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220 reviews
Perth guy
Perth guyPerth, WA2 posts
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Customer Service
QDVGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Truly awful

Apalling lack of service. Was on hold for over 90 minutes again today to try and resolve issues that they keep claiming have been fixed. Terrible all around. Hard to understand how they are still in business.
MeeSouth East Queensland, QLD5 posts

Support almost non existent

Up to an hour wait for phone support and a week for email support.
If one has an urgent question when navigating the site, support is virtually non existent.
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Customer Service
Harry B
Harry BAU63 posts


no two factor authentication on my account or being prompted to set it up. i can just login with password only. Then trying to change password on both EDGE and CHROME the dialog window that pops up is unusable as it's too small and can't be expanded, so 1 star as little can be more important than security
Customer Service
OlySydney, NSW5 posts
Rates and Fees
Customer Service
Foxybooker Bay8 posts

Let me down badly on a trade I needed

Despite the market being at the price I requested for more than a day Nabtrade did not make the sale. Their excuse 8 days later after chasing them down was I was too low on the priority list. In that eight days the price has tanked costing me a lot of money or a long delay till the price comes back, if it does.
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Customer Service
LynetteVictoria2 posts

No Customer Service

If you are happy to wait on the phone for over 40 mins and counting then by all means use Nabtrade.
Emily5 posts

If I could give zero star here I will definitely do it

Horrible phone service on international trading, can feel they are not trying to help at all, what they do is just tell you the same thing you already knew ! I told the staff I log into my account and trade during NASDAQ opening hours which was 5AM in Australia, I told him what happened to my account (I have 128 units available still) which was suddenly became "0 Units available " when it went to the "trading page" and therefore I was not able to press the order button. What he answered me was just wait until the US stock market open to trade ! Completely unhelpful!
Stevo24Queensland, 400066 posts

Can not even get started

Tried to sign up, temporary supplied passwords do not work, supplied temporary user names do work? online user validation does not work? can not get any phone support due to "longer than usual wait times" message every time you call, the entire site is a joke nothing works if its service you're after then forget you ever heard of Nabtrade, they are not interested. Shambolic mess.
DanebSydney18 posts
Rates and Fees
Philip D.
Philip D.South Australia3 posts
BenSydney, NSW2 posts

Truly catastrophic service

Expect zero help and alot of pain with their online only model.
Denis S.
Denis S.3 posts

I cannot activate my international trade account

The only reason why I sign up for Nabtrade was to make international trades. I have been trying to activate the international trading account for a couple of weeks now, with no success, even though I provided all the necessary documents. I keep seeing "pending review" on the activation page. I received a call today and the attendant said there was no issue with the application and I should try it again. So I did, still nothing.
Rates and Fees
JamesSouth East Queensland, QLD


Emailed four times with the appropriate form and ID requesting my account to be closed. Called again a few weeks later and was told everything needed was submitted but my account closure that had been reviewed was still "pending". The lady I spoke was very sloppy with her speech, tried to get me off the phone as quickly as possible with no explanation as to why it was 'pending', no idea of when it might be completed, and no possible referral to a Supervisor who might know more. Unprofessional and Arrogant.

If you want an interim statement with NAB it costs $15. With ING I can do it myself online and it costs $0.

PJPSydney, NSW6 posts

Cancelled prior to activation

A fortnight after application the account was still not active. No legitimate updates from NABTrade but plenty of erroneous emails from the website, each of which was followed up with their call centre which was less than impressive.

Questions & Answers

Mark . W.
Mark . W.

I would be astounded gobsmacked , if one nabtrade representative or employee in senior management could explain why more than half of all my complaints emailed to nabtrade complaints also nabtrade enquires have been left unanswered for over 6-12 months ?
And why your 3rd specialist complaints team manageress I was assigned to my case after sending me numerous emails apologising for her delays and requesting another week another week 8 weeks in total ! Due to the supposed complexity of my case and how she had 7/8 sets of eyes from tech working on why my nabtrade app was faulty .
In her final resolve letter she forwarded me , telling me she is not willing to compensate me even though she admits there is an issue fault with my nabtrade app where I lose no fault of mine over 75 per cent of the maximum payout I was awarded by national redress scheme from royal commission for horrific historical sexaul attacks as a child at the unchristian brothers school my mother worked 3 jobs 80/90 hours a week to pay for !
She being the liar Louisa case manageress number 3 never addressed 1 of the 40/50 asx listed stocks I lost thousands on every single one because of my faulty dodgy nabtrade app ????
Even mother Theresa would swear !
My brain injured wife I care for full time is an ex award winning high net worth banker for 20 years before being injured
She told me that . Nabtrade will never admit culpability ! That’s how they are trained !
Even though I’ve got all the evidence in the world to support my claims of being robbed scammed rolled by thieves !

Perry Natasha
Perry Natasha  

Please you need to beware of this company, and if you had lost to them already, kindly reach out to Www. Vectrenfusser .tecH for help

Mark . W.
Mark . W.

To senior management nab bank .
When are you going to compensate me the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve lost wholly and solely due to your faulty nabtrade quote menu platform which I was denied access to after many thousands of attempts being denied access to sell my shares in my portfolio the way I say fit ?????
This is not a user fault ! It is totally no fault of mine that your dodgy glitches and bugs app denied me access to sell my shares when I saw fit ?
Not after they had gained in value when I was denied access to sell but offloaded after having to have your lying cheating nabtrade team leader s crystallise my shares at market then not compensate me for what I should have been able to sell them for if it weren’t for being denied access to my quote menu platform to sell in 1 second because it was faulty !
I’m yet to deal with one person in your company that has moral s and has a concsence ethical except for female teller casandra that when I was forced to close my account s relationship untenable by lying cheating specialist complaints team case manager 3 that I was assigned loopy Louisa that lied thru her teeth for 2 months that ran a sham fraudulent investigation not into my claims of being robbed !
Get the lying cheating Louisa to show you the 200 emails she alleges I sent her in 5 working days ?
Liar ! That never addressed 1 of the approx 100 shares I bought into only to loose on 99 of them due to faulty app . So it took her 8 weeks to investigate what ? Sending me emails apologising asking for extensions of time for this bogus investigation because her resolve letter never did she address one of the 100 company’s shares that I bought into and literally losses thousands on 99 of them no fault of my own but wholly solely the faulty app !

Mark . W.
Mark . W.

When are you thieves , white collar bankster criminals . Going to compensate me for approx $100,000 I lost due to your faulty quote trade menu platform s ? Bugs and glitches galore , that I was denied access thousands of times on both mine and my wife s top of the range apple iPhone that I had checked by apple who said our phones were working perfect, that it wasn’t a user problem but your fault , which 2 of your specialist complaints case manager have admitted !
Yes we admit there is an issue fault with your app but not willing to compensate you in emails they sent to me which I will provide to the judge , when I commence civil legal proceeding against you !
Where I 1 trillion per cent hand on my bible , be awarded not only indemnity costs but punitive aggravated damages for the physco torture and hospitalisations you have in inflicted on me by way of professional negligence , misconduct , misfeasance malfeasance and abhorent unconsionable customer no care ?????
I mean literally like your 3 case manager assigned to my claim case complaint to state in writing by way of email to me , that she has the gal and audacity to profess that she doubts very much if . A . F . C . A would be in a position to investigate nor support me , best I seek legal advice !
This Louisa my 3rd assigned specialist complaints team case manager is not well ! Sic
This is after her shooting herself in both feet admitting in writing that my nabtrade app has issues and is faulty ! Insanity !
If there is anyone in your senior management that has got 1 gram of integrity ethics and wants to make my nightmare end , feel free to email me with a respectable fair and proper offer of compensation .
Unlike the first case manageresses offer of good will a $1,000 gift voucher for Bunnings or best & less or something like ?
Which if you do your due deligence you will see clearly I was so aggrieved , I didn’t even respond .
Can you also please refrain from sending the boys in blue to my home to do welfare checkups on me as if you care after what your employee s have inflicted on me !
No to mention ripple effect the impact trauma it has had on my brain damaged retired award winning high net worth banker and children !
Simply put . Unconscionable
My email address you will have !
Just ask dora Becky or loopy Louisa from your specialist garbage complaints team to hand it over to you !
I will give you until the end of next week to come good other wise stay tuned for media release ,
Nabtrade bankster corrupt thieves

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