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Horrible experience

Watch never connected to networks
Tried two sims Vodafone and Optus
Could never pair with app
30 emails over two months
Slow customer care responses
Overall both poor product and poor customer care
Very frustrating
A lemon

Warranty Claim MadeYes

Screen protector

We had a few issues setting up the phone but since then it has been great. We did buy and apply the screen protector but in only 2 months there must 20 scratches/cracks on the screen. I am guessing it won't last much longer. Is this normal?

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Moochies, do not purchase!!

We ordered 2 watches a week before Xmas as gifts for our 2 kids, we were informed that the watches would arrive on the 14th of January ,however, we did not receive them until the 2nd of February. I had sent 2 emails during the time after the 14th of January to request delivery dates, I received an email back after the first email informing me that they will be delayed, but no response nor confirmation to the second email for a request for the eventual delivery date.
When the watches finally arrived one had a slight scratch on the screen which we were happy to over look due to the saga with the delivery of the watches and did not want to wait any longer for the replacement.
When the kids finally tried to use the phones they didn't work, they suffered from numerous functional failures.
I have sent 5 emails since, 4 requesting replacement watches and 1 notifying Moochie of my intention to engage the Department of Fair Trading due to the lack of response to the 4 previous emails-no response!!
With no contact phone number nor physical address of their offices available to the clients I do question Moochies focus on after sales service and long term focus on this market.
I don't anticipate a response from Moochies.
Moochies, this is a test of your commitment to your clients, happy to have a response to terminate DoFT proceedings!
The purpose of this email is to hopefully stop people from making the same mistake I did with this product.

Product Quality

Worst thing I’ve ever purchased

These watches are an absolute waste of money. Purchased two for Christmas.
One watch wouldn’t work at all. After sending back we were told sim plan would be cancelled but money still taken out of account.
Still hasn’t been resolved.
Second watch stuck in class mode, when finally resolved that issue, screen went black.
Now the watch can’t connect to even get it to work. If your lucky enough to get it working one day another problem arises..
Don’t buy these for your kids as they aren’t worth all the drama that comes along with them. Moochies need to lift their game as patents buy to ensure kids safety. Bit hard when they do nothing..
Government authorities need to be informed on companies selling rubbish products

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Few teething problems, but solved by customer service

We ordered a white moochies watch for our daughter and ordered an additional pink strap. The pink strap was not a moochies brand, it didn't fit not daughters wrist, we contacted moochies and were refunded for it. We had some difficulties disabling the "class mode" after school went back, but we're efficiently and quickly helped by Chloe in customer care, and had everything functioning within 24hrs.

The watches work well, the post-purchase service has been excellent from Chloe and Mia

We purchased two watches for our kids for Christmas. One arrived without a charger cable, I emailed support and Mia sent a new cable the next day. I had some queries setting them up and again emailed support and Mia had the answers that worked the same day. Now two months later I had an issue with one freezing up, emailed support and Chloe had the answers that worked the same day. Can't fault the service. There's some minor improvements I could suggest for the watches functionality, but they do everything advertised.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Moochies watch terrible

I purchased a Moochies watch for my son for Christmas hasnt been able to use it as first there was no network coverage or worked once every 5 days for a day. So then I paid a extra $50 to get it unlocked so it could be used on Optus network. Paid $30 for new sim and monthly charge and it still doesn't work, my poor son hasnt been able to use his Christmas present.
Not happy will be asking for full refund or will be going to Accc

Product Quality


My son loves his new watch he got for his birthday in jan. Not being very good when it comes to technology etc I had to contact moochies quite a few times ( about 10 don’t judge me lol) for help on setting up and working the watch. I would jst like to mention that Chloe at the help team has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, she has always replied to me rapidly and helped and talked me through any problems or any questions I’ve had reagarding the watch. She definitely gets 5stars from me for her customer service. Thanks again Chloe :) X

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Good customer service

Chloe dealt with my email. Quick response and happy to resolve the issue. The watch is fantastic, both me and my friend bought one for our boys.
Thank you

Good concept - terrible quality - don't buy!!

Whilst in theory the watches appear to be great, there seems to be a real issue with their quality. We bought 2 watches and both stopped working within a matter of days. The watches were replaced and one of the watches from the replacements stopped working on the second day. We are still waiting for a response from Moochies. One of the watches from the second batch has been call barred since we received it, however the account is paid up. We are still waiting for a response on this issue as well. Based on the recent reviews from people who seem to have similar problems, there seems to be some real issues with these watches. Pity, as they are a great concept and appear to be the only waterproof ones on the market at the moment.

Missing charger !

I emailed Moochies on a Friday night not expecting a reply of any sort until at least Monday .Within an hour I not only had a reply but a replacement charger on its way .
Thankyou Chloe for making something I was dreading so easy and stress free .
Amazing customer service!!

First watch stopped working and replacement watch now has too

I loved the look of the watch and the functions.... but neither have ever worked properly. The first watch stopped working after four weeks... so I sent back to be tested.... the engineers looked at it, and said it was broken so have sent a second. The second watch arrived however after three days of being on, it is now stuck on class mode, it never lets me look at her photo galleries, and tbh for the price I just want to see someone or speak to someone about it! I email but you have to wait a day or two to get a bloody reply! I looked at all reviews before buying the watch in November..... they all looked good, from my understanding this “new” batch have all got technical issues! A little annoying when we are paying a monthly fee on top for SIM cards, ex when the watch does not work


Recently on the 9th of December I bought my now 10 year old daughter a moochie watch. Last Saturday we tested the watch out and to my dis-belief according to the watch my daughter hadn't left our house. This is very worrying for me after buying the watch for my daughter's safety.
Please advise what can be done.

Thanks in advance


Worst customer service ever!!

Got a watch for my son for Christmas, watch was a dud. Took emails back and forth to get them to actually let me send it back for a new one. Was told the sim plan would be cancelled and i would be refunded. Well it is 5 weeks since Christmas, i'm still yet to see a new watch and also still yet to be refunded for the sim plan which mind you i was just charged the monthly plan cost for... Sick of sending emails and not getting a reply.. wish i had never bought one of these, should have gone with a different brand!!

Moochies is crap

My daughter was bought a moochies watch as a gift from her grandmother. We quickly realised that the only service provider on a 3G network was Optus. This equates to a minimum $30/month charge. I tried a TPG sim as they say they do 3G network but it didn’t work. There was an issue with our moochies watch not working at all. The company did send us a new one. So now we have a very expensive child’s watch sitting with tags on. Don’t bother with this product. I believe there are other companies out that are compatible with 4g therefore you can get better deals with phone plans

Don’t buy moochies. Is the worst service experience I have ever had and my problem is still not reso

I bought two watches for my children for Christmas. Both have had to be sent back and I am still waiting to have a satisfactory resolution, now almost 5 weeks since I bought them. And I am sure I am still paying the mobile contract. Mooches obviously don’t care about their customers or their service reputation. I can’t get answers or resolution despite weeks of to and fro emails. Still waiting for some to call and apologise. Not surprised to see all the issues others have logged. I guess my only recourse now is to contact the ACCC and log a formal complaint

Lack of communication and no help solving problems

After so many emails back and forth about the problem with billing there still hasn't been any resolution. It would be nice just to talk to someone! I keep getting emails saying there was a problem taking the $17 from my account as you dont have my card details saved on the online account. I have checked so many times and my card details ARE saved. The email has a link to pay the bill once I put the card details in there it keeps coming up with invalid email address. I was told to top up the account to see if that would work but the watch still has incoming and outgoing call restrictions on it. Today is my childs first day back at school without her new $200 watch. Can you please fix this problem!

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Hi Brienna! We can see this issue has been resolved for you. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email with any other queries you have. - Moochies Team

Worst customer service!!!!!

The watch is inactive for last 6 days. Everyday I am getting email for renewal of my plan and I have replied to each mail that I already renewed 4 days before due date. Every time I get reply that my email has been received and they will reply within 24 hours due to large number of emails.
They are so inconsiderate that they don't even understand that the watch is not working and the purpose of spending so much is wasted.
I can understand why they are so busy in customer service because they are incapable of resolving problem in 1st place.
This is the only customer service which I have come across who don't provide their phone number.

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Hi Vineet! So sad to see this review - you had topped up 4 days prior to your monthly bill date, then once your monthly bill payment came, this needed to be paid too, however you did not, hence why your calls became barred. Like with most Telecoms, top ups sadly expire once the monthly bill renews for the next month. Hope this clarifies things! - Moochies Team

[name removed] has been really helpful. We had purchased the older model and needed help setting it

Was reasonably priced purchased the older model - didn’t know newer one was coming out but overall not a bad product

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Hi F.C! Thank you so much for your review! Amazing to hear you are happy with your Moochies! :) Please do not ever hesitate to email us with any more queries that you may have! :) Remember, we are always here to help! :) - Moochies Team

Lack of communication

The watch worked great for the first 3 days - then there was no network connection. I wish I had of read about the 3G connection prior to buying it and choosing the right provider for my area. As there is no mobile number to contact anyone I have been corresponding via email - to which I get one reply daily at 11pm at night. I really like the watch just check the network coverage in your area before buying the watch as this is day 4 and I’m no better off.

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Hi Fallon! We are so very sorry to hear that the 3G Vodafone network coverage is not good in your area and we are so sorry that we do not currently have a service contact number. Our team work all throughout the day and night to get through to all of our customers as efficiently as possible. - Moochies Team

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Hi there - so when calling my sons Moochies watch, I and all other contacts are sent to voicemail, however video calling works fine? How can I turn call forwarding off?
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There is nothing coming up on my daughters screen it is just black even when I ring it or message it
No answers

What's with the passive/aggressive responses from the Moochies reps? "Ohhh, we are sooooooo saaaaad to see your negative review" – as in, "You are a bad bad person who is lying about our lovely company". Do they pull frowny faces while writing, then storm off in a huff, flicking their hair and slamming the door on their way out? Most of the responses from "representatives" on Product Review are sub-par, but these ones take the biscuit!
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Oh, and don't forget the pouty, reproachful "WE reponded to ALL your messages within 24 hours" ... followed by the poor customer saying "Erm, no you didn't!"

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