Mitsubishi Pajero NM, NP

Mitsubishi Pajero NM, NP (2000-2006)

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Mitsubishi Pajero In-Depth Review

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excellent family 4wd

i have owned 5 np 3,2 diesel pajeros ease of driving..great comfort seat..excellent on fuel ... cheaper to repair service then a prado..5 speed autos are excellent for towing would recommend to anyone

Purchased in August 2018 for $5,000.00.

Build Quality
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Compass configuration error with

Hi, I was looking for any blown fuses as air con is not working. Now I have an configuring error and closing in 7secs. where the compass is in the dash and low power in the ignition lights in dash and getting dimmer, also the compass isn't lighting up now at all. Any ideas?????????

Date PurchasedNov 2006

Our latest Car

We recently purchased a 2004 Pajero due to having an accident in our previous vehicle. We are really pleased with the way it drives and the comfort it gives us. We use the vehicle daily and being a diesel seems to have heaps of power and no sluggishness that is normally associated with other diesels.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Supreme engineering value

Purchased W.A. $35,995 - 37021 km - to date 2018 had basic off road use - converted gas 2009 cost $4,840 - rebate $2 k - major repairs = 1 r/h/f wheel hub brg assy 2013 - crank & rocker oil seal 2014/15 - clutch kit 2018 - drive belt tensioner brg 2018 - serviced whenever timing belt replacement due - eng oil castrol gtx 15w-40 use now - odo 307,094 kms - compression levels even - nil exhaust smoke - nil gas system service required so far - shock absorbers feel rough - suspension system glides a dream ride on undulated roads at speed on bends - rides high and roomy - s/w loads anything easy - best 4x4 of all 4 me by far no problems - stereo speakers boom - no computer glitches 4 me - just wind it up and let it fly 0 - 100 in 5 - at 60 years she'll do me and they can bury us together - bring on the electric version and I might trade up.

Date PurchasedNov 2004

second Mitsi

retired my 1990 3ltr manual Pajero with over 500k on it to farm firewood duties. Bought a second hand 2000 Exceed(nm-np) although automatic, 3.5ltr and weighing more it has better fuel consumption. I run on synthetic oil and NulonE30 friction proofing. I believe that this and excellent design and construction give longer life and better performance. This one tows a car trailer with a vehicle on it like its hardley there , i can't imagine how good the newer ones are with all the modern additions and power.

Date PurchasedJul 2012

Will miss it

Has never let me down even at 408,000klms. Horse float towing is a breeze. Fuel economy has been great although not much city driving. Lots of grunt. Upgrading to another late model Pajero. Feel sad to let mine go as brought new. Dual mass flywheel replaced with solid last year.

Date PurchasedOct 2005

Love my 4by

Driving my 4by is like driving a car but up higher and you can see everything. I love the cream interior, I love the boot seats sit under the floor rather then in the windows, more room and you can see out the back I'd need be. The only downfall is its not cheap on fuel

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Great for long trips

Great for long trips and yes, it's a bit thirsty and gutless if you use low octane, while running it on 98 will give you very good range and performance we have found. We have been all over the places fully loaded. So far nothing major and plenty of good quality 3rd party components. One thing worth mentioning was the engine light went on after using 91 fuel during a long trip in countryside NSW, the dealer Sydney wanted to replace the cat converter, but a cleve cop in NSW reckoned filling up with 98 for several time will rid the problem, and it did. So we saved big $. Just don't go extreme off-road without modification as this 4x4 actually drives like a big car with its standard tyres that are good for ranges of VIC to beaches in NSW and S.A.

Date PurchasedJan 2011

Perfect for Australia

This car is just amazing. I mean I bought it just a month ago, and yes it is 16yo already but damn it is solid. good for light offroad and some serious with good tyres. Independent suspension makes is handling really nice and there is plenty of space inside thanks to that. It is a powerful car but at more than 2t it is not fast :) It consumes 14l/100km when I drive it.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

ABS braking problem

I have just had fitted a new ABS module to my 2000 NM Pajero (256,000kms) This was carried out by a Mitsubishi dealership with a 2 year warranty. Upon cold start there is a distinct buzzing noise coming from the ABS module which now lasts for 24-26 seconds. Initially this noise lasted 15 seconds. After 3 brake activations the noise again commences and lasts 3-4 seconds,. The dealership and the mechanic stated "this is normal" and it will go away"
As I have just paid almost $4,000 for this "noise" and if this is "normal" I am left to wonder how many new vehicles would be sold if all new vehicles had this noisy brake system.

Regards. Griffo

Date PurchasedOct 2000

unstoppable and reliable 4WD

Love this car. I have a 2002 NM Pajero 3.2 litre turbo diesel. It has been a very reliable and economical car with seven seats. It is great off road and rides very well. Would recommend a suspension upgrade especially in the rear as it does sag. The timing chain is an added extra bonus and adds to vehicles reliability. The old girl has now done 280000klms and still going strong. Averages 10 litres per 100klms. Very capable off road and has a great VCU four wheel drive system. Great value for money.

Date PurchasedJun 2008

bad experince

i have 2003 3.2 diesel pajero,in pakistan there is very bad service given by mitsubishi,my car always turn off engine while shiffting the gear{auto},when i shitf to parking to drive its engine becomes off,several times i visited dealers they said change this thing that thing,increase the rpm,but it still gives problem,i have spend almost 4000 dollars on this car but it gives no comfort.


nm pajero 3.5 auto petrol

awsome 4wd getting 12litres per hundred averaged over 15 full tanks.Has extractors and ran slick 50 in motor .Think these assisted good economy for 2100kg car.Drives awsome family love its well thought out features .fold down seat is brilliant ,,will upgrade to nt diesel later ..Had 4 gq patrols and 80 series petrol hiluxes etc ..pajero best one by far for allrounder


No complaints at all

2005 NP Pajero with 345000 kms, bought ex government at 90K. do regular engine oil and filter changes(does not burn oil), no electrical issues, no other maint on motor,serviced the auto once, flushed and changed radiator coolant once, original radiator hoses, changed fan and air con belts once, only mechanical failure was loose bolts on the intake and made noise, last set of tyres 110K with only 2 wheel alignments(not a lot of off road and then only sand) seats are now getting uncomfortable and springs are sagging. time for a new Pajero i think.


Great beach car

Pajero io great little car low range and centre diff locks goes anywhere.

Good points awesome 4x4 ability . Easy to park great visibility can take a beating day in day out and never broke down. Top speed 170km great lsd diff.

Bad points - seat wears out not made for 100kg person could do with a 2 litre fuel economy lucky to get 12 l per 100 km fuel tank is to small only like 50 litre and fuel gauge is not accurate. Also can't put bigger tyres on as they hit the front strut also car to get parts for quite a rare car .

Great for learners drivers as it is easy to drive .

BadgePajero io

Amazingly well designed and competent vehicle.

THE 2000 and onwards Pajero does pretty much everything well. I have a late 2008 3.2 DiD 16 valve 4 cylinder turbo diesel auto (4M41), my parents have a 2003 Exceed with the 3.5 24 valve V6 cylinder petrol auto (6G74). Both vehicles are serviced every 7500 kms by our trusty regional Mitsubishi dealership, and we have enjoyed over 150,000 kms of trouble free motoring in both cars in a wide range of road and off-road conditions. The only mods from standard are alloy tube-type 'roo bars, extra driving lights, spare wheel lift kits, and All-Terrain tyres (specifically Hankook AT-M, RF-10).
Both Pajeros are comfortable, well designed and built, very reliable and easy to drive. They have a feeling of being solidly constructed and sit on the road in a confidence inspiring way. The worse the conditions get, the more the competence of the chassis, and the superior AWD / 4WD system shines through. They are great comfortable tourers on road, surprisingly capable off-road, and very well built towing rigs. It is true the hitch on a caravan will stop your tailgate opening, but a simple inexpensive lift kit for the spare wheel mostly fixes that. To get the door open further than half-way (which the lift kit allows), just park with your car turned to the right when loading / unloading, creating a 45 degree angle between the car and caravan. The door opens almost, if not completely all-the-way; at the same time; and the 'van is not bashing your shins every-time you approach the now easily accessible open doorway !


We have 3 teenager sons, two of which are well over 6 feet tall. Plus 3 large dogs. That adds well over 300 kilos to the vehicle's weight beyond the usual 2 adults.

With the Diesel auto, we get between 12 and 16 liters per 100 km around town. The more time spent stationary (in traffic) the higher (worse) the numbers climb. 12 liters per 100 is easily achievable by avoiding highly congested roads in town. If you are a bit careful with your hard-earned and get stuck in stationary traffic, put her in neutral, hand-brake on, switch off the engine. Instantly saves fuel ! If it's hot , put the windows down a bit.

With most turbo-diesels, you have to learn to drive them right to get the best fuel economy. Strangely, being a little more aggressive on the throttle, but keeping the revs in the correct range improves fuel economy; it gets the engine on the turbo-boost quicker, and if you keep the engine revs between about 1900 and 2600 RPM on the tacho, you use less fuel than if you just drive like there are eggshells under your right foot. There is no point revving the turbo-diesel hard, it makes the maximum mix of torque and power at about 3000 RPM. When towing, we use the auto transmission in "sports manual" mode, we keep the revs between 2200 and 3200 RPM for power, and as close to 2200 RPM as possible for economy. That means a maximum speed of about 90 km/h in FOURTH GEAR, avoid using fifth unless it's is slightly downhill - that also saves the transmission from getting too hot (which means prolonging transmission life).

The petrol auto is perhaps 25 or 30 % worse than the diesel auto around town, but it warms up quicker on short trips, and is easier and a little cheaper to maintain.

On highway, the diesel auto does 10 liters per 100 km without really trying, even with 5 "near"-adults on board. It can do better than 9 liters per 100 if we slow down to 95 km/h, and if conditions are right (cool nights for instance) and we drop the speed to 80 km/h we get into the low 8's (we even saw 7.6 liters per 100 on one 300 km trip at 2 A.M. sitting on 80 km/h). Very impressive for a 2.5 tonne 6 foot high 6 foot wide truck carrying 5 adults-plus-luggage.

My dad's petrol auto does about 12 to 13 without trying too hard, 2 adults plus baggage. Dad has got down into 10 liters per 100 km, but only by driving at 80 km/h and being gentle on hills. He reckons he got 9.2 liters per 100 km on one trip, I am a bit unsure on that one.

For comparison, I do know if we use my wife's 2003 Honda CR/V 2.4 petrol auto on a trip down the coast with the 5 of us on board, following mum and dad in their petrol auto Pajero , we use almost exactly the same amount of fuel as they do - so I reckon that even though the Pajero is a bigger vehicle, a smaller vehicle carrying a load works harder and uses just as much fuel - without the space and comfort of the bigger car !


Reliable family car

2003 model 2.2 liter diesel. 220,000 km. Great car to drive has been reliable for 12 years. tows well. Great mileage (diesel 2.2 di) usually do 9/10 liter per 100 round town or on highway. Major problems are dual flywheel collapsed at 160,000 which we replaced with a solid flywheel. Fuel gauge circuit board problems needed to re-solder the circuit board) and since about 200,000 sticky 2nd gear when cold but apparently castrol oil fixes that.


love my mitzy,2000 .paj,exl.

i have had my pajero for about 9 going on 10 yrs and except for fixing lots of stuff do to a doggy mechanic i have found it great, i have driven everywhere in her towed my camper trailer off road,she handles well and if kept service is good for her size and weight on fuel ,comfortable and roomy, took very back seats out and don't use them, could n]be a bit longer if your going to sleep in back as you have to take back bench seat all way out as it folds down and up not back is its only fault. i like my 4x4 and will when the time comes buy another newer model and if i could get a deisel in auto that would be it .


Converted to A JTG Gas coversion Kit

My experience with this 2000 Pajero is very pleasant. Bought it from Metro Family Cars at Five Dock in Sydney for $10,000.00 in 2011. The odometer reading was 176K. Got JTG kit fitted by a V&S LPG Kits at Croydon, recommended by LPG Warehouse of Melbourne. The Dyno test curve indicated the power boost was significant over the petrol performance. Since then the car runs extremely good. Very good in gas.Gives 275km per 50 litre gas tank fill on a highway or 240km per tank of gas in city. Never drove on Petrol but topped the full tank every 3 months with 15 litres of petrol. Only minor serving costs so far. It misfired an year ago. No one could find the reason. Finally Goff & Sons at Ramford Rd, Marayong tested and asked me to change the computer. I got one from ebay with the matching ignition key of the car from which they removed the computer from a wrecker for $250.00. The mechanic refitted and started the car. It worked too good. Now a little sound is being experienced when de-accelerating the car for stopping on a red light. Mechanic says it could be a worn out bearing in the front diff gear box. Took it to a transmission mechanic who tested it. He says it could be the unevenly worn front tyres.

Still don't know the exact cause but appears to be a small repair.

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The sound was due to a worn out driver side front wheel bearing. It was replaced by a new mob (Diff Gear specialist) at $396.00 which was a rip off. They told me $998 Diff box repair when I left the car in the morning. However when I collected the car in the evening they said it was the bearing. Could have been much less a cost had I known that it was front bearing and not the diff gearbox. I would have negotiated a good cost with others.

After 260,000km towing a 2500kg 23' caravan around Australia-tailgate opening fix-NP 2005 Turbo Dies

I cut the handle of the caravan coupling, laid it parallel to the ground and rewelded it. This gives extra clearance to allow the tailgate to open when hitched up. A simple solution. I had new Injector elements replaced at 239,000km as preventative maintenance. The only negative was a Diesel Pump failing at 259,000km. Purchased a reco Pump and installed it myself, Automotive Mechanical being my trade. I installed Water Watch and pump from Cooma Diesel in Canberra to prevent water entering system-fits just before Filter. Still has same power and economy. Great vehicle! Still haven't replaced any suspension or driveline components. Amazes me! Still towing the 2500kilo caravan- 3 months last year on a couple hundred kms dirt road up to Lawn Hill National Park near NT border then Karumba (Qld). A tip on maintenance, have an Auto Trans Service, changing filter every 20,000km and flush Torque Converter and trans cooler in that service. To adjust tappets every 20,000km, remove Glow Plugs to allow engine to be turned over easily by hand. Change Timing Chain Tensioner every 100,000km to be sure that it doesn't fail as they have been known to and then bits can dislodge and jam timing chain or have it jump teeth. Happy motoring.


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Can any one please tell me the location of the fuel pump relay on 2001 Mitsubishi pajero exceed nm.
1 answer
Have a look on the electrical diagram in the User Handbook

Does the NH 2000 model have anchor points, and if so, where are they located?
No answers

has nm 2000 pajero have light on low fuel
No answers


Pajero NM, NP
Drive TypeFour Wheel Drive (4WD)
Fuel Tank Capacity 90 L
Country of ManufactureJapan
Release dateJan 2000
Discontinuation dateDec 2006
Replaced byMitsubishi Pajero NS
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