2Bubs Easy-digest Goat Milk Infant Formula

Bubs Easy-digest Goat Milk Infant Formula

2Bubs Easy-digest Goat Milk Infant Formula

83 reviews

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83 reviews
TinaSouth East Queensland, QLD
  Infant Formula

Happy we purchased this formula

We originally purchased a cows milk formula and our baby would projectile vomit so we purchased bubs organic grass to see if that helped due to the better cleaner ingredients however, our baby would still gag/vomit - projectile vomit after drinking 20mls.
We looked up other formulas and weighed all options up and decided to try bubs goats milk formula - so far no problems, we use it for mixed feeding/breastfeeding. The powder is not grainy like other formulas when mixed and this formula mixes well, light smooth texture. Show details
Nu T T.
Nu T T.Perth, WA
  Infant Formula
Value for Money
Suzy T.
Suzy T.
  Infant Formula

Game changer!

After battling for 2 months and multiple different formulas our Bub is finally thriving! We would fluctuate with face rashes, colic, bloating, constipation, hours of discomfort and crying to within a day of using this formula a soft bowel movement, sleeps longer, no screaming or colic, no face rashes and she's put on weight! Like I'm talking she looks like she has little bread rolls for arms and legs within a week. What a game changer! Absolutely worth every single cent! Show details
Springroll992 posts
  Infant Formula

Happier baby in a day!

This is the 5th formula I have trialed with my girl and it has been a game changer! Serious gas pains and green mucusy poop since day 1. After half a day on this formula my baby is happier, hungrier, sleeps better doesn’t fuss all day, poop is 100 times better and no smelly gas!!
I can’t believe how much stress was caused during our days because of the wrong formula. THIS IS THE BEST. Never looking back, wish I had of found it sooner. Show details
KrystalSydney9 posts
  Infant Formula

After 6 formulas we have found the one!

After honestly trying 6 different formulas for our 4 week old, we were recommended goats milk formula and haven’t looked back! From the very first bottle our boy was so much more settled. It’s been only 4 days now but we have finally been getting 3-5 hour sleep periods and he is no longer constipated and struggling daily. Couldn’t recommend enough! Thank you bubs! Show details
scottDarwin, NT17 posts
  Verified Infant Formula
Value for Money
BhabaniSydney, NSW
  Infant Formula

Be careful mums

This formula made my baby sick twice. When I fed her for the first time she vomited whole night. She couldn’t sleep, I thought it’s not formula may be something else because the vomit was like reflux but when I fed her second time same thing happened. She continuously vomited for 3-4 hours and made her very sick. It causes reflux and indigestion. Plz avoid this product for little one.terrible product Show details
Stephanie3 posts
  Infant Formula

Perfect formula for sensitive tummies

We tried 3 different formulas after my breastfeeding journey was cut short at 7 weeks, and all of them gave my little one and upset stomach with pains and vomiting, she also had trouble pooing. I read lots of reviews about different formulas especially goat milk formula and how it is a good option for sensitive tummies so i gave it a go and from her first bottle I knew this was the right formula for her, she stopped vomiting, it wasn't causing gas pains and she wasn't burping near as much as she had on other formulas. Another bonus its Australian owned and made here in Victoria which is a massive bonus for us. Absolutely amazing product! Show details
Lauren Iannelli
Lauren IannelliSydney, NSW2 posts
  Fair Incentive Infant Formula

Goat milk formula

My bub has been on this formula for a week now. He takes it no problem . He is nearly 4 months old but he constantly keeps bringing up his milk and it just runs straight through him.. I’m not to sure if his tummy is trying to adjust to it but I’m willing to to stick it out as I do know goats milk is better for babies. Is this a normal reaction? Would really appreciate some advice Show details
kaitlyn f.
kaitlyn f.2 posts
  Infant Formula

Finally found the one!!!

FINALLY... a formula that's working!!! I have been trialling soooo many different formulas to help my bub. He has had reflux, wind and constipation from the moment we statted formula from 1 week old. No formula was working until we tried Bubs goats milk formula. His now 10 weeks old and for the first time bub is not constipated and his wind and reflux has decreased significantly. Very happy family Show details
DeeBrisbane3 posts
  Infant Formula

Life saver

After trying several cows milk formulas which caused several digestive issues (wind/colic/constipation) and having our previous formula change ingredients which did not agree with our bub, we changed to Bubs goats milk.
Can I just say, I wish I'd started this formula from the very beginning. There's been no stomach issues, and her vomiting which we thought was reflux has disappeared. We've even stopped using her colic bottles which has made it easier for us to feed her outside of the house. Very easy to prepare and mixes so easily. No lumps or clumps found in the bottle.
Finally a very happy baby and mum Show details ·  1
RachelMetropolitan Adelaide, SA2 posts
  Infant Formula

Highly recommend especially if your baby has a sensitive tummy!

Our little girl was crying a lot and we found out that a lot of kids struggle with digesting cows milk. We switched to bubs goat milk and it worked amazing. Did our research too and found out that bubs is Australian made which was important to us. Show details ·  1
MarthaNewsome1Sydney6 posts
  Infant Formula

This stuff is great (Bad reviewer below needs help with parenting it seems)

My grandson had a severe constipation problem even on other cows milk formulas specifically for constipation. Finally switch him to Bubs and he is pooping normally. Although, many medical professionals we saw told us not to try goats milk, which I found extremely strange. My son was on goats milk back in 1998 and it really helped his constipation and reflux so much. I read one bad comment below on this and it really sounds like they are not burping and giving enough tummy time to me. One of those people looking for an instant cure I suspect. I wish them luck. But can't speak any higher about this product. It's been a game changer for my daughter and her baby. Levi also loves the flavour so much. Thank you. Show details ·  1
Value for Money
  Infant Formula

Made my baby sick

After reading all the 5 star reviews, I went and purchased this formula for my 1 month old baby. My baby's tummy just Could not digest this milk, after crying in pain for few days, throwing up, tummy cramps, not being able to sleep at all, we came to the conclusion that the ingredients in this product are very harsh. We went back to Karicare goats milk stage 1 and got our happy baby back.
I wish there was a refund policy on baby formula.  Show details
Bubs Australia
Bubs Australia   DM   
  Infant Formula
Value for Money

Questions & Answers

Tontom · Easy-digest Goat Milk Infant Formula

Can Bubs Easy Digest Goat Milk Formula be freeze-dried? If yes, what would the shelf life be if sealed air-tight in glass jars after freeze-drying?

KBM · Easy-digest Goat Milk Infant Formula

what is the difference between galacto-oligosaccharides(GOS) and 2 -fucosyllactose (2 -FL) and Lacto-N-neotetraose (LNnT)?

Your infant formula has GOS. But I have also seen other formulas contain 2-FL and LNnT as oligosaccharides and I would like to know what these all are.

Trang · Easy-digest Goat Milk Infant Formula

what is convenient degree of water to blend milk?



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