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Impossible to swallow - almost choked me


I bought the Nurofen Express 512mg tablets in Cyprus when I was there on holiday. When I wanted to use this tablet (solid material, almost like a sphere) it was really hard to swallow it, I stuck in my throat. Then when I came home, I tried to use it again, it stuck in my throat again, it has a surface that gets sticky when it gets wet. I tried to drink more water on it but the water jammed, too (blocked by the tablet in my throat), so I vomited it. Its still on my kitchen wall, I will have to repaint it someday. I tried it a third time in the bathroom, and failed to swallow it again. After that I throw the rest into the trash, and searched on google where share my experience about this poison, ... I mean product.

Purchased in May 2019.

Ease of Use
Value for Money
Side Effects
  • Mild side effects
Symptom ReliefNo Effect
Pain Type Acute
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mallymuffMelbourne, Vic

  • 42 reviews

OK for arthritis pain - over packaged


Purchased in September 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $14.99.

Ease of Use
Side Effects
  • None
Symptom ReliefModerate Improvement


  • 8 reviews



I started getting a headache yesterday, took some nurofen ... didnt do anything. Went to bed and woke up the next day. About midday to late afternoon, i started getting another headache so I took more. My headache turned into a migraine. Had to take 3 tablets to get any sort of a result. Did nothing. Took another 2 1 hr later, also did nothing. Had to get the hubby to go & buy me a box of panadol. All the nurofens in the supermarkets are complete garbage. Why the hell did they have to take away the nurofen+ & make you go to a dr to get it? So stupid. What would of been dealt with yesterday is still occurring the next day at night. Your product is crap.

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Komal K.Nurofen

This is perfect! Can't keep without it.


Nurofen is a great painkiller. I found ibuprofen to be far more effective than paracetamol, and Nurofen is readily available just about everywhere. I generally use it for headaches, period pain and back pain, but I've also used it after dental surgery and when I twisted my ankle. It offers great pain relief, I always make sure there's some in my medicine cabinet.

Putting yourselves out of business ?


So, the Australian government has changed it's legislation, I cannot get nurofen+ over the counter anymore & now requiring everyone to go to a doctor & get a prescription.
I have bought a box a week for years for chronic pain associated with MS, now though I can only get 1 box of 30 tablets every 15 days.
Further more, nurofen have upped the price. Was $13aud per box of 30, now it's $20.85.

So after getting 5 repeat prescriptions today, off to the pharmacy I go & after being given the information on the legislation changes, I told them to tear up the scripts & bin them!
Never buying nurofen again!



  • 273 reviews

Not bad at all


I bought some nurofen capsules years ago from the local gold cross chemist and started using them when I had a sore throat due to the flu - it got so bad that I could hardly talk so I had to alternate so I could sleep however, the capsules were small so had no choice but, to take 2 capsules at a time in order for nurofen to work alright



  • 51 reviews

More effective than paracetamol


Nurofen is a great painkiller. I find ibuprofen to be far more effective than paracetomol, and Nurofen is readily available just about everywhere. I generally use it for headaches, period pain and back pain, but I've also used it after dental surgery and when I twisted my ankle. It offers great pain relief, I always make sure there's some in my medicine cabinet.



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My go to for bad pain


Always works for me. My go to for bad pain in my back or headaches. Easy to find in tons of shops.



  • 2 reviews

love nurofen for a head ache


I seemed to notice that nurofen works really well when I have a head ache or pain. Panadol never works I feel as if it makes it worse. Nurofen is great for pain definitely recommend.


t00dlesQLD, 4000

  • 60 reviews

Regular Pain Reliever!


I have tried lots of other brands, but Nurofen is one I always go back to. My kids use it, I use it and I've got my Dad using it as well! I find it works much quicker than other brands and doesn't upset my stomach. The caplets are perfect size for me as I can't swallow larger pills without gagging - I can swallow two of these at a time - go me! :)
Fast acting, gentle on stomach, great for kids


cherubbabiesSydney, NSW

  • 89 reviews
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We use nurofen a lot, any pain we use it.
It's been a big fan in our family for years and you can buy from pretty much anywhere now.
It helps us get on with our lives and really tackles pain on hand.
I like that nurofen has different pain tablets, for different areas even cold and flu.
Works fast



  • 7 reviews

Pain relief


For instant pain relief try nurfofen. It works wonders for headaches and tooth aches. I have used other pain killers and nothing comes close to nurofen. It is expensive compared to other brands, but l must say well worth it, as it actually works not like some others on the market.
Instant pain relief


shelbywardVic, 3039

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Nurofen is the best painkiller


When I have a headache, or more recently, toothaches, I turn to Nurofen for relief. I've tried the others but it is really only Nurofen that works for me. Its the rapid pain relief that makes it my painkiller of choice. Easy to take and totally effective so it ticks all the boxes.
Quick pain relief

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Not many people realise but your no name brand of ibuprofen (Active ingredient of Nurofen) is exactlly the same as Nurofen, but only $2 at Coles or Woolworths for a pack of 20.



  • 4 reviews

Unbelievably good !!!


There has never been anything as good as nurofen, i am used to taking panadols but i always dint get the effect i was looking for. Advil is something i would equally recommend. I thought i would write a quick review for people looking for a quick relief from headache and tummy ache.
cheap, readily available

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Several years ago, I found that paracetamol (panadol) wasn't working very well for me, so I tried Nurofen instead. It seems to work much better for headaches, tooth aches, period pain, inflammation, etc. If you have really strong pain, Nurofen Plus is probably the better option as it has added codeine. But for regular pain, Nurofen works quickly and does the job. I have always used the caplets, and they are small and easy to swallow without a nasty aftertaste. They are suitable for breastfeeding mothers and those with asthma. I have never had an upset stomach from taking Nurofen, or any other side effects.
Easy to swallow, works fairly fast, effective on pain


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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I once had my feet swell up after spending hours in water and detergent the day before. The Dr told me to take Nurofen and it worked. Luckily as I was in a wedding the next day and could not fit into the bridesmaid shoes! I know it was the Nurofen as they swelled up again and I repeated the Nurofen and they settled back down (Dr was stumped as it why they were sore and swolled). I also use it if I have a sore throat or when I have had tonsilitis as I find it helps to settle the swelling.
I tend to use Nurofen if I am dealing with inflammation. I find it very effective.
Not enough if you have really strong pain.



  • 31 reviews



I really like these nurofen tablets, they work for a few things and they work fast. I am not to crash hot on the baby safety aspect of them tasting sweet and not being in a baby safe bottle. I will how ever still keep buying them. Oh and did i say They work really well!
They taste sweet so aren't a struggle to get down. They are easy to swallow, i haven't ever had one not go down properly
They don't come in a baby proof bottle. and they are a little pricey



  • 168 reviews



I like that you can buy Nurofen pain relief tablets in a variety of forms as the liquid capsules I have found to be a far easier form to take. I always have trouble trying to swallow the tablets. You can buy the tablets in bulk packets which makes them much more affordable. Good with pains such as headaches.
Readily available form of pain relief. You can always find Nurofen at supermarkets or chemists. Does a good job with a variety of different forms of pain.
These tablets can be expensive but you will often find them on special at chemists from time to time.



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I had always used Panadol when suffering from a headach or stomach cramps, but since using Nurofen there is no going back. Due to the seet coating, they are easy to swallow. I find it more effective if you rest until you feel the effects of the pain killer and once they start working you have a good 2 hours before if the pain still persists I would take another 2.
sweet taste due to costing on the outer crust of the tablet, works fast and effectively - I wouldn't use anything else. Readily avaliable.
Can be a little expensive but if you buy them in bulk packets you can save a little money and they are more reasonable.

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