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Mitsubishi ASX XA

Mitsubishi ASX XA (2010-2012)

3.9 from 26 reviews

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Great but many recalls

This is a lovely car. It drives smoothly and is nippy and easy to park. Great family car. However there have been well over 5 recalls on in and its getting a bit ridiculous going in every 6 months for a recall issue. I dont think ive ever owned a car with so many recalls! Also the seats are a bit hard.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedAug 2016

ok car.You get what you pay for

I live in the country so it doesn't get stop start city driving, I use my car every day.The car is ok nothing fancy. Interior is nice. My 2010 ASX is a 4wd that I have never used. If I did ,car is too low so would be like a snow plough. Had an auto years ago hubby used to say it sounded like a cow and this sounds the same when accelerating. Has a bit of power when needed This doesn't have the computer screen inside like newer models. Overall 2010 ASX is ok. Its a clean sporty looking car

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedSep 2015

ASX still lacking

After reading the other reviews of AXS. I have come to the decision that i must obviously be used to a better class of car. The poxy cup holders in the back seat doesn't make up for the obvious lack of features i was used to in my previous car. Still very disappointed with lack of luxuries for the top model. And not even able to adjust windows or put on radio after turning off engine. I paid 41k to add some features to make it look better. I'm now looking at a Jeep or Nissan. Handling OK, nothing special. Aircon not the best for passengers at the back

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedJun 2017

2018 Facelifted model looks good, but that’s about it...

I had the absolute joy of having this car for three weeks while my Subaru was getting warranty work done (sarcasm). This car had 1,200kms on the clock.

While it looks nice from face value, Mitsubishi used a lot of cheap, hard plastics with the shiny piano black everywhere. This car had scratches all over it already.
They’re still using the outdated dash cluster from the 2008 Lancer and Outlanders as well.

Sporty and looks good, especially with the alloy wheels standard across the range.

If you’re considering this car, I would look elsewhere OR at least test drive it for a few hours between highway and city before signing anything

It’s slow, gutless and the engine/transmission screams when accelerating.

When slowing to a round-about or slip lane and then taking off again, the car lurches and chugs as it tries to find the right rev range to use (CVT).

The amount of slack in the accelerator, brake and steering is a concern. I struggled to brake smoothly and stay centred in my lane with how sloppy it felt.
The cruise control is the worst I’ve ever use: If you’re anymore than 5km/h below the set speed it will accelerate in an aggressive and unnecessary manner, wasting fuel and just making it uncomfortable. It also likes to let the car coast if there is a downward incline, which I tested on one slope and I hit 15km/h over the limit before putting my foot on the brake.
Other systems use engine braking, I don’t know why Mitsubishi can’t.

I feel the only positives in this car are the Apple CarPlay/AA being included and the nicer exterior than the predecessors.

This car turned me off trusting Mitsubishi entirely and I would never buy one of their cars.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedApr 2018

The best purchase I have ever made

I purchased my 2017 Mitsubishi ASX about 4 months ago and I have never been happier!
They are a beautifully car to drive, very spacious on the inside.
It had rear view camera and Apple play, you just plug in you Apple phone using your USB cord and the home screen of your phone pops up on the screen which is ideal for music and answering/calling whilst on the road

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great Value!! very reliable

Bought a used one he other year there and it has not skipped a beat. Good looking car for it's age and very easy to find space to make. Cannot find any faults and for a car it's size it has very good fuel efficiency which is also a plus.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedOct 2015

Got rid of it

I'll give it credit by saying it's a nice looking car.

But when your brand new car is an automatic, and it STALLS, what more can I really say about it?
An automatic should by no means stall when you are sitting at a red light, it turns green, and you put your foot on the accelerator (and normal acceleration, not flooring it).
Take it to the dealership I got it from and they look at it and can't find any faults. Won't replace it either.

Ended up getting rid of it.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedMar 2017

Basic car

Easy to drive, good exterior looks. Makes a big change from hatchback car to now driving a mini SUV... feel more secure and safer. The interior isn't too flash but ok. Had a transmission problem and the dealer said nothing was wrong until a couple months later there was a mass recall of the ASX to fix the problem. Drives will now. Not for the speedy driver but basic driving is good

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedJul 2016

2010 Mitsubishi ASX Aspire 2.0L 4 x 4 CVT

We purchased a 2010 Mitsubishi ASX Aspire 2.0L 4 x 4 CVT in 2015 with about 55,000km on the clock for $17,000. My partner loves the car and it now done almost 80,000km without skipping a beat.

Things she loves about the car:
- Higher seating position
- Handles and brakes well
- Reliable
- Heated electric leather seats
- Reverse Camera
- Reverse Sensors
- GPS with trip computer
- Hands-free

Some minor criticisms:
- Doesn't have a lot of power
- Fuel consumption is difficult to get under 10L/100km
- Engine is loud and rattles when it's cold
- Lots of cabin noise from the engine
- Made from cheap plastics
- Expensive 90,000km service ($1000 at Mitsubishi but around $600 - $700 from other mechanics)

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedSep 2015

Diesel DPF Dramas

The asx diesel with the earlier engine seems to always have the check oil light on the dash, turns out the DPF filter has made the engine do a burn and filled the motor up with diesel, has been back to the dealer seven times with them saying it's fixed but the same problem always comes back. Next time I'd buy a Toyota without the DPF, will save my sanity.

May 6th 2018 Update: DPF Update and other Gripes

Ok we have had our ASX for 5 years now and recently moved to the country where most journeys take an hour or more. This has resulted in the DPF operating correctly and the oil level issues (I spoke about this with my last review) have not come back.
But this vehicle still has issues. I accidentally left the ignition on for an extended period of time and tried to start the car but found the battery too flat to start the engine (this of course is my fault), so I decided to check the battery acid level while charging the battery, to do this there is a plastic panel at the front of the car above the radiator support panel which needs to be removed, once removed it I was shocked to find the metal underneath this had rusted due to the plastic cover not being fully secure (a Mitsubishi design fault). I have since taken steps to arrest the rust and modify the panel fasteners and also checked the alternator charge rate (12.6 volts) while I was working on the car. This appears unacceptable as far as alternator performance goes and I will need a much deeper investigation into this.

What else is going to go wrong with car that has less than 60,000 kilometre’s.

Engine Size1.8L Turbo-Diesel
Date PurchasedApr 2012

After 5 years I still love this car.

A very comfortable car to drive. Love the cross-over gearbox, or whatever it's called, as it allows the option to drive as a manual car which is extremely useful for long and/or steep descents - saves the brake pads - and also much safer on wet and slippery roads. As a frequent user of the Kuranda Range road, which is notorious for accidents, I found this gearbox option wonderful. I am 177 cm tall and this car has plenty of legroom for me - oh and did I mention all the space in the back, as the back seats lower completely? Even though it is now 5 years old and out of warranty, I am in no hurry to upgrade. No idea if it is an Aspire, just had to select something from the drop-down menu!

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedJun 2012

I Love It!

Awesome car that I ever had! Although bought it 2 years ago, still can't get over it! So good, easy to handle, so quiet, wonderful interior and beautiful exterior! I recommend it to all my family and friends, very reliable, had no problem with it so far, I Just can't live without my baby ASX :)

Engine Size2.0L Petrol
Date PurchasedDec 2014

Excellent in every way!

Low noise, excellent to drive. Turning circle is great for a large car! Never had troubles with it an fuel efficiency is fantastic! Cheaper on long drives than a suzuki swift! Interior is nice, the leather is great. Dashboard etc could be made out of a nicer feeling material rather than the plastic.

Engine Size1.8L Turbo-Diesel
Date PurchasedOct 2016

A very practical vehicle.

Excellent performance and fuel economy from 6 speed manual diesel ,have seen 5 litres per 100 during quiet suburban driving.all wheel drive is useful with the torquey diesel when roads are slippery.not so happy with inaccurate speedo(reads 9km fast at 100)and miles to empty reading.Apart from needing a regular high speed freeway burst to keep the particulate filter happy,has been completely reliable for 5 years and 90,000.

Engine Size1.8L Turbo-Diesel
Date PurchasedOct 2011

It is a Lemon

Performance is good, blind spot front and back poor. The intrioris is plastic exterior panel plastic and if scratch the panel has tube replaced. Wow if you have an accident spare parts are the most expensive according to reputable panel beater. Bluetooth would not stay paired even though I had it looked three times by Mitsubishi during three services and even replaced by a better phone to no availability, know it is out of warranty Mitsubishi service does not want to know you.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol

Good family car with lot of space; Fuel efficient.

Bought my 2012 ASX 2 years ago from pickles auction 2 years back when it was 30000 km. Now its 97000 km after 2 years and still running good. I serviced every 10000 km with my local mechanic. Apart from changing some bulbs and 4 tyres it costed nothing. One major issue it makes a squeaking sound when its on highway and the car is loaded. It happens intermittently and the mechanic couldn't detect the issue. Some plastic cover inside fall off here and there; which indicates cheap materials had been used. I drove some lemons (Honda Accord) before so i am quite happy.

Lots of space in the boot. My Bluetooth system is locked which i can't unlock myself (lost password). Still trying to find a way. Quite fuel efficient (compared to my immediate car before which was a Toyota Camry 2.4 L).

Engine Size2.0L Petrol

Solid compact SUV

Had the ASX aspire petrol for 5 years and has been pretty solid for that time. Fuel economy was good and performs as well as expected. Has had 2 recalls one which was pretty annoying was the power steering cutting out after hitting a major pot hole. Once they fixed the issue everything runs well. Did some light towing and a few road trips and has got the job done. I think as a package while not perfect was exactly what i was looking for.

Engine Size2.0L Petrol


Purchased second hand in August 2013, with 16,000klm on the clock. $25.5k.
Awesome car. Has all the bells and whistles and then more. Built in GPS is very easy to use. Love going for a drive in this car. I have a trailer and it is so easy to pull, full loaded up with camp fear. Great value for money. Best car I've ever owned.
Servicing - Every 12 months @ $350 guaranteed with Mitsubishi.
April 2015 - Replaced the battery (first time). $215.
May 2015 - Replaced the tyres (first time). $700 with Kuhmo tyres and wheel alignment.
The car frame/beam separating front and back passenger door makes it hard to see traffic when wanting to make a right hand turn.
The multimedia system does not talk directly to Apple products. Example: You can't sync your phone contacts directly to the multimedia systems contacts. You can Bluetooth to talk on your Apple phone through the multimedia, but if you want to listen to music, you need to connect your iPhone/iPod to a hardwire cord (Bluetooth music will not work).
Great on fuel. Average 6.5l-7l/100. I don't do much highway, but when I do, it gets down to 5.9l/100.
TOTAL blindspot when trying to look back to the left before making a turn. Really annoying.

Purchased in March 2013.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

Very average car Very expensive to service

I have owned the ASX diesel Aspire from new for approx 2 years and 45000ks, in short the car has been average in reliability and is fairly awful to drive, so far it has been serviced 3 times,+ two recalls, + 4 warranty issues.
Fixed price servicing is a joke at $315 for the first service and $465 for the next 4. last service they changed oil,oil filter & fuel filter for $465.
The electronic steering "feels" plastic and cheep and that about sums up the rest of the car
Gear shifter is very loose and clunky in an unrefined way.
Leather gear nob is showing signs of excessive ware (wife's car, office worker & manicured hands).
In 45,000ks its had two wheel alinements by the dealer and has wrecked the front set of tires on the outside edge (we normally get 1 wheel alinement and 80,000-100,000kms for a set of front tires)
Traction control I don't think it has ever worked as it will wheel spin and axel tramp (banging) from any set of lights on a hill
The ASX will not smoothly accelerate from a standing start, it gets turbo lag (no power) until 2500rpm and then all hell brakes loose as the boost comes on. This has gotten better since a engine computer re-tune (recall for a different issue) but its still a joke
Fuel consumption is advertised at 5.8L per 100kms the actual is around 8.5L if my wife drives and around 10L if I drive. (I drive it, I don't flog it)
If given the choice my wife will take my Hilux 4x4 Diesel instead of the ASX.
We normally keep our cars for 6years or 200,000kms this will be sold well before that as we both loath to drive the car. We have owned several different cars from several different manufactures this has been the worst.
This is our first and last Mitsubishi we will buy.

Engine Size1.8L Turbo-Diesel

2010 Diesel 6 speed ASX

I love this car. Lots of torque from the diesel. 6L/100Km on the highway. 8 L/100Km towing a 750Kg boat.First gear is really low which is great for towing. but painful in city traffic.
I wouldn't recommend this car for stop/start city driving. I'd use it to go around Australia if it could carry more on a roof rack. I bought a full size spare wheel (from a wrecker).
The standard Dunlop tyres are too noisy on the highway. Pirelli P1 tyres are great on it. Reversing visibility is poor up close - fit a reversing camera
Economy, torque, style
Space saver spare tyre, Seats feel a bit hard after 2 hours driving. Maximum roof rack all-up weight of only 50 Kg

Engine Size1.8L Turbo-Diesel
Further info - now done 60,000 Km and still loving the car. Service interval is 15,000 Km. Last 2 servicings cost around $300 each. The diesel engines require synthetic oil that sells for $70 for 5 Litres (at Supercheap). I've asked about ASX roof racks at specialty stores - my roof is definitely rated to carry no more than 50 Kgs load, including the roof rack, so it can only carry a flimsy alloy roofrack and 1 large suitcase (very disappointing).Further info = now done 80,000Km and now towing a 1.2 tonne boat rig (with trailer brakes). Top speed on level highway is 90Km/Hr and fuel consumption is 9L/100Km. Original battery recently failed (after 5 years) without warning, so don't stop the engine on the boat ramp with an incoming tide. CD stacker now only operates 1 CD - considering replacement unit.Further info - now done 86,000Km and discovered that the speedo is reading 7% low. When travelling at 100Km/Hr indicated, it's actually doing 93Km/Hr. Highway fuel consumption is averaging 6.0 L/100Km. Still loving this car.

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What is the co2 emmissions rate or 2 litre automatic diesal engine in asx please?
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Hi. I have a rattle in my ASX. Seems to be coming from the back. Is really noisy when I hit the high speeds on the highway. Any idea. I've had mechanics look at it. No luck. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Does my 2012 asx have a timing belt?
1 answer
The service manual refers to a belt for some engine models. Find out your engine model and refer to the service manual. Also see below.


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