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myState Financial Personal Loans

myState Financial Personal Loans

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Absolutely do not use this bank, you have been warned

Customer service is nearly non existent, long waits on the phone and will not email or call if there is an issue. Since they have taken over from the rock my interest rates seem to keep going up and up. My first loan repayment was similar the last one has increased 20%, told they will look into it, then we'll call you back, which never happens. With them increasing my payments, which I had been paying more ended up with me being a little over 3 dollars overdue on one repayment then 16 on the next. This incurred 30 dollar late fees, but nothing compared to the hundreds of dollars that has been put onto my loan due to the fact that without any contact from them (and I'm not one to duck phonecalls or emails, legitimately no contact) the next thing is I have their lawyer calling me for payment of the current due amount, which wasn't even 24hours outstanding and my arrears less than 20 dollars worth. To be told by them "oh all of our systems are automated, there's nothing we can do" also nothing they can do about refunding the extras charged. I never had these issues with the rock, my banking will be moved.. absolutely pathetic service

Customer Service
Loan TypeVariable Rate
Loan Start DateDecember 2011

I have changed my mind

Was closing term deposits.but after the way Kayla conducted herself I stayed.brilliant and helpful.i may come back to my state with more business

Absolutely Terrible

I applied for a personal loan as it appeared that MyState had the best interest rate. I could not upload documents so i called several times. I had decided not to take up a home loan offer from ANZ and renovate my existing home that i own outright instead. I received an email questioning if the loan was for a home deposit when i had already provided my NAB account where i had substantial savings to more than cover the deposit. After a discussion with a quite rude lady, she basically said that i can use my savings for renovations. I would prefer to keep it in case in the future i do find an investment property i want to purchase. I had discussed with her that i wanted to purchase the renovation products myself and she says "do you realise we have controlled spending"? I didn't however i am more than happy to comply with that. Also when i said i chose my state because of the great interest rate she says "well you are not entitled to that because you are not a MYState customer" Apparently Mystate are not interested in people who have savings and own their home outright. They will only lend if you can't afford to repay, it appears.

website and mobile App the worst i have ever seen

I have recently changed to Mystate because of it was the lowest interest rate i could get, and my old bank was not willing to play ball, the staff and the loan went all good.
the main problem i have is their website and mobile app, its completely useless, in the 5 months i have been using their site/app i have been locked out of our accounts 4 times, as it just loses all the logon details and then either have to go into a branch to fix or call, very inconvenient, then their credit card is not linked to your accounts, have to sign in to a completely different site to pay bills etc, and this site is nearly impossible to navigate, it took me a couple of days to work out how to pay my bills, use Bpay etc, hopeless the both of them

Useless, disorganised and completely unprofessional.

Wasted an hour and half of my time today trying to set up internet banking for my father. Physically went into bank to get it set up because dad is 80 years old and can't hear on the phone very well, so thought that would be best. The girl told me that they charge a fee if they set it up (how ridiculous, charging a fee to set up internet banking within their own bank!) and told me I'd be best to set it up myself. She gave me dad's bank account details and said that was all I would need. She knew that I was going back to my office at work to set it after I dropped my father home because she had asked that previously because she was going to set it originally and said the password they give only lasts three hours. She did not mention that we had to make a phone call and that dad would need to be there. I dropped my father home and went back to my office, went to the Mystate website only to find we had to make a phone call and therefore my father needed to be there for security reasons which I understand. Bottom line is, we went out of our way to go into the branch to set up internet banking and wasted an hour and a half of our time because we got nowhere. Pathetic, useless and unprofessional. I'm glad I bank elsewhere, makes my bank look like gold and they aren't.

Utterly useless and treat you like scum.

I've been with Mystate for 20 years, and over time they've devolved in to the sham of a business it is today.
With absolutely absurd account fees amounting to nearly $20 every month, staff who clearly have no idea what they're talking about and proceed to treat you like penniless morons, it's a wonder they have any customers at all. And even more than any other bank, they take "make the rich richer" to the extreme by basically eliminating all fees for people above a certain income threshold.
At no point in the last decade have I been happy or even content with Mystate, I really need to get away from these incompetent buffoons.

Treat customers as though MyState have no competetion

After 25 years of loyalty i'm leaving these clowns! My mortgage rate was increased by .5% just because. No RBA increase, just some greedy bean counter thinking id stay there because of the effort in re-financing. I asked for it to be reduced but was told NO! there is nothing we can do to keep your business.

Worst bank ever, they charge $30 dishonour fees each day

In 2 months I have been charged $600 in dishonour fees as I signed up and I am new at paypal. I mucked up a couple of times, I have been a customer for 20 years with them only to be robbed and treated like crap. Have opened up bank account with westpac, would advise nobody to sign up with this so called bank.

Not personal at all

The staff seem inexperienced. I'd rather go use a bank. The rates are ok, but I recommend going and shopping around as you want to minimise the interest paid to the least possible. They have also closed a number of branches over the years which makes the less convenient to access.


Quick and friendly

Have had several personal loans over the years and found their rate fairly competitive. Others used RACT, ESANDA, ANZ, and Commonwealth.
Easy finance
monthy account fee has been added since merging with another financial institution

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myState Financial Personal Loans
CategoryPersonal Loans
Contact Number 1300 763 831
24-Hour Phone Contact No
Online Live Chat No
Interest Ratefrom 6.99% p.a.
Comparison Rate from 7.62% p.a.
Repayment FrequencyFortnightly, Monthly and Weekly
Loan Amount $10,000.00 to $75,000.00
Loan Term1 to 10 years
Rate TypeFixed

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