Awesome fun for the kids - oval 7x10 foot trampoline

We got excellent customer service and a high quality product from Oz Trampolines. They were very responsive to email queries and kept me well informed when the product was out of stock for a few weeks. We got it installed professionally which was well worth the cost - saved lots of time and hassle and aggravation. The trampoline is excellent - the oval shape fits very well in a smaller space and still provides heaps of room for 3 kids under 10yo to bounce together. One of the benefits is the higher than normal weight limit.

Highly recommend.

Product Quality
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Great customer service and speedy delivery

I live in SA and I called Oz Trampolines on a Thursday to order trampoline mats i needed for the weekend for my grandsons birthday party. They were delivered by Friday. Great service would highly recommend

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Thank you Mary for your great review. We are pleased your grandson's birthday party went well. Happy jumping.

Not as happy with this product

Bought the two step ladder (previously had the three step) it isn't as good and it has started to show signs of rust already. The three step was all same material, the two step has plastic for the actual step and doesn't seem as strong.

Product Quality
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Thank you for your feedback. We will discuss with our design department.


Can anyone tell me how you charge the speaker? I can’t find a USB port or anywhere to plug in an adapter??

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Thank you for your question. Unscrew the top handle part, lift the black rubber part and the charging point is under the black rubber. We hope this has helped.

Great service, delivery and product

I can’t fault my experience with Oz Trampolines. Prior to placing an order I called them on 27 December and quickly spoke to someone and as they weren’t about to help me they said someone else will call back. In the meantime I found the answer I was looking for. They called me back and left a voicemail saying that they were returning my call and had noticed that I had placed an order that concerned my query (this was good service, particularly at that time of year when businesses are generally low on staff. The postage for the ladder was free and arrived quite quickly (again considering the time of year). The ladder appears to be of very good quality and has has held up to adults and kids climbing up and down it without issue. You simply lift up the pad on your trampoline and hook the two curved hooks on the ladder on to the trampoline frame and then ensure that the feet are pushed in so that they won’t slide. All in all I would recommend Oz Trampolines and the 3 step ladder based on my experience with them.

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Thank you for your review. We are pleased that the 3 step ladder is working well. Happy bouncing.

Fantastic Company

excellent customer service, and great products. I have brought a few things here and have found them so friendly and helpful. I had brought a cheap trampoline elsewhere and decided to replace the pads and net from Oz trampolines, products are much better made.

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Thank you Victoria for your review. We are pleased to hear the pads and net are in great use.

Great service and fast response to my query!

I placed my second order with Oz Trampolines; this time for a new mat and safety net. The mat didn't seem to fit properly so I emailed them for help over weekend - I got an immediate response and they said someone would call on the next working day. True to their word, they phoned me on the Monday and within minutes they assessed the problem and resolved it for me. Kids are happy, I'm happy and this is the best company to use without doubt. Thanks :)

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Thank you for your great review Jules. We are always happy to help and pleased to know it all worked for you. Happy jumping.

Our Thanks to OZ

So pleased with Oz I just had to write
So helpful was the buying site
Could find the wanted net and pad
My bouncing kids....no longer sad
With speedy shipping to my door
That leaves the pricing to adore
So thankyou Oz, you've made my day
My happy kids are safe at play.

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Thank you for your review Muzza. Great to hear are happy and safe to play.

Fantastic service

We purchased a replacement mat for our 8 foot Kmart round trampoline.

We bought it about 9pm one evening, it arrived 2 days later!

Everything was easy to find on the website and what arrived was exactly what was ordered.

We'll be using Oz Trampolines again for any spare parts we need in the future.

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Thank you for your review. Good to hear the mat is working well with your trampoline. Happy jumping.

Great quality product and great customer service

Purchased pads, net and 6 poles for our existing 14 ft round trampoline. We couldn't be happier! And neither could our daughters (5 & 2 yr old). Great quality and great customer service. Especially after mistakenly ordering the 8 pole net, Oz Trampolines' after sales service meant that the return/exchange process was quick and easy. Thank you!

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Thank you Dave for your review. Great to hear the girls are happy.

Right Choice

We spent a lot of time comparing and 5 years later we don't regret buying this trampoline, everything is still in really good condition people can't believe it's age. My kids destroyed one mat but it was easy to replace.

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Thanks for your review, we have a great support netwrok to existing customers when repurchasing.

Warranty Issue

I bought a 10 x 15 ft Summit trampoline for my daughter at Xmas time 2015. Yesterday, one of the springs snapped off and I realised that 3/4's of the triangles that hold the springs to the trampoline had rusted. I contact Oz Trampolines about the issue as we are 2 months out of the warranty period and had a response within a day. They have sent a replacement mat - free of charge and the only thing that they asked is if we could spray the joiners with WD40 once a month (we live in a coastal beach village - salt air). We originally bought the heavy duty springs and there is not one bit of rust on them. Excellent customer service - excellent trampoline.

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Hi Natalie thank you so much for taking the time to write this review, We are glad we could help you out on this occasion and hope that your daughter continues to enjoy her trampoline.

Quality products and outstanding service and delivery

Purchased a pad for a rectangular trampoline and extra accessories for Christmas. I had to ring sales twice regarding the purchase. The stafff were fantastic to deal with delivery was on time and delivered safely. I would only recommend this site for trampoline purchases. Well done Oz Trampolines

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Thanks for your review, we have these rectangle safety pads that can be customer fitted to your trampoline. Great pricing and long warranties.

New roof - terrible

Iam totally disappointed in the new roof design. Its far to flimsy amd falls apart in the slightest wind. The actual blue sun shade is horrible as the breeze keeps lifting it up. My neighbours have the old design and haven't taken it down in 5yrs and its awesome. Sturdy stays in place and the sun shade doesnt blow around in the breeze. Which is why i brought an 8ft oz tramp.
Completely disappointed with new roof design. Waste of money

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Hi Kylie, thanks for your feedback. It's not an easy process designing roofs for trampolines as it must be very light for the existing structure to sustain the extra load. They are vulnerable to wind and lots of our customers were leaving them up in all conditions and damage was the result in some cases. in 2018 we have deigned the best sunshade product we have ever done, please check this out and we can assure you this one is better than that 2017 design. The colored sunshade component on the roof guards has sold out and the new sunshade design is taking over that shade option.

Sad, sad, sad. Don't waste your money.

The new roof guard looks quite impressive, until you actually assemble it, that is...
After assembly, you will discover that the terrible design leaves the roof guard barely able to stand under its own weight, wobbling weakly, before becoming limp and flaccid. This erection lasted less than 20 minutes, before it collapsed, sagging sadly off the trampoline, as though it were hanging its head in shame.

Great Trampoline and great service

I brought trampoline for my sons bday and the whole family loves having a go. Purchasing was very easy with all my queries answered quickly. Very quick delivery. Easy to set up and have loads of fun on it. Highly recommend this trampoline.

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Thank you for your great review. We hope your family is still loving the trampoline. Happy Jumping.

Awesome service

Extremely fast delivery. Ordered on Sunday and had arrived by Tuesday. Pads had cords to attach under trampoline which means they stay in place.

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Thanks for your review

Very helpful staff.

Very helpful, returned trampoline net that I bought which was the wrong size, no problem at all, happy to exchange. Lot of variety in accessories and trampolines, would return again to buy.

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Thank you for reviewing, we have great systems in place if you do make a mistake in your order to get things sorted out and get the ids bouncing again

Such great quality of product

I purchased a trampoline for my sons birthday and got great service when ringing up to get info, the delivery was very quick and the trampoline itself was of great quality and easy to put together which makes one very happy boy !!

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Our instructions are clear and detailed, does take a couple of adults 100-120 minutes to install depending on the size. Good things take time.

Happy bouncers Here...

I bought our trampoline and safety net 4 years ago for Xmas for our boys and so happy I paid the extra and got good quality as its still going strong no replacement parts need yet.. Its great for birthday parties as everyone gets a jump no one gets left out. I was so happy with our purchase I also purchased a second one for my friends kids for Christmas last year and they love it too.

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Thank you Kym for your review. We are happy that the trampoline is still going so well. Happy jumping for both your family and you friends family.

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Questions & Answers

Can you tell me the difference between your mats and say the Jumpstar or Kahunas brands? Reason is the last brand we bought lasted half the time of the original unit. The actual fabric were the triangle pieces go through have been tearing and springs go flying around the yard. Am looking at another replacement mat and springs.
1 answer
Buying parts for your trampoline can be a frustrating process so we have put together this guide to help you when looking to purchase a trampoline mat. Firstly do you know who you purchased the trampoline from? If you know the brand of the trampoline e.g. Oz Trampolines or Action it is always best when buying a trampoline mat to go back to the original company. The mat needs to fit correctly to ensure you get the right bounce on the trampoline. Trampolines sizes do vary from one company to another as a 14ft trampoline frame will not be 14ft exactly. Step 1 Measure the frame of your trampoline from one side, through the middle to the other side. If you measured in cms convert it to feet. If the mat is not on the trampoline the frame may measure larger than when it is on. Trampoline mats are sold by the frame size not the mat size so if you have a 14ft trampoline frame you need a 14ft trampoline mat. Step 2 Count how many springs your frame takes. Spring Length: Where difficulty can occur is with the spring length. Different companies use different spring lengths, add this to the fact that each company's frame sizes are not all the same. As the mat needs to be tight so it creates a bounce even out by 2cms can create issues. How to measure your trampoline for a new Mat. 1. Measure from the outside frame to the outside frame. 2. Count up the number of Springs the frame uses. Take measurement from the outer edge of the frame. Now you have this information you can look at our chart below to see where these mats can be purchased. Please note - If you can't remember who you purchased the trampoline from or the company no longer sells the part we cannot 100% guarantee that the mat will fit. This guide is meant to help take the hassle out of finding a mat but we cannot be held responsible if the mat you purchase doesn't fit correctly. We also recommend you look at each company's returns policies before purchasing any trampoline part. With trampoline mats it can be a case of needing to try the mat on your trampoline before you will know if it works due to the need of a perfect fit. Trampoline Frame Size Spring Count Supplier 4.5ft 30 (08) 9358 5660 6ft 36 Oz Trampolines 6ft 42 (08) 9358 5660 8ft 48 Oz Trampolines 9ft 48 (08) 9358 5660 9ft 54 (08) 9358 5660 10ft 54 (08) 9358 5660 10ft 60 Oz Trampolines 10ft 64 Oz Trampolines 12ft 72 Oz Trampolines 12ft 80 Oz Trampolines 12ft 84 (08) 9358 5660 13ft 72 Oz Trampolines 14ft 72 (08) 9358 5660 14ft 80 1300 558 576 14ft 84 (03) 5292 1100 14ft 88 (08) 9358 5660 14ft 96 Oz Trampolines 15ft 96 (03) 5292 1100 15ft 108 1300 456 283 16ft 108 Oz Trampolines 16ft 120 Oz Trampolines King Regards Craig Oz Trampolines 1300 393 004 www.oztrampolines.com.au

Is there a weight restriction on your 3 ring ladder?
1 answer
The 3 step ladder is suitable for trampoline frames more than 76cm high. Suitable for all trampolines. No weight restrictions on step ladder https://www.oztrampolines.com.au/parts/3-step-trampoline-ladder

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