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Owlet Smart Sock 2

Owlet Smart Sock 2

4.6 from 20 reviews

Peace of mind

We are first time parents, our baby was born 5 weeks premature. Once baby was home we were up every 30 mins to check he was ok. Husband bought the Owlet, after we had a different baby monitor that was "supposed" to monitor their movements with the pads under the mattress, however if you have a ceiling fan on it doesnt work !
At my wits end we bought this, and it has been the peace of mind that we needed, no more wondering how he is doing, alarm works great (accidentally took it off activating it).

Was very easy to set up, foot monitor is easy to use every night, app is easy to work.

I have suggested this product to all my friends for the peace of mind that all parents need.

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Haylee83, we are so glad our Smart Sock was a good solution for you & your husband. Thanks for posting this review, we really appreciate that. Feel free to contact us if we can ever help with anything. Owlet Team.

5 stars isn’t enough!!!

Absolutely the best baby monitor ever !! I sleep so much better at night because of this monitor.
It’s all pretty straight forward to set up the instructions that come with it explain it well enough and the peace of mind it brings this thing pays for itself ! Love it

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Karlie, thanks so much for taking the time to post the review. We're glad you & your partner are able to sleep better because of the Smart Sock, that's exactly what we are aiming for! Owlet Team.

Best baby monitor we ever bought

The owlet smart sock is a great product.. it gave us peace of mind where other under bedding devices didn't. It monitors heart rate and oxygen levels and sleep patterns with audio warnings when there is an issue and when connected to the wifi it links to your mobile phone and can alert you anywhere you have phone reception. You can check the history of your babies sleep patterns and levels. It took a little to set up but was not difficult you just have to give it time to register the base.. be patient. But the instructions are clear. It is well worth buying as our daughter had breathing issues early on an we could see how she was doing during sleep with live feedback readout on the phone.

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phoenix, we're so pleased to know that the Smart Sock is providing you peace-of-mind, thank you for posting the review and being one of our first customers in Tasmania! Owlet Team.

Peace of mind

I have had 2 preemie babies, if only this monitor was available with my first i could have slept much better. If your a parent that doesn't sleep even when you have the opportunity to because you keep checking your baby this is the device for you. I have never had a red false alarm, it has been 100% reliable unlike many of the other monitors out there i have tried. This works exactly like the hospital breathing/heartrate monitors but its wireless.

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Taryn, thank you for posting the review and we are so glad that our Smart Sock is providing you the reassurance you need. Our product is not a medical device like the hospital monitor, nevertheless by tracking your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels, we will be able to notify you if your bub is in distress, something they may not be able to do by themselves. Happy sleeping! Owlet Team.

The best monitor out there.

We decided to purchase the owlet to track our babies sleep, heart rate and oxygen, it came the very first day we got home from the hospital with our newborn son and we have used it ever since. It gives my hubby and I peace of mind every night knowing if god forbid something does go wrong it will sound an alarm. It’s amazing. We couldn’t live without it and I recommend it to everyone I know who has a baby or is having a baby. Oh and I love the owlet app for iPhones, shame it doesn’t have the same app for Android yet.
Thank you owlet!

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Chelkee, thanks for posting the review. We're glad it's providing you with peace of mind. The standard app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The Connected Care app isn't yet available on the Android platform, but we're working on it! Owlet Team.

Wonderful can’t sleep without

When I first saw the owlet ad while I was pregnant I was skeptical. Then our first night in hospital after bath my husband and I kept checking it our new baby was breathing we decided to purchase the owlet monitor. The difference it has made to our anxiety and ability to sleep more soundly is incredible. If I wake up during the night I just glance at the base station to know he’s breathing and the knowledge that If his heart rate or oxygen levels drop an alarm will go off just puts our mind at peace when heading to bed. Thank you owlet!!

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Cassie, thank you for posting the review, we really appreciate that. Wonderful to hear that our Smart Sock is providing you and your husband peace-of-mind. Kind regards, Owlet Team.

For peace of mind if nothing else!

We purchased the owlet the night our 8 week old daughter was admitted to hospital after she was found purple in her bassinet. They couldn’t tell us why she’d stopped breathing but the owlet has given us such peace of mind that if were to ever happen again we would know immediately.

The sock connects to both of our phones (able to be accessed outside of the home also if one of us is out!) and also a base station. The base station changes colour based on what’s happening and will also send out a musical alert or alarm noise if there are any issues.

In the box comes the different sizes to grow with her. It’s such a gentle fit on her foot that it hasn’t bothered her at all. The app gives detailed information about her oxygen level, pulse and sleep quality and does a daily review.

Very simple to set up with a guide through the app as well as instructions in the box. Worth every expensive dollar that it cost us and more! Highly recommend for every parent to have one.

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Kelly N, thanks for posting your experience with our Smart Sock and we're so glad it's providing you with peace of mind. Owlet Team.

Not worth the price tag

So I bought this after my son was born and was taken to nicu due to breathing problems and thought it would
Give me peace of mind, instead it was nothing but trouble it kept going off for no reason because it lost connection it marked his foot and the everyday charging was annoying, it was bulky and was unable to put onesies on unless they were footless, returned it and got my money back as it wasn’t worth the hassle or the price.

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Jessica.L, We're so disappointed the Smart Sock didn't work for you. We do offer a 45 day no quibbles money back guarantee so people can buy-and-try, so glad that you were able to take that up. Kind regards, Owlet Team

The peace of mind we needed for a good nights sleep!

I think the Owlet is fantastic! Our bub is a tummy sleeper and after countless nights awake worrying we thought we would give the smart sock a go and it is great! Gives us the peace of mind we needed to get a good nights sleep! My partner works away so it is even more comfort for me when i’m home alone to know that if anything goes wrong in the night I will be alerted. Also takes the guesswork out of Bubs sleeping patterns and makes it easy to track changes in cycles around wonder weeks, sickness etc.
I was almost put off purchasing as I had read plenty of negative reviews based around the range covered by the monitor, which I guess is a problem which must have been resolved as we have coverage throughout the entire house meaning we can have the monitor in a different room to bub with his sock on.
The sock does need to be charged daily, I don’t find this a problem, I just put it on when I dress him for bed at night and remove it and plug it in as soon as he wakes so it is left to charge throughout the day and I don’t use it for day naps as he doesn’t have long day naps and we are often out of the house anyway BUT I could see this being a big issue to people who did want to use it for all sleeps.
I found the instructions very brief but that’s really my only complaint with it so far.

Thisaves my sleep!!!

I bought the owlet after many sleepless nights with my previous children. Although it has not gone off while I slept, my current baby has a tendency to choke on her EBM. The monitor has gone off twice when her O2 levels have dropped. This has seen my husband jump out of bed faster than I have ever seen him before.

The only thing I wish is the batter lasted longer or it came with 2battrries. Little babies sleep a lot. I have had to put her to sleep without it. I also wish there was an option to buy extra socks on the Australisn website. My little one has pooped on the sock a few times from explosions.

The range is ok. I have a long house between my bedroom and the nursery it is fine. If I walk down the kitchen/rumpus it will activate the yellow alter.

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AMH, thanks for posting the review and we're glad our Smart Sock is helping you sleep. The battery should last about 18 hours between charges, the app on your phone will provide an indication of how much charge is left. If you feel that's not happening, please call our Australian call centre on 07 3245 6190. Socks are available from our Australian store, here is the link:- https://owletcare.com.au/collections/all-products Again, thanks for leaving the review, we really appreciate that. Owlet Team.

Love it

I really do love this monitor and if you have any problems call the Australia tec support make sure that you actually deal with the Australian company that bring this in , they are wonderful to deal with but the American company which is on their website and not very helpful so just make sure that you always deal with the Australian company then number is 07 3245 6190

It has both pros and cons...

Loved the idea, especially as Bub spent her first week in the Special Care Nursery.
We had issue receiving the product, but having used it now for 5months we both love and loathe it.
Love: knowing it will beep/play at us if her vital stats go outside the parameters! Of course! Love that it’s an easy slip on sock and bubs doesn’t mind having it on.
Loathes: charging it everyday. Like theres not a thousand other things bubs needs me to stay on top of!
Chargers going faulty. Our second one stopped working this week. So even though we plug it in every morning once bubs is up, it’s only part charging during the day and when we go to put it on at night it’s basically pointless. Not keen about having to contact Owlet as the first faulty charger was a pain to replace... no consistency with customer service contacts. Urgh.

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MUG81, we're so sorry to hear the charging is causing you difficulties. When you originally bought the product all those months ago, you would have been dealing with our call centre in the US, however we have since set up an operation in Australia. If you call 07 3245 6190, we'll help you work out what is not working and replace it under warranty for you. Kind regards, Owlet Team.

Great piece of mind

I have been using this monitor as a ftm and I absolutely love it, I just love knowing that it monitors her breathing so I know she is okay whilst I’m asleep, have not had a problem with it at all, I highly recommend this product to anyone, especially mums with a little anxiety around sids

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Rhiannon, we are so glad to hear our Smart Sock is helping you. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, that's really important to us. Owlet Team.

Customer support is exceptional!

My husband purchased Owlet smart sock 2 based on exceptional recommendations from his friends. He also purchased spare 3 socks just in case.
I happened to run into an Owlet representative few days later and was chatting to him about colours available. He took down my details and promised to send me the color I am after. I couldn’t believe it... it arrived. I know this post is not about the ease of set up or reliability (will post that after bub is born), but this is about exceptional customer service, which let’s be honest, is hard to come by nowadays.

August 5th 2018 Update: As promised! Owlet review

I cannot imagine closing my eyes for a minute without having the owlet sock on my bubby.
The set up was super easy and this amazing chat support owlet has going on is very very well done.
As a first time (very paranoid) mum, this is somewhat saving my sanity.
Thank you to the guy who was at the baby show in April and told me all about this product.

September 3rd 2018 Update: Owlet Smart Sock 2

Extremely happy with this product. Our munchkin is 5 weeks old now and owlet is on her foot every second it’s not charging.
The peace of mind it provides allows me to sleep at night, which I’m sure every new mother will appreciate.
Few times I left her with mum, I could check up on her using the app.
Word of advice: get an extra lot of socks because poo explosions happen all the way down to their socks :)

Thanks for posting the review Diana, we are new in Australia so really appreciate everyone that writes about our baby monitor. We hope when you start using the Smart Sock, it will provide you and your husband peace of mind. Reach out to us if you need any help setting it up. Owlet Team.Thanks for the updates Diana Z, great to know our Smart Sock is still providing you with peace of mind. Owlet Team.Guys your product is amazing. Saved my daughter.

I love it!

The peace of mind I feel now is priceless, it is super easy to set up and use and Im now not getting up every hour to check on her breathing. I know its reliable because its reacted when Ive put it on incorrectly and as soon as I take it off... its literally a life saver!

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Lia, we are so glad our Smart Sock is helping you. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Owlet Team.

Great peace of mind

The sock gives us great peace of mind when our baby is sleeping at night. She is not bothered by the sock and it stays on well. There were a few teething problems with the set up, but once they were sorted we have been very happy with the sock

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Eddy, we're so glad or Smart Sock is working well in your house! Thanks for sharing your experience and do reach out to us if you have any questions in the future. Owlet Team.

Love the idea, doesn't live up to expectations!

We've been using the owlet for the past 5 weeks, I can't say that we've been using it consistently since we had problems with our first sock with it contentiously disconnecting with the base station. We spoke with a representative at a baby expo and Owlet were kind enough to send us a new sock, claiming it was a fault in the sock itself unfortunately, it didn't solve the issue.

Our baby's room is less than 10 meters from our bedroom and the signal travels through a couple of walls so this could be affecting it but we were reassured by the Owlet representative that shouldn't be causing the disconnection. In addition, the disconnection isn't being caused by movement since we've monitored this on numerous occasions.

We've gotten to the point where it's more of a pain to use the sock since more often than not it will disconnect itself a couple times a night. We really wanted to love this product but we've already decided to send it back, disappointing.

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Charles, we're so sorry to hear the new sock didn't help resolve the problem and we'd love the opportunity to get everything running smoothly for you! Please feel free to reach out to our tech support team at 1800 731 665 so we can look into this for you.

we are using it however we still have doubt about how accurate it is.

It was really easy to setup. In the mean time we are having some difficulties to get numbers after wear before my little one go to bed. Is there a test to show how accurate owlet is? We do not have chance to investigate this!
By the way, I have to purchase an iOS device to export daily report because android version does not have this feature yet. On the contrary, iOS version does not real time.monitoring as android has. Is that correct or I could not find the way to do that?

Hi, thanks for sharing your experience with us! The ability to view the live readings is available through the Owlet Baby Care app for both iOS and Android devices and can be found in the Google Play Store and App Store under that name. Historical data tracking and sleep trends are only available on Connected Care, a separate app available by subscription, that is currently only available for iOS devices. Connected Care is an additional and optional app that offers further insights and analytics. The Smart Sock works best when your little one is sleeping in their own sleep space like a crib or bassinet. Movement can affect the Smart Sock's ability to get a good reading so if your bub is moving around before sleeping, you may get a 'wiggling' notification before it's able to pick up readings. If you have any technical questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at 1800 731 665.Should we pay for Connected care application?While Connected Care is available by subscription, it's completely optional and up to you! Feel free to just use the free Owlet Baby Care app.

A Must have!

My wife and I were looking for some sort of a monitor as our baby would only sleep on his stomach and our pediatrician told us not to allow him. (then again the dr wasn't at home with us when the baby would scream his head off when we put him on his back)
We looked at a few different kinds and brands of monitors but none were amazing. We then came across the Owlet at a baby show. It was far better then every other brand we saw. Yes I will tell you off the bat its not cheap........ then again having kids isn't cheap :) In all fairness we looked at this as a necessity and not a luxury (which it is). We have had the owlet for four months now and it is LEGENDARY! Easy to use and baby dose not complain about it. Now that our baby is older and now sleeps on his back we still use it as we feel it is that important. Make sure to buy one today!!!! You will not regret this purchase............take it from me.

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We are so glad our Smart Sock was able to help you Yossi. Thanks for sharing your experience. Owlet Team.

Great for peace of mind

I’m very happy with the owlet 2 days after having it my twin girls ended up with rsv so it really helped check oxygen levels they ended up in hospital in the end due to the low oxygen and they had to be placed on oxygen to help them breath if I hadn’t if had an owlet I wouldn’t of known how seriously the twin was

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Wow, we're so glad to hear you were able to get your little ones the help they needed. We hope they get better soon! Thanks for sharing your experience and best wishes from the Owlet Team!

Questions & Answers

Very interested in this product, but am wondering if anyone has experienced issues with Bluetooth dropping out? Not talking about range in regards to where you have the base in relation to the sock, but it says the data is transmitted through Bluetooth which alarms the base if anything is wrong and I am interested in knowing who reliable that Bluetooth connection is.
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Rachel, It’s very difficult to answer your question actually because the reliability of the connection depends on the structure of the walls and floors between the baby’s room and where you intend to place the base station. We have very few dropouts but having said that, keep in mind that alerts are also provided on your phone if you download the free app, so you can always place the base station close to your baby so long as you keep your phone close. We’d also highlight our 45 day money back guarantee. If you find the Smart Sock is just not working for you, you can return it. Hope this helps. Owlet Team

Hi, I’m wondering if the anyone else worries about the baby being exposed to Bluetooth/WiFi radiation or if we know what the longterm exposure effects are? Also someone mentioned to me that the oet Alarms you when Ehe the oxygen levels reach a certain low level that might be too low to interfere? Why would you recommend it over a breathing mat?
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Izzy M, That’s a good question. The Owlet Smart Sock uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to communicate from the sock to the base station parent unit. Bluetooth LE uses very little energy and has been deemed safe by standards in the USA as well as Australia, but you could research the subject yourself too, make sure you’re OK with it. Ultimately, any monitor you use is going to use some kind of broadcast technology. The biggest difference between our product and breathing mats is that we are not trying to measure the abdomen movement of your baby; our own-designed pulse oximeter is physically taking a read of your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels every 2 seconds. Our Smart Sock will only notify you when one or both of these metrics are outside of the pre set zones. We believe you will receive far fewer false notifications and not be troubled by a ceiling fan for example by using our Sock. Our product is also very portable in comparison. The product has been on sale in the US for around three years now and the zones for heart rate and oxygen levels have been set after consultations with medical professionals. We believe that if your baby is in distress, our Smart Sock will notify you. Owlet Team

Hi, I’m super interested in the Owlet baby monitor, but am just wondering about the range of the sock/base station. In our house baby will be in a room down the hall a little.... the base station can be in that room, and will be close by the sleeping baby. So I was thinking I’d be relying on getting the alert on my phone (which sits by my bedside), is there a maximum distance my phone can be from sock/base station? Can anyone see any issue with the proximity of everything?
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Anna, typically people keep the base station not in the nursery but closer to themselves, in the bedroom, lounge, kitchen etc. Once the base station is paired with the sock you can move it around your home (with the USB power cord). Having said that, you can choose to leave it in the baby's room if you wish, just keep your phone with you. The range between the sock and the base station is 30 metres, but that drops depending on what your walls are made of etc. The range between your phone and the base station is as good as your Wi-Fi / data signal. We do offer a 45 day money back guarantee - it doesn't happen very often, but if you find for some reason it's just not working in your home, you can return it to us for a refund. Hope this helps, but do feel free to go onto our support page and perhaps use the chat service. https://owletcare.com.au/pages/contact

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