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4.7 from 49 reviews

Excellent service

Excellent service from this company. They give objective and impartial information on speeds and costs. you can speak directly to their technicians. I had no trouble in being connected and the speed is exactly what they suggested it would be.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateMay 2019
Adequate Speeds Yes
Standalone or BundledStandalone
Contract Type24-month contract
Data TypeCapped Data

Not the cheapest, but it's good

I get full speeds all the time with no congestion issues. Not the cheapest in town and priced at a premium but it's worth it. They got me connected quickly.

Start DateAugust 2018
Data TypeUnlimited Data
Connection TypeFTTC (Fibre to the Curb)

What a joke can’t even watch a Netflix movie keeps dropping out, what a waste of $49 a month

Connection is crap, can’t even watch a movie on Netflix without the internet connection dropping out every 5 minutes what a joke for $49 a month and no phone after hours g figure

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateMarch 2016
Adequate Speeds No
Standalone or BundledStandalone
Contract Type24-month contract
Data TypeCapped Data

A customer support team I can understand

I researched and came up with onthenet.I called and spoke to someone in "Australia".I joined up and it was easy fast to connect.The service is faultless.Spend a few bucks more and use these guys.Previous was Belong and they tell lies overcharge and are generally ignorant to anything you say and thats only when you finally get one you understand.Belong are as pathetic as Gccc. Onthenet please dont change your style word is getting around,I tell everybody how good you are, cheers

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateMarch 2019
Contract TypeMonth-to-month
Data TypeUnlimited Data
Connection TypeHFC (Cable)

Most competent staff in all departments

I ordered the NBN and router bundle online and it was quick and easy to plug in and go. We had internet almost immediately after moving in. The housemates often have online games going at the same time as movie streaming and it keeps up with us. We've only had one drop-out in 9 months that lasted about 5 minutes.

Any time I've called regarding billing it's been quick and easy to get through to someone and they've been able to answer my question straight away without putting me through to half a dozen people. Same goes for the emails, they seem to want happy customers which blows me away after dealing with Telstra and TPG.

10/10 - I would and do recommend signing up with On the Net if you're comparing.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateJuly 2018
Adequate Speeds Yes
Standalone or BundledStandalone
Contract TypeMonth-to-month
Data TypeUnlimited Data
Connection TypeFTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Trouble free NBN

Great staff, they know their stuff. Never had a problem since being connected. I recommend them to anyone looking trouble free NBN.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Oh My Gosh!

I had my NBN connected today, a week earlier than expected, 3 business days after emailing my order form to OntheNet. Unbelievable Service. Loved the extras in the box too. Thank you. I can’t believe how fast the internet is. Most impressed.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

OMG Best NBN company ever

Ordered on Friday, had NBN box and modem on Tuesday, once plugged in service was already activated. It was the fastest connection time I've ever experience with a Internet provider, previous ones were a nightmare sometimes 3-4 weeks. My last provider I averaged 1-6mps now I average 47mps down and 17mps up anytime of the day. The best thing about this company is the customer service Ian knows his stuff and will answer all your questions thoroughly. The company is located on the gold coast, that means no overseas frustration when you need support.
There are other company's with slightly cheaper plans(usually six months promotion) but in the end the pricing is very competitive. The old saying is still true you get what your paid for.

Connection TypeNBN FTTC (Fibre to the Curb)

Service is amazing

Great connection and fast speeds and when I have had issues , they are local and you get to speak up a people.

Connection TypeNBN FTTC (Fibre to the Curb)

Installation of NBN

I have been a customer of OntheNet for a number of years and would highly recommend the company.
I have today been connected to NBN with no problems in the setup. Modem was delivered and connection completed on the date specified on email.
Ian Ibarra was my contact person from when I first enquired about changing to NBN and email and phone follow up was excellent.
Margaret O'Leary

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Best ISP I've ever dealt with

After going through 3 different ISPs for our NBN FTTP connection and having constant dropouts and unusable speeds, we tried OntheNet and haven't had a single issue. Excellent fast customer service. They recently restructured their plans to provide more data for a lower price, and automatically updated their existing customers to the new plans without being asked! I am constantly recommending OntheNet to anyone looking for a new ISP.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

Super competent ISP.

I switched from ADSL1 to NBN 25 initially. I was very impressed with the speed I upgraded to NBN 100. The speed is consistently > 80% of the max no matter what time of day I test it. On The Net are super reliable and technically highly competent. What you pay for, you get.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Best internet , best customer service

We have nbn, this is going to be hard for people that have dealt with the major internet providers to believe , but mine was set up and working the next day!! I have a 16yr old son who is a big big gamer, he loves it and says it’s the best internet for gaming, I can go to my online classes and have no drop outs at all.
Customer service!! Wow!! They are the best, emails and calls answered without waiting on hold for hours or waiting up to a week for an email to be answered .

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

Great Gold Coast ISP

I've been with OntheNet since moving into our current property 9 years ago. The street had dodgy old Telstra wiring and the OTN support people were always very helpful with interfacing with Telstra to get the copper repaired to fix ADSL synching which failed regularly. We transitioned to NBN HFC 12 months ago and have had no cause to even call support for the first time in a year! Recently OTN upgraded the speed tiers on the local plans at no cost. <thumbs up emoji>

Connection TypeNBN HFC (Cable)

Absolutely amazing Company to deal with

We have NBN.
The set up process was a 1 week from the time we ordered the service to set up. On set up day we were without internet for 3 hours, as soon as we were ready to connect to the NBN network, OntheNet support team rang and walk us through the setting up of the modem.
The NBN service is fast and no dropouts.
The customer service throughout the set up process was great.
We have had to use the technical phone service to ask questions and they were so helpful.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

15 years with the best ISP you can deal with

I have been with Onthenet for almost 15 years and I have to say it is the best ISP I have dealt with over the last 20 years.
I have currently both ADSL and NBN and whenever I have contacted Onthenet Staff, from the reception, support to the provisional Dpt, my queries have always been dealt with professionalism. Their SERVICE AND PRODUCTS ARE EXCELLENT. I have no hesitation in recommending this ISP,

Connection TypeNBN FTTB (Fibre to the Building)

Great personal service and the outcome we were after

We transferred from ADSL to NBN due to a long term however temporary move. Set up was explained well, all done in the time frames we needed, and up and operating within a day. Speed is great, modem was easy to install ourselves, and connection has been reliable.

Connection TypeNBN FTTC (Fibre to the Curb)

Upgrade from ADSL2+ to NBN

OntheNet have been outstanding. They have made what has historically been a painful process, a simple and successful one! Thankyou

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Returning customer, was with Onthenet net for about 12 years, had to go to Telstra for a bout 3 year

Time frame was 24 hrs to connect to NBN with onthenet, (we were NBN ready on the 24-2-18, we were with Telstra. Time frame for Telstra to transfer to NBN booked the transfer on 26-2-18 finally got connected on 3-5-18.
Our connection with NBN is reliable, we are about 500 mtres from the Node, apparently the copper cable from the node to us is old and our line has been split with our neighbour. Our speeds are faster with Onthenet NBN, than Telstra NBN, same speed plans, Telstra must have capped us.
All departments of Onthenet are fantastic and customer service is excellent, thank god I'm i am back.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

OntheNet provides service others should strive for

Do you think changing service providers is too difficult? Well, it's not. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call Ian at OntheNet. From the first phone call he knows his stuff, his continual communication throughout the process exceeds even your wildest expectations and his after service is second to none. Add to that our monthly savings into the hundreds of dollars$$ and we are the happiest customers ever. Thank you Ian and OntheNet.

Connection TypeNBN Satellite (Sky Muster)

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Questions & Answers

The pricing you quote for OnTheNet is for the Gold Coast ONLY. Charges outside the Gold Coast are MUCH higher and data allowance is LIMITED.
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What sydney areas are available for nbn connection?
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Is change of email address required when moving to onthenet?
1 answer
Ah, everyone gets burnt by this at one time or another, never use the email account your ISP provides, otherwise switching is a pain (yes you lose it!). Bite the bullet and forgo your current ISP email address and get a public one next time like gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc NOT the ISP email address, or probably unlikely, consider buying your own domain and mail server.


Monthly Price $59.95$69.95$89.95
Packages AvailableBusiness and StandaloneBusiness and StandaloneBusiness and Standalone
Data AllowanceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
NBN Speed Tier 12/150/20100/40
Max Download Speed 12 Mbps50 Mbps100 Mbps
Max Upload Speed 1 Mbps20 Mbps40 Mbps

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