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Oral-B Pro Health

Oral-B Pro Health

All-Around Protection and Whitening
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Developed Ulcers & Sores in mouth from this Toothpaste

My husband & I developed multiple ulcers & sores in our mouths for approx 3 mths when we switched from Colgate to Oral B toothpaste. At the time we couldn’t work out why, then the ‘penny dropped’ when we realised it was the change in toothpaste. Oral B toothpaste seems to be missing an ingredient that kills bacteria which seems to be creating ulcers & painful sores. We have since switched back to Colgate & have not had a sore since. Oral B need to fix this problem as they portray themselves as the ‘dentists preferred’ dental care, but their toothpaste lets them down.

Purchased in January 2019 at Drugscreen for $6.00.

Whitening Improvement No

Oral B(AD)

Horrible product, never had slime in my mouth from any other toothpaste, I've ditched Oral B. Possibly unsafe product, and these days not surprising, they pass poor quality for the sake of profit.

Purchased in March 2019 at Drugscreen for $3.99.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Used once

I bought the whitening accelerator by mistake, have used oral B whitening toothpaste for a couple weeks. Bought the accelerator by mistake - used it once and have now got ulcers all over my tongue. Won’t be using it again, I’ve giben one star because it won’t let me give no stars

Purchased in March 2019.

Changing brand.

I have been using Oral-B fresh mint for about 4 years and loved it, until recently.
The recipe has been changed. The small gritty pieces that were in it and made my teeth feel clean and fresh, are gone.
WHY ? It's not the same anymore.

Purchased in February 2019 for $6.00.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Its like my gums and mouth start peeling

I brought this toothpaste last week. Within a day i noticed that my mouth and gums started peeling. Switched back to Colgate and no issues. To throw caution to the wind I used the Oral B again. Within 10mins the peeling started. This seems to be dangerous

Peeling skin in cheeks and gums.

I have used this product for years and loved it.However out of the blue a couple of months ago,strips of skin were peeling from the inside of my mouth.it always happened for a few hours after cleaning.I knew this was not normal so sought advice from google.I was amazed when I seen some of these comments.I have now changed my toothpaste and today everything was fine.I cannot believe that there is no warning on this product.I will never use again.

Needs to be discontinued

I, like many others have suffered with painful gums and mouth after using this product. I have a patch of exposed root which causes extreme pain and a high flouride toothpaste helps this but after trying this product it actually inflamed the area and as soon as it touched the root it was real agony. An hour or so later, thick white shedding from the mouth appears around the gums and is absolutely disgusting. If you use it before you'll have a tickly cough all night whilst the lining of your mouth runs down your throat. Very horrible toothpaste.

Terrible experience of using Oral B Pro Health toothpaste.

Burns gums and leaves skin peeling inside mouth and stringy white substance from gums after using Oral B. I will not purchase this product again.

Oral B whitening kit

I used this product for three weeks and it had no effect whatsoever on the colour or the condition of my teeth.

my gums turned white

step 2, the gel, burnt my mouth and turned my gums white. when the white finally disappeared my gums were left red in places and sore. no warning appears on the package. this product needs to be investigated and it does not appear to be safe based on the reviews here!!!

Swollen gums

The toothpaste corrodes the lining of my mouth. My gums had been swollen for a week now and I'd switched to another brand of toothpaste. Brushing my teeth has never been this painful..

Now I know why it's always on promotion

I'm not sure if bleach is stronger than this damn thing.
Chew my mouth skins every time after brushing teeth.
Tried to google online to see if anyone complains this product, I realise that I'm one of a huge crowd. ;-(

Ulcers and gum peeling

I found this toothpaste hurt my gums and after a few minutes white stringy stuff accumulated in my mouth which i had to peel off and spit out. I had ulcers and worse inflammation than ever. Horrifying

Does its job.

Although different flavours may taste weird, it does its job. Every time after I brush, i feel as thought my teeth are stronger, whiter and cleaner than they ever were before.

Oral-B Pro Health is pretty good

I used Oral-B Pro Health whitening toothpaste with really good results. A dentist recommended Oral-B 3-D white as an alternative and I find the results just as good, if not slightly better. I drink two cups of tea and two cups of coffee per day and my teeth were getting that yellowed look (at 62 years of age it's what you probably expect) but after using these toothpastes twice a day the results are markedly whiter teeth. I shall continue to use this brand of toothpaste.

I cried for two weeks when it got discontinued

This toothpaste is the best I have ever had in my entire life. I can't find anything like it and I despise other toothpaste types. I honestly considered just stopping any tooth-brushing all together when it got discontinued.

Thought I had oral thrush.....

After buying this new tooth paste for our Thailand trip my partner and I stated to notice some peeling of the tongue and cheek skin. Me the caring partner did the right thing and asked doctor google. Turns out according to doctor google it was oral thrush. My partner fretting decided we were going to make a quick stop to the pharmacy to fix this oral dilemma. Turns out not oral thrush but burnt skin from the tooth paste we were using. Thanks to oral b 3D whitening both our mouths ended u looking like bulldogs chew toys.

Makes your gums sore

The oral b pro expert strong teeth makes your gums hurt and gives you ulcers! Avoid at all cost. I've only just started using it and noticed straight away that it was this product that was making my gums sore.

Oral B Toothpaste

I have been using this product for 3 week now and I have been suffering with burning feeling in my mouth, and skin peeling as well as sores in mouth and tongue. I have never suffered with any of theses symptoms before. I stopped using the product for 2 days and my mouth started to heal. as soon as I started using it again all the symptoms came back.


This toothpaste makes my mouth & lips swell and burn. I have tried it a couple of times just to be sure it was the toothpaste. I will not be buying this toothpaste again.

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Questions & Answers

What is in your toothpaste that causes my mouth and lips to shed skin for hours after using. I feel uncomfortable when I am out with friends having to suck up all this loose skin. Bee Bee
1 answer
Oral B protect,I will not use it anymore.

Anyone else out there experiencing silica residue soon after using this specific toothpaste?
1 answer
I have not experienced silica residue after using this product. I do know that my teeth are whiter and feel cleaner after each time I use the toothpaste.

Does anyone else think this product tastes like Deep Heat? I swear I had to double check the contents on the tube! It's such a weird taste.
1 answer
It tastes like ur brushing your teeth with Deep Heat.

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