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Customer of 4 years - Excellent product & service

Someone else mentioned this but I too am very surprised at the negative comments as I've had nothing but great experience with these guys. They're always prompt to reply and they quick to act. In 4 years I've never had a single issue - granted we purchase packaging & branding stickers which have been excellent and others have issues with different products??

Anyway I don't normally do reviews but was compelled to share when I saw some of the negative ones.

Even, the responses here to reviews is an indication of the disciplined service I've always received from them.

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Hi there, You're the best! Thank you for your immense trust and loyalty. We're glad to have exceeded your expectations as always. Feedback like yours inspires us to work even harder and continue to keep on making our clients happy. Wish we have more clients like you. Please do not hesitate to get back. We'd love to work with you again. Have a great weekend! Kind regards, OzStickerPrinting

Scammers, Evil, Terrible Company, Not even Australian

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I ordered business cards and they arrived 3 weeks later from Korea. The prices on the website seem reasonable, but there is a $20+ shipping charge added when you check out due to the offshore printing which doesn't leave this service as being as cost effective as they seem. My business cards arrived with the logo misprinted (the font was some other font). Since I approved a PDF before print, I had proof that this was the company's error. I asked them for a refund or re-printed cards and they told me to just use the cards as is or they could give me a discount on my next order. I had to send two emails with photos as proof. I wasn't happy with that service so I pushed. They then required that I send my cards back via courier, sent documents for me to print out and told me to sit at home all day (9am - 5pm) and wait for the courier to collect the misprinted cards. I told them no, this was a waste of my time and they were providing horrible customer service. It's not my responsibility - I gave them money, they need to send me what I approved for print. They have emailed and basically stated that unless I courier the misprinted cards (all 200 of them) they will not refund or send my reprinted cards - so they are holding me hostage. Read the rest of these reviews, lots of people have similar experiences. Terrible, terrible company. And like the other posts here, the company will respond politely, but it's all a lie - these people are sociopaths.

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Hi Christina, We are sorry to hear this feedback from you. We apologies for the inconvenience we have caused you. It is never our intention to give you unsatisfactory service. As promised on the email, a reprint has already been processed as an acknowledgment of our fault. Please be advised that refund is impossible since we already printed your business cards and you will receive it later this week or early next week. We are hoping for your kind understanding. Should you have more concerns, kindly send us an email to info@ozstickerprinting.com. Sincerely, OzStickerPrinting


Please avoid at all costs. They may be cheap but please do yourself a favour and don’t use them. They stuffed up my stickers not once but twice. They offered a discount only if I spent even more money with them. Now they are holding my money at ransom and refuse to give refunds. They are demanding I return the faulty sticker which I discarded as it’s not like they can resell them (they have my company logo on them). Absolutely disgusting behaviour and am currently exploring all avenues to get my money back. Please beware, and pray that you get the product you ordered otherwise say goodbye to your money.

First picture shows the proof that I approved, second shows what I received, and one of about 20 ransom emails.

We acknowledge all the reviews you have given us from various sites. With regards to the attached pictures, we are owning our mistakes that is why we have offered a reprint right after you informed us and let you use the 1st batch faulty stickers. Unfortunately, the second reprinted stickers were still wrong. We have already explained it to you the problem. Again, we want to reiterate that we are willing to offer full refund also arranging pick up for the faulty batch as long as you would cancel the PayPal dispute since PayPal is withholding the payment. Otherwise, please follow Paypal's procedure for this case and we will wait on PayPal's decision. We are sorry to see that you do not want to return the product for the refund. Frustration is duly noted, and we are doing everything we could and complying with your refund request with the products returned. Our intention is to offer a refund with faulty products picked up since May 10, and it is not changed ever since. All the best, OzStickerPrintingDONT BE FOOLED by this response posing as being understandable and helpful. They’ve had so many opportunities to refund me my money after they messed up my order twice. But it’s excuse after excuse as to why they can’t. I can forward my bank details at any time. It’s really not that hard. Own your mistakes. Fix them. And don’t steal people’s money.Hi James, Thank you for your response. Again, our utmost apology for the hassle and inconvenience this has caused you. As much as we would like to offer the refund on this order, the Paypal case has disabled us from doing so. Since you've raised the case on PayPal, you could either follow the procedure or close the case for us to arrange the pick-up and proceed the refund. We sincerely await your decision to resolve this. Thank you.

Not Recommended

Regardless of Pricing, Service, Quality or Speed - I do not recommend this company because:
- Ozstickerprinting logo and name does implies Australian but they're not, all printing are in South Korea.
- They use DHL to deliver 8000+km (just for 100 tiny stickers), the carbon footprint is unbelievable enormous.
- No Australian business engaged (even delivery).
Being unaware of outsourcing and gigantic carbon footprints, I used this business once and never again. I recommend reviewers to consider local printing/delivery business that use local people (and smaller footprints).

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Hi Mr. Nobody, Thank you for this feedback. May we know if do you have any problems with the products received? Can you please send us an email for us to investigate your concern since we won't be able to search for your name on our system? We have printing systems internationally to make sure that bulk orders will not cause a delay in our printing process and turnaround time. We also make sure that quality is never compromised despite being the most affordable sticker design and printing service provider. We look forward to discussing this with you. All the best, OzStickerPrinting

Great product

I have used this company around 10 times or more now . They have good quilaty products and great service very accomadating to my needs will be using again for sure ...

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Thank you for the kind words, Ali. We greatly appreciate it. We promise to always give our best in order to meet our customers' expectations. We hope to work with you again soon. Cheers, OzStickerPrinting

Awful quality of the stickers

Do not order from this company. When i asked for a refund, they blocked my email. Only realised that after i tried to send them another email to follow up my case. They print the stickers from overseas, so don't expect any good from them. I would never recommend them to anyone or order from them again.

Hi Su, We acknowledge all the reviews you have given us from various sites. We were hoping, reviews were factual and truthful to begin. We have sent you a comprehensive email and proof of our correspondence alongside image comparisons- which ones you have sent, reviewed and approved. Should you have time to get back to us and have this resolved, we would be happy to assist. Approval of the proof is very important in this type of business. We never charge clients; we never proceed with printing unless proof has been approved. On the email that we have sent, we have given you quite a summary, a recap of the options including the standard of specifications we sent you, and that same option you have confirmed was the very thing we printed and delivered. Lastly, we would like to tell you that we handle matters professionally consistently. Blocking clients who were not satisfied nor happy with our product and services does not change their views, blocking them would also be distasteful and disrespectful. We don’t want clients leave unhappy hence we communicate and resolve concerns as soon as possible. We appreciate and listen to clients’ feedback, suggestions and opinions. Having said this, we don’t block clients, we did not block you either. We were hoping, we get to resolve this with you. Feel free to reach out to us here: Tel 02 8006 5177 Email info@ozstickerprinting.com Thank you for doing business with us. We appreciate you. All the best, OzStickerPrintingAt one point, you did blocked me. What about you tell me how can the email i tried to send you was bounced back and i couldn't click on your email at all. Don't make a fool out of me. Unbelievable 2mm thick of border for a 40mm sticker and low resolution print. Nope, no more next time.Hi Su, Thank you for getting back. We did not block you. Perhaps there was just a minor slip on the email address when you tried sending the message. We have sent you emails to address your concerns, we would greatly appreciate it, should we resolve this with you soon. Here’s the email address: info@ozstickerprinting.com. Thank you, Su. Have a day as wonderful as you. All the best, OzStickerPrinting

I'm actually surprised by the many negative reviews

I was so hesitant to use this company, so I PM a few 1 star reviewers asking them for alternatives. A lovely user got back to me and actually admitted that when she is desperate she uses Oz Sticker Printing, so I thought to myself they can't be that bad. There prices are the most competitive as far as I have researched, and I thought I'd use PayPal for that added buyer protection. Well, my first order arrived and now I have placed an additional order. I, really hope that the quality of work, and the whole experience will stay as is. My first order was actually paced 20th december, and I had it on Jan 2! Which was just amazing. I will definitely update this review, should my experience change, but I'm really hoping not.

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Hi 1h8un, Thank you for trusting as the first time. We greatly appreciate it. We promise to always give our best in order to meet our customers' expectations. We hope to work with you again soon. Have a great start of the year! All the best, OzStickerPrinting

Excellent Service

I had some lazer business cards printed with them last week and was amazed. I had some issues with the original artwork format and these guys were very patient and professional in helping me to achieve the desired outcome. They didn't charge me a cent extra and the cards were delivered very fast. Very impressed and greatful.

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Hi Olga, Thank you for the kind words. Our designers and customer service representatives were happy to receive this wonderful feedback from you. ! You deserve nothing but the best. We hope to work with you again, and again. It’s a pleasure to work with you! All the best, OzStickerPrinting

Not trustworthy

After nearly 3 weeks they havent printed my stickers and when I asked they said they will be sent to the printer soon. I asked for my money back. Silence. LOOK UP the address: its a front for a non Australian company. This is a company to avoid. I will be taking this up with my credit card provider.

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Hi Nikk, Thanks for doing business with us. We have received the information that you were able to receive the stickers yesterday. We greatly appreciate you for giving us the chance to rectify the issue. More so, we appreciate your patience for this. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to get back. All the best, OzStickerPrinting

Horrendous- wish I read other reviews first

Received my “OZ” sticker printing package post marked from Korea, and when I opened it, they had misspelled my details (I provided the correct details, however they re did the image). I did approve a proof, so I had no choice but to fall on my sword for that one (any other Australian company would have offered to help out if they had made that mistake). I officially asked for a refund when my more expensive vinyl stickers turned out to be paper stock, however they are unwilling to help...

Hi Gianna, We appreciate this feedback. As you may recall, there was error on your proof and you were in fact aware of that when you approved it. However, you also believed that it was partially our fault too so we offered you a discount. After which, communication continued and you have claimed another concern saying that the received item was not specified. We have taken immediate action and forwarded your concern to our production team but they said, the material used was exactly what you have specified/ordered. In response, our customer service team was quick to explain this matter to you comprehensively. We’d greatly appreciate it should we hear a response from you on the email that we have sent, info@ozstickerprinting.com . Have a wonderful day, Gianna! All the best, OzStickerPrintingLet’s face it. It is ALL Your fault. You re did the artwork WRONG!!!! You have and are causing me emotional and physical distress with the way you are handling this situation. Even if the order was perfect (which it is far from), I have the right as an Australian consumer to return the product for a FULL refund. I have asked to bring it in to your office to return it, but you seem to have ignored that part of my request. Even if the stock is vinyl, it is the poorest quality vinyl I have ever seen. I have since ordered a vinyl product from another company at a cheaper cost and it was far better (it also arrived a lot quicker as they were actually in Australia). I don’t want the discount as I will not use your company again.Hi Gianna, Thanks for getting back. It shows here that we have been asking for proof from you because we cannot file a claim if it doesn’t have supporting documentation. Feel free to send us the proof as soon as possible so we can file a dispute for this concern. Thanks and we hope to receive a response from you on the email that we sent. All the best, OzStickerPrinting

Awful Customer Service!!

We ordered a sample pack hoping to order through them for our company stickers- however the samply pack which they charged us for nevewr came- and they failed to tell us that the machine was broken for them. We have tried calling them multiple times and they continued to say they would follow up shortly and so on... another call today and we got nowhere. This company is so unorganised and treats customers awful. Do not recommend unless you want to pay for products that don't come.

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Hi Lyndsea, We apologize for this inconvenience. We have processed the refund, November 7th as soon as we got the notice about the unprocessed sample order hence the money you have paid for was completely returned. We do have printing services in major parts of the world to be more efficient and to be able to cater to almost all our valued customers’ requests, but the bulk of all the orders/sample requests at this time of the year were really unexpected that resulted to some technical difficulties. To be truthful, there were sample requests we failed to serve but rest assured all amounts paid were returned with the right setting of customers’ expectations about what transpired along the process. Also, our customer service team were following up every now and then, but when they are told about the final status of the order that is exactly the same thing that they will deliver to customers. We are very sorry for the hassle this has caused you. Rest assured that the company immediately takes action on this. We appreciate your feedback. We hope to serve you better the next time. All the best, OzStickerPrinting


The whole process was so easy! my stickers arrived so fast and were perfect! The quality is great. Am about to order my next lot of stickers as i write this :)

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Ho Rose, The entire OzStickerPrinting team is glad (and very happy) to know you’re elated with how we processed and took care of your sticker orders. Feedback like this inspire us so much. Thank you for the kinds words yet again. We look forward and always a pleasure to serving you again and again. All the best, OzStickerPrinting

Amazing product and customer service

I have just received my labels from Oz Sticker printing and I am very impressed!! The customer service was excellent and they answered my questions quickly and patiently. Received the product 2 days later and it is perfect! Very happy and will definitely be using them again.

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Hi Talya, Thank you for your kind words. We are happy that you're happy how the order turned out to be. We hope to work with you again soon. All the best, OzStickerPrinting


First couple of orders were fine but I had no point of reference. Last order was a disaster with multiple mistakes on their part which delayed printing by 2 weeks. Obviously did not read the detail in my emails. Gave them another chance but most recent order was printed incorrectly. Told "No refunds after 7 days". This is against the law in Australia. Found another company who responded to each and every contact within 5 minutes (not 6 hours). GO ELSEWHERE!

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Hi Susan, We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are currently coordinating with managers and customer service representatives about what happened and trying to come up with best resolution to this. Thanks and have an awesome day. OzStickerPrinting

One of the most dishonest and appalling services I have used

Same as previous reviews, appalling delivery advertising 3-5 days and my order won't arrive for 15 days at minimum. Based offshore and would never ever use again. I have asked to speak to a manager 8 times and been told untruth after untruth and the manager would not take my call or respond to any emails.

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Hi Alexander, We are very sorry for this horrible experience. We have tried to deliver the order as per request but we did not want to compromise the quality of the stickers and had to make sure that everything was secured. I hope you understand. All the best, OZStickerPrinting

Called each day for 3 days to simply re-order

This company is no OZ ... call centre not in Australia. I don't know what capacity they are able to fly the flag. I went with them originally as they were Australian.

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Thanks for your feedback, Ian. We do have various offices all over the world. We have high-quality stickers at an affordable price and that’s what is important to clients. Should you have concerns about your sticker orders, feel free to get back to us here: info@ozstickerprinting.com All the best, OzStickerPrinting

The worst staff and service ever

Do not print throw here could not find our order 10 day days later and told me the manager has no phone or phone number or can not be contacted. I would have to email the rep for her to pass on haha the service I received is the poorest I have ever gotten. I will be taking my two businesses else where for all my printing jobs thank your phone staff for this very upsetting.

Hi Craig, We are sorry for this horrible experience. This concern is being dealt with. We are currently reviewing and checking the database about what transpired during the entire process. We would like to resolve this with you, here is our contact details. Tel 02 8006 5177 Email info@ozstickerprinting.com All the best, Oz Sticker Printing3 week now still no refunds and staff still will not resolve my issue i have asked your staff on a number of ocasions to contact me and no response or comunication so here is my details again 0351446822We apologize for this. Rest assured we will be getting back to you as soon as possible regarding the resolution. Also, the phone number has been forwarded to the customer service team. Sincerely, OZ Sticker Printing

Extremely happy

I have been dealing with this company since February, 17 emails back and forth, me asking questions and changing my mind. Finally sent draft I was happy with and received stickers 2 weeks ago. I am Rapt! So is my church family who will be displaying stickers on their cars. Today I am ordering another lot of stickers. Everyone I talked with on phone was helpful and PATIENT. Well done to all.

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Hi Lynn, We appreciate you for sharing your positive experience with us. The trust and the confidence you continue to entrust is is always appreciated. We hope to work with you forever. All the best, Oz Sticker Printing

Scammers! Unbelievably bad products and no refund.

The worst printer ever. The colors printed look nothing like the proofs. The proof is lavender and the sticker printed blue. They came on a roll but in the wrong direction for a labelling machine to use them. But hey, just like other reviewers they blamed me and said i approved the proof so it’s not their mistake. Um, yes it is, when it’s an entirely different colour and they’re facing the wrong way. They’ll take your money, print unusable stickers and refuse to reprint them. 50 customers saying the same thing can’t all be wrong. I’m taking these guys to small claims and all these reviews are part of my evidence. Oh and in case they try the “ we’ve never heard of you” reply like the previous reviewer, the account is Food for your Skin. Enough is enough.

Hi Mary, The primary reason we send proofs is for clients to have the final decision after reviewing the details on the proof. What the client has approved is basically the exact the same thing we I’ll print. Your concern is currently being discussed and reviewed. We want this resolved privately as soon as possible. Please feel freet o get back to us here: Tel 02 8006 5177 Email info@ozstickerprinting.com Thank you and we hope you have a great weekend. All the best, Oz Sticker PrintingAfter a month of denials, they did finally offer a reprint and corrected the colours. If you are up for the fight, take the chance.. otherwise..


We have been using this company for the past 12 months - basically as we were a startup and needed an easy and affordable option however they have been the worst, most unprofessional, unaccountable company I have ever had to deal with. We made approximately 30 orders with them and 80% of our labels/cards came back incorrect. The material was wrong, the printing was off center, the products were second rate. They would not be accountable for any of there mistakes trying to tell us it was our artwork - IT WAS NOT. I would highly recommend anybody to STAY AWAY from this company - even as a start up.

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Hi Kirsty, We apologize for not meeting your expectations. As per communcation, we are seeing it here that you have approved the exact label/card we have sent you before printing. If you could send us any proof that shows this is different from what you have approved, we would greatly appreciate it. Should you have questions, feel free to contact us here: 02 8006 5177 Talk soon, OZ Sticker Printing

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Questions & Answers

I have a question please. You said that "We may print stickers in Korea but quality is never compromised; that is only because some times machines are not available but always wanting to meet customers time.", and that "Also, we have to admit that, we do print stickers in S. Korea in cases when printers are unavailable in other countries.". This means that you usually print your stickers locally. Please give me your local printer's address. Also, you said that your office is based here in Australia. I've been to Gordon Centre before to search for your office but it was not there. Please give me your office's address.
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Hi, Thanks for trying to clarify this with us. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose any information pertaining to our printer's address/addresses for security reasons. We are however, very willing to discuss concerns regarding our service or product. We will greatly appreciate it should we resolve this privately with you. Here's how to reach us: Tel 02 8006 5177 Email info@ozstickerprinting.com Talk soon, Oz Sticker PrintingI traced their IP when chatting with them, their from Philippine. You shouldn judge them by where they are though, it is common for us to sell things overseas because Philippine market is small.Ozstickerprinting, is it true that you are from the Philippines and do not have an office in Australia? If you have an office here, please tell me the address. As a consumer, I have the rights to at least know where your office address is please.

Hi Ozstickerprinting Greg here, may I ask how much is you Craft Stickers for a 2000 pcs? And do you deliver New York?
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Hi Greg, thank you for enquiry. Please be advised that we only provide quote via email. And yes, we do deliver New York for free of charges. For fastest transaction, kindly send us an email at info@ozstickerprinting.com. Thanks & have a great day. :)

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