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Silky smooth hair

Great little hair straightener here I love this because it heats up in seconds and it is so great on the hair feels like heaven great budget for the price amazing.

Very Good

Been using for over a year, heats up very quickly and is Australian owned. I cannot believe that this is the best hair straightner I have owned after trying a lot of different ones. My hair is very straight after using and it doesn't cause much damage. Great product!

Really good hair straighter

This hair straightener is really good. Even though you might have to re do it a couple of times it still does a great job. It heats up very quickly and it is built really well. Lasted a long time too.

Great Hair Straightener

The OzHead is a very good hair straighter, out of all the hair straightener's I have owned this one is the most capable. This thing heats up very quickly, is very smooth and leaves my hair relatively straight over night. No complex controls, very easy to use.

Very good but need to go over a couple of times

Heats quick, still going strong after 12 months. I do find if i straighten and walk away it fluffs up within about 30 minutes, but after doing it a second time very quickly it then stays straight all day. Also works well, if i blow dry my hair first with a styling brush and then straighten it. I dont use the vibrate option - have never seen that it makes a difference. I like the peace of mind of a 3 year warranty.

Honest Review after 6 months use

After reading all the fabulous reviews and also being keen to support products that are Australian Owned I decided to try the OzHead straightener. For the first few weeks it was good, previously I had a GHD that lasted 10 years and I even have one of those old Wet to Straight Hair straighteners that is also still working so I was disappointed when problems occurred with my Oz Head, first the vibrate function didn't work and then completely stopped working. Credit to the company though they sent me a replacement. However now 6 months later the same problem has occurred. Now I'm left with the option to send the hair straightener back at my cost and wait for them to fix it. I'm not entitled to a refund despite the fact that this is the second straightener that has not lasted. While I understand this is the company policy, after two straighteners having the same problem I don't really want to get a third one...so their warranty system of 3 years does little to help me. I have since purchased a GHD and to be honest if I had my time over again I would do it again. Full credit to company though they did send me a replacement no questions but now this has become my back up straightener rather than my go to one. It may have been a bad batch of straighteners but they never confirmed if that was the case.

It didn't wow me

I've had my OZhead for ages when it came with a weird little bunny toy. I've barely touched it really.
It was being compared as being on par to GHD.
I remember not being hugely wowwed but i just went "meh " and wanted to support a local.

I have used my oz head recently. My hair has changed its quite dry/brittle and this straightener didnt really do much for me my hair went drier after usage (thermal products used as well) and didnt really stay straight (only for an hour.) Im not really sure what the vibration does but that still works and it still has never snagged so that's a plus?

Not a good straightener

Not happy with OzHead straightener. I find that it's very cheap quality and I have to go over my hair multiple times in the same spot, 20 minutes later my hair is all frizzled out, my friend tried it and also experienced the same issue. Not impressed and wouldn't recommend.

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Hi Debbie, I'm so sorry that you had a problem with the straightener. We're always happy to send you a replacement as we have a 3 year warranty and there is also the 14 day money back guarantee. It sounds like you might have a faulty unit. Drop us a line to admin@ozhead.com.au and we'll get you fixed up :)

Didn't work for us

My daughter wanted an expensive hair straightener for a change from the cheaper ones we had used in the past. We decided on the OzHead after seeing the great reviews here. Unfortunately the product did not heat up adequately, and consequently did not straighten hair. I have very thin, fine hair and my daughter has medium thickness. It did not work for either of us. When I contact customer support, I was simply told to return it, at my own cost. That is not great customer service. Luckily I paid with Paypal, and so was able to claim the return shipping cost via Paypal's Refunded Returns service. If you are planning on buying this product, please use Paypal unless you are prepared to pay for return shipping in case you have any issues or future warranty claims.

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Can you drop me a Pm who you spoke to? We actually always cover the cost of returns for anything that's faulty. The only time we ask a customer to cover the cost of a return postage if its for a change-of-mind and we still return 100% of what we received and don't charge any kind of re-stocking fee or return postage like a lot of other companies. I look forward to hearing from you so that we can be sure that doesn't happen again :) Sorry for any mis-understanding.

Fantastic hair

Hi all, got this as a gift off my boyfriend and can't fault it at all. Never has my hair been done so quickly and perfectly with such smoothness and style. Definitely recommend

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a great review :) If you ever get any dramas you know where to find us :)No problem. Happy to help a brand that deserves to be known. I write blogs and have a following on twitter. Maybfr we can work togather. I only represent brands I trust and use first hand.Any new products you would like me to try and review. Happy to do so.

Great quality straightener.

Great quality straightener and feels light in my hand, easy to of use and gives brilliant results. I bought this after reading good product on this site. I have very curly frizzy hair and am happy with the 24 hrs that my hairs stays strait.

This is amazing!

It’s very easy to use, heats up very quickly. It removes all your frizz and does not snag on your hair. It leaves you with a really professional finish. I bought one for my daughter.

Outstanding product and customer service

After having some issues with my much loved straightener, I emailed the customer service team regarding a repair to be kindly greeted with a friendly representative that insisted he send me a brand new straightener, free of charge. A package arrived 2 days later, with not one but 2 straighteners, mats and serums that they insisted I keep as a spare with compliments from Ozhead! I have never experienced such an exceptional level of customer service, let alone from a humble Australian company. A far superior straightener to the leading brands, Ozhead deserves worldwide recognition for its revolutionary product and outstanding customer service

Unfortunately not impressed at all

I received this straightener awhile ago and really wanted to love it after everything I've read, but unfortunately it does not do the job. I find that using this straightener takes a lot longer, the build quality is very cheap from China and I don't feel it's worth the price tag, I personally find my cheaper straightener to do a far more superior job. When I use the ozhead my hair frizzes out and feels tried out. I personally don't like it and have had girlfriends try it and aren't too keen on it either.

Works well

Heats up fast and straightens very well. It comes well packaged. The customer service is great if you have enquiry can speak to a real person on the other end. It was a little pricey but well worth the price. Came with a travel mini straightener which i didnt need as found is enough. Also came with gel to put in hair to protect from heat

Perfect Hair ,

I am very happy with my new hair straightener, This will be my third one but well worth the effort to have beautiful healthy hair ,Yes it is very easy to use for me as I am not great on doing hair, It heats up very quickly so waiting envoled it leaves your hair very smooth,

Best straightener!

Works perfectly! I got mine a month ago and is still working great, I think it will last me quite a while... Heats up really quickly and makes my hair shiny and smooth!

This is the best hair straightener ever!!

I received my cherry red straightener today and I am so impressed. Looks and feels beautiful. I thought I would have a trial with it but found it so easy to use I ended up completely straightening my hair. Heated up quickly. Glided through my hair so easily and quickly gave me the result I was after. I can't stop looking at my hair as it honestly looks like I have been to the hairdresser. For someone who usually takes a while to get the hang of a new gadget I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy I found this to use. Thank you for an excellent quality product. Money well spent. One very very happy customer.

Hair gets caught and is not straightening well

Hi, I received my straighteners a few weeks ago and have used it a few times, I find my hair gets caught in the edge of the plate and it doesn't straighten overly well. I have fine curly hair and dry it off before straightening. I also find it is not overly hot, My 10 year old GHD still is working better (and I am in no way a GHD only person). I am wondering if it has a fault. I tried emailing through the website but it wouldn't allow me too.

I really love this

Love the design on this thing. The practicality of it as well is great, it heats very quickly and evenly. Works great time after time would definitely recommend. quality product

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Questions & Answers

Hi. I haven't been seen any reviews as to how this goes with curling hair. Does anyone have any feedback regarding this?
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i have seen hair dresser use it to curl hair. also the customer service says you can do it. i have tried curling it myself. need some experience to do so. Especially for the back of the hair if doing it yourself. but the answer to your question is YES it can curl hair.

Hi. I'm thinking of purchasing your product for my daughters, ages 11 & 12. The younger one has really curly, ringlet type hair and the older one has dead straight hair. My hairdresser told me that a hair straightener should be able to straighten and curl hair. Is this correct? Thank you.
2 answers
I have gone from natural curly hair to smooth straight hair and loving it, great product and so handy to have at home saves you money as you can do it at home,Hey Anita, Yes your hairdresser is absolutely correct :-) You can curl and straighten with the OzHead straightener very easily. Kind regards.

Looking to buy a new hair straightener as my old GHD is on borrowed time. Very interested in the Ozhead and also the SAS. They seem to be quite similar in function, price and reviews and I really cant decide which to get. Any information would be appreciated? Thanks
3 answers
Hi Lee. Thanks very much for considering us :) Our straighteners heat up to 230 degrees with variable heat control, plus we also have vibrating plates that make the straightening process a lot easier. We also have a 3 year replacement warranty and a 14 day money-back guarantee for you to try them out. At the moment we're also doing free shipping Australia-wide and you can use the discount code MEGAOFFER too and get 20% discount to-boot :) I hope you will give us a go.Hi Lee. Thanks very much for considering us :) Our straighteners heat up to 230 degrees with variable heat control, plus we also have vibrating plates that make the straightening process a lot easier. We also have a 3 year replacement warranty and a 14 day money-back guarantee for you to try them out. At the moment we're also doing free shipping Australia-wide and you can use the discount code MEGAOFFER too and get 20% discount to-boot :) I hope you will give us a go.Hi Lee I can't give you any feedback on the SAS sorry don't even know anyone who has one. My Ozhead - I've had I a few weeks now and I can honestly say my old GHD that this replaceyd was NEVER anywhere near as good as my Ozhead. The Ozhead leaves my hair dead straight and it stays that way all day. I have a fringe that curls up as soon as I leave the bathroom. Not with my Ozhead. If I use the hair serum with the straightner. My hair stays straight for up to 3 days. Well that's as long as I was prepared to test It. I have always had to wash my hair every single day up until I started with the Ozhead. It's awesome waking up to straight hair and not having to wash dry and style it every single day. Everyone's hair is different of course. But my experience on my hair is fantastic and I'd highly recommend the straightner and the serum.


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Release dateDec 2006

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