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Ok my first time experience at the 7/11 store on Browns Plains road I could register ok

Ok my first time experience at the 7/11 store on Browns Plains road I could register ok But when I went to put the recipients details in the zip code only accepted 4 digits instead of the five. I then did it on line everything went fine. I sent the money to South Africa the recipient went to two locations and was told the money is there but the machines were down to come back tomorrow which they did and the money was paid out for that I thank you I also received a phone call from Melbourne asking about whether I knew the recipient or not and for what reason I was sending money. Good work.

Was a fan but now I'm not!!!!

I've been using this service a little over 3 years and have had no issues with sending money overseas until today. An error came up on the kiosk to say contact the helpline which I did and quoted the error number only to be told that "Moneygram are not comfortable sending my money". After asking "On what grounds?" I couldn't get a straight answer nor was I offered any help to try and rectify the error so I can continue using it. I asked if they had a technical support or something and I was told the system is all automated and what not no one can override or fix the error. I also asked if this is the case is my account now unusable? Couldn't get a straight answer. Customer Service/Support is an absolute disgrace and Moneygram should be embarrassed. Furthermore, to be told that they are not comfortable sending my money implying that I'm doing dodgy deals at your kiosks after sending similar amounts for the last 3 years with no issues is laughable. The next contact they'll be getting from me is to shut down my account!


Inhouse fraud

Inhouse FRAUD. I sent a MoneyGram for a million rupiah to Bali April 3rd 2019 to a friend. I then went to Bali on April 14 2019. I went with my friend to collect the MoneyGram in Bali. They told us their was a problem and I needed to contact MoneyGram In Perth. Which I have they told me the name on MoneyGram didn't match the reference number. The only facility and opportunity to change this MoneyGram document is their Staff. I'm contacting the WA Fraud Squad in regard to this matter. Ron

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Hi Ron, We're sorry you had trouble collecting your payment for your friend in Bali. We'd like to make your experience better next time. Would you be able to confirm the MoneyGram reference number so we could investigate what might happened there and why the name did not match the actual transaction? Regards MoneyGram

Money transfer fine just need good detail

Money transfer fine ,, 7/11 new store crap ! No use of toilet at new store in underwood ! Never go back , almost had to wee in corner !! Aircon makes me go wee when I walk in door , other 7:11 no problem with access , new store refused access to toilet !

MoneyGram machine at a 711 Of paper to print the receipt at the end of entering all my details which is Pathetic

The MoneyGram transaction machines need to be maintained serviced as some Like the paper printout receipts ran out and also had problems with the Touchstone keyboard buttons won’t working properly and the shop assistant could not help as he was the only staff member in the 711 store

Hello Robert, Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we're sorry your experience was not a good one that day. We left you a personal message to ask you for details. We'll wait for your response. Thanks Robert. Regards MoneyGramGood to hear that someone at MoneyGram is listening of what can go wrong ! I just hope that the machines are serviced and regularly checked for disperse of paper receipts ! Thank you ! Robert RollasonHi Robert, Are you able to confirm the street or suburb for that specific 7-Eleven store? Regards MoneyGram

Appalling Waste of Time

I wish I had read all the negative reviews before I wasted my time with this appalling service. I was blocked immediately and the helpline was hopeless. I would not recommend this service to anyone. One star is one too many.

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Hi Jeanette, We're sorry it was not a good experience for you. We sent you a personal message to get some more details about the issue/s you've had so we could attend to it and improve your experience on your next visit. We will wait for your response. Thanks Jeanette. Regards MoneyGram

Very easy to use

Good service so far no problems. 10 x better then western union. Better if fees a bit lower. Otherwise all good. Will keep using them for now. So easy to just go to the local 7/11 If need

Waste of time

I wish I'd checked reviews before wasting time trying online registration and then driving to multiple kiosks, without success. Maybe Moneygram needs to remember why people use this type of service... to send cash ASAP. Don't offer what you can't deliver : (

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Hi Crystal. We sent you a private message. Thank you.

Terrible, slow and doesn't work.

After 5 or 6 days of my transaction sitting idle, they had to cancel. A waste of important time. If you can't do the service don't offer it.
They don't even accept perfectly working cards, so I had to use Bpay.
I switched to Remitly and the service was great and was sent INSTANTLY.

loyalty services

Fantastic service and money gram.
Appreciated your using them to sending money to your family.
they give you discounted for free fee transaction. For many years am using money gram I don’t have any issues with them. Good service.

Great but why the Passport rigmarole

I have found Money Gram very good , much better than ANZ or Western Union, but I am annoyed that I have to produce my genuine passport, not a copy. every time i want.to send money this means that if my passport is at an embassy to get a visa I cannot send a MoneyGram, also I rarely carry my genuine passport on me, I don't want to lose it, but I have to for MoneyGram, moreover, when i send money from the same 7 - 11 several times , why should i have to produce my passport every time, you've already checked who i am when i entered the system and answered my password or identity question Why do I have to prove who I am every time, especially since the amounts are small and not likely to be linked to money laundry. Also why do I have to prove who I am to send money, It's my cash money and I'm not asking for a loan or whatever.

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Hello Ibrahim, We're glad you find the service great. 7-Eleven MoneyGram accepts any of these Photo IDs if you have them : Passport, Australian DRV License or Proof of Age ID. You can update your Photo ID online at https://7elevenmoneytransfer.com.au/ and log in using your existing 7-Eleven MoneyGram account details. If you need to speak to our 24/7 help desk you may call us at 1 300 807 088. Regards MoneyGram

Fraudulent services, no money security

. No money security
. Fraudulent services
. Worst customer service ever
I have been sending money through them from past 5 years. All of sudden they kept a hold of one of my transaction and cancelled it without informing me. I requested a refund but they are not ready to send me an email confirmation regarding my refund. Customer service department is not ready to help me. Please don’t send your money though moneygram because they have stopped providing secure services.

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Hello Jyoti, We hope you are well. We'd like to know more about your recent experience with the MoneyGram service to improve your experience on your next visit. We sent you a private message to ask for additional details and will wait for your response. Thank you, Jyoti. Regards MoneyGram


If you have been scammed by scammers using this fraud facilitated company, I’m am currently organising a Class Action against them. Please contact Chloe Marshall at IFW Global to stop this happening in Australia
Thank you and hopefully others come forward.

Customer Services was very poor

I been using money gram for 3 years and never had a problem with sending money overseas to my family,then all of sudden I try to send money and had trouble sending, I contacted 7/11customer services 3 times to ask why I couldn't send money, 7/11 customer service told me to go to another 7/11 to try again which was pointless,I contacted 7/11 customer service and he couldn't give me any answers why I was stopped, I ask to speak to someone else but he reply sorry sorry and put the phone down,all I wanted was someone to explain why this has happen very poorly run business and customer services who has no idea how to speak to customers,.

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Hello Mick, We would like to investigate further on the issue you had with the service. Would you be able to send us a private message with your details such as your Mobile Number, Full Name and at least one MoneyGram reference number that we could use as a reference? Also, could you confirm the number you have called when you tried to speak to 7-Eleven customer service? Thank you Mick. Regards MoneyGram

Worst Customer Service

Worst over the phone customer service I've ever come to contact with. Supplied me with little to no help on my issue and then hung up on me, the customer!! This is also not the first time, Moneygram have continuously and consistently only provided problems.

Receiving money is impossible

Today in 33 degree heat I visited 3 7/11 trying to get money that had been sent to me. I made two 1300 phone calls with no help. The kiosks in the stores would not recognise my registration even though I received confirmation email about my registration hours beforehand. Why is this so difficult. I have given up and am not sure how or when I will ever get my money

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Hello, Sorry your MoneyGram receive payment was delayed. We’d like to investigate this issue further - would you be able to send us a private message with your MoneyGram reference number? Regards, MoneyGram

Can’t send money online, account is blocked

Hi, I was trying to send money overseas (online). In the end system said “”An error occurred while validating your payment”, then called customer service they said your account has been blocked you cannot send money. Asked why? MoneyGram had no answer why they blocked my account as this was my first time sending money online, and person disconnected my call. Very poor system, very disappointed. These guys need to improve a lot.

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Hello, Hitesh Sorry that your transfers were blocked. We’d like to investigate this issue further so we can improve your experience with us. We do not have enough information about the issue that may caused this block, so if you like please send a private message with your details. Regards, MoneyGram

Really bad - waste of time

Withdrawing money is not easy as they say. Their 7eleven system is not efficient and sometimes doesn't work. Additionally, their map is no updated and it shows fake kiosks.

Hello Cav, I am sorry about your experience at one of the 7Eleven Stores. Whenever this occurs it will be because the MoneyGram Kiosk would be temporarily unavailable. Use the Kiosk finder to find a kiosk near that is available. http://pages.7elevenmoneytransfer.com.au/find-a-kiosk/ Regards, MoneyGramStill not convincing. I am checking in this moment through the link, an the one that it shows near surfers doesn't exist. It's simple guys, if it's "temporarily unavaible", just don't put it on the map, otherwise is more wasted time for your customers, who are already dealing with the slowness of your system.Hello Cav, Thanks for replying Cav, we will check to make sure the maps are updated with kiosk that are currently available. Could you please private message us the location of where this 7-Eleven Store was not working. Regards, MoneyGram

Really Good but 2 suggested improvements for users

For whatever reason I was blocked sending money to my Thai friends to help with their costs via WU through Australia Post. I researched other methods of transferring money and found out about the MoneyGram alternative via 7-Eleven stores. I had one little (ultimately inconsequential) glitch in setting up the account and recipients but have had no trouble using the service and recipients get the proceeds instantly. I would like to suggest the cost of a transaction to come down to $10 to match WU and not increase on a sliding scale as the amount sent increases. The fx rate is fair and/or reasonable but could also be improved. I realise profits need to be made but the service fee received should be enough. Due to WU not allowing me to transfer money overseas to help my friends anymore I am more than satisfied with MoneyGram through 7-Eleven.

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Hi G_P, Thank you for the review on our MoneyGram transaction fee we take pride in our competitive rates and low fees. You can always use the MoneyGram estimator to find out existing fees. https://7elevenmoneytransfer.com.au/estimator Regards, MoneyGram

Worst transaction company for sending money

Make an online account after 10 minutes it activated but when I try to send money I got a message your transaction not approved and you online account now is blocked, please visit one of our store to do the transaction, call the company all the told me, that money gram is not confident with your transaction no other explanation. Went to the store and fee the 14 time more then what online is charging this company is stealing all your personal detail and keeping them also they are making you to go and use there store to charge you more fees and very low exchange rate.

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Hi Fardin, Sorry that your transfers were blocked. We’d like to investigate this issue further so we can improve your experience with us. Regards, MoneyGram

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