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Mylayby has gone downhill fast

Bought some Panasonic tools and paid them off only to be advised today that the supplier does not make that model anymore. Not even offered a similar product! have been offered a refund but really this close to Christmas communication, Poor customer service, Increased prices, Still waiting for the gift cards if they come? Worst experience ever with them. My whole family are customers but not anymore, I think we'll just open a xmas club account. Especially after they jacked up the prices fees and service is poor. Did they sack the previous nice people that were there.

Changed in a bad way

Since the change this year its terrible. Price hike on products and can no longer get the gift cards I have been getting for years. The convenience of the coles myer group gift cards come Christmas time was great as you had more than one store option. Now these are no longer available. Don't think I will use again

Coles Myer $500

Not happy they don’t do the $500 coles Myer gift card! If I want to order $500 worth of cards instead of the $9.95 fee I would get $50 fee! Absolutely a joke not happening

Price Hike

I have laybyed 3x $500 gift cards (1 a year) and customer service was always amazing. Always received my orders on time... except my last one.
Went to layby another for next year but the price has gone up significantly

Mixed review

I have been using this business for years I’ve bought from beds to pool products I loved the gift cards and the staff used to be friendly but now they argue with you take their sweet time sending things out and put up prices now it takes 24hours to even activate cards next year I will be getting an imb Christmas club account because this year was not hassle free

Price increase unjustified

For the past two years, I have purchased 2 x $500 gift cards to pay off throughout the year for Christmas shopping. It has been a great experience and worked really well. There has always been a $9.95 fee per card for "postage and handling", which is fair enough, they need to make some money. I have just paid off this years cards and went to purchase two more for next year and noticed that the fee has now gone up to $60 per card! This will mean I am paying an additional $120 on my cards! It simply is not worth it and I will now be looking for an alternative or putting the money away in a bank account instead. I cannot fault the previous service - but I just thought the company needed to know the reason why people are no longer purchasing.


I purchased $500 worth of Accor Gift Card, when received it came as 2 x $200 and 1 x $100 with different card numbers. I activated one of the $200 ones and gifted the other to my son, when gone to activate it was told by a cso that my gift cards expired. Apparently even though there are 3 different gift cards they belong to the 1 order and therefore all were activated then. I have lost $300 of my hard earned $ in a flash. I am so upset.

Price increase

I used my layby for years and was happy with everything! but this is unfortunately my last year due to the ridiculous price increases on gift cards!


I was a loyal customer with my these guys for years. I have bought heaps of lay-bys from them. Not happy and I can’t justify the price increase of the gift cards from $510 to $560.

Good quality products at reasonable prices and hassle free delivery.

Absolutely love my my layby great customer service and reasonably priced. I have brought my fridge, mattress, microwave, hair straightener, exercise bike and numerous other little things. Wouldn't have been able to afford such good quality products outright. No fuss with extra payments and swapping items as needed. Easy to return faulty products also.

Used numerous times

While I posted a negative review about the fridge I purchased - I also should comment about the numerous good experiences I've had. I've bought TV, fridge, washing machine, dryer, vacuum, etc and when I've needed something more quickly they have transferred money from other layby's onto the one I needed. Staff are helpful and so I would definitely use them again.

Gone downhill

I loved lay-bying the gift vouchers, have been a loyal customer for years, went to lay-by another gift card and it went from $10 to $60 For postage for a $500 voucher, unfortunately can not justify $60 on a p&h fee on a gift card, gonna go back using the old faithful money tin you cant open from now on. I rang up to ask why this has happened and just got a lady (who sounded quite cranky) with not a care stating "it was a management decision" Its a shame really!

No customer service!

I found an item I wanted to layby and sent them a few emails asking for further details and general enquiries as I have never been through them before. I waited for days and have never gotten a reply back. I am very hesitant to purchase through a company that ignores prospective customers and am now forced to look elsewhere for the same item/s.


From 2012 -now I purchased a 51inch tv, French door fridge, Home Threatre System, Ps4 bundle, my kids trampoline and now currently purchasing the VR Headset with camera & Twin sticks from my layby and so far Ive had No serious issues with them it does usually take 2week to arrive but at the end if the day I do get my items

Upped the fee for gift cards

They used to be good I loved layby gift cards for Xmas not anymore the have upped the fees to $60 from $10 for a $500 gift card and it's now $24 for $200 cards rediclous I refuse to do anymore orders .

Price Hike

I agree with other review regarding big price hike for vouchers,(Jetstar).will not use service again.Csn buu them on line or supermarket from now on.Also customer service,to lazy to look into why vouchers have not arrived.

Sudden changes to direct debits

I too had a similar situation as others with this company. I was a loyal long time customer with over 70 laybuys in the last 4 years, excellent customer service, delivery and pricing competitive. BUT never again will I use mylayby as the last 6 months they have decided to introduce new unethical means of changing direct debits amounts for no reason. Only after numerous emails and outlaying to them their errors did I get what I laybyed and for the agreed price when they accepted my initial purchase. Yes they were wrong and would have caused an overdraught on my bank account direct debit went from 36.98 to a final payment in the next week of over 400.00 if you do have a layby with them take screen shots of your balance, keep emails of there acceptance of layby and price. Pretty upsetting this once customer friendly, competitive company that has given me so much by paying with no after commitment has turned into what it is today. Don't layby a thing with them.

Poor customer service, not as good as it was a few years ago

I have been a mylayby customer for years and could talk to the manager on any concerns about my order. Now I get put to a call centre and cant find out anything on why my order is being late on being dispatched. I used to get my orders dispatched after three days, now I'm left wondering as my order is due here on 28th of this month however it hasn't left the warehouse even yet. Also I don't like how you have to put $ 10 minimum when its advertised you can put a lot less minimum .. A few years ago you could layby a product at $3.50 a week. Also heavy products didn't have any service charge when I first joined.

July 5th 2018 Update: Did get a refund straight away when asking what had happened to my order

This was my first muck up of my order in over 5 years, after speaking to the person in charge of the deliveries, I got an explanation as to why my order didn't come. I got refunded straight away . .

Gift voucher

For years I've been buying gift vouchers. Jumped online to order more and they've put the price up by $40, so that's an extra $60 on top of the $500, what a joke. Doesn't cost $60 to post a gift voucher.

They've gone downhill. Sneaky and unreliable.

I've been a dedicated MyLayby customer for around 5 years, and have thrown them hundreds of dollars in orders over the years.
They have been fantastic, until the last 6 months.

Suddenly, they started charging a postage fee for large items, when they never did before. Ok, I can't handle that I guess.
Then, I would almost be finished paying off an order, and then log in to see I suddenly owe $50 more than I did the day before. I contacted them and they said I hadn't paid the order off within a sale timeframe so it went up in price. Um ok, that was a one off I guess. Then it happens again. I'm $8 away from paying off a bike for my son, I log in the next day, and it now says I'm $55 dollars away from paying it off! And my weekly payments jumped from $2.87 to $18, with no email about the change, or why it changed.

I immediately cancelled all my orders and requested a refund, as I just can't rely on the company anymore,or trust that they aren't adding amounts to my orders without permission anymore. I'm sad to say, as they HAD been fantastic, but their tactics seem sneaky these days.

Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend them to anyone, but if you DO use them, keep a very close eye on the amounts you have owing, and take screenshots every now and then to keep track.

I'm undecided if I will take this further with the ACCC, as I've now lost money from having to pay cancellation fees etc.

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Questions & Answers

Why can I not open the website? Is anybody else having this trouble?
No answers

I'm looking to get gift cards from my layby as they have more selections than chrisco. Can any recommend them please?
2 answers
I wouldnt buy a thing from mylayby or chrisco anymore. Try Hamper King or Afterpay instead.I have just paid of a gift voucher jumped online to order another one and theyve added extra money on top dramatically.$60 ontop of a $500 one.which is rediculous. i will be looking at the hamper places again

If you layby something, when do you get the item? Once its fully paid off?
1 answer
Hi Midge I have been a customer of mylay for many years now and have over 40 lay-bys to account for. The delivery times are always as they predict when you are entering you weekly payment schedule before confirming on the last page. If you require an item before the said date simply add a dollar or two to your weekly payment prior to confirming . Airline vouchers always take a few weeks or if you decide to pay off an item earlier it may be a longer delivery schedule. I have had to enquire about the whereabouts of vouchers before but this has only been through the busy christmas period where every retailer is busy. I have then had the vouchers within 3 days of enquiring. the customer service line is excellent if you need to delete a weekly payment or decide you do not require the item and want the money transferred to another product. I am unsure however what happens if you want to cancel and get money back as i have always had a few lay-bys going . Basically if you want a product by a certain date give yourself 3 weeks for delivery as a good back up. Anna

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