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Worst online shopping experience ever!

After numerous emails and phone calls it took 5 weeks to receive my sunglasses. When they finally arrived the super thin lenses I had ordered were the thickest lenses I have ever seen and are a yellow colour!! I have emailed 10 times and called 4 times to return these but am being ignored. I am now contacting the ACCC for assistance to get a replacement or refund. This has turned into a very stressful experience which is ongoing.

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- Terrible service, placed an order over a month ago and still haven’t received anything.
- Communication is almost impossible, they don’t answer phone calls or emails
- Do not use their service

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Also, return claim has been made.Hi Jordan, Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to know that you had placed an order over a month ago and still have not received your glasses. It is very unusual as most of our single vision orders are processed and dispatched within 5-7 working days unless the details on your order are incomplete. You did place an order on 20th March for a pair of glasses to be made with Computer lenses and for your prescription selected the option ìI will send laterî, we sent you an email on 22nd March for you to reply to it with copy of your prescription whenever you receive it. We did not receive any update from you until 01st April stating ìYou placed an order on the 21/03 and is not a prescription order.î I have checked our records and find that all your emails from 01st April have been replied to within 24 hours hence find it quite strange when you say that we do not answer to your emails. Your glasses were dispatched through Australia post however was returned to our store on 23rd April and a full refund for your order was processed on 24th April as requested by you. To conclude had we received a reply to our email sent on 22nd April we could have avoid all this hassle and delay caused.


Yes, great bargains and styles. But this is no recompense for the lack of service and communication. Last time I ordered they messed up big time but kindly offered me a free pair. But it took weeks to get my original order but I thought I'd give one more try. This time around I ordered and it took two days for them to realise what I wanted was damaged (and only the last in stock, go figure), so to save time I ordered a 24 hour despatch. They then took another two days to let me know that my order was not a 24 hour despatch (wrong: as pictured) and since then I rang many times and no answer. I have sent many emails and rang many times, and yes it's Easter now, but all this happened well before the Easter period (started on 13 April). I would avoid these people or perhaps deal with them in person, but online they are really disappointing.

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Hi Nic, Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your business and sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused with your orders. I have checked our records and wish to inform you that your initial order was dispatched within the promised time frame however the parcel was held at the LPO for collection as requested by the receiver however as confirmed, you never made such request hence we arranged for a redelivery for the same and for the inconvenience offered you a free pair on 23rd August 2018 that was delivered to you on 03rd September 2018. Your recent order was placed on 13th April, as it was a weekend your order was taken in to processing on Monday 15th May and the lenses were ordered. It was then identified that the selected frame is damaged and the only one in stock hence you were asked to choose an alternate frame. You did select a frame from the 24 hour dispatch, you were informed in reply to the email that the frames do not qualify for 24 hour dispatch as the original order was not for a frame from the same category. As the lenses for your original order was already under process from another lab of ours that does not specialize in 24 hour dispatch the processing time for your order would be 5-7 working days. There has been a delay in response to your emails or processing of your order due to the long weekend and the bank holidays, I agree you placed an order on 13th April however the order was confirmed and taken into processing on 16th April that has given us only 6 working days until today to process your order. Please be assured your order is being treated on priority and will be delivered to you in the next couple of days.

Great bargain!

Placed an order for a cheap pair of glasses just to check on their quality and service and was pleasantly surprised. The glasses I bought for just $59 took just over a week to deliver and looked and felt much better than the $300 glasses I’d bought last from my local optician a few months ago! I thought they had a great range of glasses to choose from and the customer support was satisfactory. I will be buying my next pair of multifocals soon. I would recommend this optical company.

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Kids glasses

It was a great experience being the first time ordering glasses online.
A great range of glasses for kids. And the virtual mirror made it easier for my daughter to see what the glasses would look like.
Very impressed with the look and feel of the glasses. And will be ordering her some more as well as myself.

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Ordered TWO pairs, they sent ONE, outside of the time frame. Avoid.

I ordered two pairs of glasses after seeing what looked like great prices, but as it got past the 10 business day delivery guarantee, it all started to turn sour.
I had to send multiple emails to get a tracking number out of them, had no reply so then opened a Paypal dispute, and eventually, one single pair of glasses arrived on its own. Being a tiny packaged, I filmed the opening of it while at the post office to cover myself and to show there weren't two pairs.
I've sent multiple emails since asking about the second pair, with no reply. Completely ignored.
I have no choice but to now but to update my paypal dispute to show they only send half the order, and get my money back.
These guys are cheaper for a reason, don't waste your time.

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Hi Sarah, Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to know that you have received only 1 off the 2 pairs you ordered. Our packaging team has confirmed that both pairs were sent in the same parcel. May I request you to kindly share details for the received glasses for us to investigate the whereabouts for the missing pair and arrange for the missing pair to be sent. May I also request you to email us the recording you have made while opening the parcel for us to forward the same to our laboratory and our packaging team to prioritize the process. Regards Team - Optically.

Never Order spectacles online

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1 star: Bad – unacceptable experience, unreasonable and rude conduct.

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It was a mistake for me to have ordered spectacles online.I was tempted by the fast delivery dates promised which turned out to be fake. Firstly I chose designer frames When it arrived they were ill fitting lopsided on my face. I chose the best lenses Kodak and the thinness lenses paid alot extra for all that. One lense was good. The other was blurred.Mind you the same prescription made from my normal optometrist on an existing frame I had came out perfect.... Lastly delivery took 3 weeks altogether. They were dishonest about the date they sent it giving tracking with Australia post that didn't move for a week because it has not been given to Australia post yet but as soon as Australia post got the package from them They delivered it in 3 days! So I'm stuck with frames that are ill fitting. Lenses that are useless And they don't reply at all to sort it out.Once they get your money you can talk to the wall. Complete waste of money time and effort but it's my fault for ordering online.

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Hi Paul, Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to know about the inconvenience caused against the order you placed on our website. I wish to inform you that most of our orders are dispatched within 2-7 working days; however orders with complex prescription or Progressive lenses may take additional time. I also would like to get to your attention that we offer a 90 Days Unconditional Returns and a Free One-time exchange for orders placed on our website hence if you are not satisfied with the received glasses you can return them to the address shared online for an exchange or a refund. As the details shared on this feedback is limited I am unable to verify your order details hence request you to share your name or number for us to assist you further. Regards Team - Optically.

Ordered 2 pairs and was that pleased I ordered another two pairs.

Beautiful site with great selection. Have no hesitation in recommended Optically. Quality products and styles with great service both during sales and after sales. Excellent communication on site and via emails.

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I ordered three pairs of rimless tinted glasses and one pait sunglasses,I was advised script needed 1.6 index. Asses arrived soon after but tint to dark. I kept sunglasses and returned the the sunglasses. Original order was 1st Jan and only received the replacement today 12 march. Communication was good but laboratory was hopeless. Afte all that love the glasses, price was great... But it was a saga and a half.

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Hi Roderick, Thank you for the feedback, we ae glad you are happy with the glasses. Really sorry for any trouble this might have caused. We might get it wrong once in a while, but we ensure our customer is never left unhappy at the end. We will pass your feed back to the relevant team and really hope you next experience with is nothing less that delightful. Regards, Team Optically

Don't order glasses online

I ordered two pairs of glasses in September 2018. Firstly, they were delivered well outside the expected time frame. Both pairs were completely unsuitable. Both were way too big for my head - and I simply could not see anything except blurriness through the reading glasses. After negotiating to return both pairs (at my own expense) I stupidly agreed to order a replacement pair of long distance glasses. The frames were more expensive, so I paid an extra $112. When that pair arrived, the lenses rendered by sight completely blurry!! Another negotiation, and I agreed to send them back (again at my own expense). I have heard nothing since, despite repeated emails inquiring about the progress of my refund.
It is now months since I first ordered from Optically. I am almost $350 out of pocket with no real prospects of getting any money back. Be very wary of this type of online operation. They take your money immediately and there is no guarantee of reasonable customer service.

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Hi Judith, I am really sorry for the experience you had. Our records however indicate that we did send out the replacement pair as per our last discussion, there seems to be some confusion as this is now over a few months and the courier tracking details are no longer available on their website. I promise you I can have this sorted for you, please allow us a chance to see what is missing here and we will get it fixed on priority if it means a full refund we will do that, don’t worry. Kindly let me know when a best time to contact you, we need to check some details about the replacement orders. Hope to hear from you. Regards, Team OpticalyDear Andy Thanks for your response. There is no confusion at my end. I repeat - after receiving the replacement glasses and finding that I could NOT SEE ANYTHING through the lenses, I wrote to Optically again and was told to send them back, to provide a tracking number, and to send a copy of my prescription - all of which I did. And then I heard nothing, received no further action, no refund on either my original purchase, the replacement glasses and subsequent returns. So forgive me if I am sceptical about your offer to rectify the situation. Nothing in your response indicates why no action was taken, for example, to refund the cost of the first pair of reading glasses that I returned months ago. I was told a refund would be processed once you had received and inspected the glasses. What happened there? You are welcome to contact me on Saturday or on Tuesday next week to discuss only if you agree to look into what has gone wrong BEFORE you contact me and are genuinely prepared to provide a refund. Otherwise please don't waste any more of my time or cause me any further stress. Better that I use my time to submit a claim for the refund through the Small Claims Court. Yours sincerely Judith

Top quality

Frameless glasses I've wanted for years but couldn't afford them. My optically ones are perfect I love them.Plenty of styles to choose from. I'm close to ordering a second pair. Thanks guys

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I Ordered a pair from the 24hr dispatch section.

Due to my lenses being outside the 24hr available range theses were not shipped the next day. However I did have them in QLD 5 days after order. Price was unbeatable at aprox $53 with basic lense and a reflective coating.


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Easy to follow process

Very efficient process for ordering spectacles. Plenty of choice on styles and options and reasonable pricing. I will order again. Delivery was supa-fast. Web site navigation is easy. Customer service is friendly.


I ordered a pair of glasses 3 monthe ago. I have contaced them many times and been told several different stories but i have still not received them. I cancelled the order 2 weeks ago and was promised a refund in my account within 48 houre. To date i have not received my glasses or the promised refund. BE AWARE WHEN DEALING WITH THIS COMPANY

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Great prices and fast delivery.

Site is easy to use, great range of products and very quick delivery. Have purchase multiple times before and very happy with results. This time, there were a few small blotches in the tinting of the lenses. It was too small to make a complaint about, though I'm sure the issue would have been rectified if I had raised a complaint.

unbelievable quality

very easy and plenty of choice all at fantastic prices . Quality was very good will defiantly buy more.My husband has purchased before and he is delighted with them.

Easy transaction, great price and fast service. A+

New to buying glasses, I found the site easy to navigate and select what I needed.
Lots of styles to choose from. Very happy with my purchase, my first order lasted very well, actually until I needed a different prescription.

Great lenses, frames a little fragile

Great quality lenses, but the frames are a little fragile. In saying that, I am ordering a second pair as i love the look so much!


I ordered a pair of glasses from them two weeks ago. However, I get nothing yet. I tried to call them but nobody picked up and sent them few emails, but they kept saying it is under quality check (I don't know what the heck is that, what to check?)

Hi, Really sorry for this experience. Please can you share you order number or email address for me to check your order. If the order says quality checks that means it should be ready by now. I can have the sorted real quick, please share your details. Thanks, Team OpticallyNo more details needed and you dunt need to send me the glasses. I have already opened a case on Paypal to ask for refund because i haven't recieved the product.

Perfect glasses in an reasonable rate

As I was searching for good pair of glasses in an reasonable rate. The prices at specsaver and other store were pretty damn high. I found the best price in optically

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Hi, is it true that your 1.61 index plastic lenses are protected with 1-year unconditional replacement (this just seems crazily amazing)? I mean, will I send my glasses back to you guys when the lenses are damaged so that they are replaced? Do I need to pay the postage both ways then?
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Colette, These guys are ridgy didge I stuffed up my script received the glasses and complained but after sending the product back they replaced the lenses at minimal cost(it was my fault) I intend to reorder soon. Regards JohnHi Colette, The 1.61 index lenses are supplied with a 1 year unconditional replacment against any dammage to the lenses.

Do you have frames suitable for archery target shooting (prescription to be added)?
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Hi, Thank you for your inquiry, I see that for archery you need Wrap around style glasses the ones that Oakley or the other sports sunglasses manufacturers make. Now, when it comes to prescription lenses there is a limitation on how much curvature can be added to it hence they cannot be fit in wrap around glasses. However, the solution to this is to use something called as sunglasses inserts. Mostly all premium sunglasses brands offer serval model that offer prescription or RX inserts. These inserts can be fitted with the prescription lenses. Thanks, Manager - Optically Pty Ltd

Are you located in Australia or not? The address on your website at - 14 Jeremy Grove, Glenwood is actually a residential address. Most of these positive reviews are from reviewers with no history, the negative reviews are from people with multiple reviews. Seems a bit shifty.
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I am located in Tasmania and order a pair of Skechers and I was very please with the order, and it didn't take too long to come either. Not sure where they came from exactly, but pretty sure it was posted from Australia.Hi I ordered prescription sunglasses from Adelaide and the whole process went smoothly I suspect the glasses are made overseas but I still received within a weekYes, it is residential address indeed !!! As When I returned my glasses+lens on the above mentioned Glenwood address via Australian Post, I was informed that they had to safe drop it, as no one was home. Now the question arises, why will you put up a Residential address ??!! After I complained, they have smartly changed their address. Have a look. Dont trust them, they never keep their word. Read my review and you will have a better idea. If its prescribed lens, they will issue only partial refund and their quality is also not very nice.

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