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Worst experience ever

Had issues ordering but when I contacted customer service they not only took almost a week to reply but then were completely unapologetic and even condescending. Cannot believe they are still in business.

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Fantastic personalised cards for every occassion

Been sending Moonpig cards for years now, love them, so do the recipients. Great quality cards, prompt on time delivery everytime. Do yourself a favour, you won't buy retail cards again.
Thankyou Moonpig

Product Quality
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Two recent deliveries: both wrong cards, with strangers details, Moonpig felt unable to answer emails about this. Obviously uninterested in customer care.. Use at your peril. I will not be using them again, clearly unfit for purpose.

Product Quality

Unable to reset password

I forgot my Moonpig password but the password reset option does not work. I have emailed them twice regarding this and nobody has got back to me. I have prepay credit in my account and have now missed Father’s Day by almost a week! Don’t know what else to do except post this review and hope somebody from Moonpig actually gets in touch with me!

Product Quality
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Load of crap!

I’ve used Moonpig for years. I’ve had issues along the way that have been frustrating at times, but usually 30% issue, 70% success. The last year it’s 100% issue. I get to the finished product every time and it crashes. One card took me 1 hr to produce with photos and write up. It crashed. I tried it again, then again still only to get the same response.... nothing. The cards simply don’t load. You had me for years and I have many friends and family. I even got sucked into the gifts at times. Well... now I will NEVER use you again. Your site is incompetent and has been a total let down over the last year. You should’t run a business this way... get a grip! Do not use moonpig... rubbish

always been good for me

i've never had a problem ordering at Moon pig , always sent out and delivered on time and i have used them many times , need to update their photo upload range though

Sat for 7 hours trying to get a card for my daughters 50th birthday

I will try to abide with the above......... after trying and trying why do you offer a service you cannot accommodate my computer was burning it was on so long with your little tea pot puffing and then a bird fluttering around while you were trying to save my request for a second time around disgusting.
I will not be using this site again, maybe I should have read some of the one star reviews before I commenced utter waste of my precious time when trying to produce something SPECIAL for my daughter. I have to wonder if you read any of these reviews because you must make some people very upset when you cannot deliver. If there was a ZERO STAR it would get my tick. Only good thing that came out of this is I still have time to go else where.

Not good on phone

Is not great on the phone. Glitches and crashes and can be frustrating. The product is really good but getting there can be annoying


Did not arrive on my mothers 80th birthday, and still hasn't. Despatched with more than enough time to arrive. Most people would expect a card to arrive on or before the big day. I failed to look at the reviews .. and I see this is a common occurence. Very upsetting!

DO NOT USE MOON PIG, you have been warned!

Ordered weeks before - still hasn't arrived

What a joke these people are! Most people when they order a birthday card WELL IN ADVANCE expect it to be deliver on or before the day. Where are you posting it from... the Moon?


I hope that people do their research before using them. Sadly I did not and paid for the incompetance!

Didn’t arrive

Upsetting that a card ordered for Mother’s Day didn’t arrive in time. Wouldn’t use Moonpig again. Moonpig said it can arrive in a couple of days but didn’t show up even when given a week. Utterly useless.

So disappointing

Organised a card for my grandma's birthday, but of course it didn't arrive on the day. Why allow a person to select a specific date if it's not going to arrive on that day anyway.....

2 weeks late is unacceptable

I ordered a birthday card to arrive for my daughter in law who’s birthday was 1st March. It arrived on the 16th March!! You are having a laugh moonpig most folk prefer their card on their actual birthday boo hoo rubbish performance !

Prompt, good quality.

I ordered a personalised mug and card for my partners birthday. The items arrived as stated. The quality and workmanship excellent. I had a problem with postage, but it was sorted in one easy phone call with a deduction for my next order done on the spot. I have been using Moonpig since 2009 and have never encounted a problem. In fact I just recently ordered another 3 personalised birthday cards all delivered on time in excellent condition. Happy to recommend.

used to be good but several concerns this last christmas.....hope they look into them & rectify!

further to a previous comment by someone where card not giving Australia shipping options & charging overseas shipping....this happened to me also and caused me so much frustration & extra work time trying to get my Christmas cards out, so I called them & seems some cards are licensed to be sold/sent from the overseas country & they said they would reimburse me for the extra amount I paid in postage.I did suggest they need to put a warning on the cards that cannot be shipped from here in Australia. I would strongly urge you to contact them so they are aware. I have been using Moonpig for about 4 years now & this issue seems to be new, so something has changed. I will be following this product review though & checking if others are having issues also. Something else that happened with only 1 card that I am aware of & that is the personalised name of my friend did not 'stick' & the card my female friend received has Happy Christmas Martin!. The manager did apologise & said it was a once off glitch & I was given a credit amount......

Dodgy Website

I didn't even order anything as after I put in my card details, it went to another page trying to "verify" my details and asked for my OSID number and date of birth. They do not need this information, i have never been asked for these details by another website. I do not trust it, it seems like they may be trying to steal people's credit card information.

Error after error - do not use Moonpig

I ordered a customised birthday card for my partner's birthday with express post for next day delivery. My order was cancelled without me being notified. So I was waiting for it and didn't receive it. (Turns out the photo was a bit blurry, but I should have been told that so I could have rectified and still received the card in time). All I was offered was a credit.
I tried to order another card for my partner after his birthday to make it up to him, and added a card for my sister to the order, again for next day delivery. My sister's card arrived in the morning the next day, my partner's did not. So again no card for my partner. I had to check the tracking all day - there was no communication from Moonpig.
On top of that, everytime I do try to customise a card, the Moonpig website crashes and my card is not saved. So I have wasted too much time and money with this mob. Save yourself the pain and go to a competitor.

International transaction fee.

Why am I being charged an international transaction fee on top of the card and postage costs when I order in Melbourne, the card is sent back to me in Melbourne and it arrives in 1 - 2 days so is obviously sent to me from Australia. Where does the "international" part come in to play?

Can't believe I haven't used the site before!

I ordered a customized birthday card off this site a week ago. It was easy to do, they had a lot of options, it arrived quickly (I think it was within 3 days of ordering) and the price was great! Cards at places such as target or Kmart are usually upwards of $10 for a nice one, the total price of a completely customized card (including postage) was less than that! I will definitely use moon pig again!

Error could not be rectified

I created a mug which for some unknown reason got an error message and didn't go through. Message said to ring customer service which I did and the girl told me to try again. Didn't work rang back another girl said try on laptop when you get home. Error rang back put on hold 10 mins. Changed mug, pics, photos etc still didn't work so used vista print in the end. Moonpig sucks.

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A small printed mug arrived broken Order No: VVS54CA-2. The mug was wrapped, the box enclosing it also wrapped before being put into Parcel Post bag should have been secure enough. However on reassembling the four big broken pieces it would appear the box was not large enough to accommodate the handle. Post office say they are not at fault. Can this be reimbursed? to sender Theo Thomas account. Thank you
2 answers
Hi Jean, I have not ever ordered a mug, however I did have a card that I did not receive after waiting a week. Knowing that most of the cards I have ordered in the past arrived within 2 days, I contacted Moonpig and they were very helpful and replaced the card, at no additional cost to me, which I then received the next day. Not sure if you have contacted Moonpig about your issue.Dont know how you guys are getting confused thinking I am part of Moonpig but if you contact them for your problems I am sure they will help! Good luch Regards

Are you going to put in more cads for girlfriends,boyfriends and engagements?
2 answers
Hi Ronnie, I'm unable to help you, but you can phone Moonpig. I just love personalising my own cards to suit the recipient. Although it can be time consuming, everyone that I have sent a card to loves it. Good luck MariskaThe Question was to be answered by Moon Pig, their the only ones that can answer this question..... Thanks

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