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click and collect doesn’t work

i ordered a serum from the ordinary exactly 20 days ago ( chose click and collect ) and myer still hasn’t sent me an email about anything ?? they haven’t even sent an email if they’ve even received my order.

What is wrong with Myer ?

Hostile staff member greeted me this morning and she should have stayed in bed. It is not my problem if she is alone and if she does not like the job then get out of it. Rack after rack of ugly frocks that add weight and I really now regard it as a place for people with zero idea of what actually flatters them and not a lot of taste. It is not for a woman who wants to look stylish. Stock of country road is never good enough and the same for Calvin Klein. The whole store seems to be stuff nobody wants

Unsafe shopping area

Went to Myer Garden City in WA on Sunday, 17th March 2019. One of the wooden shelf fell on my foot. Fortunately there was no bone fracture but my foot was bruised and swollen.
First aider came to help. The floor manager only cared about filling in the incident report.
No follow up or compensation were offered to me since then.

Good store

Good range of clothing, usually able to find something I need, good returns policy with refund if returned in 30 days, could be better organised with clothing racks at times.

Great experience

I needed some new sheets and saw that Myer had a few brands on sale but in limited quantities.I ordered thinking i probably wouldn't get any because they had $70 off some brands.To cut a long story short i received all my sheets that i ordered within the week.So happy even though they came from different stores and arrived at different times during the week,that was no problem.

Forever waiting

I was today at kiehl's myer chadstone store ,thinking of buying my favorite face cream,but sales person(one only) was serving other people forever,I thought 15 minutes wait is long enough to leave and never to come back
Very disappointed !!went to david johnes and was served straight away

Shop from home with ease

The website is easy to use. Great way to check stock levels before going into store. Click and collect is good. Able to add myer one card details to get the points. Only issue is logging into your account via smart phone but it doesn't make much of a difference.

Never again

A moment spent skimming through the reviews here would have spared me the most frustrating online shopping experience of my life. A rating of no stars would be inadequate to suggest the incompetence and total lack of customer service I encountered after making the mistake of placing an order through Myer's website. I ordered a watch, in good faith, on 11 January. Almost exactly eight weeks later, on 7 March, after I'd made six phone calls about the missing order, I finally got it.

The item was advertised on their website and they accepted my order and my money, but it in fact wasn't available. That resulted in Myer effectively washing their hands of it: it was now up to the supplier to send it and I could simply wait for as long as it took. Whether they did in fact log my complaints, attempt to contact the supplier, and "escalate' the matter to head office, I heard nothing whatsoever between when I placed the order on 11 January and 26 February - which, interestingly, was a few days after I'd phoned for a final time to request the explanation in writing required by the Department of Consumer Affairs in order to investigate claims of unsatisfactory service by retailers.

It got worse. The eventual email I received from Myer wasn't to tell me that they'd sent me the watch at last. It was to inform me that the courier company used by the supplier wouldn't deliver the item to my delivery address because it was a post office. Myer seemed unable to comprehend that I had not placed the order with the supplier, or any other company that delivers by courier, but with Myer - and Myer informs potential customers that it uses Australia Post for deliveries. Myer evidently couldn't obtain an out-of-stock item from a supplier and send it to a customer who was still waiting for it after almost two months, so the customer was left to deal with the problem of collecting a missed delivery by a courier company, however hard that might have been.

Why any retailer, particularly a department store, in the current environment of declining sales and stagnant wages, would treat customers this way is baffling to say the least. The idea that they might take actual action to follow up a customer complaint, doing everything they could to meet the customer's reasonable expectation of service, seems not to have occurred to them. As you might expect, I will never have any further dealings with Myer.

Worst Online Shopping Experiences with Myer Online

I have had several terrible online experience with Myer.
They never delivered what I ordered. Every time I purchased sth, they sent the package incomplete. Every time, there is sth missing from the order or they have sent me sth completely different!!
If Myer is not able to do it just stop selling your goods online!! Its so inconvenient and such a waste of time to shop online with Myer!!

So frustrating!

I ordered some Sheridan pillowcases online. The whole reason I ordered them online and ordered something extra that I didn't really need in order to qualify for free shipping was to save me having to go into a Myer store. My pillowcases arrived quickly, but they still have the security tag attached to them! I now have to go into a Myer store anyway to get it removed , which is not convenient, I don't have time for, and I am so cranky! How ridiculous!!!!


Wasted my time and money. Placed an order at the Box Hill store to pick up from the CBD store which is a fair distance from my place of residence. When I arrived to collect the item 2 days later I was told no stock and that they would be glad to offer me a refund?! Wasted close to 2 hours for a product that they didn’t have. Only received an email a day after I went that they didn’t have the products!

“Customer service” offers $10 for compensation. What a joke?!! Never ever again, will I shop at Myers.

Place your order and hope it doesn't get cancelled.

Placed an order today with no issues. Two hours later I get an email cancelling the order with no explanation. Stock still being listed and available to purchase on their website.
Pathetic business.

If I could give a higher rating I most definitely would!

If I could give higher I would.
We spent Tuesday morning in Myer Northland in the ladies wear section.
To say Linda in ladies wear and Silvana in lingerie were amazing is not sufficient.
Stunningly polite, capable, patient.
My mum was over the moon.
Thank you Myer.
Brilliant customer service.

Perfect sandals

Ordered 2 pairs of planet sandals from Myer online. Good experience, good communication with tracking. Delivery was a few days, but other than that is worth it, especially as items can be returned to any local store if shoes don't fit, etc.

Ignoring their only competitibe advantage

What advantage does a brick and mortar have over an online shop? Customer service. Obviosuly.

Went to buy a couple of new suits recently and thought I would start my search at Myers, however that was a pretty misguided idea.

No one on the floor has the faintest idea what goes into making a suit, half canvas? full canvas? They dont know what these words mean. The brands sold are second rate at best, and most are a poly / wool blend. There are no alteration services either, you have to buy the suit and then take it yourself for alterations (they can't even recommend a tailor).

Cut to 20 mins later, I have been, measured and fit for two great suits at MJ Bale and spent over 2 grand that could have been Myers (yes I know they are in some Myers, albiet with less staff, with less experience, and far less selection).

Get it together Myer seriosuly, you wonder why your stock price is tanking.


Myer city of Melbourne the one call Eric from Taiwan, he did a worset service , no greeting no smile, not even say hello. RUSH in service, when I asked how to modify the length of the watch, then he said if you going to purchase it and show me the arrogant face, once I said yes he did modify it, and asked me to paid for it immediately. The whole process took under two minutes, What he rushing for, to chats with other staffs again or finishing his shift.
after I paid, I asked him “am I being difficult, why you acting like this?”He told me I do what do you ask. It sounds like what else do you want, I did served . Hey, Am I being difficult, you not show me any hospitality? And I don’t feel welcome in here. he putted everything in a box and wrap up a plastic bag left it on table and step out.
This kind of shopping experience even worst then supermarket, very bad attitude in service industry, Don’t let one staff Ruining yours band , you a one of the big company in Australia, should show everyone professional service attitude, you are losing customer loyalty and Company reputation.

Too expensive

The jewellery at Myer are so expensive. If it's not real gem stones, Myer seems to overcharge. I can get the same type of jewelry off eBay for a much cheaper price. There is so much items to choose from but they are over priced.

Problems with online return

I was impressed with the fact that I could have my return picked up from my door for just $9 - a great service. If only it worked! Myer's chosen supplier of this service, ParcelPoint, leaves much to be desired. Three times my package was booked for collection from my front door. On the third time ParcelPoint informed me "I just received an update from the courier that they do not serve this area." They arranged for me to use Australia Post. Apart from the difficulty of getting my package to the Post Office (I don't drive), it cost me $40!

Lazy packaging with shoes and not right.

Myers may think its a top store but respectfully its just like any other store I can get better respect at Kmart.
Most people I apprec..who really take the time for you but its the others who dont care that spoil it.

No wonder they’re broke

Tried to purchase some men’s cologne online tonight as I had a $20 voucher. It does not surprise me that this company is struggling financially. The process to buy online was unnecessarily complex. Why make it so hard?

I gave up and purchased from Amazon. I won’t be returning to myer stores or online, you’re obsolete.

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why people like to shop in myer
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where do I locate the receipt number on a myer receipt?
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Probably a little too late but receipt number is the transaction no. On my receipt it’s 7 numbers. Located just under the purchase date.

I did a review of Myer customer service and it wasn't published. I received an email questioning my genuineness of the review and to provide a receipt for the product. If you read my review the sales person didn't bother to look for the product and asked me to get it from David Jones. I can do a review of David Jones's professional service with the receipt.Because I bought it from them not Myer. Why do you think I made up this review? Does this review fake to you? Let me know because is that the case I would not bother taking time to do any reviews for you
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