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Robbers, Cheaters, Frauds

They sent me a damaged phone with a cracked screen, I paid for express delivery and insurance, still ended up with a pathetic, damaged phone. I'll not recommend OZ mobile to anyone.

March 19th 2019 Update: Cheaters

OZ Mobile is a cheater, Fraud company. I ended up paying $249 for a damaged, cracked screen, mobile phone, without a charger, data cable and earphones.
i could've get the same phone (Brand new) for $399, anywhere in Australia)

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes
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Hi Rohit, Thanks for your feedback on your previous experience with your order. We are sorry to hear this was disappointing. With all phones we sell we thoroughly evaluate these prior to dispatch, to ensure they are in the advertised condition. When returns are received we evaluate all aspects of any damaged goods to ensure the appropriate resolution is reached. If phones are damaged in a customers care unfortunately this does void warranty. For any further assistance feel free to contact us directly at support@ozmobiles.com.au Regards, The OzMobiles Team

Terrible. The warranty is a complete scam

I bought a ‘good condition’ iPhone 6 in December with 6 months warranty. It was great for the first two months then the bottom nav bar suddenly became unresponsive which basically disabled the phone. Customer services recommended I reset back to factory settings which I did. If the problem was still there it was likely a manufacturing issue. The problem was unresolved so I sent it in, once received they rejected my warranty on the grounds that there were too many scratches on the phone, I’d taken good care of the phone, had in a decent case, not dropped it etc, it was in exactly the same condition as when I first received it. They’ve now sent it back to me so I need to get it fixed myself. I doubt anyone is covered by the “warranty”. I’ll never shop there again and strongly advise anyone else to do so!!

Product Quality
Warranty Claim MadeYes
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Hi Beth, We're very sorry that these issues occurred with your device. Once we received your phone our team noted that the screen was physically damaged and had cracks in the glass. As you mentioned the screen was non-responsive, unfortunately physical damage is not covered under warranty as per our returns policy. I hope this information is helpful, if you have any further queries feel free to contact us directly at support@ozmobiles.com.au and we would love to assist you. Regards, The OzMobiles Team

Brilliant Products

I have purchased two phones from OzMobiles - an iPhone SE and iPhone 6S. My SE was an ex-demo and was in pristine condition as promised. My 6S was bought in "Good Condition" and came with one obvious mark near the camera but perfect everywhere else. Both phones arrived within the expected timeframe. Both came in Apple boxes with new earphones and chargers. The website offers a good selection and great prices. With so many dodgy resellers around, it was an absolute gift to discover this company.

Excellent In All Areas!!

It was very easy to navigate your way around the website & was amazed with what was available & we are very satisfied with the products they were in awesome condition!! We will be back again :) :)

Fantastic Very Happy

Found easy to navigate what we wanted
Amazed at what was available
Decided to have a different named brand phone and was hoping Huawei phone would be as good as reviews. Wasn't disappointed better than I imagine. Only thing disappointing is doesn't have earphone hole. Need headphone due to my hearing problem. Going to buy the accessories necessary to use earphone

These Guys Are The Best !

Website is very easy to navigate, products are like brand new, and they have a great selection to choose from.
Service is very good, great communication and fast delivery. Love, love, love!

Watch out when buying a new iphone from ozmobile

We purchased in Aug 28 at the cost of $649 from Ozmobile what was advertised as an Apple iPhone 6s (128GB, Gold) New in the box.
The charge had only been working for half a day, two months after purchase, so we took it to a registered Apple repairer.
They found that the phone was actually 2 years old (recorded by Apple as purchased on 6/08/2016) which is why the battery wasn’t keeping the charge.
At a cost of $69 we were required to purchase another battery. When the iphone and battery were sold to us by OzMobiles, technically, given that they both had been sitting somewhere for 2 years past their manufacture date before we, the purchaser, opened the box, they had not been used but they certainly were not new and we all know that a 2 year old battery isn't the same as a brand new battery.
"Please note, that this device is a 'Handset Replacement'. This phone is a handset replacement directly from the Apple store. A faulty device was sent to Apple under a replacement program where they traded in for a new, never activated device. The phone is new, never used and comes with 12 months of Consumer Law Warranty with Apple, while also having 12 months of Warranty with us, OzMobiles. This was stated in the listing of the device. The battery that came in the device had never been used before as the device itself. The definition of a New device is this has never been used before, when you received the device this had never been used regardless of its manufacturer date.
We think would also like for Ozmobiles to be made to make it clear to customers that they are not buying a brand new phone and to not be able to charge an iphone full price for an iphone that has been sitting in their storeroom for 2 years.

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Hi Vicky, We're very sorry to hear you are unhappy with the device you have received. We certainly never wish to make our customers feel mislead. With new devices they have never been used before. With the iPhone 6s this was released in 2015 so most of the phones in circulation were manufactured close to that date. If you find any faults with the device however your phone does of course have 12 months of OzMobiles warranty, here we can provide warranty claims free of charge. We wish you all of the best with your device. Feel free to contact us directly at support@ozmobiles.com.au where we are more than happy to assist you with anything. Kind regards, Sam

Brilliant Service

I ordered a iphone 6s to replace one I lost. The company I work for then decided to provide a phone to me.

The phone was ordered at 5:30 yesterday.
I sent a cancellation email at 9:21 today.
OzMobiles had processed my refund by 10:15 today. (Just over 1/2 an hour later)

Even though OzMobiles didn't get a sale from me today, I would highly recommend them due to their excellent customer service.

Thanks you OzMobiles

Great to deal with, excellent follow-up

Great to deal with. Their follow-up emails etc are really helpful. Delivery time was excellent. We received what was advertised and have had no trouble with the two phones we've purchased. Purposefully searched for an OzMobile product on another website to ensure we got reliable service. Thanks

iPhone X

Bought an iPhone X about a month ago, still works and is in excellent condition. Took a few days to ship to Perth with standard shipping and I'm really glad with the purchase.

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Hi Tyler, We're so glad to hear your enjoying your new iPhone X! Thank you so much for the great feedback. If you need anything in the future feel free to contact our friendly team at info@ozmobiles.com.au Kind regards, The OzMobiles Team

A great product at a good price

Any easy and swift transaction, the phone arrived in as new packaging and I could not discern that it was not new. The only downside was that the data/ power cable was faulty.

Hi Stuardandjan, We're so glad to hear you are happy with your new device, we really appreciate your kind words. So we can provide you with a working cable please send us an email at info@ozmobiles.com.au with your order number and we will get onto this promptly. Kind regards, The OzMobiles TeamAlready purchases another one, thanks for the offer.

iPhone 8+

Really happy with an ex demo iPhone 8 Plus! They were very quick to post it out to me and the packaging was all in order, like the device itself.

no refund or replacement for faulty phone

recently bought a phone (second purchase, first acceptable) in 3 yrs. however also in this case was given a very substandard battery, so got it changed by a phone repair shop. job done in 30 min instead of 1 week back and forth. (assuming they'd ve replaced it), given batteries were sold to me x2 well substandard. another $ 50.

battery and phone ok for 1 month, then the phone screen freezes and stops working completely. Item returned but the seller refuses to replace it or refund anything. this on the ground that I had the battery replaced by third party /others and this could have caused the damage. What a joke, what a fool I was to tell em

If you buy from these guys just make sure you don't touch the fantastic batteries they sell to you, or you may find yourself in the situation of ozmobiles expanding on how a warranty deal works.

when it comes to speak with them, they appear to have a Phone nr available to call for sales, but for existing customers is emails only, online business...

the guy responding to emails will just sign by his first name. the last name is a capital letter :) as he was saying in his emails, it doesnt happen too often that they encounter fool clients. good luck

Hi Luke, We're sorry to hear about the issues that your device has been having. With all warranty claims we advise to contact us directly first to claim on your warranty. It is strictly mentioned in our warranty policy that 'Unauthorised third party repairs will void your warranty'. We are unable to confirm the quality of repair jobs that are conducted by venues not authorised by our company. In this case as the issues have occurred after the battery was repaired by the third party repairer, the phone should have been provided with some warranty. I would advise to contact them directly. For security reasons we don't disclose employee last names. We appreciate your feedback. Regards, The OzMobiles TeamNo . Third party didnt repair anything. They replaced the battery you sold me which wouldn’t last from home to work (30 min),. Then the screen broke, and had to put up with warranty stories and no phone for a week. Have taken it to fix again( replaced screen as it was faulty) now works great

Great product

Went to Oz mobiles looking to up date my Samsung S4 phone. They have a comprehensive range on the web site. Found the one I was interested in. Ordered on a Thursday and it arrived on Tuesday. The phone was what I expected, sleek and neat. Charged it up and everything works great. If anyone is after another phone then this is the only website you need to visit. There are other sites out there but not one of them get near Ozmobiles.

Hi Ralphy, Thank you very much for taking the time pass this great feedback on. We hope you have been enjoying your new Samsung S4 device :-) Next time you are in the market for a new phone feel free to get in touch with any questions and we will certainly assist you in any way we can. Kind regards, The OzMobiles TeamI actually purchased a SamsungS6 edge. It was a replacement for my S4.


Easy to find and purchase what I wanted. Product exceeded expectations, I had 2 queries and both were answered quickly and efficiently. Would recommend to anyone and will use again.

Very Unsatisfied

I bought an iPhone 6S ($360), same day i started charging i realized that the port was a bit dodgy cause was not charging correctly and cable was sort of loose when in port so it needed a specific position to charge, so it was in and out, i tried to change cables and charges, same problem so when i wrote to them they suggested me to clean the ports or get a new charger, i didn't even bother to write back. I had to replace the whole port for a new one and was working fine. After lets say 4 months of usage the phone completely stopped working, i wrote to them and told me that warranty of 3 months was no longer applicable and they couldn't do anything; actually they stated that all products bought after may 2018 were having a 6 months warranty (no wonder why / all refurbished products). Really feel ripped off by this company i really not recommend anyone to go through this, you will regret as happen to me. Completely unsatisfied. I took the phone to Apple to determine what is the root cause of problem and they stated through their report (can summit anytime if required) that is the logic board not functioning and need a complete replace of the unit. So at the end for not purchasing a new unit I'm going to have to spend additional $750 for the version 7 due to version 6S it is just been discontinued. Thanks a lot OZmobiles you guys doing a great job.

Hi Luis, We're very sorry to hear about these issues with the device. We would have loved to solve this issue for you as soon as possible with a replacement device, however unfortunately we did not hear any further contact from you after our first response. I can see you took the phone directly to a third party repairer to get this part repaired. In that case I would advise to contact the third party repairer for assistance on the current issue you have with the phone, as this could potentially be related to their repair. We generally advise against third party repairs as this voids the warranty. I hope this information is helpful and I wish you all of the best. Kind regards, The OzMobiles TeamHi, i contatcted suzi through the chat and she stated that you guys could not do anything to help me due to warranty. Replacing the charging port was done in a genuine apple store and actually they stated that the actual screen was a third party (perhaps this was the cause of the logic board stop functioning). I have not take the phone for repair, i took it to apple store to get a quote on how much i would have to pay if a repair was required, they told me the logic board stopped working (i can summit apple condition report if needed), meaning that the phone is still not functioning, nothing has been replaced so far. My order with OZmobiles was #151866. You shoud have all my details if you guys would like to sort out this situation and i could not call cause i have no other phone so i have been totally uncommunicated.Regards

High price to pay for unreliability

I was sold a phone advertised in "Good Condition" until it was charged and its LCD screen was illegible. Upon immediate return I was blamed for the fault as water damage and charged for the phone. Appalling customer service and zero accountability. Do not buy a phone through this company. Selling poorly repaired phones and charging you for it.

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Hi Niki, I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. We work to resolve all customer returns to a high quality standard. As this phone was affected by water damage, phones are normally rejected as per our returns policy. I can see that our team have been in contact with you and have provided a resolution. We look forward to resolving this for you as soon as possible. If you have any further questions feel free to contact our team directly at info@ozmobiles.com.au This has been passed onto our management for further review to assist us in improving our services. Kind regards, The OzMobiles Team

How true I must say that “I could not live without my iPad”

Found no problems navigating your store at all and I saw the iPad which looked very ideal for us and it is.

Service and Products

There is no better company when it comes to dealing with refurbished mobile phones and accessories. Genuine Products and Affordable.

Great service and great product

I had some really good advice and help in selecting my new mobile phone. Thank you so much for your help.

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Questions & Answers

do you sell phone cases also?
1 answer
Hi Sue, Yes we certainly do! We have a range of phone cases available for different models. Feel free to check them out on our website in the link below: https://www.ozmobiles.com.au/mobile-phone-accessories.html?cat=241 If you have any questions feel free to contact us via Livechat Monday - Friday 9-4:45pm, or email - info@ozmobiles.com.au Kind regards, The OzMobiles Team

Is it okay to come in to the store and look at some of your items?
2 answers
Hi Sammy, Thanks for your question! We don't have a store room where our stock can be browsed. But you can certainly pick up your order from our Melbourne location. Just feel free to place an order on our site using the "Pickup" payment method on any order of $149 and above. Then our team will email you the pickup details within 2 business hours. If you have any further questions feel free to email us at info@ozmobiles.com.au, otherwise we are on Livechat Monday - Friday 9-4:45pm. Regards, The OzMobiles TeamThank you so much for all your help, you guys really helped me :))

Hello there, I was looking to buy an 'average condition' iPhone and I was wondering if it's possible to come in and look at the phone before buying it, just to see the condition? Thanks :)
1 answer
Hi Sammy, I'd advise against buying from here. I've ended up having my iPhone fixed by a high street repair store, even though the issue was a manufacturing problem and no fault of mine. I'm still not sure why my warranty wasn't valid!

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