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Bullies who leave negative comments to shut down deals

Put a deal up got 5 negative comments of scam in tge first 30 seconds
Got abused by the same crew as mentioned in other people's comments
Those people shoulbe banned

Product Quality
Customer Service

If Ozbargain was a country, it would be North Korea!

Looks like Kim Jong Un of Ozbargain and his few sycophants are the only ones gaining from this website.

I am told they make about $10M in a year. If the whole idea is to build a community which help each other find a bargain for nothing in return then why [Name Removed] makes a fortune out of it and doesn't give back to the community!

It is all a sham! Worthless site.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Logging onto ozbargain is part of my morning routine!

I have been using Ozbargain for over 2 years and have discovered many fantastic deals & promotions, deals updated throughout the day and the search features allows you to search for past offers.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Heaps of good deals, relatively decent community

I've gotten plenty of good deals through OzB. The comments section is always helpful when it comes to clarifying things about the product.

As with any internet forum, there will always be members who just like arguing, trolling, feel extremely entitled, or are just rude. But that's the exception rather than the norm on OzBargain, fortunately.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Toxic community and too many rules. Stay away!!!

Toxic community and too many rules. Stay away!!! Bullies and bots full of judgement even after disclosures. Naysayers who don't see 'deals'

Stay Away!

There is a lot of bullying, harassment, inappropriateness and rudeness on the site - an extremely toxic culture. Also not many good deals. Negative stars if possible.

dishonest site these days

Factual comments are got rid of these days by allegedly bots used on the site to keep order. Bot suspensions are non appealable if you have ever been deemed to be attacking someone else. Attacking someone who has attacked you personally is an offence because ozbargain allows you no defence if you are abused. The decisions made on the site are made in accordance with advertisers and companies but well hidden. It has become over time a dishonest and abusive site promoting sales and companies depending on payments, at the expense of basic honesty. it is also used to promote political agendas and you can also expect bans for disagreeing with those. In short its a typical trumpette site full of fake sales and fake comments.

edit I was banned for writing this review, so that was interesting because they must have got the ip from here

Great site. Use it everyday

This is a great site that focuses on getting the most bang for your buck. As is the case in real life, there is the odd character that that may get up your nose. Generally found the people to be extremely helpful and quick to respond to any genuine questions. Cannot rate it highly enough.

Worse site I ever found

Stay away. No bargains - Forums are run by bullies, trolls, and stupid people who try to put you down......feels like a school yard. Not sure why its still an active site. An example of the worse of the "online"

Zero if available

Affiliate links injected between your site and the bargain so you get a referral payment.
Mods that actively support and encourage bullying, teasing, lying and harassment.
Mods that refuse to address anything counter to their interests when questioned.
Toxic pet members with stupid nil value comments like "Any Bargains?"
Submitted 'bargains' that aren't!
Submitted "bargains" that are regularly available from a catalogue.

The site was good once, these days, it is absolutely garbage,


I have been a member for quite a few years now. Before it was good but now it's a useless site.
The users are mostly rude and arrogant who like to make fun of each other.

Terrible Site

Tried using Bargain for my business to promote a sale. Apparently because i didn't receive any likes from my post i was banned from posting for 1 month as they said it wasn't a good enough bargain for them. If a High Adjustable desk with 10 years warranty 1800mm long under $600 is not a good deal then i dont know what is these days.
Do not use this site

It was excellent but now it is average.

I have been a member for a number of years. In the past there were genuine bargains and they were quite varied. Now it appears to be a lot of games and used as targeted advertising by people associated with businesses. I don't know if there just aren't the number of bargains anymore or if the variety of users is less.
Having said that I am still a regular visitor and still get some bargains. I also list any bargains I see but that is not often.

Was useful, now garbage

Use to be a great site, some great bargains were posted. Has been going downhill over last 3 to 4 years, with many below average 'deals' which are simply regular savings you can find in catalogs. There is A LOT of junk posted especially by Chinese retailers which appear to be great deals, but are the same price you can find on ebay, aliexpress and other sites. It's a real shame that such a good site has gone downhill so fast.

Hostile, misogynistic, homophobic and racist culture

Most of the comments and forum topics do not even mention bargains or savings. They very quickly stoop to racist taunts, homophobic 'jokes', and racist sledging.

eg Their idea of a 'funny' April fools gag was to poke fun at a Chinese 'takeover' of the site. Really!? My ten year old behaves better than these genius 'adults'.

They regularly poke fun at people's user names, their marital status, race, or sexual preference. Why?

Could be a front for some sort of Mens Rights Activism group. Something really needs to be done by the moderators who allow this rubbish to go on. Else it will surely escalate to a court action against them quite soon I'd predict.

Stay away.

A culture of bullying. Occasional stellar bargains punctuated by garbage

This site keeps getting worse and is a huge time waster. By all means if you can budget your time on the site wisely, use the site to find bargains. But VERIFY that it is a bargain before buying anything. There is a lot of junk posted and allowed through, if you're not careful your net savings will be negative and you'll have a garage full of crap you hoarded that is useful to no one. The occasional absolutely stellar freebie and great bargain is why I still check the site.

The community and most importantly the moderators are absolutely beyond toxic. If you participate in the community. you can expect to have:
- egotistical fools bragging about breaking the law - everything from tailgating and speeding to shoplifting to getting their revenge (running joke.
- people negging comments that are factually not debatable just because they don't like the comment - an action the moderators appear to support.
- people asking for and receiving some of the most ridiculous advice on a wide variety of topics from medical issues, to financial investment advice, to relationship advice. Sometimes someone says something worthwhile but it's clear most of these questions need to be directed at a professional not a random rabble of bargain hunters on an Internet forum.
- people follow you around and neg comments because they hold a grudge from previous conversations
- personal attacks of all kinds, but if you offend one of the moderator's pets or a moderator, you'll end up in their timeout ("penalty box") where you can't comment or vote. You'll come onto the site days later to say thank you over a bargain or comment on a thread and be locked out.
If you complain the mods direct you at mental health resources, implying you are crazy (for example paranoid over being modded down or having comments negged). If they don't like what you said they silence you with their penalty box. If they don't like what you say repeatedly they can permanently place you in the box.

Occasional bargains but toxic community.

Occasionally (like once a year) some great deals can be found but more often than not poor deals with $1-5 savings get upvoted to oblivion a long with site-wide deals, regardless of whether actual bargains are occurring or not (and not just price jacking). Ozbargain should be renamed "OzSlightDiscount".
Furthermore the community is just plain toxic, from random raging if you don't follow the general consensus of the community to attacking people for trying to help and share deals. Biased and inconsistent modding also causes non-sheep people to have their posts removed/potentially banned.

The thing that disgusts me most about this community however is the high amount of homophobic/transphobic people there are, the marriage equality debate just made the place absolutely disgusting to visit.

Some good deals but also a North Korea-like cult

Don't bother trying to warn fellow users if a deal looks more like a scam than a bargain. It's infested with bullies who squash dissent.

Good luck finding a 'bargain'

This site is being increasingly overrun by Chinese-based stores offering low priced items disguised as bargains when they're indeed the RRP. The community blindly upvote posts from these Chinese retailers, under the impression they are getting a bargain (eg. item reduced from $4 to $1) despite it being the same price on the likes of eBay, while downvoting any individual whoo dissents from this view and exposes the blatant spam.

A toxic community bought by the cheap junk offerings of Chinese stores.'

Would recommend looking elsewhere as the site has gone significantly downhill from being a bargain site to posting 'deals' that are in fact RRp.

Mean people on OzBargain

OzBargain might be good for passive shoppers but watch out if you post any deals you find. Mean and rude members will tear you into pieces when all you want to do is share a deal you found. For this reason I've stopped sharing any deals because I cannot stand the mean members who do nothing but complain and scold you. A discount site for rude people.

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