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Nulon Full Synthetic 5W-30 / 5W-40 Long Life

Nulon Full Synthetic 5W-30 / 5W-40 Long Life

5W-30 and 5W-40
4.9 from 24 reviews

Good Synthetic oil but pricey

I've used Nulon 5W-30 sparingly when I could afford them, they are a bit pricey (for the 5W-30 that is recommended for my vehicle) and there are just as good a synthetic oils out there for a much cheaper price, they are not on special that often, so shop around! I prefer either the Penrite 5W-30 (which is also expensive for the 5W-30) or the Gulf Western 5W-30 which is also an Australian synthetic oil just like Nulon and Penrite are which is also the cheapest of the 5W-30 synthetic oil that is recommended for my e-HDi Citroen C4 turbo diesel As the Nulon and the Penrite can be very expensive most of the time for a 5 litre bottle. Either way, all these synthetic oils are excellent oils and you should never ever use anything else on modern vehicles especially turbo vehicles either petrol but especially turbo diesels! Btw, I change my oil and filter every 10,000 kms also.

Purchased in November 2018 at Supercheap Auto for $65.00.

Works well. Reline oil is far better but 3 times the price

Love the oil price.
Wish it came in a few other grades for same price
No problems with it. On a toytota aristo 2JZ GE
With 160k on it. Smoothe as silk and cant tell if its even running
Castrol synthetic not as good. Twice the price.
But redline synthetic is far better still. But cost a lot more.
Love the flashlight promo . Its worth a few bucks

Car1995 toyota aristo

Best oil ever

Been using Nulon fully synthetic oil for decides. At 15000 km oil still hindu coloured. Believe this brand of oil is best in the market. Never burns black within 15000 km. Great oil and is paten specialed under $40. Also believe engine runs smoother and gives improved petrol consumption. Car rated at 10.5 litres per 100 km but I can get 9.5.

CarFord Fairlane Ghia. 1998

Best engine oil

cant fault the oil at all. its the best oil i have ever used even better than castrol and shell helix. i change the engine oil around 12 to 13 thousand k's and the oil not even fully black. Will continue using it. I highly recommend this oil. give it a go and you wont be disappointed.

Car2010 nissan dualis

The best engine oil for my cars

Bought the 6L for $60 from Supercheap Auto. Used it on both my honda accord and toyota echo. Noticed less ping on the Honda and increased engine performance on the toyota echo. I've previously used Honda engine oil and can feel the improve engine performance on the Honda. Highly recommended this oil.

CarHonda Accord 2012

Great full synthetic for diesel.

I use this in a jeep kk and a izuzu d-max and its great value for money for an Aussie product especially the 10l that is normally on special at super cheap auto. I've tired other oils but Nulon seem better with engine noise and fuel economy even after 10k. They do make 2 different types of this oil so be careful which one you pick or need.

Car2009 jeep cherokee

Thank you Nulon! Greatest engine oil I've ever had!

I've just have a oil change on my 08 Toyota Camry, replacing the old oil to Nulon 5W-30 Long Life full synthetic. As soon as I start it up, I was shocked how easy it is to start the engine. What's more, while I was driving back home, I nearly confused whether I have purchased another car, a better car. The engine is much smoother and quieter than before, those improvements were just done by simply changing engine oil, unbelievable! Compared with other full synthetic oils on the market, the Nulon one was incredibly cheap to purchase! I spent only $30 to purchase 5 litters. I really thank Nulon to give me such a good product with a reasonable price! Good work Nulon!

Car2008 Toyota Camry

Fixed cold stat valve tapping, more power and smoother

I had cold start valve tapping noise with Shell HX8 and decided to try another oil brand. I used Nulon 5/30 long life with Nulon E20 additive and the engine noise stopped after a short while and the engine became much smoother and more powerful as well, vey happy especially as it is also cheaper then my old brand. Thankyou Nulon!

CarToyota Corolla 2003 376900kms

I'm using it, and hope it's good

I decided to bypass my Kia dealership 75k expensive service and just change the oil and filter myself (and hopefully not jeopardise the warranty). Although I'd normally buy a major brand, I bought Nulon (full synthetic) as it was half the price. I think I've had a reduction in what sounded like chain rattle, not that I know if there is a chain, but definitely a bit quieter. Mind you, rumour was that engine rattles in a second hand car for sale could be reduced by adding a banana skin to the sump, not that I'm suggesting Nulon would do that, rather I'm saying that oil evaluation needs scientific analysis whereas anecdotal reports are unreliable e.g. better fuel economy claims are particularly vulnerable to unintentional change in driving habits. As for specifications, despite one manufacturer's adequate specifications, you know what I mean, their oil would consistently foul a plug in my 302 falcon, and the same manufacturer's 2 stroke oil (50:1 mix) would foul my surface gap plugs in my outboard with a black oily residue after idling for five minutes. Changing both oils to another brand immediately fixed the problem. Specifications maybe aren't the full story! Anyway, hopefully I can report back in a few years and at least say how my Nulon car is still purring, and not report that it's blowing smoke or has some other problem.

Car2014 Kia Cerato
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Driven about 600k on the Nulon now and engine rattle is same as pre-Nulon, so don't know if I imagined intial noise reduction, or whether there was a reduction but it dissipated.

What oil to choose?

Do yourself a favor! Choose what is specifically recommended by the manufacturer. If you try to cut costs, your not going to save much anyway compared to what headaches you can get with the wrong oil. I know it's tough if you're not working, but I only use the recommended, if you park and catch a train your oil lasts longer. So, what do I use? Nulon fully synthetic 5-30 for my Subaru Outback. I have never had any problems, engine performance and fuel economy (approx 550-600ks) are quite good in Aussie conditions for the 2.5L box engine I have, and I usually change the oil and oil filter every 10K, mechanic doesn't complain, some people do earlier; 5K is not much time, but it's great to see the clear oil on the dipstick, happy engine for around $100 or $50 on sale and DIY. By the way, I also use premium unleaded fuel, and a small bottle of fuel injector cleaner; just love to hear the engine purrrr like a kitten. Thanks Nulon!

Car01/09 2.5L Man Subaru Outback Touring 4th gen
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PS: Reliable, good car, good oil. 6 months on and driving an 01/09 Subaru Liberty Sports 2.5L, doing the same oil changes fuel injector cleaning, and things are fine. Titanium spark plugs are easy to get to on the sides of the motor and last for around 80k+ for smooth motoring. Forgot to mention, don't forget to replace the oil filter. The later model Subaru's have the oil filter positioned at the top of the motor under the bonnet and this is very convenient for doing it yourself. You still have to get under the motor to drain the oil though. I've been changing my oil a bit earlier around 7-8k and things are fine.

Great oil

The Kia dealership just did a 60,000km service, I did ask for a fully synthetic 5W30 oil, which they did provide, at a cost, Magnatec synthetic was used, worst engine oil ever in a Kia, engine did not like it at all, sluggish, noisey, got home and changed the oil over to Nulon, which I have been using in it since new and change every 8000kms, what a dramatic difference, smooth again, no noise and the performance is back, only had the Magnatec in for 25kms, what a crappy oil, came out black after only the 25kms, what the hell, might work fine in other engines, but I have never had good results, had it once in my Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart, went 50kms and changed oil, if you like this brand, stick to it, not for me i'm afraid, never been a Castrol fan.

CarKia Rio 1.4lt Auto

Have been using shell synthetic!!!!!

I was sceptical but thought nothing ventured, I'm seriously impressed I'm getting 760ks from 65liters my car has always been smooth and adequately powerful for my needs but I've noticed no noticeable oil usage compared to shell!!!! Not going back,I'll soon be driving to Sydney from Brisbane I'm curious as to what the result will be but in a nutshell I've become a nylon fan!

Car2006 lexus is 250

Top quality Australian made oil

I'm really impressed at the difference this oil has made to my Aurion. It was already smooth and quiet but this oil has made a big improvement.
The fuel economy has improved by 1ltr per 100 km in the city with the aircon on in 37 degree heat.
Well priced and it comes in a 6ltr pack.

Car2010 Toyota Aurion

This is Perfect for my Cruze 1.4 iti

Been used Mobil Dexos 2 before with the dealership
Since change to this fully Synthetic 5w-30

Engine run smoother and lower tapping noise.

Also has Low in SAP which require for the specification.

Perfect oil at Better price and quality you can trust in this.
Like to compare with Penrite Enviro+ 5w-40 for the difference.

CarCruze 1.4iti

Cant reccomend it enough

First tried Nulon oils a while back now, and have used it and several variations in different machinery and vehicles.
Ive always noticed that the product recommendation team that you call are very knowledgeable and willing to offer solutions and recommendations. Its not all about the $$$ with nulon liek it is with all the other oils on the shelf.
Ive previously used other high end brands and have to say its very comparable and top quality.
In all our vehicles we have noticed : Lower engine noise, better fuel economy, better value for money!

Carvarious, mazda diesels, european diesels, fords, hyundai, toyota and holden

Excellent oil!!!

The Mitsubishi springwood service dealer use the shell 10w-30 semi synthetic when servicing my car the other day and I think is not good one for my car. I decide to change to nulon 5w-30 full synthetic. All I can say is huge different in engine sound and performance. It's quieter and spontaneous acceleration. Good product, love it, never look back.

CarMitsubishi outlander ZJ 2012

Absolutely Brilliant

I replaced my oil with this and found it to be a great product. Used in a 2002 Hyundai Elantra the engine oils consumption is much lower than other previous brands and I've noticed since switching to this full synthetic one i have saved about 2L/100km of fuel. So in the time its been since buying it, it has already paid for itself. Also since switching oil the car runs quieter and smoother. I am overjoyed with this purchase and am definitely now loyal to Nulon.

Car2002 Hyundai Elantra GL

Trustworthy Brand

I too recently decided to service my Ford Transit 2009 model with the 2.4 Lt 4 cyl. diesel. I have always suspected that the Ford service centre had used the incorrect grade & quality of oil, as the service interval in the handbook recommends every 12 months or 15,000km service. For a Diesel engine at such a spaced out interval, it is important to use a superior quality oil that will last the distance to which frankly mineral based oils simply will not do. I therefor tried Nulon synthetic Long Life Diesel 5W 30 and haven't looked back. Also as a patriot to Australian made product, i'm proud to say that i'm doing my bit in keeping jobs here.

CarFord Transit

Great Oil

Serviced my Holden VZ Commodore V6 Alloytec for the first time using Nulon 5W-30 6L synthetic oil. Before that I had been using Mobil 5W-30 synthetic oil but became fed up at paying up to $85 for a 5 litre container and around $20 for a 1 litre bottle.
Straight up I noticed that the engine idles smoother and is less noisier than the Mobil oil.
I will be sticking with Nulon in the future as it is well priced for 6 litre container of oil.

Very impressed!

I was a little bit hesitant buying the Nulon Full Synthetic 5W-30. I have always thought that Nulon are not good. After servicing my 2006 Toyota Hiace I am convinced I did the right thing buying this oil. After I have finished servicing my Hiace I took it for a drive and I could feel the difference. I will be sticking with Nuon from now on.

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Questions & Answers

.ca you put it in a Nissan car
1 answer
Yes of course if it is suitable for your Venice! Check the type of oil viscosity that your Nissan requires and if its 0W-40 or 5W-30 or 40 then ithe Nulon synthetic that is mentioned here is suitable, its all about the type of oil that is suitable for your vehicle!

Is it the best for a 2001 turbo wrx
1 answer
how often do I require to replace it

can I blend nulon 5w 40 with 10w 40?
2 answers
Never a good idea to mix oil viscosities. When draining the oil you will never get all of the oil out. If you are not getting bluish smoke when you receive a little hard, 5w-40!would be better for fuel economy, to though most manuals will suggest 5w30 oil for better fuel economy (check your owner handbook for suitable oils).“W” stands for “winter.” When oil grades are hyphenated (i.e. 10W-30), this indicates range of viscosity attainable with this particular oil, namely it behaves like 10 weight oil (less viscous) when it is cold or “winter” and thanks to viscosity modifiers (manufacturer added oil additives), it will behave like 30 weight oil (more viscous) when hot. So DONT MIX them as the oil will function differently with the 10W and the 5W and could be damaging to your engine, stick to one viscosity and the viscosity that is recommended for your vehicle, this is very important as manufacturers do allot of extreme testing with which viscosity is best for your engine e.g. in my case, I own a Citroen C4 e-HDi turbo diesel and Citroen recommends using only 5W-30 synthetic oil and not 5W-40 due to long term built up of contaminants (even though minute but its critical) for the longevity of your engine and damage to the diesel engine.