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My Pet Warehouse

Great service and selection, and free shipping to regional areas

My Pet Warehouse has an extensive selection of dog food and toys, including my dog's favourite SavourLife, which is not stocked locally.
Living in regional north Qld, it's great to have "free shipping", esp when most online pet stores only ship free to metro areas.
All orders have been delivered quickly and accurately.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

My Pet Warehouse Online - a life saver for someone who lives in rural NSW

I live in central west rural NSW and I do not have access to pet stores that can provide me with the things I need for my pets. If I wish to travel an hour and a half I can go to a Petbarn store, but even then they do not have everything I need - and I need a lot as I have multiple pets of different species. I also have a dog with special dietary needs and have needed access to super premium foods (which you cannot get where I live) and vet diets for her which are significantly cheaper online with MPW. I can pretty much get everything I need online from MPW. I am super greatful that the shipping is free when spending over $50 which is super easy to do with multiple pets. Sometimes the shipping is fast, sometimes its slow which is not MPW fault as they usually ship out my order on the same day as ordering. The only thing I've encountered that I haven't liked is; if an item or two is out of stock in my order, it usually takes a few days for them to contact me about this, and the rest of the order is not shipped in this time. I would love to visit a MPW physical store but that is only a dream as the actual closest store is a 6 hr drive away. Maybe one day! Thanks MPW for helping me out as I'm locationally and distanced disadvantaged.

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5 stars with every order

I have been buying from My pet warehouse for a few years now. I generally buy the Black Hawk dog & cat food when it is on sale. I have never had an order that arrived incorrect and postage has always been very quick. I love the free postage and they always throw in a small bag of lollies as a bonus.I will continue to buy from the online My pet warehouse.

Product Quality

Worst Customer Service

Ordered over 10 days ago, no products arrived. Emailed twice and rang - received no call back or email reply.

Pray there's nothing wrong with your order

We used My pet warehouse as we were satisfied with a previous order. This one arrived with some of the order being damaged due to not being packed correctly. Their returns policy is a joke. We could either post the faulty item back to them (at our expense) or make a 20km one way trip to our closest store for a refund. No credit for the postage cost or any offers of compensation for the time and effort required to return a product that should have never have left the warehouse. We ended up getting a partial credit for the damaged stock but was really disappointed that we were out of pocket for the postage.
They do have a good range of stuff at reasonable prices but am dubious of buying anything from them again due to the quality and their returns policy.

Excellent online ordering

I love ordering on line its so easy and they have some amazing specials on, even get emails with money off coupons and they are so quick to post out and love the little personal touch of a small bag of lollies they pop in the order, had a problem the other day trying to enter a code for discount so I called them, girl was so helpful and gave me another code


My dog has been on Black Hawk since he was a pup, he loves the biscuits. I switch between the Lamb and the chicken (to keep it interesting)
He is in excellent condition and as a bonus his poo is easy to pick up!

Disputing management

Went to the South Melbourne store. Had been there trying out a carry bag for my chihuahua, for the price of around $80. Wasn't too sure about sizing so said I would think about it. Went across the street to get a coffee n call my daughter and send photos of said bag to get her opinion about whether to go back n purchase it.Got bailed up across the street by the owner saying I couldn't leave my car in their car park. I told him the story and he said I still could not leave my car there even though I was technically a customer. Told him that I was a customer, but he proceeded to take my car registration details all the while filming me on his phone. ! ..and telling me to leave.. never in my life of shopping have I been treated this way. Disgusting management!

Excellent purchase experience.

Bought 3 x orders so far, great prices as well as fast delivery. Will recommend for sure. Prices can quite high unless is on discount. Will suggest to monitor prices for a couple of week before purchase as they seem to cycle 10 -20% discounts on a regular basics.


My Pet Warehouse has brilliant customer service and they pack and ship very quickly. Competitors could take a leaf out of their book. Great products and user friendly website. Love shopping online with them.

Took money but gave no products

Received an email for a Kiwi Kitchens promotion which I wanted to trial for our pooches. Placed an order received no order confirmation. Yet, I was charged $79.95 x2. When I contacted customer I provided all the information from screenshots of credit card statement to the item I purchased. Was advised I must provide them with an order number to investigate. 2 weeks forward I was not assisted. I became very frustrated with all the time and effort I had to put in to get a refund for something that the company didn’t provide me. Finally got an email on the third week stating that they would like my credit card details to confirm it on their system to initiate a refund.

I lost out on the promotion
Spent hours dealing with customer support
Was not compensated by any form of good will despite requesting this and sending a follow up email.

Not happy at all. You have lost my business going forward. I’ve spent over $2000 in the last 2 years.

Dry food must have sat in the warehouse for years

The parcel arrived OK (paid extra $15 for Same Day Delivery, I ordered at night and it arrived the next day about 3pm). Though we didn't know what was happening during the process, no email no notification saying that your parcel has been dispatched, you can track your order, etc.
I ordered 3 big bags of dry food for our cat, and each of them was covered with dust and dirt, as if they'd been sitting in the warehouse for centuries. I've never seen a product in a shop in that kind of condition - one that no one will display in the shop. That was gross, but we had no choice, because we work long hours have no time to go shopping and our cat was coming back home from the quarantine the day after. Otherwise I would have call them and return.

Plus, they didn't have dry food in smaller packages. We like to mix up different flavours for our cat, then we had to buy 3 bags of dry food, 2kg each, for only one small cat. In general, the online shop doesn't have enough choices. I've never visited a physical shop, not sure how it is like.

Dissatisfied with service resolution

Terrible customer service, rude and unable to provide feedback in a back order. Tried to follow up email after email and the response was uprofessional, lack of care and understanding. There is no reason to sound like I am wasting your time when I paid for these items and wanting more info on the back order status. All it took was one person to ruin the buying experience. A full refund will be issued

Fantastic service

My Pet Warehouse were fantastic. After having major issues with another online pet store, I had to re-purchase the supplies elsewhere. The 18kg bag I ordered was no longer available, and so was sent a 20kg bag instead, at no extra cost. The package arrived quickly (despite being rural/regional), within the specified time. Looking forward to ordering again & I'm recommending this company to friends.

Not sure whats happening

Service has gone down hill. Deliveries are taking longer than usual to arrive. Products in stock when ordering then not available. Took 2 weeks for cat food to arrive. No emails regarding products being sent.

Price match advertised - rejected

Today my pet warehouse advertised “if you seen it, we’ll beat it”. I contacted them to see how much items will go down to, and this is the exact words:

“ Thank you for contacting My Pet Warehouse.
We unfortunately cannot price match to budget pet products as they as below our cost price, they do not have overheads on their products and they do not offer tracking on their shipping methods”

Then, they shouldn’t advertise that in the first place. And dis not offer me anything. Completely nothing. I will never buy from them again.

No communication

They ran out of stock for the order I placed (which is fine). What I would have liked is to have received the email saying they have run out of stock and here's your refund. I had to chase them up by phone and subsequent emails. I have used them a couple of times before and they've been great but I won't use them again as I don't like to deal with businesses that are unreliable.

Excellent service & prices

I've placed several online orders for delivery. Delivery is fast and the tracking is accurate.
The website is easy to use and the prices are great. I've not had any issues, or anything out of stock when placing an order. I would go in store but I don't have any nearby.

Amazing online pet supplier!

I’ve purchased a few times from my pets warehouse, the first time I was super sceptical after I seen some negative reviews. Working in customer service I understand you’ll never be able to please some people, so I bit the bullet and purchased. Arrived perfectly, as described and incredibly quick. They emailed me their sales again, and again, I purchased. With the amazing deal I received and being around a public holiday I was expecting delays but nope, once again arrived incredibly quick ,as described, for an incredible price and packed well along with some lollies.
Im so impressed with this company and I will continue to be using them!! Cannot recommend enough :)

Super fast delivery, great price.

First time purchaser. Ordered Friday morning, arrived Monday morning. Saved $40 on product, free delivery. Plus they threw in some free samples.

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