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Best NBN provider around

I moved over to Mint recently and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The set-up process was incredibly fast, easy, and supported by the best customer service - something that seems so rare these days! My NBN connection has been reliably great and I love that when I do have a question it's easy to contact their team and they're always happy to help. Highly recommended. Thanks guys!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateDecember 2018
Adequate Speeds Yes
Standalone or BundledStandalone
Contract Type6-month contract
Data TypeCapped Data
Connection TypeI don't know
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Hi Maile, Great to hear your experience in getting setup and thereafter contacting us is exactly what we aim for. Operating from Hobart makes us nice and easy to reach and to deal with and we focus heavily on making the onboarding and activation process as simple as we can for all our customers. Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it. Cheers Michael

The Fastest and Quickest ISP

We’ve never had an NBN connection in our property but when it was finally available, I signed up with these guys and when NBN schedule an appointment with us, all we had to do was wait 40 minutes and the service was active. The customer service is amazing and you never have to wait hours and hours for someone to answer your calls and emails. If you want affordable and fast service this is the way to go!

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi Hazel, Great to hear your onboarding experience was exactly what we work very hard to deliver - simple and efficient with services working as they should and all backed up by our friendly and easily accessible team. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, it is definitely appreciated. Cheers Michael

Very happy with Mint Telecom

Very pleased that we made the decision to go to Mint for NBN. Internet fast and reliable. Customer service is second to none. Would highly recommend Mint

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi Zarina, Great to get that sort of feedback as we certainly aspire to deliver the best customer service coupled with the best possible products that we can. Thanks for the recommendation and the feedback! Cheers Michael

Best customer service I have received in years - highest recommendation

So pleased with Mint, I have waited about 18 months to comment after moving to Mint when NBN became available to ensure that the product and customer service levels were consistently as good as they were at set up. They are super responsive to any issues. They recently contacted me to advised of drop outs on my service and asked me try some troubleshooting. They came back to me same day and advised it was Telstra maintenance in the area and when it would be finished. They called ME!!!
When I signed up with Mint, I asked for the highest speed package, they advised me to start on a lower speed and see how I go. Same day, they kept in touch and happily advised that my speed potential was much greater and I switched accordingly. This consultative, honest and professional approach blows me away, it's so rare.
Keep it up Mint, I have truly not experienced any service or provision that I have been so impressed with in years.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi wcbugle, We definitely do try to be proactive where we can and as you have mentioned we proactively review the drops on our entire customer base each weekday and where it looks like a problem might exist we start a conversation - after all we want your service to work as best as it can for your address. Great to hear this approach resonates with you as we focus really heavily on our communication backed up by our years of experience in the industry to deliver the best products we can. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, its much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Superb Service

Fast, Excellent, prompt and no drop outs. Customer service is super fast. Even if you email at midnight, you receive a response in less than 60 mins. I have never had any drop out in last 1 year and 6 months. Speeds are fine, had a very minor issue once or twice, but nothing major.

Connection TypeNBN FTTB (Fibre to the Building)
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Hi Sam, Service is definitely what we focus on and certainly look to turn emails around when we are awake (so wouldn't always expect replies at midnight...). Great to hear its all working really well and as we both expect. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, its much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Very happy customer

I have been so happy with the service I have received from mint.

I initially had some issues getting my connection working, and the support people were so helpful with straightening me out, which is great because I’m not great with understanding internet technology and terminology. I wanted to BYO modem, since it seemed silly to buy a new one and while the guy I spoke to warned me that the one I had is notoriously difficult to use, he also guided me through setting it up in a way that didn’t leave me bamboozled.

Since getting up and running, the only issues I have had have been related to the old infrastructure that the NBN utilises, so not so much a mint issue.

i am giving 4 stars rather than 5 because part of the sign up process involved signing me up for a rewards program that I don’t want.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi Jol, Great to hear we were able to get you up and running nice and easily, even with your own modem. That's our business and focus. Re the rewards, currently we provide 12 mths complimentary access to it for new customers. It's certainly not intended as a hardship! The program retails for $500 but we are incredibly lucky to be able to offer it to our customers for just $49 a year (and free for 12 mths to check it out). There is no ongoing commitment, you can opt out at any time and we even remind you well before the 12 mths. If it's not for you, that's fine, you just let us know and we turn it off, but we offer the 12 mths free so you can trial it (or gift it to friends as its completely transferable). Cheers Michael

Fantastic Faultless and Friendly

Reliability is 100% - never a glitch or dropout that I have noticed. And I am on the lowest plan currently. Speed has never been an issue. For anything I have wanted to know or needed, the team on the other end of the phone are amazing. No long wait queue's either. I just give my name and they have me up on the system and have all the answers for me in seconds. They are so friendly, knowledgeable, nothing seems a bother, they get the job done, so helpful and in my experience it's always the first time. We had a broken cable and requested the NBN team come out to repair it.. one phone call to Mint Telecom and it was booked, a confirmation email received, NBN arrived on time, fixed it all up, and as soon as I logged in Mint Telecom saw I was back on line and sent me an email to say hey.. welcome back !! I mean, hello, I don't want to have to spell that out for everyone, but is that not the best customer service you have heard of in this day and time. Not to name names, but can you see any of the large Telco's doing that...? I don't think so. Tell everyone, Mint Telecom is "The One" I'm not on a commission, I'm just telling you the straight up truth of my experience. And I did recommend my 91 year old Dad get NBN with them last year and he did.. and Mint Telecom gave us both a bonus off our bill. I rest my case... Thank you for Excellent Customer Service Mint Telecom. Love your work !!

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi Kim, Wow, that really says it all. We focus hard on simple, old fashioned service. Easy to reach and easy to deal with coupled with loads of experience and great products - to read your review really reinforces we are focusing on the right things. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, it's much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Great customer service, highly recommend this internet provider

These guys go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. They can be spoken with on the phone, chatted with on their website or contacted through Facebook messenger after hours. They are real people located in an office in Hobart Tasmania who you can actually speak with. It's unfortunate that the NBN Co. does not compliment the the customer service given by Mint by providing decent infrastructure. Thanks Mint.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi Dave, We absolutely focus on our service and particularly on being easy to reach and deal with... All from Hobart as you have highlighted. Great to see that resonate with you. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, it's much appreciated. Cheers Michael

The perfect Internet Service Provider for reliability, quality, speed and customer service

I have my own IT business and I am rolling over my customers to NBN with Mint Telecom. I use their services because they deliver what they say is possible. The staff are friendly and very helpful. In the rare event of a problem you can be assured that Mint Telecom will work efficiently and hard to resolve it.
Easy to contact through Facebook messenger, phone, email or chat application on their website. I have used their phone services and find the phones easy to use and reliable. Porting phone numbers to them is easy and you are kept informed along the way. They also offer a very cost effective inbound fax solution.
Using their services for my customers gives me complete peace of mind as I know they will be looked after. I no longer have to spend three hours on the phone tryinging to resolve problems (as you would with some!).

Connection TypeNBN FTTC (Fibre to the Curb)
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Hi Paul, It's great to get this sort of feedback from one of the professionals we work with. Increasingly this is why we have IT businesses working with us as combined we are able to deliver an exceptional service to small business clients. We appreciate the support and will always go above and beyond to ensure mutual clients get the best solution and service for their business. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, it's much appreciated. Cheers Michael


I am not a customer with Mint and here's why: When I rang and told them I wanted to sign up they were honest about the speeds my new property would likely get with a wired vs mobile internet at my new property, told me when I could expect NBN to my property and suggested I get back to them then but use an alternative in the meantime. Other companies have blatantly lied about the speeds I should expect/would get from them but Mint were refreshingly transparent even though it meant I didn't sign up with them today.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi kj93, We focus on no surprises as we believe there is nothing worse than not being able to deliver to promises made. Some things are out of our control and we have no visibility or knowledge of, but where we can see and do know we want to ensure our customers are fully advised. We hope to welcome you to Mint once NBN is ready for your property. Cheers Michael

Wish I had found MINT TELECOM earlier.

After a horrible service with Commander our business switched to Mint 2 months ago. If you want a stress free company to deal with with no overseas call centre Mint is the only telecom business to work with. Their answers to questions ether by phone or email are speedy and dealing with an Australian call centre is their biggest asset. Will be highly recommending Mint to other businesses and friends.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Mark, Our aim is most certainly to ensure we are easy to reach and easy to deal with, so it's always fantastic to hear that shine though in feedback. Thank you for making the time to provide us with the feedback, it's always appreciated. Cheers Michael

Best service ever!

Very honest company. I can always talk to the same person who has amazing customer service. They actually called me to tell me my internet was running slow the last couple of days and gave me tips on how to get it running back at the usual speed - I didn't even notice until the called to tell me!

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Emma, Great to hear that all the extra little things that we do are appreciated - we definitely focus on service and making sure our customers are getting the maximum speeds that their service is capable of. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, its much appreciated. Cheers Michael

We have had Mint for 4 months now no issues

We have had Mint for 4 months now no issues (Unlimited 50/20). We previously were with Skymesh, they were also good, but more expensive. We briefly had Telstra and they were significantly slower. I spent most of the three weeks on the phone talking to someone overseas. The switch to Mint was a breath of fresh air. Still a bit slow in the evening, but I suspect that is the NBN not mint.

Connection TypeNBN Wireless
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Hi PaulS, Great to hear the move went well and our service is shining through. Definitely reach out re speeds as we can always double check for you to see if there is anything we can do to improve for you as we always aim to deliver the best available for your specific address. Cheers Michael

So freshing!

I have been with Telstra for years and after several outages and getting the run around, we moved Mint due to their local presence and customer service focus. Its been seamless. Well done

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
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Hi Jarrod, We definitely focus on much more personal service compared to the big players like Telstra. Even better is that with the NBN we are able to deliver the same or better product, so there is no downside. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback and great to hear your experience has been exactly what we aim for. Cheers Michael

Excellent costomer service

Connection very reliable and fast with no dropouts at all. Fantastic customer support at their Australian based call centre. The best I have ever experienced. My new Voip phone service is also excellent. Very happy to be with Mint. Their communication is second to none!

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
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Hi Stella, Thank you for your kind words. You will only ever speak to us in Hobart, which we definitely believe makes us very easy to reach and to deal with. Great to hear all is going well, including your phone service. Cheers Michael

From Dodo to Mint

I switched from Dodo to Mint, I had forgotten what real service actually is. Brilliant, prompt service with nothing being an issue or too hard and easy to contact when needed. I would strongly suggest anyone looking for a quality provider discuss their needs with Mint. Cant speak highly enough of these guys

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi DoofyDog, We definitely focus very hard on being easy to reach and to deal with. Great to hear that shine through in your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to let us know, it's much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Outstanding customer service

Have recently joined Minttelecom from Active8me (ex boom migration) due to poor, unreliable service and account errors.
Outstanding service from Minttelecom, prompt and professional. Technical support was excellent and reconnection was established in less than 20hours.
Highly recommend Mint.

Connection TypeNBN Wireless
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Hi Andre, Great to hear our service and support has shone through, we definitely focus very hard on that. Welcome to Mint! And thanks for making the time to provide us with the feedback. Cheers Michael

Fast connection and fantastic service

I signed up with Mint after having to switch from ADSL to NBN as the ADSL service was being switched off. I was with a large provider but wanted to research options as I didn’t want a 24 month contract and wanted an NBN100 connection. A friend recommended MINT and I checked them out. They do offer an NBN100 connection but advised me that I wouldn’t be able to access those speeds due to my location and connection. The other big companies I checked out offered that I could sign up on an NBN100 speed package, something that it impossible to achieve at my address.
I signed up with MINT due to their honestly.
I came home after work on a Friday night to find ADSL switched off and NBN on, only problem was I could’ get it to work. I emailed MINT who got straight back in touch and recommended that I contact them via Facebook so we could use messenger and I could send them pictures. It turns out my wall mounted phone socket had an ADSL splitter fitted on top, something I could never have know without sending a picture and the help and advice from MINT. Within no time, I had that removed and the line connected, they even helped me setup my modem. (I had purchased one due to the size of the house and one of the kids bedrooms is out the back so we wanted to ensure a good signal).
Connected in no time at all and haven’t experienced any issues., I work from home a lot, kids all game online and stream stuff (whatever kids do) and we all Netflix, we are on a low NBN speed due only to the infrastructure and our location, not due to MINT, but we haven’t had any dramas.
Fantastic supplier.
I’d recommend to anyone

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi Jacqui, We definitely do focus on recommending products specific to the capability of the address and each customers requirements - its definitely not one size fits all at Mint. And, great to hear we were able to help get you online quickly, Messenger is a great way to reach us out of hours and the ability to send photos makes troubleshooting much faster. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, its very much appreciated. Cheers Michael

Do yourself a favour and make the switch to Mint.

Switching was effortless.

I was previously with Boom Broadband for 18 months I loved these guys based out of Melbourne always spoke to the same people the very few times I did call them. Unfortunately Boom sold their business off to Activ8me in Oct '18 and within a week I started to experience performance issues. So I called Mint ~3pm and by 8pm that day I was a new Mint customer switched over, surfing the web with good consistent speeds as promised.
You can't beat personalised service and Michael & Kelvin are a pleasure to deal with.

Highly recommended.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi dam375, Great to hear the onboarding process was effortless and you were up and running exactly as we both expected. Personal service is definitely what we aim for and it's always great to hear our customers appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback! Cheers Michael

Mint Telecom - what an ISP should be

I have recently changed from Telstra to Mint due to excessive dropouts and poor speed along with poor service. The difference is chalk and cheese. The service from Mint is excellent with local call centre. Very professional and quick service.I now have a working internet/phone which is what Telstra could not do in 6 months.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
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Hi J. R., We definitely aim for a different service experience to the larger providers, it's our primary point of difference. Obviously our experience to get you connected and ensure we deliver great products is also important and thus it's great to here that shine through in your review. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with the feedback, it's very much appreciated. Cheers Michael

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Questions & Answers

Can I use my Telstra nbn modem for mint Telecom if I switch over or do I have to buy a new modem?
1 answer
Hi Melissa, A telstra modem will work for fibre to the premise or fixed wireless but not for any other nbn types or voice as telstra lock settings that need changing. Cheers Michael

If I were to sign up with you and I had trouble technically or with billing, would I be speaking to someone in Australia when I rang up about it? Pat
3 answers
I believe, they don't have an offshore call center. All operations are based out of Tasmania.Hi Pat, You will only ever speak or deal with someone in Hobart, Tasmania. Cheers MichaelThank you. Would there be any cost to signing up with you. We already have a D-Link router and a Uniden telephone system, and are connected to the NBN.

I need to change over from ADSL+ to NBN eventually, but after chatting to numerous ISP's, I just can't seem to get a straight answer regarding the major hidden fee regarding the $300 New Development Charge. It seems that whoever signs up first, at a given address, gets hit with this fee, and yet if I move out, and the next tenant moves in, they don't get hit with this fee. I should mention, my apartment block does have NBN. I'm only on an age pension [now], after transferring from a disability support pension after I turned 65 recently, and collectively, it all adds up to the point where as I just can't afford to have the internet [or even a phone] anymore. So I'll have to be without. Not really fair. Anyway, most ISP's have said it's the NBN and the NBN have said it's the ISP's that I have to pay the $300 to, and up front. So where does Mint stand regarding this issue, please? Sincerely, bobbysdad
4 answers
Hi bobbysdad, NBN are a wholesale only business so your interaction is with a Retail Service Provider (RSP) like Mint. For the New Development Fee - the way it works is NBN Co charge the RSP and the RSP charges the customers. So if that fee is applicable and you signed up with Mint you would pay us the fee (which would flow through from us to NBN Co). Cheers MichaelAs far as I'm aware it is the owner of a new building that pays the New Development Charge. If you are a tenant you don't pay it, the landlord does. You can contact the TIO (Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman) for clarification about this.Well, Michael from Mint, why don't you mention ANYTHING about the New Development Fee ANYWHERE on your web site? I feel it is your responsibility to make potential customers aware of this. $300 is a lot of money to just spring onto someone after the horse has bolted. Very unfair.... Meanwhile, thanks Spud for your addition to the answer.


Mint Telecom ADSLNBN 12 (Basic)NBN 25 (Standard)NBN 50 (Standard Plus)NBN 100 (Premium)
Packages AvailableBundle and StandaloneBundle and StandaloneBundle and StandaloneBundle and Standalone
ContractSet PeriodSet PeriodSet PeriodSet Period
Price $79.95
Data AllowanceCapped/FixedCapped/FixedUnlimitedCapped/Fixed
NBN Speed Tier 12/125/550/20100/40
Max Download Speed 12 Mbps25 Mbps50 Mbps100 Mbps
Max Upload Speed 1 Mbps5 Mbps20 Mbps40 Mbps

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