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Great Olly’s Box - the pups love it!

I have received Olly’s Boxes before, gifted to us and we loved them. This was the first one I ordered for our own dog. The Box arrived via post quick enough. The order was as I expected: no soft toys per my request and a mix of new toys and treats. The toys have been a hit - a mix of “Tug-of-War” type toys as well as interactive occupier toys that dispense treats - this one is the favourite! We got to sample new types of treats as well as a different type of dry food for rehydration, which the dogs love and we’ve gone on to buy a full size bag of. Very happy with our Olly’s Box.

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Yay!!! Great to hear Aimee. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, and for being part of Olly's Box. You both rock!

Loved product

My small elderly dog called dotty loved her Olly box so much would totally recommend and my grind also got this box and her dog loved a lot


Ordered a Christmas special for our dog and was not overly impressed by the contents. The only thing christmasy was a box of cookies, there was one toy which was red in colour but not Christmas themed. We also got 3 very small balls which are too small for our dog and poo bags, not really a Christmas box :(

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Hi Jennifer, I'm so sorry to hear that you weren't overly impressed by the Christmas Olly's Box that you received. We tried hard to find the best quality products, and admit not every product was Christmas themed - We tried to find a balance between Christmas themed products and great quality (and fun) products. If the balls or anything else are not suitable for your dog, please just email bark@ollysbox.com.au and we can organise an exchange or refund. We hope you and your doggo have a pawesome Christmas, and hope the treats are thoroughly enjoyed!

Absolutely amazing! My dogs are going to love there boxes so much for Christmas

Our Olly's boxes arrived quickly and just in time for Christmas, our dogs are going to absolutely love what's inside! I am more than happy with what I received.

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Yeeepaw!!! Hey Lexi, it totally rocks-our-socks off to hear that you're happy with what you received and that your pack is going to absolutely love their goodies on Christmas day! Thanks for being an awesome dog parent, and for allowing us to be part of your world. Merry Christmas!

Dog perfect

Some very good treats, enticed on naughty puppy to steal an unopened packet. He definitely gave his approval. He also loved the small squeaky balls.

January 17th 2019 Update: Dogs love it

.The toys are popular with the dogs. They can't wait to get into the box for the treats and toys.

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Yeeeeepaw!!! We totally ruv that your cheeky puppa enjoyed his Olly's Box! Thanks so much for being part of the fun, and for taking the time to leave us a review. Licks - OB

Get the puppy box then don't bother

The puppy box was amazing, full of great products.
The christmas box was dissapointing. One toy. The same balls that were in the puppy box and some dog biscuits and a dog poo bag dispenser.
I was expecting christmas themed products. This is not what i received.

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Hey Sarah, I'm so sorry that you aren't happy with what you received. There are loads of Christmas products on the market but the majority are really poor quality, so we decided that half the products would be the best Christmas themed products we could find, and the rest would be great quality non-themed products. You're welcome to shoot us an email at bark@ollysbox.com.au and we will organise a replacement for the balls which you now have two of! I'm sorry once again that we didn't hit the mark for you and your doggo this Christmas. None the less, I really hope you both have a fantastic Christmas! - Drewe

Great package :)

I had a sneak peak to see what was in our first Olly’s Box and loved it! I can’t wait to give it to my puppy on his birthday! :)

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Yay!!!!! We bet he'll totally flip out on his Barkday! Thanks for treating him to an Olly's Box and for leaving a review. Licks x

I don't know how she knows!

Every time an Olly's box is delivered by Jack x seems to know this is a parcel for her - and she gets so excited and helps open it. She loves the toys - but first up she goes straight for the treats that are almost always included. She's LOVING the Fuzz Yard Supernaturals in Lamb and Broccoli that arrived in the box today :)

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Yippee!!! It is so great to hear that she knows the package is for her and that the toys and treats area always well ruv'd! Thanks for being part of the fun, allowing us to be part of her world, and taking the time to leave a review :) x

Such a good idea!

When I first came across Ollys box, I was so excited to be able to give my pup a little treat once a month. Like Christmas Day but every 30 days!
But now I’m buying the one off boxes for everyone, including my neighbour (who’s dog has not put his ball from the box down)
Not to mention the owners are more than helpful and super friendly. Will be recommending to everyone I know
Thanks you Olly box!

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Hey Emma and Charlie! Thank you so much for being part of the Olly's Box family and for taking the time to leave a review. We're sure you'll both really love the adventure. A high-paw for also treating your neighbour's dog to an Olly's Box. It's great to hear that the ball is very much ruv'd! Licks x

We had one very happy doggo

We were so happy with Olly's Box.
Our kelpie x went crazy over the Ruff Play croc, which is still in tact (he can magically get squeakers out of anything usually).
He loved everything that came in the box. We're looking forward to our next one.
The staff are amazing. Super friendly, helpful and their social media is very entertaining.
We highly recommend their product.

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Howdy-doo! Thanks so much for leaving a review :) It is great to hear that your doggo went crazy over his croc, and hasn't yet managed to magically remove the squeaker! Thanks for being part of the fun, and for allowing us to be part of your dog's journey :)

Proceeds go to puppies in need

I really love that Olly’s box support dog rescues and shelters around Australia! The toys are very sweet. I do wish there were 2 stuffed toys as my boys prefer plush toys to hard rubber toys. I look forward to the delivery each month to see what is inside. I also love the little sample of dog treats/food that is healthy and not full of nasties.

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It's so great to hear that your boys love Olly's Box! We're looking into a soft-toy only option and will let you know if this is possible in future :) Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Nicole, and for being part of Olly's Box. Hi to your boys from us :) Licks

Reasonable but not up to rough play

The shampoo and conditioner are good and don't trigger my dog's allergies. The treats my dog has loved, however the toys are not sufficiently durable to endure more than about 5 minutes of play with my staffie.

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Hey Tony & Carbi! Thanks for your feedback. It is great that the Essential Dog Shampoo and Conditioner were suitable and that Carbi loves the treats. I'm sorry to hear that the toys are not durable enough for him. We do actually offer a 'No Soft Toy' option which may be more suitable. Feel free to email us if you'd like to change to this option :) Thanks for being part of the fun. Licks x

A fun little box for your furry friend

Always comes on time, affordable, my dog loves all the toys, plus they’re fairly durable and since getting Olly’s box we’ve finally found treats and food she enjoys.

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Yay!!! It is totally awesome that you discovered treats and food in Olly's Box that she enjoys :) Thank you for taking the time to leave a review Lucy, and for being part of the Olly's Box squad of crazy dog peeps! Much ruv.

Great toys and treats for a dogs birthday

My review is for the the Barkday (birthday box). I bought one for my dog's birthday last year and decided to get one for her 2nd birthday. The treats are yummy and the toys are different to what I see in the shops. The Barkday box is a way of making my dogs birthday special. I intend to buy one every year. Thanks Olly's Box.

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Hey Helen & Garnet! It is great to hear that you've both been enjoying Barkday Olly's Boxes over the last two years. Thank you for allowing us to be part of Garnet's special day! Thank you also for taking the time to leave a review. Licks x

Something different every time!

I love Olly's box. Every month the toys change and my dogs always loves them. The treats are always well recieved and I love the samples of shampoo and conditioner this month.

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Hey Jordan & Daisy! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We stoked that you both enjoy the variety and surprise each month. Thanks for being part of the fun, and again for taking the time to leave a review!

Good box, could be a little better!

Hi team! We were very happy with the treats in our box and the majority of the toys, however I would hope for a better selection than some basic tennis ball. Really loved everything else, but hoping for some products that a bit more unique to play with! Thanks!

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Howdy-doo! Great to hear that the treats and majority of toys were well received. We can provide a replacement for the lacklustre ball if you like - Just shoot us an email and we'll sort it out. Thanks for being part of the fun and for taking the time to leave a review - Licks

This made our day !!

When we received our Olly’s Box in the mail this afternoon it truely made our day ! The box was delivered quickly and I loved receiving the support emails during the process! Beau loved all of his new toys, and I loved the great gadgets (the pet widget rage was a massive hit) and who doesn’t love a wine gift card !
Thanks guys ! We are now definitely monthly subscribers !!

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Hey Kelly & Beau! It put a huge smile on our dial knowing that Olly's Box made your day and that Beau absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for being part of the Olly's Box family of crazy dog people and spoilt dogs. Until next time, hugs and licks. Enjoy the wine :)

My boy loves the new toys and surprises he gets every month

Excellent quality, customer service and value for money.

We look forward to his box every month as does the boy.

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Great to hear!! Thank you for being part of the Olly's Box family of crazy dog people, and for taking the time to leave a review :)

Very happy doggo

Our Golden Retriever loved receiving his Olly Box - he grabbed the box, tipped everything out, then spent a good couple of minutes running around with excitement trying to grab everything at once. There were 2 medium 'Chuck It' tennis style balls, a 'GiGwi' hard plastic style ball and a Holobon toy. He loves most of the toys, however, he hasn't touched the GiGwi ball, I think because it's such a firm ball and he can't squeeze it hard enough to hear the squeaker inside. He loved the chicken treats but the salmon kibble isn't terribly exciting for him - would have preferred another style of treat rather than kibble. Still, really great customer service and will definitely try again, maybe around Christmas time.

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Yay! Great to hear that he loved his toys and chicken treats! Hopefully he gets used to the GiGwi ball, as its such a fun, loud, and bouncy ball! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Jess!


Top quality toys and treats! Great first birthday gift that keeps of giving. My pup Franklin knows exactly what it is when he sees a square box come in the mail!

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Yay! Great to hear that Franklin knew that the delivery was for him and that he enjoyed the toys and treats! Thanks for leaving a review, and for being part of the Olly's Box fam-bam! Hi to Franklin :)

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