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New Age Manta Ray

New Age Manta Ray

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New Age Manta Ray 19ft Enduro

Hi this is my second New Age Van purchased from New Age Melbourne 5months ago and love it. Have had nil issues with it and just love getting away in it. Great service from Joel and Mel who cannot do enough for you and knows their product. Very happy all round.

Purchased in January 2019 for $80,000.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Mileage 1,500 km
Car ModelFord Everest UA II Trend
Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality
Off-roading Performance

New Age 18ft Mantra Ray nothing but trouble

We bought an 18ft ER Manta Ray caravan from New Age mid 2017. Ever since we have had repeated issues with brakes, wiring and other features. The reverse camera has never worked. When they went to fix wiring issue regarding the electro stability control the whole unit was liquid nailed to the floor and they had to make a hole in the floor to remove and repair it. We were sold on the high-end quality of this caravan, but a lot of shortcuts have been made in the manufacturing. On top of this our experience dealing with New Age regarding repairs has been awful. They are quick to blame wear and tear and the customer for why a caravan just over 12 months old is falling apart.

Purchased in June 2017.

Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality

Very good delivery service by New Age Gold Coast . Only one problem - Swaying

We picked up our very well constructed New Age Manta Ray Enduro Dual Axle 18 ft caravan in December 2018. The delivery service was excellent but almost immediately we noticed it had a tendency to sway. We contacted New Age and they that said we had been offered the optional extra of Electronic Stabilisation Control (ESC) or stabiliser bars. This is a matter of safety so I believe an off road/on road van with extra height and heavy duty suspension should have ESC fitted as standard. This is also the conclusion of Jayco with their dual axle silverline series. We have fitted the E2 Stabiliser Bars at New Age Newcastle but still wind makes it sway in some conditions. We will soon have the ESC fitted at our own expense when we reach the New Age Service Centre in Adelaide. It is very well appointed , however, safety is the factor that over-rides everything else.

Purchased in December 2018.

Value for Money
Car ModelToyota Landcruiser V8 200 Series
Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality
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The modern trend in caravan design is to have well appointed, bigger vans with toilet, shower, AC and even a washing machine. Also heavy duty suspension and tandem axles are popular, with a full roof to avoid leakage. So the centre of gravity is higher and therefore stability on the highway is important. To prevent swaying the technology is already available but not compulsory to date in these higher centre of gravity vans. It needs to be a standard feature of such vans because safety is crucial. The vans that will capture most market share in the future will be the ones with Electronic Stability Control as a standard feature.

New Age Manta Ray 18ft issues

We purchased our van in 2018 from Bairnsdale New Age outlet and they were great to deal with however as we live in Port Stephens we had to use Beresfield for our services. What a nightmare - we had several problems and they accused us of changing things ourselves and were very loathe to fix things. Took weeks to fix things which turned out to be minor issues. We would not recommend them to anybody as they are only interested in selling vans. New Age need to improve their work during in construction and have better standards and also who they allow to have franchises representing their company .Graeme

Floor Planmr 18es3

New Age Manta Ray 18ft issues

Bought from Newcastle and have been waiting over 5 months to get replacement window blinds as the installed ones stopped working and fell apart even the staff think they are the worst window blinds.
Door locked from inside refused to unlock had to lever the door open.
Cupboard doors have no safety features to stop contents from flying out.

Floor Planrear door +ensuite

Excellent van, even more excellent service

Although I can’t speak highly enough of our 16ft Manta Ray, it’s the after sales service that blows me away. We are currently camped in Manjimup at the first of our New Age Tribe gatherings. We’re not usually ones to join clubs but after a friend told us how good these ones were, we joined. AsI’m writing this, the staff from New Age, Perth are wandering around showing people how things work on their vans, doing minor repairs,and fitting new spare wheel covers if wanted,and all for free. After they’ve finished doing their friendly assistance round they’re going to cook us a sausage sizzle lunch, and tomorrow a bacon and egg breakfast. Last night they arrived with free wine from one of the owners vineyard. I’m constantly hearing about how the sales service is non-existent after a van purchase, and our last van (not a New Age) lived up to that usual expectation. We’re astounded at the way the staff from New Age Perth are supporting their customers. And now to get back to the van. I’m not surprised the distributership isn’t frightened to be in close proximity for a whole week end with their customers. Our van,now six months old, has weathered storms, and a trip to the Kimberley’s red dust. It shows no signs of shonky work man ship. No leaks, and no internal red dust. We’re happy little campers!

Floor PlanMR16ES2

Great since our modifications

I was prompted to write this review after reading Maca's review of his single axle off road version swaying allover the road at 85/90km/hr.
We have the 18 ft dual axle Enduro and had exactly the same problem. Maca has not mentioned his ball weight relationship to van weight but I suspect a similar issue. Ball weights are recommended to be in the vicinity of 10% of van ATM but ours was less than 5%
We have since had New Age remove the spare tyre from the rear bumper and relocate it to the draw bar in front of the toolbox. This added about 120Kg to the ball weight and it now tows like a dream!
I don't know how the engineers thought it was a good idea to allow this build out of the factory, but we love it now that it's fixed.
Now, if we could just get them to send a new set of decals for the side that was damaged by the truck in transit to dealership in June we'd eventually have a complete van!

Floor Planrear door, sink on awning side. Suits us nicely.

We just love our van. (MR22BES2)

The van is fully fitted out for free camping and therefore is no light weight, but tows like a dream behind our l/cruiser 100 series turbo diesel. Everywhere we stop caravanner,s want to have a look. They love the fit out and colour scheme. Just back from Shark Bay and the wheat belt /wild flower belt. Have been all over the van trying to find fault with no success. Any questions we have are only a phone call away to New Age Perth who have been excellent from day one. Are members of the New Age Tribe. and our next Tribe event is to Fontys Pool in November. Cannot wait.

Floor PlanOur van has 3 bunks down the back for the kids/grandkids who also take the whole unit away.

Not happy with Warranty issues

Purchased from Newcastle started with only minor problems easy fix inside van fitted out great outside looks good underneath the pipe work and electrical lines poor everything siliconed together solar panels on roof siliconed straight to the roof and rubbing tow hitch welded on crooked draw bar has rust at some of the welds left hand brake not working properly over heating even after adjustment Melbourne have done nothing gave us an upgrade on the air conditioner I’ve checked the models and in fact it’s a down grade by about $400 Snakey Salesmen looks like solicitors will have to deal with them all we wanted was a no stress retirement

Floor PlanMantaray 16 E Deluxe

Hot water unit

Took van in for a service before our trip north had a leak in wardrobe got that fixed then headed off on our trip stopped overnight in Finley after arriving set van up and went and flicked hot water unit on but no hot water any ideas

Living the dream

Just picked up our new MR16ES2 from Cannington Perth. Excellent customer service and after service. Hand over was a little bit over whelming but came with a dvd to watch again later. Van was perfect, no issues. Quality build with quality equipment and finish .Built in Australia for Australian conditions. Perfect size for 2 people with plenty of room. Now living the dream.

Floor PlanMR16ES2

Definitely recommended

Took a long time to make a decision on a caravan as I wanted to make sure that I was getting value for money.
The quality of the build and finish has been done well, all fixtures and fittings are of good quality. Very comfortable dining and full queen size bed. As I’m towing with a Discovery 4 you don’t really notice the van behind you.

Floor PlanMR19ER rear ensuite

Wiring terrible

It is frustrating when your van is not wired as 12v under warranty you have it fixed supposedly only down the track the whole van wiring burns out due to inferior wiring and they dont want to know you. New age need to look more closely at the people they use to wire their vans as they let them down. We could have burnt to death in our van because of this.we love our van but has put a bad taste in our mouth

Floor PlanMantraray 18ft

New Age MR22BE - Not quite what you'd expect from a $75k van.

Picked up our van a couple of months ago but not had a chance to use it yet, partly due to time constraints and partly due to getting things fixed up that we were not happy with.

On the whole the van seems to be well built. The one major let down is the electrical system. The van only came with two 12v sockets, situated in the bunk beds. That seemed woefully inadequate in this day and age so we requested some more, which New Age forget to fit (along with some but not all of the other changes we requested). Luckily the dealer (Sydney RV) were good to deal with and had the mistakes rectified.

Once we took delivery of the van and had a chance to have a good look over it we found a few more electrical anomalies. Some of the wiring under the van was protected with convoluted tubing, but some wasn't. Some of the holes in the chassis that wiring came through had grommets to protect the cables but some didn't. Some of the wiring was ran up under the floor away from potential hazards but some was left hanging loose off chassis rails and axles where it could be damaged by stray stones flicking off wheels or any branches flicked up. The electrical connections under the van for the ESC didn't appear to use waterproof connectors. The same wiring seemed unnecessarily exposed to damage by debris due to bad placement. The wiring in the toilet cassette compartment used a mixture of decent electrical connectors and spade connectors wrapped in electricians tape. Some of the connections to the battery charger were incorrectly wired causing electrical shorts. Overall the electrical assembly was woeful. New Age basically washed their hands of it. Their excuse for the majority of it was that "it's not an off road van" (which I find largely irrelevant as bad wiring is bad wiring regardless of where it's expected to be used) and they just basically washed their hands of the rest of it. Luckily the dealer (Sydney RV) had a far more customer focused and proactive view and offered to fix most of it.

I can't recommend Sydney RV highly enough, but based on New Age's quality control and customer service I can not recommend them at all. Their sales staff are very accomodating and their vans seem to be largely well built but their attention to detail, electrical fit out, production control, and customer service is terrible. I work in a manufacturing industry and if my production was as badIy managed as theirs I would not have any clients left. Some of the things I have seen on my caravan I would not accept on a sub $10k cheap camper trailer, let alone on a $75k caravan, and based what I've seen I would not buy a New Age caravan again. Their electrical fit out and customer service has seriously let down what otherwise looks to be a really solid caravan. A real disappointment at the end of what was an otherwise a very positive buying experience. With so much competition in the market, they really need to lift their game.

All that said, I now look forward to taking my family away in our caravan and experiencing all that the Australia has to offer. I'll report back on my experiences after a few trips away.

Floor PlanMR22BE
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Bit of an update, a little over 12 months after writing my review......... We've been way in the van quite a few times now (probably towed it for around 5,000km) and one thing I will say is that it tows like a dream. With a tow ball weight of around 10% ATM it sits behind the 200 series perfectly. Even as a novice caravan tower I still find it easy to tow. Strong winds, passing trucks or bumpy roads, nothing seems to upset it. The only time it got any sort of sway was due to tyre pressures. They had dropped to around 45psi due to the cold weather and the van was swaying a bit at freeway speeds. Pumped them back up to 50psi and the problem went away so just need to keep a better eye on the pressures. I'm very impressed with the way it tows. My view of New Age customer service and attention to detail hasn't changed though. Both are still terrible. We've had a couple more minor issues that should have been fixed under warranty but as with the electrical issues, New Age didn't want to know. Again, it is only thanks to the New Age dealers (this time New Age St Mary's) that the issues get sorted. The dealers have been great. They know they will get very little support from New Age themselves but they still do what they can to help. Also had a look behind the fridge the other day and was amazed to see that they hadn't bothered to clean up at all behind there. The space was still full of swarf and wood chips from when they cut the hole in the side of the van for the ventilation grill. It explains why we still keep find metal filings on the floor even after having the van for 18 months! All in all we are happy with the van and enjoy getting away in it but it just frustrating that New Age seem to miss so many of the little details, most of which wouldn't have cost anything to sort out in the factory if the quality control had been stricter.

MR16E - Deluxe, but not truly offroad for any great distance

Took possession of our 16' Manta ray Delux (single axle) in March. Since then have done two trips: a 2000 km trip to Central NSW (entirely on paved roads) and a 9000km trip to far North Qld, including about 300km of dirt roads. In terms of comfort, this van has ticked every box for us, and, despite what I say below, we still like it. On paved roads it has been flawless. We pull it with a VW Tuareg and it tracks perfectly at the speed limit; no sway, no instability, and no extraordinary fuel consumption. However, on our first 50km of dirt road, just about every screw that could move either unwound itself or pulled out. The worst fault was that the screws holding the upper track for the suspended heavy en-suite sliding door pulled out and the door collapsed. Just close behind, almost all the screws in the cooktop/griller unwound, and the glass cooktop slid out of its friction-held mount. We were lucky to find all these before serious damage had been done (although we still have a few loose screws and bolts with no home). We found,subsequently, that at the end of about every 50km of dirt road we had to re-tighten or reinsert numerous screws (including the screws in the door hinges). In future, we will tighten and glue all screws that we can, but there is no doubt that this van is good for local off-road use, but it is not really suitable for sustained rutted dirt roads.

Floor Plan16' delux

Great van for our needs

Just home from a 14500km journey to western australia via the nullabor and returning via the great central road and oodnadatta track. The van performed extremely well. tows like a dream with a tyre pressure of 65psi on bitumen and 28psi on dirt roads. we did over 3000kms on outback dirt roads with no issues. prior to leaving i took the time to fit extra underneath protection to pipework , wiring and water tanks.
all in all very happy. really had no issues getting off road to some amazing bush camps.

Never again

Had all the correct towing and vehicle conditions but it was atrocious, swaying/wagging continuously when travelling at 85/90 kph possibly because it was a single axle "off road" model. Subsequent year models were called dirt road models. Fit and finish was appalling as was after sales warranty issues which was mainly due to the awful dealer. Fridge and electric problems were annoying.
Bought bran new and sold it within 18 months

Great van

Hi i love my van manta ray 19e only thing i don't like is the shelf above the bed can't sit up properly.Was wondering if it could be removed at any stage.Jule's

Floor Plan19e

New Age Manta Ray 16E

We purchased our Manta Ray 16E from Motoco in Townsville, after many visits to the team on site Victa, Monica & John and the many changers made by us to suit our requirements, we got the van we designed, nothing was a problem, took the van on its first outing and all went well, sat on 100klm and overtaking was no problem very happy with the van

Great Van for the family

We bought a Dec 2016 built 19ft MataRay with bunks and a toilet/shower combo Special Edition (19BC SE) in Jan 2017. The special edition comes with grey cladding and black checkerplate which looks quite handsome and is different to most white cladded vans on the road. Other extras with the Special Edition include an external gas bayonet, much bigger fridge, tool box on A Frame (which is divided in two, with one half carrying the 2 x 9kg gas cylinders) and a few other things that I cant remember. The SE was well worth the extra money we thought.

We have heard many horror stories from good friends about poor workmanship on the modern vans that they have or have had in the past, so naturally we avoided those brands. regardless of what we thought was a good brand choice, we still went over the van we ordered in great detail ensuring the build quality was there before we handed over the cheque for this one. After 2 hours at handover and poking and prodding, we took the van on the first trip. Very comfy, good size for the three of us (2 adults and one child), and no creaks/groans, loose fittings or poor workmanship to report. It even rained quite heavily whilst we were away on our first trip, and was happy to see no leaks - maybe when you hear so many bad stories about modern caravans you expect the worst, and that can make you overly excited when the caravan does what you expect it should.

The MantaRay is one of the main product lines (50% of sales) for New Age and as such they have their own production line just for this line of van (or so the salesman told us). Despite this, the Newcastle agents were happy to request some modifications for us (covert the triple bunks into double bunks, add some reinforcement to the rear bumper to allow us to carry 3 bikes on a rack). Modifications done without a hassle. We requested the change to double bunks to give more room between the bunks, as the triple bunks were quite close together. The bumper was reinforced through adding a third arm to the body of the van.

A single 150kw solar panel was added to the roof which charges the battery no problems. We camped for 3 days recently without power and water, and the battery was always charged up from the solar. We used the lights, stereo, chargers for phones and ipad via the USBs inside, and the waterpump for shower and toilet. VERY Impressed. The weak point, and it is the same for everyone, is water. The more water you have the longer your can stay in remote areas. By the end of day 3 we had a bit more than a third of our water left, so we estimated that just using the two standard tanks that the van came with that we could free camp for up to 5 days if we kept showers quite short. If we really wanted to extend it we would take extra drinking water in bulk separate containers and wash off the sand and salt at the beach shower, rather than the on board shower.

We were dubious about having the toilet/shower combo. But to get a separate shower and toilet with bunks in the van meant going to the 22ft model, which we didnt want to do, as the 19ft already looked too long. Anyway, we put a system in place, everyone showers one after the other so we are all done around the same time, and the last one to shower uses a shower weedgy to send all the water down the drain. Only took 3-4minutes and the shower was dry again. So, I like the combo/shower toilet in this van. Now it seems that toilet/shower combos vary from brand to brand and van to van. The one in the New Age seemed a bit bigger than some other combos that we had seen, and the New Age combo has the handwashing sink outside the shower, which was an excellent move (as the combos with the sink inside that we saw in other vans are just plain too small).

Airconditioning is quality. In the NSW heatwave on Sunday it was 45.6 Degrees Celsius at Port Macquarie airport from 2pm - 6pm. I wanted to clean out the van for the next trip but it was so hot. Cranked up the airconditioning and it worked very well all arvo as the van was restocked and cleaned out for the next trip.

Fridge works well on gas, electricity and even off the car battery when towed.We had it full and it was always cold, even on the gas setting when free camping. The extra size of this fridge was great, could put more beer in the fridge AND all the food we needed on the trip.

Plenty of storage space for non-perishabble foods. Under the basin outside the shower has plenty of storage for soaps, toothpaste and all that toiletry stuff as well.

The standard beds are comfy. Inner spring Queen for adults and sponge for the bunks which our 5year old said was comfy.

Van is about 2300kg with all the Special Edition extras and solar panels. Tow with a 2016 LC200 VX. A very easy tow. No weight distribution hitch necessary, tows beautifully, very stable on the road at 100-105klm, easy to back in too despite being dual axle.

Overall we are very happy with our purchase. We aim to be away every second weekend whilst the young fella is in school, and extended trips when on school holidays. Three trips under the belt so far and many more to come, including this weekend.

Floor PlanManta Ray 19BC Special Edition

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We have a MR 16E 2017. When connected to mains water pressure, Our water tanks are filling up. How can this be prevented? Many thanks deborah
No answers

What is the brand name & model number etc of the water pump installed under the van in a secure/protected guard of a 2016 New Age 16ft Manta Ray Deluxe (February build) I need the manual in order to work out how to adjust the pressure? Thanks [email removed]
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Why does water pump just come on when we haven’t even used water and we have got mains connected
1 answer
You have to turn it off on the pad

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