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OptiSlim VLCD Classic Series

OptiSlim VLCD Classic Series

Banana, Chocolate, Espresso, Strawberry and Vanilla
3.4 from 201 reviews

Not worth it

It doesn't worth it. I've tried other and the taste is very similar.
This company offer a wide range of taste so when you are using for a long period of time it becomes useful.

Purchased in February 2019 at Feminine Mysteries for $25.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio and Weightlifting
Weight LostNo change

Not worth it

Not worth it guys!! Been on theses shakes for a few months the taste is rank compared to other products on the market also theses shakes gave me server constipation and made my butt bleed

Purchased in February 2019 at Weight Losers for $26.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio
Weight LostYes

Espresso is revolting - product does work

I’ve gone onto Optislim intensive program ... three shakes per days and two cups of green leafy vegetables. Espresso flavour is revolting just tastes like salty chemicals. The program does work and as I have four boxes (thank fully all different flavours) I will be sticking with it for now. I haven’t experienced any cravings which has been great as I experience quite extreme cravings when water fasting. I do feel hungry a lot more frequently than I do with water fasting though.

Purchased in April 2019 for $25.00.

Additional Physical Activities None
Weight LostYes

Do not waste your money

Purchased 2 boxes of Expresso flavour and these flavours do not dissolve once shaken up leaving 2 inch of sediment at the bottom of the shaker, lumpy and frothy need a spoon to consume it. Called Optislim and they said there is a problem with the Wheat Protein and that's why it didn't mix so they sent me 2 replacement boxes and didn't ask me to return anything back and that was it. Purchased the Salted Caramel last week and same result as the Expresso this time when i called Optislim they said send the product back to them before they sent me any replacement. Why should i send it back anything to them i paid for them and there product was faulty.
First picture is the Expresso
Second picture is the bottom of the Expresso
Third picture is the Salted Caramel and
Fourth picture is the bottom of the Salted Caramel

Purchased in February 2019 for $55.00.

Additional Physical Activities Sport
Weight LostNo change

Did this product ever go through a taste testing process?

After using similar products from Healtheries and Complan which are delicious I was really looking forward to trying Optislim's Espresso flavour. This insipid solution contains not a hint of coffee. I had to hold my breath to get it down. I'll be adding cocoa powder to the rest of the sachets and then never buying it again.

Purchased in March 2019 for $33.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio

Still Lumpy!

I have used Optifast in the past with success but Optislim was suggested as a cheaper alternative.

I purchased three flavours last year Espresso/Banana/Strawberry and found that no matter how hard I tried there would be unpleasant undissolved lumps in the bottom which put me right off.

After reading these reviews I contacted Optislim and they informed me that there was a problem with the yeast used in the Best Before Apr-Jul 2020 batches.

I have now purchased two 19 Nov 2020 boxes and am having the same problem! (Also two of my original boxes were prior to the date range they mentioned).

I guess you get what you pay for - Optifast is twice the price but at least it works.

Purchased in March 2019.


Urghhhh - not good

So I have been on optifast and had success on it but the cost was a bit prohibitive. So I read reviews on the Optislim and said okay lets give this a go..... Why, why did I do this to myself.

The Chocolate flavour is my normal go to for Optifast - so Optislim Chocolate was purchased.

Well my first one was a different taste - very, very salty. Unsure but okay I will keep trying, no luck, still salty, chunky and just a bit revolting to be honest.

If you don't enjoy the taste you are going to fail in the programme - give this product a miss. Go to Optifast

The 2 stars was only for the price.

Purchased in January 2019 for $40.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio, Sport and Weightlifting
Weight LostNo change

dropping fast

Im really happy. i lost 4 kg in my first week, and 2kg per week after that. totaling 10kg in a mnth. I only buy the vanilla. On its own is a bit bland, but i always add a lot of ice and a tea spoon of coffee for breakfast, and some frozen berries for lunch. ive only tryed the cookies and cream bars and there really filling and taste nice to. i struggle drinking water, so put 2 blackcurrent teabags in a jug, and chill it down. 2 litres of herbal tea is so much easier to get through.

Purchased in January 2019 for $39.99.

Additional Physical Activities None
Weight LostYes

Coffee shake

Revolting, won’t buy again. Expected something that was drinkable. Wish I had read the reviews before I purchased. Very disappointed with this product.


I have the espresso and vanilla flavours! Both are really awful Optifast taste so much better, I don't care that it is dearer at least i can drink it!

Extremely disappointed

Found Optislim VLCL Vanilla Batch 138707 Best Before 18/4/2020 to be revolting. It did not dissolve properly (regardless of how prepared) and was full of undissolved particles. Not pleasant to drink at all. I would give it a rating of 1


I saw the advertisement on TV for Opti-Slim and as i had been using Opti-fast i thought i would give it a try - I bought the chocolate flavour - what a disappointment it tastes so yuck i cant even drink it. Cheap and nasty.

Disappointed - not the same mixture

My husband and I have been on the Optifast for 1 week and really enjoyed the favour (chocolate) shake VLCD Batch was 02 Jan 2020. We have just opened a new box 17 Aug 2020 it’s lumpy and taste different and does not froth up in the shaker like the 02 Jan 2020. There is something missing or changed in the ingredients. Not happy with this product The rating I would have given would have been 5 excellent but since opening the new box my rating is 2 Bad.

Tastes vile

Tried the strawberry and it is almost unpalatable - yuk! Tastes nothing like strawberry, couldn't even manage to finish one shake. Chocolate only marginally better. Optifast much better in my opinion.

Optislim coffee

I’ve been using the coffee optislim for a week now and it’s lovely, mixed with water only it’s great and I kinda look forward to using it twice daily I’ve cut down on normal coffees so that says a lot. Only thing I have started to experience is headaches but have read in possible side effects being potential headaches, and I have cut calories down pretty drastically immediately, but all in all very happy.
I have previously had the sleeve done 5 years ago so have found this to be very palatable as far as that’s concerned, I’ve not had cravings or anything other than mentioned headaches.

Faulty product

I have tried all the flavours but chocolate has the best taste and flavour. When the product isn’t faulty it works well, however the last 5 boxes I have had have been lumpy and watery and don’t work as effectively. I have complained twice with no response. So it seems that the manufacturer is not interested in any kind of feedback or acknowledging their product has a problem so that it can be fixed. I was a happy customer but now will be buying more reliable products such as celebrity slim or optifast.

Has worked for me! 5kg loss in 3 weeks.

I am in my 20's and in the upper "normal" BMI weight range so was wanting to loose 5kg to get my 'beach body' back as I am one of those unlucky people who carries extra weight around my stomach, hips and upper thighs. I was gyming twice per day and seeing no results as my calorie intake was too high.

This 5kg loss was achieved in 3 weeks with OptiSlim! I personally loveee the chocolate and strawberry flavours with water.

To achieve this I needed to be very strict with my diet - I did 2x optislim shakes with cold water + 1x 600 calorie meal + my morning coffee + LOADS of water every day for 21 days. If I got sick of drinking it with water, I combined it with Oats Milk or Almond Milk occasionally. I think the meal+shake combination was what kept me going with the diet, as if I knew I was going out for dinner that night, I would do shakes for breakfast and lunch, then enjoy myself at dinner, and still be at a calorie deficit.

My advice is that this is an affordable and achievable way to loose weight (I think I saved money from buying less food) in a short amount of time without affecting your social life or breaking the bank. Once the weight was off I maintained this by using the recommended calories for my height and weight on MyFitnessPal App with 1x shake per day + meals.

Worth the try !

Just started OptiSlim VLCD shakes. Bought 2 flavours, chocolate and espresso. Espresso was horrible to drink, the taste was just like consuming chemicals and cardboard. Chocolate was much better in taste and texture. Will be sticking with that one. I started off just drinking them with water but now I have added strawberries to my shakes to give it a little extra flavour. Worked well.

Watery and lumpy

After trying Optifast and seeing these were cheaper, thought I’d give the strawberry one a go. Aaagghh, big mistake, doesn’t mix well at all, is very watery and lumpy, had to mix one with trim milk to get it anywhere near palatable ( which defeats the purpose of a diet)
Will stick with Optifast which are smooth and creamy. Shame because it seems like something’s changed the past few months with this product.

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As an update to my review, found that if blended in a NutriBullet or similar with a lot of ice ( ie making up your water content with at least 50% ice) the mixture comes out quite creamy and delicious...but still I only found this out by my good fortune, however I would buy these again and use a bullet to mix. Not exactly easy though if you’re at work and can’t use ice and a bullet

Faulty batch

I too have been using optislim shakes for ages now and have really enjoyed them up till now. This batch does not mix well and is left with lumpy bits at the bottom. I emailed optislim and sent in two sachets to be tested to be advised this is normal. (Wish I had read all these reviews first). However they sent me a complimentary box as compensation. The next two boxes I brought were exactly the same so I emailed optislim again saying I will not buy them again. This time they agreed there is something wrong and are sending me two more boxes as compensation. Overall I’m happy with their customer service and having read these reviews; clearly there is a faulty batch.

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Questions & Answers

Can I eat meat on optislim and if so what type of meat
No answers

What meat can I eat on the optislim diat
2 answers
Lean meat with less to no fat is best like sizzle steak or two minute steak, fish is good and chicken breast and pork not bacon.Thanks for your reply

What vegetables can I eat on the optislim diat
1 answer
Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Spinach etc not Carrots or Potatoes or anything high with STARCH


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