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Poor Quality Book even with professional photos

I got some professional photos taken of my family and wanted them made into a nice book. I've used a few companies and thought I'd give Mixbook a try
The software was easy to use, price ok. But when the book arrived I was very disappointed. The photos were 4K quality, large files, but the book came out very grainy. When I contacted Mixbook about it they were unable to give me a clear answer as to why - but I think they compress the files. They offered to reprint but said it would turn out the same. It is definitely NOT photo quality printing. More like Snapfish quality, which is ok if thats what you are expecting, but they advertise more than that. I won't be using them again.

Product Quality
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good quality! great application!

i did my daughters first photo album and now working on my sons 1st year album. I'm actually surprised at all the bad reviews, out of all the photo book applications i found this one had the best designs and is simple and easy to use and was very happy with the quality of the book. I'll be using mix-book for lots of my other photo books.

Beautiful photo book

Have used other photo book companies and find Mixbook has better quality printing and colour. The process of uploading was a bit slow and I had to be careful the photos were cropped and comments within their guide lines. Used the templates and easily adjusted some of them to suit my photos. I found the instructions easy to use. It does take time and patience, but if you read all the instructions and look at the faq’s you will have a good result. Pictures are sharp and colour true. A little pricey but use their discount coupon.
I paid extra for express postage and the book arrived quickly. Funny it was mailed from Brunswick, Vic

Third time lucky

As the title says...
The first had print marks on several pages and the second was out of order. The third was Ok - not perfect but we would have been happy with this as a first print as we got it as a good opening offer and the imperfections were only obvious as we scrutinised it.
On a positive note the online software for setting up the book was excellent. It is easy to use, has loads of options and produces a very professional finish.
Unless it was at an excellent price, not a gift and not needed in a particular time frame - I would not use them again.
They need to start proof reading their books.


Most horrific company. Horrible customer service and just a horrible experience. I had to re create my book 5 times and in the end it still failed and no one helped me.

Just wasted an hour of my life

I spent an hour trying to upload photos from my Google photos account to create a photo album for my baby's first year, it all seems simple enough however after waiting ages for pages to load I can't access all photos in my google photos account that I am after, just some of the folders? (If its possible, its not all obvious or intuitive)
Extremely frustrating. I will be looking to find another application to create my photo albums.

Very poor colours and quality

Tried mixbook and paid in US dollars. Package arrived e-parcel domestic from Melbourne, so printing must have been done locally.
Really unhappy with colour representation. We used quality Canon kit with photos through Lightroom. The book arrived with pages stuck together and colours were shocking. $17US for postage thinking it’s overseas ex US and a domestic parcel arrives from 20km away In Melbourne???

I'm loving my photo book!

I was a bit concerned after reading some bad reviews but I have to say that the book is awesome! The pictures look exactly the way they were and the quality is good, I'll definitely order more, very happy customer.

So disappointed

All I have to say is when you use their templates please know that, that is only a loose guideline and not what is actually printed/cut.

Allow extra room as their cutting job of their books is shocking and because of this when you use one of their templates if there are words near the top of the page or close to the spine move them down or in even though they are well within the allowed boarder.

I spent a fortune (for me) on six books 12x12 and out of those six only two were just like I organized on the project template, the other four had the most unprofessional cut jobs I have ever seen (for example the very last page they add a logo and look at this for a cut job : https://i.imgur.com/d3WbmIP.png) one was even cut on an angle so it cut words in half (on a diagonal) then there was all this blank area, it's like they just pushed everything through a machine and didn't even check that it was straight and the kicker for that one was the whole book used their own pre-set template design with their own pre-set boarders, I didn't even mess with the boarders! One was wrecked because the photos were almost stuffed into the spine, again even though the pre-made template showed there was plenty of white space down the center of the book it showed none of that, it's so bad, one photo had a family member and their face is cut in half as the other half disappears into the spine. Such a crap job.

I should also mention one of the books that had a normal cut job was wrecked anyway because it was covered in dirty glue splashes (which had hardened) and if we tried to pick it off it just ripped the outside of the book.

And beware of their preset 'stickers' I used one of their pre-designed stickers, didn't even enlarge it and it ended up heavily pixelated even though, again, on the template it looked perfectly fine.

Zero support, zero quality check prior to shipping, words can not describe how sick I feel about the amount of money I spent and how bitter I am to the lack of care and support. They were meant to be gifts, there is no way I can even give them to family, they're that bad.

There are plenty of photo book companies out there, give this one a miss.

If I could give them 0 - I would!

Please be aware of the delays and prices. Very misleading and unprofessional company. No customer care or acknowledgments that the product has been delayed and not even printed after 8 days or placing the order.
After lodging a complaint with 3 different people- the response is always the same and no alternative solutions have been provided. I will never buy anything from their website unless I can wait for a month (because they also can't confirm the shipping time even though you ordered through express post).

Very disappointing and angry!

Good Company .....until they are not

I have used Mixbook many times and have always been pretty happy, although they are expensive and the way they present pricing can be dodgy. However, on my last order I asked for priority shipping and processing and paid extra for it as I was travelling overseas and needed it quickly. The estimated (and then promised) arrival date was all good and I still had days up my sleeve. However, that date passed and I contacted them to see what the problem was, the lady on the chat line first blamed production, then next day blamed the courier and stated that an alternative courier (or Australia Post) could not be provided because of their "standard operating procedures) so I would have to wait.

So, the bottom line is their arrival dates can't be trusted, they are expensive and they are 100% unreliable and will tell you anything to fob you off. They have no respect for loyal clients and when it suits them they will leave you in the lurch. Try someone else, you'll probably pay less and your loyalty may be better rewarded.

Very Happy with My Book

It was the first time I used Mixbook and because it was for my grandsons 18th birthday I wanted it to be special. It was just that in every way. The print and quality of the book was fantastic and the delivery was way before the eta which was a bonus because I was so worried it would miss his birthday . I will be using Mixbook again for all my grandchildren. The only down side was the cost of the extra pages, I thought were a little expensive almost $3.00 per page and I had 51 pages in my album. I didn't mind paying the extra postage for express as it had to come to Australia and time was running out. All in all very happy.

Photo book - excellent service

When choosing a photo book publisher, I didn't check the country of origin. After having some issues loading photos onto their software template, I used the on-line chat help service staff lady quickly helped me identify my issues so I could update Adobe and clear out caches and then I was underway. I liked the huge choice of templates and how the software worked but I do have good computer skills.
I ordered my project and because it was 59 pages in colour, it was A$142. The postage from California to Sydney was A$30 because I chose a faster option as I was running out of time (it's a gift).
That was 26th July and Fast Track delivered the parcel to my door on Thursday 3rd August. The hard cover book is terrific quality and the photos are clear on satin pages with properly faced each end with lining white pages.
I would use this company again despite them not being in Australia.

Beware, misleading pricing

Good selection of templates and website worked nice and easily to upload my photos.... everything was okay right up until checkout.

On my shopping cart the pricing displayed as $12 to print and ship x2 greeting cards to Australia. I thought this was a bit pricey and more than I had expected to pay, given it was standard shipping (of 2 pieces of cardboard) and would over 2 weeks to arrive, however I thought I would order anyway.

That was until I proceeded to the payment screen and the pricing had jumped to $16 with no justification.

I feel like this site is sneeky with pricing and trying to capitalise on those that have over invested their time in creating personalized products to cancel their order.

On principal I did cancel my order and wont be back to this site!


This was the first time I have used Mixbook to create photo books. The platform was really easy to use and has a big variation of templates, which I was pleased with. I have also made a mistake on one of the books, which I only picked up after the order was submitted. I contacted Mixbook as soon as I noticed the mistake and they were very accommodating and happy to reprint the book even though the change was made after the 30 minute cut off point. So, so far so good, hence why I gave it two stars instead of the 0 i wish I could give. I have paid a lot of money for the orders to be shipped via UPS Express as I needed them to arrive by the estimated date given at the check out. These were Christmas presents so I was happy to pay quite a bit extra to have them in time. Unfortunately, even though Mixbook team did print the orders right away, and I have received the tracking number within two days of placing the order, the tracking was not showing any progress on the parcel until 4 days later. What happened was, Mixbook printed the label for UPS which generated the tracking number for me, but they never actually arranged the pick up by UPS until 4 days later. So the package is on it's way but off course it will arrive here too late. What was more upsetting was that I never even received a tracking number for the second order. I contacted Mixbook yesterday to ask why I don't have tracking number for the second order which was placed the same day... the customer service guy advised me that the second order was already shipped on the same day as the first and that it's definitely on it's way. Curiously I have received an email with UPS tracking number for the second package several hours later - meaning that the customer service representative realized that the order was still sat there and ordered UPS pick up later that evening to try and hide the msitake. He has lied to me, which I just find unacceptable and very unprofessional. So,... all in all, the outcome is that hopefully the books will be nice and good quality ONCE they arrive, but unfortunately due to Mixbook's incompetence I will not be able to use them as the gifts I have intended and as such it was a complete waste of a lot of money and effort....shame. I would recommend the platform if you are not i a hurry or need the product at a specific time, but my experience has left a bitter taste in my mouth and I will not be using them again. Not because of the delay, but because of the lying.

Brilliant service

We received our photobook within a few days of ordering. It was so quick and efficient and the clarity of the pictures is incredible. We are delighted. Thank you.

Excellent service & product

Mixbook is an online company that allows you to design your own cards, photobooks & calendars. It has a really excellent range of suggested designs into which you can just insert your own photos. I used one to make some thank you cards for my daughter, after her wedding. The program itself is easy to use and allows lots of options. I signed up for their newsletters/promotions and these come about regularly. I paid a most reasonable sum-around $42 from memory-for open up type cards which had a collage of photos, my own text, plus good quality envelopes included.

What impressed me were these things
- There was clear tracking of my order. I could see when it was in production & when it was posted
-There was a clear expected 'delivery by' date listed
-This one is the clincher for me & why I am bothering to write the review. They contacted me via email a couple of days after the expected arrival date to check if my cards had arrived and if I was happy with them, plus to let them know how I found their service
-The cards hadn't arrived, they apologized and kept in touch and asked me to get in touch by a certain date if the cards had not arrived by then

-Every email I have ever sent has been answered within 24 hours, it has addressed the issue personally & been helpful
-My cards arrived (delay in the post, which is what I suspected-not their fault, it is out of their control once posted). They were well wrapped
-The card quality was good. Nice weight cardboard, but most impressive is the colour printing is very true. Some companies I have used before, I have found the photos print out darker than they look on the computer, much darker. That can be a real downer. Not with Mixbook. What you see on the screen is what you'll get.
-Another plus is you can change the size and shape of the product you order. For example, my cards could have been ordered in about 3 or 4 sizes and the same photobook designs come in different shapes, so you have a lot of creative control
Superb, organised customer service-other companies could learn a thing or two from them. Great product quality. Colour printing of your photos is very true to what you see on your screen, so that's great! Easy to use range of templates for making your own cards and photobooks.Excellent and regular special deal prices.I paid only about $2 a card & the card had 4 photos on it, how good is that.
The company is in the USA, which has recently had a hefty rise in their postal charges. That isn't the fault of the company of course but it means you will pay a bit more for postage to Australia-though not more than some companies with an aussie base, i have to say-and postage can take about 3 weeks, depending on the level you choose.

Questions & Answers

How long does it take to get a book delivered?
No answers

I've noticed that a lot of the photo books start at 19 pages and then you add on. Does any one know if they ever have specials starting with more pages without having to pay extra for each page? I'm need to create a book but require approximately 50 pages.
3 answers
I haven't made an album with them so don't know. (I made cards). But if I were you, I would ask them via email. I had queries and I found they always answered quickly and exactly about what I had asked-none of this form response. Just ask if they ever have offers for books with differing numbers of standard pages etc and outline the sort you mean. You never know, if they don't, it may give them ideas for new promotions.Unfortunately not, you need to add pages on. I needed a 78 page book and I had to add the pages, I couldn't find any which had more pages already included in the price, I went through about 30 of their template books and they all had the same amount of pages.The different photo books vary in initial size starting from 19 pages and up. The base price listed on the website is for a 20 page book and if you want to make a bigger book, the pages above 20 will come at an extra cost. However, Mixbook always seems to be running great promotions and it's pretty easy to find one to get you up to 50% off the whole book. I've seen other sites that give you a discount off the base price but not the extra pages (or the extra pages are discounted at a much lower rate). If you're making a book of 50 or more pages, the final discounted price is often as good or better than some other sites.

do you post to Australia, and if so what is delivery time?
2 answers
They do post to Aust but it isn't cheap. It took my cards about 2-3 weeks to arrive from the time I ordered.Some of their products, especially books, are printed locally in Australia and they have very reasonable shipping charges. Some are printed in and shipped from the United States. You'll see the shipping charges are much higher -- you can usually figure out pretty easily which ones are printed locally and which are printed and shipped internationally.

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