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Don’t do it. Get different insurance for overseas that supports you ,they are good in Australia NOT Overseas

I purchased full comprehensive travel ins for myself and 2 sons .I’m in hospital in east Germany now into my 5th day. I got plurisey some how and had to continually call Nrma/cover more
they don’t believe me about my condition
Only today they said they would pay for hospital E5000. Who has that sort of money at the end of their trip availanle.
I warn everyone going o/s look elsewhere
You need cover that works in none English speaking countries and believes you. When policy purchased none of this was declared only after when claim made

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance Cover For:Adult and Teenager
Insurance TypeSingle Trip
Claim MadeYes
Type of ClaimMedical
Claim DateJuly 2019
Claim ApprovedNo
Hi Patto, I am very sorry to here about your illness while travelling overseas. If you are still having trouble with your claim I would like to have someone contact you to help. Please PM us with your policy/claim details to our Facebook page via messenger: https://www.facebook.com/nrmainsurance/. Just let us know you're from Product Review and include your name, DOB, address and contact details. ~ Jono[Personal Information Removed]Thanks Anthony, we don't reccomend leaving your personal details on a public forum so I have asked Product Review to remove them to protect yourself. I have passed your details onto our travel team to contact you via email and discuss your claim further. I do apologise and hope it get's sorted for you. ~Natalie

NRMA travel Insurance

I am currently overseas and needed to contact emergency assistance as I had fallen ill with gastro, fainted and hit my head. I was taken to hospital just over 7 days ago and NRMA insurance has still not decided whether to assist me. Their emergency assistance area handling this have been terrible.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance Cover For:Adult
Insurance TypeSingle Trip
Claim MadeYes
Type of ClaimMedical
Claim DateApril 2019
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So sorry to hear what's happened to you on this trip Fot! We are not directly a part of the travel team but can definitely follow up on this for you. Could you please get in touch with us via Facebook with your policy and contact details? You can use this link: facebook.com/nrmainsurance. Thanks Fot! ~Jamie

Need to get their act right!

Taking out a travel insurance policy with NRMA. As a customer of all our insurance needs. They let us down this time.. As for our medical conditions for a quote jump from $116.00 to $252.00.. For 8 days of domestic insurance. So what is wrong about us using our Medicare and our private health fund? As I said to them that we don't need medical insurance..I had read bad reports of NRMA, and hate to find out about making a claim with them...As one said Thieves NRMA on travel insurance bloody greedy....

Customer Service
Insurance TypeSingle Trip
Claim MadeNo
Hi Not Happy, Sorry to hear that you have left feeling like this. Our Travel Insurance Product has always been very popular and one with a good coverage. I hope that you have found one that suits your needs and budget. ~RenaeWe sure did! with a lot more cover for only $112.00 for 7 days and still got cover for medical and dental of 250,000....we are a lot better don't you think?

Travel insurance no stars..

No stars rating.. Thieves NRMA on travel insurance bloody greedy. Don't pay out on delays or your holidays. Been spoilt. Don't stranded.. Go with NRMA. You'll be sick.. Trying to claim.. Then 5 weeks later saying no.Refunds.. Very evil. And then charge you to leave.. And no refund...

Insurance claim madeYes
Hey Collins, sorry about the way this has made you feel. We can confirm that we would cover unforeseen travel delays but if the delays were caused as a direct result of the airline (the did not maintain the plane properly and needed to repair on the ground and this delayed your flight for example) they are liable for any costs associated with the delays as this is not an unforeseen event it is the direct fault of the people who have provided you with the service you paid to receive and they did not provide it. Travel insurance is to cover you for things like storms or weather events that might delay your flight as well as unforeseen illness or loss of luggage but we do not provide coverage for the negligence of an airline or service provider. If you could give us a little more details about the situation we would be happy to try and offer any assistance or we can or escalate your concerns through to the team that will be able to assist with this. ~LochyWe don’t know what happened to the plane we lost our holiday in KL insurance claim or our payments back lost 3 daysCollins, we would be happy to escalate your concerns to the claims manager if you feel the claims decision was incorrect. Please PM details to our Facebook page or email social@iag.com.au. ~Kaz

Very impressed and grateful

We have an Annual Multi Trip International Comprehensive policy and we were travelling in western China in September when I suffered a significant leg injury that required surgery within two weeks. After four days NRMA had me medically evacuated back to the Gold Coast with both of us flying in business class so I could put my leg up during the flight. Because I had private health insurance in Australia NRMA arranged for a top surgeon at a private hospital and had a vehicle waiting at Brisbane airport to take me straight to the hospital on the Gold Coast. I was operated on successfully two days later. NRMA also paid for our overseas medical, additional and cancellation expenses ten days after submitting the receipts as promised. We have been using NRMA travel insurance since we retired and we have always found them to be very competitively priced compared to other insurance policies - especially if you are a home insurance customer.

Insurance claim madeYes

Woeful experience

I have been a NRMA customer for 26 years. I am also a frequent traveller and while shopping for travel insurance for a trip in April next year, I came across NRMA annual multi trip travel insurance. It seemed like a reasonable deal - $611 per year - so I signed up. I received my insurance certificate, effective 04 July 2018, so I did not think any more about it. I am due to fly out to the US on Sunday so I rang NRMA to check if i needed to notify them every time I travelled. Instead I was told that my annual multi travel insurance was not valid until my trip in April next year. I pointed out to the representative that I would not have bought and paid for a policy that far in advance unless I could use it. No problem, I said, please change the commencement date to today instead of April next year. After liaising with CoverMore, the NRMA representative told me that was not possible. NRMA would have credit the original policy - and I would only receive $458 as I was cancelling outside the cooling off period - and it would take up to five days before receiving the credit, leaving me $600 out of pocket just before I was due to leave. I asked NRMA to cancel my policy and immediately bought an InsureandGo for a lot less. Now I am reconsidering what to do with my other NRMA insurances...

Insurance claim madeNo
Hey Alexandra, we are sorry to hear about this experience. Although the information provided was definitely correct as far as the cover being 12 months from the issue date and not being able to change the start date of a contract once issued but if you could provide us with your policy number we would certainly like to have this situation looked into for you to try and rectify the issue with the cancellation and refund. ~LochyMy policy number is 718100268869. The effective date on the Certificate of Insurance is 04/07/2018 which is what led me to believe that the policy commenced that day and would renew annually on the anniversary date. As I stated, I have since purchased another travel insurance so all I am seeking is a refund of the remaining amount ($153) and an apology.To finish off this saga, I have not heard anything back from NRMA after posting the above. Says it all, doesn't it?

NRMA Travel Insurance is Underwritten by Covermore, Our Loyalty with NRMA means nothing.

Over the past 10 yrs of enjoying cruises in our retirement years and taking out travel insurance with NRMA (which is underwritten by Covermore) and being loyal NRMA customers for over 40yrs, and having at this time approx 10 NRMA Policies, House/Contents Ins, Car Ins, etc We again took out Travel Insurance for a 9 day cruise in March. My husband's mother has had poor health for the past 10yrs, which at the age of 94 yrs is not something that has hindered our travels of 9 cruises over this time. Unfortunately she passed away on our recent cruise and we flew home to make arrangements and be with family members. Having Travel insurance we felt the financial loss would be covered by Travel insurance. No apparently. Our Elderly mother had a pre existing illness over the past 8 yrs, which at that age would be expected, so we were not covered. Shame on Covermore and shame on NRMA for not providing us with the cover we required and the absence of any consideration for our loyalty over many decades. We will be not renewing any of our NRMA Policies when they become due, which per annum, amount to the same monetary annual amount of our Travel Claim. Loyalty means nothing. And we have now decided to claim the same privilege of our loyalty to NRMA and never deal with them again. But continue to enjoy many Travels each year as planned in our retirement.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey Gaz, we are very sorry to hear about this experience and the service that has been provided in relation to this claim. With insurance as it is to cover unforeseen events pre-existing conditions are not considered unforeseen, but we would absolutely like to see if we can provide any further assistance regarding this matter. We can escalate your concerns through to the travel insurance team and see if there is anything they can do to help with covermore if you could provide us with your claim number, we certainly do not want to leave you feeling this way. ~Lochy

Drowned my iPad Air .....covermore is pathetic

I drowned an iPad Air with 64G and 3G...I had a receipt for $900. A compulsory quote from a repairer to say that it was a write off cost $50. The excess was $100 and the depreciation took the rest. They offered me $42 for an item that I could still buy new! So to make the claim I was negative $8! It was impossible to discuss it with the NRMA - they flicked it at every attempt. Covermore were appalling for some time until eventually I told them we were in dispute and then they offered more...and we settled. But the stress is not worth it.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hey Murray, thanks for letting us know about this situation. We do apologise about the service you have received from cover more in relation to your claim as NRMA do not manage the claims directly and covermore arranges all the repairs and services (NRMA only have a repair network within Australia so we trust covermore to look after our customers with their overseas repair network) we are not able to provide a resolution directly. We do appreciate you taking the time to let us know as we do want to make sure covermore are providing the right level of service to our customers so can absolutely pass your feedback on. If you did have anything else you would like to discuss or there was anything else we could try to assists with do not hesitate to let us know. ~LochyLochy - I don't know what you mean by 'overseas repair network'? The quote for repair was obtained in Wollongong. I have been a member for 25 years...and NRMA refused to talk with me. I use Allianz now for travel insurance.All the travel insurance claims are managed by covermore rather than us because they have people all over the world where we can only provide claims assistance in Australia, this means that even when within Australia we do not manage any of the travel insurance claims. We certainly do apologise for the experience with covermore and would still like to pass your feedback on to the travel team so we can try to improve the services we can provide.

Worthless Insurance

Missed our flight because of error in itinerary printout.
All we needed was help to cover a short haul European flight but when we called NRMA we were told we had no claim and were left high and dry. We didn't need a cash payout all we needed was help and what we got was ignored.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Ash, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We do appreciate that this was a trying situation but insurance is there to cover unforeseen events if the flight provider has made an error then they would be liable for any costs involved in helping you and as such this would not be an event you could claim on as this was negligence from the company who provided you with the itinerary. For example If a builder after being paid to do work in your home damaged your home through negligence you would not claim on your home insurance the builder would have to cover because they are responsible for the damage it is not unforeseen this would work the same way with the travel insurance policies. We do apologise if this was not explained or you feel the service you were provided was not acceptable we will certainly pass your feedback and please let us know if we can provide any other information for you. ~Lochy

Loyalty they say! You are not dealing with NRMA.

We had a family trip to the US (Disneyland etc) planned for February. We decided to get travel insurance through NRMA (at a higher premium than other less well known insurers) because we had a relationship with NRMA and thought our loyalty would count for something. At the time we had 7 policies with them and had been a member for nearly 30 yrs without a claim. My son broke his ankle 2 weeks before we were supposed to leave and was unable to fly so we had to cancel the holiday. When we made the claim we were quickly handed over to Covermore insurance who it turns out the policy was with. Covermore acknowledged that our claim was legitimate but refused to cover the $1200 cancellation fees charged by the travel agent. How are "Travel" Agents cancellation fees not covered by "travel" insurance (particularly when the travel agent was Flight Centre who recommend Covermore). When I contacted NRMA they told me it had nothing to do with them and quickly washed their hands of me. I later rang an NRMA consultant and asked if they thought travel agents cancellation fees would be covered by the policy and they said "they couldn't see why not".
Very disappointed. Bought the policy with NRMA because of their reputation but all they were interested in was taking the sale. I am now a disgruntled "loyal" customer looking for many insurance alternatives.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Craig, thanks for your review, sorry to hear your son was injured and you had to cancel your holiday. Yes our travel insurance is underwritten by Covermore, this is noted on your Certificate of Insurance and the PDS. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your claim, you can dispute this by emailing the customer relations manager at customer-relations@covermore.com.au. They can review your complaint and provide a decision to you within 15 working days. All the best. ~KazBeen there done that, Apparently travel agents cancellation fee are not covered by travel insurance? I understand it was underwritten by covermore but I thought I would be dealing with NRMA who I thought would look after me given I have multiple policies, have paid them thousands of dollars and never made a claim. The little contact we did have with NRMA was very disappointing. We were given incorrect information on a number of occasions which almost caused us to void the policy and take my incapacitated son additional, unnecessary doctors appointments. My question is what is the point of buying the policy through NRMA when you can get exactly the same thing straight from Covermore or numerous other sales outlets for Covermore for potentially lower premiums. We were paying for NRMAs reputation but got nothing from them apart from misinformation and redirection. I note in your reply that again you just redirect me to covermore.

NRMA travel insurance claims process more painful than Root Canal

A little over 2 months into a 5 month trip to France I experienced excruciating tooth pain as a result of an infection under a tooth. As a result I had to seek professional advice and treatment from a dentist in Lyon. As a soon as I returned to Sydney in 2017, a claim was submitted to NRMA for around $1400. The following is a list of the documents requested and provided to date:
1. Airline Ticket with travel details
2. Credit card statement showing the purchase of the travel ticket.
3. My claim form that identified the need for dental treatment as a result of server tooth pain – from an infection that ultimately required root canal therapy.
4. Dental procedural details describing the treatment and my condition in sufficient detail for payment by the French health care system.
5. A translation of the Dental procedures detailed in 4 above.
6. Proof of payment of the above dental expense.
7. A medical certificate supplied by my regular Doctor (GP) that evidences that I was in good health prior to leaving Australia
8. A Medical Authority that allows you full and free access to my historic medical records
9. A Medical Authority that allows you full and free access to my historic dental records; and that should you wish to enquire those records clearly indicate a dental procedure was performed.

I then received a call from the claims department saying the claim couldn't be paid because a Medical Authority hadn't been provided. When I explained that it had been provided and he locate the Authority, he then changed tact and refused the claim saying that yet a further Medical Report from the French Dentist was required.

*** would not recommend****

Insurance claim madeYes

They don't tell you everything!

Policy seemed great and easy to apply for, after doing some research this seemed like the best. During my trip to Vanuatu, I perforated my eardrum, which caused me to be out of work for 2 weeks. I lost over $1100 of income and being casual, was not paid sick leave at work. I had proof of my rostered shifts and when trying to submit a claim for loss of income, was told they only cover your loss of income a month after your return! Any money lost in the first 30 days out of work is not covered! If I had known this prior to leaving I would not have paid over $150 for insurance that would not properly cover me. Disappointed and will NOT be using NRMA again.

Insurance claim madeNo
Hey Hayley, thanks for your review and sorry to hear about your incident during your trip and that you are disappointed your two weeks lost work was not covered. Our PDS does state under the section Loss of Income, that income is not covered for the first 30 days from when you planned to return to work after your holiday. This is standard across most travel insurance companies. We would encourage new policy holders to ask specific questions about their cover if they are concerned about certain things if they cant read or understand the PDS. Our consultants are always happy to clear up any questions you may have about your coverage. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. ~KazHi Kaz, I understand it is in the PDS, but this document is only provided via email once you have paid for your insurance. If that was disclosed on your website when choosing a level of cover and viewing the features, then I would not have a problem. Please fix this for other travel insurance customers. HayleyThanks for your feedback Hayley we will certainly pass this on. ~Kaz

Great until you submit a claim

Like all NRMA policies our travel insurance policy was quick and easy to set up, make the payment and receive the relevant documentation.

Our well known airline carrier cancelled our flight and put us on a flight 24 hours later. As we would miss our connecting flight we had to purchase new replacement air tickets to fly to our destination. Making a claim is done via the web. The process to submit your details is terrible. Your travel agent is also required to submit supporting documentation. The insurance company responses were poor and extremely frustrating seeking additional details and wasting time.

Our claim was denied as this policy only covers delays due to airline strikes. It does not cover operational delays.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Chris, thanks for letting us know about your recent claims experience. We are really sorry you felt the online claim lodgement was tedious. We will pass your feedback onto the IT team so they can review the online claims process to see if we can make it less frustrating. We are also sad to hear you felt the customer service was not up to scratch, we would certainly like to investigate this and would ask if you could please private message your policy number so we can send your comments through to the travel team. This is certainly not the level of service we strive for here at NRMA. Thanks again for your feedback Chris and we hope to hear from you soon. ~KazKaz - I have tried to contact you and escalated my request within the NRMA without success. No one knows you and I have had no response back from the NRMA.Chris, please message our Facebook page at this link https://www.facebook.com/nrmainsurance with your travel claim or policy number plus your feedback and we will be sure to pass it on for you. ~Kaz

Good, and bad.

Purchased online via webpage. Supposedly entitled to 5% Member discount ? At no time asked for membership details. Seemed to be interested in home insurance cover held ?

Can choose to simply not cover pre-existing conditions. Simple. This is for you if you have a non-serious pre-existing condition.

Shocking web forms, calendars for dates of birth are something like 18 months off the mean date for any given age. If you need to go back it cancels the names and addresses. There is a drop down combo box for Visa/MC with no arrow control and two buttons that do nothing because they are actually only logos. Radio buttons for two choices guys. Making a choice cancels the details? Credit cards have BIN numbers anyway guys.

Final page does not confirm email, nor phone contact details, and get this, *resets* to the home page. So good luck working out your coverage details. Certificate checks out, but otherwise it looks very scammy.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hey Mattie, sorry to hear this! If you need help with your cover going forward, we can organise a call back for you within the next 24 business hours from our Travel team? Appreciate your feedback around the website here, will make sure this is passed on to the right team. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us Mattie! ~Jamie

Unfair and pointless

My partner and I spent some time in New Zealand for a holiday and our carry on luggage was stolen out of our rental car. It contained our passports and other belongings. Due to their ridiculous terms and conditions our claim was unsuccessful because they did not cover ‘unattended luggage that was not in the boot.’ Yet, our boot was already full of other larger luggage as the rental car was rather a small vehicle. Their policies are extremely unfair and do not consider the rights of their clients particularly when the circumstances were beyond their control. Would not recommend.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great service at claim time

This was my first time taking out travel insurance to cover me for sickness but first time ever my luggage’s was delayed and I was so happy with the claim process after I got back. Being jet lag I was so impress how processing the claim over the telephone was so easy and simple. The consultant was very helpful

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Durana, thank you for letting us know you were really happy with the service you received from the travel claim team, that's great to hear! We appreciate your feedback thanks so much again! ~Kaz

NRMA was awesome. Covermore as their underwriters, were NOT!

The policy was a competitive price. My husband and I went to Europe and we're supposed to take a transatlantic cruise to the USA.
Unfortunately one of our bags was stolen on a train in Italy, containing our passports, expensive Nikon camera equipment, Apple Watch, various chargers and adaptors, and my husband's house and car keys. As it happened on a Friday the Australian consulate in Rome was unable to do anything til Monday.
NRMA were lifesavers. At a time when we were thoroughly shaken up, frustrated, and upset at the sudden realization the cruise we'd saved so hard for over 5 years would leave without us, the customer service agents took over and were thorough and efficient in their organization. They had our hotel send a credit card authorization to them and extended our stay until the following Tuesday, and looked up information on the possibility that the emergency passports we would be issued wouldn't allow us into the USA (because they're not biometric). On the Tuesday we were to pick up the emergency passports, they organized a chauffeur from our hotel which was over an hour away from Rome, to the consulate, then he waited for us to pick up the passports and drove us to the airport, where return flights to Australia had been booked for us. (The exception was the incompetent people on the graveyard shift in the call Centre who knew nothing and fobbed us off, saying we'd have to call back unless it was a medical issue)
The numerous fantastic customer support staff we spoke to generally took much of the difficulty off our hands and made a very difficult situation more bearable.
Unfortunately, lodging the claim with Covermore on our return was an absolute nightmare of inefficiency and frustration because-
1) The Apple Watch I'd received as a birthday gift in February was depreciated 30%
2) My husband's camera equipment was depreciated almost 60% (2years old, professional quality)
3) All the conversion rates (€ to AUD and USD to AUD) they repaid were not calculated at the market rate, or if they found their rates somewhere secret, I'd like to buy currency from there next time we go away. Our return from Covermore didn't reflect what we paid.
4) The major stack of paperwork required as a claim, though our travel agent said it's usually done over the phone, with support documentation simply emailed, they said this wasn't an option for NRMA customers (we assumed it must only be for people who deal with Covermore directly)
5) Every time we called, we were told that our claim was being assessed, but no one could tell us exactly what was going on with it. Eventually we made our way up the command hierarchy and found a manager who understood what was going on, but the general customer support staff should be renamed desk jockeys. They have ABSOLUTELY no knowledge of anything.

In summary, we'd go through NRMA again in a heartbeat, (though their night shift people could do with training on how to help people in ANY kind of travel emergency, and a personality transplant that could lead them to actually want to assist people rather than fobbing them off and getting them to call back during normal working hours. However I hope NRMA moves to a different underwriter in the future, because dealing with Covermore was HELL! Possibly a company that gives a proper market value on replacement items, and accurate currency conversion as according to ANYWHERE currency can be purchased.

Insurance claim madeYes

Probably alright to use now.

No wonder the NRMA in Feb 2014 changed to the UK Great Lakes insurance for travel. Unfortunately we were probably one of the last NRMA's CGU claims that CGU dwelt with and we got the full treatment such as changing contact person three times, dramatically reducing what we got covered, wanting heaps of extra information, dragging out the process, etc.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great coverage and value

I took out insurance for a trip to Queenstown. I could not fault the price and the coverage in the policy. It has better coverage than all the other travel insurance companies that I considered.

Insurance claim madeNo

Terrible service

Late last year my family and I were on a 19 days dream holiday to the US going to New York, Florida, Disney World and Los Angeles. Four days into our trip my wife’s mother passed away so we flew straight back to attend her funeral. I had taken travel insurance with NRMA (having been a long time customer) despite advice from my travel agent to use Cover-More instead.

I called NRMA the day after we arrive back, only to find myself speaking to a CGU Claims Officer who advised me that they underwrite NRMA’s travel insurance. He lodged my claim and advised that I had ample time to send them all my documentation for reimbursement.

A few weeks later after having sent through all my documentation I was advised that the claim had been accepted, but that I would only be reimbursed for lost accommodation costs and not any airfares which totalled over $10,000. Their excuse was that I needed to have rebooked and paid for the replacement flights within the travel insurance period which ended a few days after we returned. At no point during my first call to them did they advise me of this requirement and there is no such clause in their Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

I am now in the process of cancelling all my NRMA insurance as well as that of my parents and siblings. I’ve also made sure that all of my friends and their friends are aware of this situation through the power of Facebook and social media.

I’m also lodging a formal complaint with Financial Services Ombudsmen (FSO) stating that I believe NRMA’s Travel Insurance PDS is deceptive and misleading, and that the FSO should take action against NRMA and CGU to ensure other consumers are not misled as I was.

My advice to anyone reading this.....never take out NRMA or CGU Travel insurance!!!

You think you're getting an NRMA product, but you're not.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Great news for you Redback, congrats. Alas I was not so lucky. I got assigned some junior clerk at the Ombudsman who seemed more interested in closing the claim quickly than actually doing any investigation. They've now closed my case.

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Please quote for travel insurance to Fiji between June 19th 2019 to 25th August 2019 with some rental car included. I'm a NRMA seniors member.
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Hi Connel. We don't provide quotes through Product Review. But click this link www.nrma.com.au/travel-insurance and you will be able to get a quote here or leave your details for someone to contact you. If you have home or contents insurance with us you will get a discount on your travel insurance. ~ Jono


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