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Disgusting customer service

Today I called to inquire about personal loan for a holiday. And this staff on the phone was rude. I was only needing $4000 for holiday and this staff called amid was being a crap. Here’s the convo that I summarised:

Me : Hi i need to apply a loan of $4000.
# : We can only do $5000.
Me: Ok then I’ll borrow $5000.
# : but what are you gonna do with the rest $1000 you don’t need?
Me: i’ll put it straight to pay the loan cause i only need $4000.
# : we can’t give you money for you to hold it.
Me: okay, then i’ll use it for my holiday.

(Mind you it’s none of his business how I’m gonna use the money)

# : but you just told me you only need $4000. And this conversation has been recorded.

*he hung up*

That’s how pathetic that loser treated me, working on Saturday and being bitter toward customer. I recorded the time and date and I’m going to NAB branch to report it.
Some miserable, pathetic, appalling people like this piece of waste shouldn’t work as customer service. I feel sorry for people like him, who only spread negativity and bad vibes everywhere he goes. His life is THAT miserable that he treated me like garbage cause that reflects who he is himself.

Customer Service
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NEVER AGAIN will i use the NAB - We will be switching banks once this saga is complete.

VERY POOR service. Banked with NAB for 8 years, both our salaries paid into the account all this time. Applied for a personal loan, conditionally accepted with 24 hours, sent to both mine and wife's mobile and emaill. then the whole sorry saga started. First i received a call a week later asking me about my salary, and that my contact details for me and wife were missing, claiming i had not completed the application correctly. when i advised that the application process on line will not let you continue without entering the data into this box and the fact that we had both lalreday received contact the week before, he sounded somewhat bemused but still insisted on needing the data. he advised we wold hear within 24-48 hours. Another week passed, checked the application online, to now see i need to provide 100 points of ID. i called (after 55 mins and 4 different people) i was finally informed that they had all that was needed and to ignore the ID request. Again advised 24 - 48 we would hear. ANOTHER week passed, then i received a call requesting more information on our financial position (outgoings), again claiming the data was missing from my application. Again i asdvised that as the outgoings box was a mandatory requirement, the application would not have allowed me to progress to submission. BUT still she insisted on giving her the data. Again we were told, 24-48 hours. Guess what, ANOTHER WEEK, another phone call asking about outgoings (AGAIN) then an hour later, my wife received a call, asking the same information, but in addition, information about her salary, this she gave and the lady from the NAB said "oh, it seems your outgoings is high, i will amend that". We then recived an email and i checked on line, now it wanted us both to provide two pay statements and a copy of our latest bank statement. This i found very strage considinging (as stated previously) we have bannked with the NAB for 8 years, been in the same jobs and our saliers are paid in every two weeks. Anyway, I uploaded and emailed the documents, checking the following morning that they had been accpted. The ID requirment has reappeared again. I tried calling, but was kept on hold for over an hour before I had to hang up. i need my job to repay any loan, so being on my phone all day isnt very professional. I called into my local branch, were i was advised, they couldnt help and had no access to the on line applications to check. She tried to call, but she was also kept on hold, giving up after 15 mins. I called again, eventually someone answered, then the dance around the departments began again. after 4 different people, one wowant advised she didnt work in this area but would try to help. She called me back an hour later, advising me to ignore the ID request, and that there was an issue with our application as the outgoings we declared didnt match my current account activity. when i questioned the figure, its was half of what i had written, i claimed someone must have changed it. she accessed my account/ application to check, then again, a very sheepish response asking me what i had declared originally. which, short of about $25 matched their expectation. i was informed my application was now being looked at and i will hear before the end of the day. SUPRISE, its now the next morning, and we are still no futher forward.

Customer Service
Application Process

Appalling Service

Customer Service experience with NAB absolutely appalling. Wait time on phone in excess of 35mins. Depending on who you talk to staff can be very brisk and almost rude. I will not be recommending NAB.

Customer Service

easy banking

great nab team experience, I have always banked with nab for quite a while now, I applied for a personal loan online and within 24 hours I had my conditional approval, had to load my documents online a few hours later I was approved , accepted my documents on the web and within mins my loan account was on the go. to man and woman who works hard a big thank you and I am satisfied with my experience with nab team. a few suggestion with my fellow nab account holders when you doing documentation always use your computer as it is difficult to upload with your mobile even if its web version. I always try to deal with one bank that way less questions when it comes to how money goes in and out that works to your favour too during assessment and credit checks (that's really works for me) we all different I guess.

Terrible experience

They sent me the letter offering a personal loan so I decided to apply. Said I was conditionally approved but then notified me that more information was needed. I uploaded all requested documents through the Internet Banking site but then received a call from an obvious overseas NAB representative asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions and asking me for the documents I had just uploaded. They said to email them instead so I did. Received another call hours later during dinner time from NAB person over in India asking me the exact same questions and asking for the same documents again. I told them I already answered these questions and sent everything. After the weekend I hadn't heard anything and then received an email that more information was needed and to check what was needed through Internet Banking site, I went and checked and there is nothing showing on my application that more information is needed. Sick of this bank. All of their call centres and customer service through online and phone are all overseas in India, half the time you cant understand them and they cant understand you and the whole process is unnecessarily long and just a complete mess. Dont waste your time. I have cancelled my application and going to close my account ASAP!!!

Misleading information. Please avoid this bank, Worst Experience.

I have a savings account, credit card and business account with NAB. I had 2 personal loans which I have consolidated 2 months back because of high interest rates. Recently I received an offer from NAB through post that I will be getting a personal loan at 12.69%, no application fee, choice of variable or fixed. I applied for it and it got approved at 14.49%. I called NAB team multiple times, sent them the offer received but still they were reluctant to offer me the promised rate. I felt cheated as it was misleading. I wasted few hours talking to NAB team who doesn't have any sense of responsibility in handling customers. I asked them to cancel the approved application as they were not ready to reduce the Rate. Use less service...

3 applications all declined

I have applied for 3 personal loans on various occasions, with last 2 about 3 months a part, the first was declined because of a red flag on my credit report, I got my report took it back to them, and ask to have them show me the red flag on a perfectly clean report which they could not. The 2nd time was very recently there was a default recorded on my report, was told to clear it and wait a couple months before reapplying, so cleared it and waited until this morning, got declined again due to "generic financial situation remark". If you want or need a loan, go somewhere else.

Poor service

Such a slow process. Got told I would get a call back numerous times every time I called up to track my enquiry, but didn't receive any. Took 2 weeks when I got told it'd take 3 days.


I have been deceived and discriminated against after having a great credit history with this bank. Will be closing account ASAP! Handed from one person to another with no call backs. Put me in a terrible situation with the purchase of a new property.. Disgraceful!

The slowest bank I've ever dealt with

I applied for a personal loan and the application process is unbelievably slow. I am already a NAB customer and was sent the loan invitation. I am thinking it will be faster to go to another bank.

Awful Experience

Slow and incompetent process!! You get told you will get a call back and no one ever does you have to keep calling them. Get told a different thing every time you call and no one seems to know what's going on. Never again.

Loan unconditionally approved

Worth experience ever. Loan unconditionally approved.
But said no. Tried again lower amount. Again approved
This has gone on for over 4 weeks. Still nothing. Done all paperwork. But the bank I’m dealing with stay they busy. They won’t let me know what’s going on. Sent email and rang them but still not getting back to me.
It’s been over two weeks sense 2nd approval. What’s going on. I have no clue. I don’t like them now. So I’m going to try another bank.

Never again

The brokers advise waiting bankers approval and no one gave exact feedback on the progress of my application. It took good couple of weeks before it was settled. Never again...

Below Terrible---This bank needs to collapse

Worst experience ever, home loan now comes with so many conditions 12 hours before settlement despite everything being perfect.

word of advice NAB!!! -get rid of the clowns in India and inexperienced credit managers in Australia!

Stay away everyone....your money will never be safe when they have foreigners making decisions!

Glad to hear they will sack 6000 soon...Good riddance ...better yet if Nab collapses!!!

NAB - Rubbish!!!!! Don't bother. Simply appalling service

I applied for a personal loan after 15 years of being a customer with excellent credit rating / history. Loan was declined because I never "met the lending criteria"!!! I laughed at this thinking how??? What??? Nobody gave me the reason. And to this day Im still puzzled as to why this was declined. I attempted on numerous occasions to contact the loan manager that handles complaints. To this day, nobody ever returned my calls, emails and messages. All I wanted to know and have the right to know was the reason behind "not meeting lending criteria"!!!!! POOR BANK NAB!!!!!!!

The Worst Experience..

I applied for a Personal loan and its conditionally approved. I upload all the requested documents and i got call from the verification team, they told all good and i will receive an SMS and EMAIL within 15 minutes. So i can sign the documents and accept it but after that, i didn't receive any response from the NAB team. I tried to contact few times them but they saying its still processing and they won't allow to talk with the verification team. So arrogant customer service people. I am an existing customer to NAB but not going to deal with them anymore. I applied with another bank and already receive the money. Say Thanks to Nab for providing wonderful service.

Worst banking experience of our lives

Whole painful process took almost 3 weeks. After initial application phone call (which is a whole other bad experience in itself) could get no one to answer any of our questions, always told "someone will call you back". No one ever did! Finally found someone helpful that we could email, called us with updates. Told YES approved by credit department will just take a few days for paperwork.....2 days later.....You have been declined. Um? Seriously? No explanation as to why we had been approved 2 days earlier, never given the chance to plead our case. Approved by another bank in 1 day. Will be moving all our banking from NAB now and will never be dealing with them again.

Very very terrible service and misguidance

Nab staff apologise all the time instead of fixing the issue. Unprofessional and untrained staff. Put me on hold for more than 1hour.

This bank cannot be for real?

Long story short. Paid off my NAB credit card "with perfect repayment history" and closed it. A month or so later NAB send me a letter, to my home address, offering me a good deal on a personal loan. I had a car loan with another bank which was costing me double per month what the NAB loan repayments would be so I applied for the loan. It then took them almost 7 days to get back to me to say no..but best of all, their reason! Because I closed my credit card with them I am no longer known to them and I'm seen as a "new" customer! Ummm, are you kidding me? I cleared an $8000 credit card debt with you only a month ago, and YOU sent me the letter offering ME the loan! Wow, just wow. Even showed them the perfect payment history on my car loan that would be half the monthly payments by using their loan to clear it! Speechless. Don't bother with these guys. They are all take and no give, unlike their slogan? Waste of time

Absolutely disgraceful

Applied for a personal loan with them and took 1 day for pre approval to be sent and after numerous phone calls and emailing statements to be told by the lending specialists that everything was in and all looked good to then be told again weeks later that they needed more information again.... 3 months down the track I was given a decline on the loan which was appalling again as it was a joint application but only informed the one person, I am disgusted at the way they operate their loan situation and their level of conduct is an absolute lie as to what it says on their website... we have been with them for 20 years and to be treated like this .... there are much better banks out there that actually do help people....

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Been approved for personal loan on line read and signed documents Friday still no funds , looked online despursment still processing?
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If my loans processing today will it be approved tomorrow?
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Is my loan approved?
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Hi Sandie, you should be contacted directly with the outcome - for more info you can either call the team on 132265 or send your details through to social.media@nab.com.au and we'll follow this up for you ^TC

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