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No Pong Bicarb Free

No Pong Bicarb Free

4.2 from 11 reviews

No Pong is so true!

Since using No Pong, I no longer have bad BO, shower twice a day or have to put up with ghastly deodorants. My family and I are loving No Pong!

Purchased in May 2019 at No Pong for $6.99.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

The best natural deodorant on the market!

I’ve tried many bi carb free natural deodorant pastes (as I tend to come up in a rash if I use the original formula) and have found that No Pong actually works! Keeps BO at bay all day long and leaves you smell super fresh. Love the minimal sustainable packaging and arrived in 2 days. Could not recommend enough.

Purchased in February 2019 for $6.99.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No


Tried the original No Pong & it worked but made my pits dark (different chemistry for everyone I suppose)!! So tried the bi-carbonate one and have had no problems since. Highly recommended - natural, does the job it claims (no smell) and Aussie Made!! What’s not to like??

Purchased in January 2018.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Actually works

BO has always been a struggle for me, ALWAYS embarrassed.
I have used all types of deodorants, "wasted money".
I have been using "no pong" now for about 4-5 months and I love it. I won't go without it.
I recommend it to everyone.
It's the only deodorant that has ever worked for me. Also the fact that it doesn't irritate my skin is fabulous. Just wish it came in a bigger size.

Purchased in November 2018 for $9.95.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

So far so good

I usually have major issues with BO for no good reason and have a graveyard of natural deodorants.

So far I am on day 3 and its going well. Lasts a lot longer during the day than anything I have tried.

We will see if it lasts at least a week. Usually my pits start getting wonky and extreme smelly after 7 days, ugh.

I do wish itcame with a little spatula to spread on the pit. Finger method os a bit meh. And it would be pleasany to have either fragrance free or choices of odors, I severely despise lemongrass and there is some in the deodorant. Obviously can't please everyone, but a larger selection could be beneficial :)

Both Original and Bicarb Free gave me itchy rash

I started with the Original No Pong and loved it for the first week or so but then it gave me a bad itchy rash. So I switched to the bicarb version ... and still got a rash. Now it's just abandoned at the back of my drawer. Disappointed that I couldn't use this as I was very hopeful.

Best natural product out there

I’ve had both the original and Bicarb Free and both work fantastically well, I found the Bicarb Free was best after shaving. Even in 37 degree C this stuff worked. Yes you’ll still get wet in the pits, it’s not an anti-perspirant after all, bit no smell whatsoever. Love it, best natural product I’ve ever used.

Bicarb free version is the best natural stink-stopper out there.

I've been using the bicarb free nopong for almost a year and I love it! It does need applying an extra time on a hot or stressful day, but with the small tin that can go in your handbag this is not a problem.
Best natural deo I've found. No parabens or aluminium. Diatomaceous earth! Who knew!?

Does what it says on the tin

I was pretty skeptical about this product, but it does what it promises. You sweat but you don't pong. Great for me since I just can't use spray or roll-on antiperspirants, they make my armpits itch like crazy. I was doomed to a life of crappy body sprays, trying to combat sweat pong.

No Pong works! As a trial I got a tin of both formulas. I did get a bit of itching from the standard formula after a few days, so I switched to the no-bicarb; and a full tin later I've signed up for the monthly subscription.

Less effective than other natural deodorants

A few years ago I've tried making my own using the classic bicarb recipe. It was effective, but after about a month, it gave me a rash that apple cider vinegar wasn't able to keep away. I've then found a recipe without bicarb, but it was too oily and stained my tops. So I finally found the crystal (which I have been using when I was a teenager). However, it doesn't have a scent, so I've been dissolving it in water and adding essential oils so I have a spray deodorant. And that has been going for a couple of years. Then I've read all these reviews about no-pong and I've ordered the bicarb free one. It is not very effective: we're in Melbourne, end of Autumn and I feel like I have to re-apply it every 4 hours otherwise I start to have odour. Not effective for me and not worth the money (also considering I spent way less when I was making it).

Best I have tried.

I bought both products. However, the original formula with bi-carb, whilst effective, gave me a rash. The other formula, though, using magnesium hydroxide and diatomaceous earth, works a treat. I use much less than a pea-sized amount under each arm, it smells great, is not greasy, and keeps me pong-free all day.

I have just ordered another four tins.

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Anyone found an effective way of removing the stains from clothes? I've got a few black dresses that now have white stains around the armpits.
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No Pong Bicarb Free
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