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Faulty jeans ruined my dryer and clothing

A pair of their jeans bled so badly and so consistently that they completely stained my entire dryer drum and the dye then rubbed off onto other loads of clothing that I ran through the dryer. All of my white and light colored clothing was ruined as well as my dryer. I even have video evidence of the actual Jeans staining my dryer and how it then rubbed off onto a white dry wash cloth. After weeks and weeks of communicating with their “customer service,” dealing with slow responses, having to mail the jeans back to them, and them claiming to do heir own tests in the jeans, they now claim the jeans are not faulty and didn’t cause the damage. I’ve even sent them the video evidence now and they are completely ignoring me. Will never buy from Next again. I encourage you to not buy from them either. Clearly they don’t care about product quality or customer service or making right what they have wronged.

Product Quality

My refund never arrived

I sent clothes back for a refund. Initially,
NEXT claimed they could not track the package so I had to muck around with PayPal to get a copy of the receipt I’d submitted for postal insurance. When I FINALLY got it, NEXT agreed to refund immediately. The refund never turned up and they told me to contact my bank. Spent more time on the phone to the bank who then sent out pages of info to fill out. I’m a tired mum with two kids - struggling with depression. That’s why I can’t get to the shops in the first place!! I’ve spent hours tracking the money and now have to give up. NEXT have been HOPELESS to deal with

Product Quality
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Delaying dispatch and not providing any reasons

I have been ordering from Next for a number of years due to their deliveries being within 5 business days.

However I am very disappointed at not receiving my recent order. Every couple days I receive an email stating that Next are very sorry but my order will be delayed by 1-2 business days. Now it's 2-3 business days but no valid reason is being provided for the delay.


Perfect! Speedy delivery and great clothes

- Quick Delivery about 3 days from UK which I think is really quick, other online stores are upto a week or so from the UK
- Great prices
- Good jeans / quality clothing for the price!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised


I used to buy Next label via Ezibuy so was excited being able to order direct from them. Well, they can learn a lot from Ezibuy when it comes to customer service. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes for my son - needed for upcoming trip. Got a mail from Paypal to say I was given a partial refund from Next. Waited for notification fro Next in this regard - nothing. Eventually got onto their live chat to find out which pair was not sent. There is no way of checking your orders on the website. Now have to do a last minute hunt for a replacement pair. ANNOYING

Return Claim MadeNo

Poor Replacement/Refund Policy on Faulty Products

Be careful! Do not “choose” to receive a faulty item, otherwise this is what you would have to do if you wish to have it replaced: find the return sticker and fill it, bring the faulty product and the form to the post to post it back, pay out of pocket for the postage, be thankful that they even reimburse you for the postage if you provide them with the receipt as well as your bank details including your bank SWIFT code, re-order the item from their website, pick up your order from their collection point and cross your fingers that all would go well and you wouldn’t have to go through what the other customers at this site went through.
If you complain about all the time you would have to spend to sort it out, their friendly customer service would offer to pay you 20% of the price and let you keep the faulty item.
At least this is my recent experience.

I can understand that a faulty item is required to be returned if it is a phone, a printer or a food processor, which is more expensive and can be refurbished and resold. But for a $50 tunic which cannot be resold, their replacement procedure simply shows that they deem their customer’s time having no value.
I declined their generous offer.
I think they have achieved what they wanted: they made their replacement procedure troublesome enough that I decided not to bother and instead bear the loss myself.

Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Close to impossible to get a refund. Deliberate runaround until legal action was mentioned

After following their very specific return process I still had to contact them three times about the item I returned. Luckily I kept all three online chats I had with the representative including dates, names and times so when they tried to deny the accuracy of my prior communication, I had proof. This still didn't help me get the refund I was promised however. I had to point out that they were in breach of the ACCC compensation and consumer act to before I finally received a confirmation email that my refund had been processed. Apparently they had no idea why I was told twice that it had been done and to wait 5 days when it hadn't.

Product Quality
Sizing Slightly small
Product Appearance As advertised

Will not refund postage costs after sending wrong items

After NEXT delivered the wrong items to what I had ordered they said to return the items to them and they would refund the postage. Wrong! I have been asking for my money back for 2 months now and they refuse. I am out of pocket because they sent the wrong items. Beware! I would not use the company again. I rate it: NO STARS! But I have to put 1 star!

Product Appearance Not as advertised

terrible delivery service

They use SkyNet for delivery, which is terrible. They left parcel in front of my apartment on the street. Now, It's missing. I spent $100 for purchase. NEXT has good product and design, but, I will not buy anything from them anymore. Do not buy anything from them unless they change the delivery company.

Super Fast shipping, but truly Fast fashion quality

Happy to find exactly the trend pieces/colours I was looking for easily on the website but the quality was so much lower than I expected, Eg completely see-through jumper I never would have bought if I’d seen in person. I guess that’s actually true of everything I bought. Congratulations, Next photographer. You got me. Fast shipping though!

Can’t fault homewares or Kids clothes

I’ve bought several times from Next and have been pleased with the variety, quality and speed of shipping. LOVE the baby and kids wear. Good quality and well priced. When I had a small flaw in a homeware item they offered a 25% discount. And while the returns process was complicated I found the price reduction simpler and adequate.

Fast Shipping

I must be lucky. I placed an order on 3 Jan and received my items today, 9 Jan. The quality of the tops I bought were great too. No issues at all.

You can't trust these guys

Next aren't really responsible enough to be operating a business centred around shipping orders to customers. Twice now, I have updated my address in my customer account with Next, only to have orders go to the wrong address. I did not raise the problem the first time, but did the second.

In my most recent contact with Next about the problem, they've confirmed I did update the address before the order, but it wasn't enough time. Apparently customers need to wait for some arbitrary and unspecified time. I quote, "our system need a little more time to update so therefore your order was processed on the old address". Three minutes on the last order was apparently is not long enough. From a technology perspective, that's abysmal. Never mind the order confirmation email and PayPal confirmation showing the correct address, suggesting the inconsistent nature of their systems.

As mentioned, I pointed this out to Next, as this has happened to me twice now. At this time, if I were to update my address while make another order, it would probably go to the wrong address. And, Next would be entirely culpable for anything that goes missing under Australian consumer law, resulting from them sending the order to the wrong address. That seems to be a significant flaw that could potentially even be open to exploitation.

Of the orders I have received, the items are a good price, and the items basic enough that I have no complaints about quality or such. I'm probably not going to shop with Next again. There are other companies that can reliably ship items to the address provided.

Next Online - 3rd world

Online ordering Christmas presents from Australia to the UK, easy you would think, not for Next. The agreed delivery date was cancelled by Next. My sister tried to re-instate the order but apparently the original delivery address could not be used. The 0333 number isn't Skype compatible so on hold paying X amount per minute on hold for the second time as the first person couldn't help me, the account holders address can't be an international address so used a different UK address where the order is now headed. Very unlikely that my neice/nephew will be getting their Christmas presents in time.

Great Experience

Had a great experience browsing the website. Big range of clothes for all ages. There was a 2 week delivery (10 working days), however that was expected especially before Xmas and when went through the reviews here. All products were of a great quality. One of the items was different from the one I ordered. Contacted Next Int’l and emailed the picture of the item received and expected. Have been refunded for the item immediately. That was fair and fast. Thank you Next!

Nice products but terrible delivery and customer service

I have ordered a few times now, mainly children's wear. I like the fact they have kids sizes increasing by one year/size rather than two i.e. size 5, 6, 7, 8 etc. The products themselves seem relatively good quality and true to size for my children. The main negative and reason I would mark them down is their poor delivery and customer service thereafter. The website used to state items will be delivered within 3 - 5 business days (now says 4-6). I have not yet received a single item within that timeframe. Indeed most are at least double that. The website also allows you to enter a PO Box in Australia as a delivery address however after many calls to their customer service centre looking for a missing package, I discovered they won't deliver to PO Boxes, only a street address hence the package sat in a warehouse somewhere without any follow-up on their side. Perhaps they should look at amending their website to not allow PO Box as an entry and also look to perhaps contact me and ask for a street address rather than leaving it up to me to chase. I have resorted to calling the call centre on a number of occasions and found their service lacking. Poor understanding of the situation and little motivation to do anything to assist. Last but not least, when ordering I normally use a particular bank and am only charged for the items I ordered in AUD however last time, I used a different credit card from a different bank and was charged a foreign currency conversion rate in addition to the actual transaction amount in AUD. This is an anomaly with the bank not Next, but something to keep in mind when ordering...your bank may charge you more even if it seems you were charged in AUD.

Waiting for refund!!!

Purchased a dress, was not a normal size 14, had to return day after I received it! That was nearly 5 weeks ago now, where is my refund, will never purchase again, should not hold onto your money!!! Should be automatic refund when they recieve hoods back!!! Not happy.

Sold my credit card details!!!!!!

Avoid at all costs!!!!! Unauthorised transactions on my credit card then sold my card details to playstationnetwork london!!!!! Thieves and have been reported to the appropriate authorities.

I chose wisely and happy with product ....

After reading reviews, I did measure carefully and ordered accordingly. The fit is perfect and have a happy customer. I ordered on Friday last week and received the parcel from England to home in 6 days. I have avoided other overseas sites based on reviews, so took a chance here and very satisfied. The dress was worth the money but double checked measurements to avoid the hassle of a possible refund.

Do not risk your money

Bought a pair of shoes for work, Next sent me the wrong size. They were a size 4 in a size 5 bag (UK sizing). I did what the site says, packed them back up and returned them and also included a copy of my receipt for postage as i contacted them and they admitted their mistake (it took several photos as proof) so they said they would also refund my postage.
It never happened.
No refund
No postage refund.
And they won’t exchange or replace their items.

I have emailed several times and they just reply that it’s been refunded.
So not only are they incompetent, they’re fraudulent and dishonest.

Don’t risk your money here. There’s loads of better online stores with credibility.

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Questions & Answers

I have a Queen size bed what size bedding should I purchase from next.
2 answers
Don't bother. This is a terrible company!Thanks for letting me know.

How is the shoe quality? Is it recommendable for long use?
1 answer
Their kid shoes are very low quality. I would not recommend NEXT at all, Do not shop there!!!

Hi I want to purchase myself some clothing. Was wondering what’s the UK sizing is like compared to AU I’m usually an 8 should I go up ? Do they run smaller? Thanks
2 answers
I brought those product for my women friend so I don't really know I will see her on the 2 of may I can let you know because I got the size chart from bonds Australia I was told by her she was a size 8 and looked on the bonds chart and took pot luck she can show me how they fit and I can get back to you sorry I don't know Leanne kind regards grantThe LADIES SIZINGS ARE PRETTY MUCH THE SAME as Australia, BUT if you think there may be a chance you will return anything please READ THE REVIEWS ON NEXT RETURNS/REFUNDS, and be prepared for a very long wait, I would recommend paying by PayPal as I ended getting my refund via a PayPal claim after 3 months of numerous Emails from Next like this: "I am sorry that you have not received a refund for the returned item and thank you for sending in the returns information, I can advise that I have actioned a refund for you today, please allow 3-5 business days for this to show back into your account." LIES, LIES, LIES, sorry if this seems negative, although the products are good (but not as good as they were), the Customer Service is Non Existent Hope this helps Regards Jilly

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