to last very long - after a few years, the machine loses power and stops performing well (I've had 3 in the last 10-12 years!). The Miele is an attempt to get a longer lasting product (fingers crossed), but so far I am not converted...

- It is heavy as others have stated - I'm getting used to it now but why do I have to drag so much weight around? I wouldn't recommend it for elderly people.

- The wheels are small and get caught on the power lead- a lot! And the vacuum also seems to like moving sideways rather than ahead?!? I feel that I'm always pausing mid vacuum to straighten it out.

- The power head works great but is bulky. When vacuuming under furniture with either head you have to lay the hose sideways and push it under on an angle otherwise it sits up and sucks up nothing! Also, you can't get into tight spaces - the Dysons hard floor head was great for this and I really miss it...

- In it's favour though... it really gets the carpet clean! The motor is powerful and sucks up the smallest particles - you can hear them hitting the side of the vacuum cleaner even though you can't see them. And the amount of dust/dirt/fluff/hair that is sucked up after one vacuum has to be seen to be believed!

If I had to vacuum vast amounts of open carpet I would love the Miele - the carpet is super clean afterwards (minus the tight spots I can't access) - but moving through the house, through doorways, around/under furniture, I'd much rather be using a Dyson (they just need to build a sturdier product that goes the distance!).

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Good appearance lacking power

The device looks slick and works well on hardwood surfaces. The suction power isn't as great as my Dyson v10+ with motorised head. I find it always leaves objects such as bits of wire or rocks behind when using the included wide head for hardwood floors. The cable could be a bit longer. The controls available at the handle make a nice addition to have ability to adjust suction for rugs or light materials.
Overall would love to see some improvements in next version. Not bad first attempt at bagless vacuum.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Great job on animal hair

We have two dogs and a cat and always have loads of their hair around the house up till we bought this vacuum a year or so ago. It sucks up most of the hair as it suggests it dose and is easy to empty and saves on having to go out and buy bags

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Say Bye-Bye to Bag Inserts

Say Bye-Bye to Bag Inserts with The Miele CX1 Blizzard Fur Children Hair Buster
Easy to see when you sucked up a treasure.
Just flick and you have the brush at the end of the hose for delicate surfaces.
Four speeds no pet hair is safe with the CX1 Blizzard.
Great power cable retraction speed.
Miele simply Brilliant.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Thanks for your great review, it's wonderful to hear you are enjoying our new Blizzard Vacuum Cleaner.

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone else had luck in sourcing a longer hose for this model? Miele have not been helpful at all when I rang and the shortness of the house really annoys me.
3 answers
Hi there, thanks for your question. A part of the Miele accessories range is a hose extension which adds an extra 1.5m of cleaning reach (not compatible with PowerBrush vacuum cleaner models). The model number is SFS 10, and retails at $54.90. This can be purchased online, or in your nearest Miele Experience Centre. Kind regards, Miele.Thank you for responding, I have purchased this hose extension and had to return it as it is not compatible with the Blizzard models. There must be another hose which is compatible?Any update on this Miele?? Still waiting

My Miele keeps switching to ‘comfort’ during use. Why is it doing this?
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