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delivery and returns policy

Your delivery and returns policy is excellent. No take the extra charges for rearranged the delivery I really appreciated you. Every time manage with the customers. Thank u very much

I love OO.com.au

Have never had a problem with this company. Great service and timely delivery and great gear to purchase. Have ordered products that came from US (usually around Christmas for presents) and they have always arrived on time and in great condition. Everyone laughs at me at work - she's been to OO again as the parcels arrive! Keep up the great work!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo


I accidentally pressed a misleading ourpay button and now I have a jacket on order that I didn’t want to buy! customer service on the app is not replying and it’s the only way I can contact them! I want my money back!

Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeNo
I want the order canceled before shipping and my money back. Shame on OO for this deception. Please reply to my messages you have no working phone number!Hi , Thank you reaching out and pass on your feedback to us. I'm very sorry to hear that. Appreciate if you could reply with the order number for me to check this for you. Awaiting for your reply.Order # 29257808 Awaiting your reply.


My order was placed on 11 February 2019, total value $18.00 for a product available in Australia. The item was delivered on 18 March 2019, five weeks later. However, I had not read the fine print which stated: "Estimated delivery 03/03/2019 - 08/03/2019. Orders are dispatched directly to you from the US".
If I had been more careful and read the "Estimated delivery" time, I would not have placed this order.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
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Hey There, thank you for writing to us. I am sorry to hear that your order arrived later than expected. Our orders are sent from overseas and hence sometimes have a longer transit time. I do apologise for the inconveniences caused.

Poor service and product availability

Found the online experience with this supplier very poor. Ordered an item on 21/2/19 and is still not available as at 18/3/19 with not availability date when queried. Very slow also in terms of delivery and never any apologies when supply is late or indeed if an item cannot be supplied. Wont be using them again

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Hey Les. Thank you for taking your time to write us a review here. I'm so sorry to hear that your order has yet to reach you and you have yet to receive updates on when you can expect the item to be delivered to you. Please do provide me with your order no and I will assist you with an update. Thank you.Thanks Les for the order no. I have just checked in your account and I can see that your request for the cancellation has been processed today. The monies will be reflected via original payment method within 5 business days. And as for the missing item, this has now been refunded. You should have received an email when items becomes unavailable. I'm sorry to hear that you did not receive any as some times the email does end up into the junk/spam. If there's anything further you need, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Thank you.

Addictive, if you love a great bargain

Top quality, real brand products. Quick delivery. No fuss return and refund. I once took 3 months to return an item and oo.com still accepted the return and gave me a $90 credit.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Brand, size and colour I was looking for.

It was easy to find the thongs I wanted on your website. I was able to purchase a pair in a colour and size I wanted without leaving the house.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

One off payment for Multiple delivery systems not working

Your company keep charging me for delivery on every order instead of free multiple delivery payment made from previous orders. Please advise and check the system for mails and lines sales to be linked with any payments for delivery.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
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Hey King, thanks for reaching out to us here. I'm sorry you're not receiving the free delivery. This does not sound right. Could you please provide me with one of the order no for the free delivery you did not receive and I will be able to check and reach out to you. Hope to hear back from you. Thank you.

Unsubscribing to this website.

I have on so many occasions tried to unsubscribe to this website to no avail. I do not know how you came to this address but it certainly was not with my approval. I do not do online shopping and therefore would appreciate being removed from your mailing list. I have tried unsubscribing, sent emails and also a letter, no action has happened. You are clogging up my computer and all I do is delete, delete.
Hoping this will get some response and action from you. Thank you in anticipation.

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Hey Ray, thanks for reaching out to us here. I'm sorry to hear that you've been receiving promotional email from us and the unsubscribed seemed to have not worked for you. I have just reached out to you with the Private Message and hope to hear back from you. Thanks,

Another faulty item shipped

Had a aroma diffuser bought for xmas and does not work at all! This is the second faulty item shipped by this company (1st was shoes with sole falling off). Very difficult to raise complaints and even harder to get replies to emails. Last time after few months had to seek refund via paypal! Not worth it !! Shop elsewhere, very disappointed especially as this was a gift...

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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about the faulty diffuser and unresponded messages. Our team is working on clearing the backlogs at the moment. I understand that this had made you frustrated with our company but please allow me to have this sorted for you.Please provide me the order number for me to check and revert back to you. Thank you. LC

Don't bother

I opened an account with this store last year because the items looked interesting and there was a great range. However, the company flooded my inbox with notifications, sometimes more than one a day. After a couple of months of deleting these I sent an email asking to be removed from their customer list.
Not only did I never hear back from them, the notifications just kept coming.
I've just deleted another 168 from the past 2 months.
Entering the name into my email 'block' filter did nothing to stop them coming.
I would not buy anything from them on principal.

Hello there, I am sorry to hear that you are still receiving our newsletters despite unsubscribing. Can you please send us a message with your email address and I'd help remove you from our mailing list?Have done that just now by replying to your latest email. How strange that you were able to respond to my review but not the emails I've sent earlier. If your notifications/emails don't stop coming I will be updating my review. Thank you.I am really sorry but there was no information for me to check on your emails. I hope this issue is now resolved.

Second time buying a product that needed courier delivery; second horrible experience of extended no

This company's products seem to be fine, but the frustrating wait for the slack, inefficient couriers they use to get their act together and deliver the goods makes it not worth the few dollars saved. Also, oo.com.au do not answer customer service messages sent via their website.

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Hello Ccclaire, thank you for sharing this with us. I am sorry that the delivery has been frustrating and that you have not heard back from us. If you are still waiting on an order, can you please advise the order number and I'd look into this for you.

Delivery very poor.

I am order number 27533950. And it’s my first time ordering with oo. The estimated delivery state’s 03.11.2018-08.11.2018 but no update. All i am being told the order will out as soon as the sale will end. HOW COME THEY DON’T HAVE ENOUGH STOCK? This is the first time me dealing and probably the last. I ordered an mk bag worth 350$ with shipping almost 400$ and i have been telling the team it’s for my grandma ‘s 100th bday and i have to travel overseas’s no response. May be gifting your loved ones from this site us a big no as it’s so unrealiable.
Be it you say whatever they say one thing waiting for sale to end. If you guys fail to deliver the bag before 16th of nov as i am flying on the 17th to Fiji i would highly recommend a refund. As it’s annoying me awaiting and getting the same response time and again.

Pathetic service. Highly disappointed.

And if there is no further detail or update’s about it by this week kindly refund the money asap. So that i order it from some site and get it on time.

Least i could expect from you guys. Cause i am so exhausted typing regarding the update. It’s height’s now. Either you tell me if you are going to provide. Else KINDLY REFUND THE MONEY ASAP. I don’t want to hear that it take’s year’s or age’s or week to get the money as you guys have wasted wnough of my time.
My mistake i ordered from you guy’s learnt my lesson won’t do it in future.


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Hey lovely. Thanks for reaching out to us here. Please do allow me to explain as we don't keep stock of the item when the sale is open. Once the sale is completed only then do we receive them in our warehouse and begin packing and dispatching them. On another note, I have just responded to your Private message too and I'm happy to hear that one of our representative was able to assist you with this :-) If there's anything further you need do let me know. Thanks, Sharmani

Finally everything sorted out

Order Number: 27273102
Although I was initially disappointed with the way they handled my returns, it turned out to be fine. As I am too busy in my daily routines, I prefer not to post back an item if it is defective or damaged and I thought a photo would suffice for that. But I returned the item and got my refund. I will order a few more items from oo.

Best wishes,

Hey Bishnu, thanks for the positive review and I'm happy to hear that your issue was resolved and the refund has been processed for your return. If there's anything you need, do reach out to us and we will be happy to help :-) Thanks, SharmaniThank you Sharmani. How long does it take the refund to come into my account?Your returns will be process 5 business days from the day it arrives into our warehouse and you will be notified once they have process your returns. Thanks, Sharmani

No Worries web site

What’s urged me to write is a friend is having monumental problems with another on line website.
I’ve been shopping with OO.COM.AU for years I’ve had a few issues but they’ve been resolved promptly

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Hi Gram, thank you so much for the positive review and I'm happy to hear that any issues you faced with us was resolved promptly. We do try and giive the best to all our customers. If there's anything you need, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, my team and I will be more than happy to assist. Have a great day - Sharmani

unable to contact if this does go thru

invoice number 30531766 for galaxy s7 have not received and can not ask you a question without going thru to Facebook are you scammers or what money refund wanted or apoligise plus goods

Hi there Grant. Thank you for the review, and I'm sorry that you're still awaiting your Samsung Galaxy S7 order. I have just checked your account and I can see that your phone was dispatched on 15/06 and its on its way to you. My apologies again for the delay in delivery for this order. As this is a public site, I will send you a Personal Message on how to track your order. You can also drop us a message via Contact Us from your oo.com.au account as you have done previously and we will be able to provide you with any kind of assistance you need. If there's anything further you need do not hesitate to reach out to us here and I will be happy to assist. Cheers - SharmaniAfter impatiently waiting for 2 months to receive my phone it all looked good BUT to this stage I am unable to get it to work properly ( cannot get it to connect to network rendering it useless). I have enlisted my daughter to check it out this weekend and will keep all updated to whether I can get it to work properly. As I am concerned that I will not get any help from OO I am starting to feel that as I paid for it over two months ago a refund thru my payment provider is unlikely and the big $ 20 that OO said that they would credit is STILL A BIG FAT ZERO to my account with them is another promise that they have not fulfilled.Hi Grant. Thank you for reaching out to us about your recent issue with the Samsung S7 phone. The phone you purchased does come with a warranty and you can return the phone to us for warranty claim or return it for a refund. I’m sorry that your order was late in delivery as there was an unforeseen delay from the supplier supplying the phones to our warehouse and hence the delay in delivery. We are here to help in whatsoever way and we will continue to do so. As for your $20 that was promised, I’m sorry that it was not fulfilled. I have now added the $20 into your oo.com.au account and to further apologise I have added another additional $10 into your account. Your Store Credit is now available and can be viewed at – My Account – My Vouchers. I will also be sending you a Private Message in regard to this and also what are the options you have in regard to your phone. Hope to hear from you soon to which way I can assist you with. Thank you , Sharmani

Not in Australia or even the same hemisphere. Processing delays/No Product.

They are not in Australia even though it is an Australian website. I have used the website twice.
Both times there was no information about IF the item was actually available for immediate processing and shipping.
They sell you items and give estimated arrival times and then don't even have the product in stock before its supposed to have arrived! This means that the arrival date comes and goes before they have even shipped the item... by a few weeks!!!!!!!

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Hey Cap, thank you for your time to write us a review of your experience with us. OO.com is located in Sydney and most our goods are from our suppliers located within Australia. However, we do have some of goods that comes from different parts of the world - UK,US and etc. The way our business works is we do not hold consignment stock and therefore we have estimated delivery dates to accommodate the time for when the goods are sent to our warehouse from our suppliers. Once received the warehouse team will pick and pack and then finally dispatching them. I apologize that you may have faced with some delays of your orders that did not meet the ETA provided. If you could provide me with an order no I can look into this for you and check as to what has transpired with your order. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers - Sharmani

Very disappointed

Ordered jewellery on line late January, expected delivery date was 4/2/2017. Tracked items delivery date changed several times, items are now with courier and still no delivery date

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Dear Marg S, thank you for sharing your recent experience with us. We are sorry that you have not received your order and would like to have this looked into. Could you provide us the order details and we will be in touch with you. xx

Would not recommend buying refurbished I Phone from this company

I bought a refurbished I phone online from OO for $189 in July 2017 in February 2018 the phone stopped working. After contacting OO I was told the phone had a 3 month warranty and was offered a $10 discount on further purchases. What a Joke!! I definitely would warn anyone not to purchase any refurbished products from This company. I actually thought I was getting a good deal and now feel very disappointed.

Hello Julie, thank you for writing us a review. We apologize for the inconvenience caused with your order. As we have advised - the sale had clearly advertised that the product was on warranty for 3months and this issue has now occurred outside the warranty period. This is why our CS team has advised you the above. Thank youI doubt anyone would consider paying $189 for a phone that would only work for 6 months. I have had other phones that have worked for years after the 12 month warranty. Obviously you think that it is just an inconvenience. Most of us don't have $189 to waste. Thank you OO for allowing me to waste my money.We apologize for the inconvenience with the item but as it is out of warranty we are unable to have it repaired. This is why we highlight the warranty part on our sale in order for customer to understand that the period of the warranty is for this many months only. We however, apologize once again for the inconvenience caused. Thank you

oo.com.au comes to the party

l have recently submitted a review i regards to poor service given by oo.com.au since having left this review about the poor service that we received, oo.com.au have contacted us again in regards to the service we had received, they have since refunded the purchase and have made good what had gone wrong. Thank you oo.com.au for coming to the party and making good on your promises.

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I get free delivery codes. But when I put them in they always say that it is invalid and expired. Why do I keep getting them when they never work.
1 answer
Hello Jennie, Thank you for your message. I am sorry for the delayed reply. Can I check if this issue is still persistent or if it has been resolved?

Can’t open my daily email from you, it opens to your logo with no products?
1 answer
Hello Chandru, thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear that you are unable to open your newsletters. Can you please use a computer to access the newsletter. Can you also check on your internet browser settings as this may be because that your internet is blocking the content from being automatically downloaded.

hi, i made an order for 2 pairs of canvas men shoes on the 25/9/2018 order no 27286050 i have been sent an email that it was delivered on 25/10/2018 which i did not receive i have contacted australia post and they said they will investigate, i also sent you an email and an email was sent back on 13 November 2018 that you will investigate and contact me in 5 days, i am still waiting for an answer, thankyou
1 answer
Hello Snezana, thank you for sending this to us. I apologize that you had not heard back. I have checked and can see that Australia Post has concluded their investigation and they have confirmed that this was delivered to your nominated address. I can also see that a team member has sent you this proof of delivery.

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