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Oral-B Gum Care & Enamel Restore

Oral-B Gum Care & Enamel Restore

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Unbearable pain! Never had such ulcers till I used the product!


Ulcers, peeling skin inside mouth, swelling under tongue


A few weeks ago, not long after we starting using this toothpaste (stopped now) my husband started getting ulcers and swelling in his mouth. I looked online and was shocked so many people had the same issues . I'm worried about how long it will be until his mouth is OK again. Oral B should be ashamed. Strangely I was not affected.

Purchased in August 2019.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No
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Sheridan J.

Sheridan J.Victoria

  • 2 reviews

UNBEARABLE PAIN! after using this product just once


I am in the first trimester of pregnancy and after using this I have pain all on the left side of my gums and teeth, I used a oral b extra soft brush as recommended. I am sure my pain is from the toothpaste as it subsided after a couple of days using a Colgate toothpaste again, and the pain came back really bad using it just once again. (to the point of using all the pain killers I could- even ones I’m not supposed to in pregnancy IT WAS UNBEARABLE, like giving birth intense pain!) my doctor prescribed me panadiene forte as a safer option. Even painkillers only took the edge of pain off. Im not sure how this happened but I will definitely not be using this product again and I would not recommend it to anybody.

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths for $6.00.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Unusual texture but worked well on gums


Was told I had bad gum disease and needed prompt action. I saw this on the shelves and tried it. Two months later, with improved brushing and flossing, the dentist has told me my gum disease is gone. I do not have any tingling or burning to report but it does have an odd residue, perhaps that’s how it works on the enamel and gums removing all the crap. I would prefer if the makers explained this effect. It isn’t pleasant but I persisted in the hope it was part of its effect. This residue has now largely gone now that my gums have improved. I would recommend.

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $6.99.

Sensitivity Improvement Yes
Whitening Improvement No


RogerSurfers paradise

Pleasant taste


Have been using this toothpaste for two weeks and find it very good, teeth look clean and less stained, refreshing taste, no bad effects. Would recommend if you are an older person and would like clean looking teeth,


Melanie49South East Queensland, QLD

  • 11 reviews

Leaves furry feeling inside mouth!


This toothpaste is awful, I thought something was seriously wrong such as a mouth infection or mouth thrush and then realized it was the toothpaste! The inside of my mouth feels irritated and furry and I will throw the entire tube in the bin never again



Do not use !!!!


I’m in my third trimester and thought I’d try this to help my gums . Since using I’ve had the worst tooth aches and my left side of face is all aching because of the burnt gums in the left side of my mouth that this toothpaste has caused I can’t sleep at night because of this ache I’ve stopped using when I figured out what must be causing it and hope this goes away soon

Anthony Danny

Anthony DannyPerth

  • 2 reviews

Left Chalky residue on teeth and BURNT Mouth and cheeks!


Was interested in this product has I have weakening enamel on most of my teeth.

It has a pleasant taste, however burnt mouth and gums, worst tho was this chalky residue it left on my teeth, were my tongue would naturally gravitate towards touching

avoid - shonky!

Undesirable side effects on mouth, gum and tongue


I experienced side effects such as swollen lip, peeling skin inside cheeks, gum sore and tasteless front part of tongue. This happened after using it for a few days since stopping using the Sensodyne Rapid XXXXX tooth paste
that gave me similar problems.


KibblecoinLaunceston Tasmania

  • 2 reviews

Pleasant tingling


great toothpaste, my gums and sensitive teeth rate this 5 stars. The burning sensation most others report is, I suggest, a tingle. My mouth feels clean and my teeth seem much whiter. Love this toothpaste and will continue to use it



Excellent toothpaste for damaged gums.


Other reviewers have mentioned 'burning' but I always experience a very refreshing tingle that reduces gum pain and makes my whole mouth feel great. This is the best toothpaste I've used since I first got gum disease.

Burning Mouth after use


Im a dentist and i was given this product as a sample from Oral B, not sure what is going on but it does not seem to be right...after the first time i used it i feel like i just ate 2 jalapeño peppers....my entire mouth is burning none stop...


RahulGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 6 reviews

Burning tongue and peeling in mouth


I have used other oral b toothpastes (blue packaging) in the past and never had any issues. Recently I switched to this new oral b (white packaging) toothpaste and I started to notice that my tongue was always hurting (burning sensation). I was wondering what exactly was causing it and recently just after brushing I felt as if I drank the cup of boiling water and it was obvious that it's the toothpaste that's giving me this sensation. I notice skin peels in my mouth when I wake up since I started using this toothpaste. The chemical composition of this product is not right.

Not sure if it's doing any good to the gums but it's definitely damaging my tongue and mouth in general. I will not buy this again.



My skin inside my mouth was irritated


Like a lot of people mentioned here, my skin was irritated, today my gum started to bleed, it was fine with the previous toothpaste of another brand. Maybe this recent batch has the wrong concentration of fluoride or ingredient, my batch was 7338G9 expiry date of 11/19. I will give them a call tomorrow to see if this batch has been recalled.

would not recommend


I've been using this for about 2 - 3 weeks, I did persevere with it. This toothpaste does make my teeth look great, they feel strong and look white and healthy, but it isn't worth the gum pain. It seems the toothpaste is irritates the creases in the gums, my guess the rough texture of the product is a bit harsh. It now looks like very small ulcers in these areas and is quite painful.
I think Oral-B need to go back to the drawing board with this one.



Do not use this!


I saw this new Oral B toothpaste in Coles and I thought I’ll try it as Oral B is a well recognised brand. I was wrong and I just lived through one week of pure soreness in my mouth and throat region. I did a spot test on my lip and it blown up my lip! My gum lines and underneath my tongue are raw and full with ulcers!! I’ve taken prescribed antibiotics thinking that I’ve got a bad infection. I will never buy it again or recommending it to anyone based on the horrible experience and soreness I have had with the toothpaste.



  • 13 reviews

Causes gum and mouth inflammation


I switched to this professional looking toothpaste from White Glo, impressed by the claims of gum care. Ironically, after about a week my gums started getting sore and my mouth and lips started feeling inflamed. After two weeks the ulcers came.

I didn’t even suspect a toothpaste connection until I had to travel for work and took a travel tube of normal Colgate with me. The mouth cleared right up! Sure enough, when I got home and started using this Oral B again, the inflammation returned.

I’ve since read the similar experiences of other purchasers here. It amazes me that this whole range from Oral B hasn’t been recalled yet.


colMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 7 reviews

Gum care enamel restore oral b


Taste shocking.after taste need to get rid of.smell of not great either.product idea if works great but...thank God had sample as would not buy full tube.sad as the concept especially for older generation is fantastic

  • Verified purchase

Smells like heat rub & burns just as bad


I have used Oral-B gum care & enamel restore for 1 week. It has left ulcers all over my mouth including a very raw tongue. It smells like deep heat & possibly tastes like it too. Has there been a product mismatch/ swap in production in error??? The smooth mint flavor isn't there only the potent deep heat feeling. Can't handle using it anymore, my mouth is so sore. Will buy another brand urgently. I think it needs a warning shown on the product stating the potential side effects as it looks like I'm not the only person who has suffered!



  • 3 reviews

Seems to be burning my mouth


I have been using this for a few months. Then a few weeks ago I noticed my mouth starting to burn while I used it, and I developed canker sores. I then stopped and used a herbal organic tooth paste, rinsed in salt and coconut oil and my mouth cleared up. So this week I started using it again and within 5 days my mouth has flared up again with sores. It feels like the roof of my mouth was raw. I stopped using it again last night and my mouth seems to be clearing again.
It's a shame because I felt it really did do a good clean. Not sure if I am allergic or not. I just brought another brand new one too (before I added 1 and 1 together)

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