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Item never arrived, won't refund!

Ordered a battery charger, item never arrived. Seller told me to wait until they resolved something with courier. Haven't heard a thing since. Last message told me to take it up with the courier.
Avoid this seller!!!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes

Faulty product and terrible service from Kathy

This matter has been going on for 6 months, bought a 7 tier cake stand, which was faulty and cup cakes fell as the stand was unsteady and moved from side to side, what a terrible experience at engagement party. Contacted Kathy from admin but no answer, don't deal with her, you will get no where. I demanded a refund, still waiting for an answer, 6 months later, i told her I am happy to send it back to her so she can see the item for her self, but no answer. Have sent numerous emails but no answer, what a disgrace. Have sent numerous pictures of the item and a video of the stand but no luck.
I wish I could give no star but it won't allow me too. Why is it that 99% of customers have given Ozstock 1 star??

Shoe boxes

I contacted Amazon re parcel torn and open with pieces missing ,No contact afer repeated attempts for some small spare parts .DO NOT DEAL WITH OZSTOCK .NEVER ANY RETURN CONTACT

Refusal to provide a refund for undelivered item.

In November 2018, a seller trading under the name of Ozstock featured an advertisement for an adjustable corner shower rack.

I ordered and paid for two racks and shipping costs. Only one rack arrived.
Ozstock was contacted to report the problem. They subsequently requested photographs of the rack. I provided them with a copy of their advertisement to identify the product. They again requested photographs of the rack. The rack is installed and I have no intention of providing photos of my shower. I believe that the issue here is the failure by Ozstock to fulfill their obligation to provide me with the goods for which they accepted my payment.
Ozstock refuses to deal with this matter unless I provide photographs.

Rip off. Forsale ads show legitimate items. They will send you Chinese copies.

Received Chinese rip off version of the lights I bought. After I complained, I was told that the genuine items were out of stock and I could accept a half refund and keep the lights.


never signed up with these people, never even heard of them until they started sending me "deals" to my private email account: how did they get it? must have stolen it that is the only way
these people are untrustworthy

OzStock shoe storage boxes

Bought these because I was very impressed with how they looked in the ad, but what I actually received was 160 flat pieces of plastic and other assorted plastic odds and ends for assembling them. Two weeks later I have assembled one. Silly me, I bought two sets so only have 38 more to do. Then I have to join them together. I assumed from the as that there was a metal framework. Not so. Each plastic box has a metal edge. but to join them together I was supplied with a number of plastic strips to poke through slots in the boxes to join the up. Imagine a structure five tall of slippery plastic boxes connected like this, and then add the weight of the shoes they are supposed to hold. Like your proverbial house of cards.
I would like to softem my criticism somewhat by saying that the OzStock customer service people were responsive to my complaint, did their best to assist me, but the old adage still applies. You can't make a silk purse from a cow's ear, and anyone who can turn those hundreds of pieces of plastic into a freestanding structure must have a civil engineering degrees

Useless drill set from OzStock

In the past have bought a couple of solar items which were OK. Last purchase was a drill set which was absolute rubbish. On their site they say if you have any questions just email them, I did over a month period about a refund never received a response even phoned them and left my phone no on answering machine nothing back. I finished up putting a message through PayPal and Quickly got a response. I couldn't read the message on PayPal so I rang them and PayPal said they will give me a refund after I send the product back..I said to the female at PayPal it is going to cost me more to send it back that the refund is, I said they know that. She said I'm going to make a decision here in your favor and the money will be refunded to your account you don't have to send it back do what you like with it and I said the only thing I can do with it is throw it out as these drills are useless and I thanked her for her correct decision. So PayPal have been helpful to me a couple of times now.

Dodgy As

Ordered a computer ex lease described as form factor, i7, 16gb of ram nvida video card instead got a i7, 8gb of ram radeon video card in a full size tower, I offered to accept a partial refund instead he wants me to spend $100 to post it back and trust him to refund me, he wont cover postage. Paypal have been useless.

Never give OZSTOCK your email address!

I bought a small tablet device years ago, it never worked and ended up in the bin. OZSTOCK have been emailing me spam multiple times each day ever since - which has been at least five years. I have tried contacting them to request they remove my email but they don't. I've tried blocking them by employing several different recommended methods, but my apple devices have been unsuccessful in doing so.

SPAMMERS - Stay clear of them!

I didn't provide them with my email address, but they started spamming me anyway.

So if they don't treat people with respect, don't expect they'll treat you nicely either.

Awful service. Faulty product.

Purchased an item and it's faulty. Submitted video of fault and seller doesn't bother responding. Now I'm out of pocket for returning the item. Avoid purchasing from this business at all costs. They also have an eBay account. Save yourself the headache and purchase elsewhere.

Selling faulty led tail lamps

Purchased thru ebay fitted to trailer.clearance lamps not working. Tested wiring all ok.sent message .joy told me to check wiring and email video have done that .she came back and offered 1/2 credit .i said no as both lights are defective.she came back and offered 1 new tail lamp.this person is either sill or very thick! Have advised her i will contact ACCC/consumer affairs.

Fujitsu 2in1 hybrid computer - not all there - Ozstock

Item arrived two days ago, poorly boxed, no power cords or supply. Item had 100% flat batteries, could not even get it to start powering up, nothing. Checked bottom of keyboard to find half the screws missing. And yes it was dirty. This looked like a repair shop reject, not a refurbished hybrid.
They should not be allowed to sell items in this condition with even the power supply missing. Seriously considering taking the case up with the small claims tribunal or at least consumer affairs. This device is only good as a paperweight, OZstock had better do something about this, one very unhappy first time customer.

Neck Band Coolers.

Stock was not in Australia. I was informed it was sent from Hong Kong. It is now a month and no items. Have emailed for a refund but they have used some excuse that their Paypal account does not work. They wanted my bank account details. HELL NO. I think these guys are scammers. Do not purchase anything from these guys.
Still waiting for refund. Use eBay it is safer.


Purchased a car camcorder last week.
Arrived home on Monday to unopened package at front door.
Camcorder box was empty.
After numerous text, unanswered phone messages, emails, i have no answers. Be careful this could happen to your Christmas present.
Never again.

Remote Control delays by over 1 month

Further to a promo email from OzStock I bought a remote control for the garage. Paid using bank transfer to an account sent by OzStock Support as Chrome did not permit Paypal. OzStock kept on saying payment not received for 1 week. After I raise a dispute with bank, OzStock say they received payment in a less used account and apologizes. I asked them to send the item fast and they say it will 2-4 weeks. Now damn it ! They call themselves OzStock and why 2-4 weeks. They claim that the item has to come from HKG, hence the delay.

These guys are selling cheap items that are not even in-stock and collecting money. It is more secure to buy from ebay in that case, as ebay support will ensure a safe transaction.

Adjustable solar landscape spot lights

4x Adjustable Solar Landscape Spot Lights @ 19.99. Joke...
Would expect product to be much cheaper as this product can be purchased at Target for same price.
Pull your socks up Ozstock...

Happy with their deals.

Have had five dealings with Ozstock.
Goods were as advertised, nice price and arrived in good condition.
Arrival time between ordering and delivering slightly frustrating, but that's not really Ozstock's fault.
Have recommended Ozstock to friends.

have got nothing cudo

odered 13 december and paid is now 22 january still nothing have email several times no response iwill not buy another thing from cudo

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I bought your shoes boxes from amazon and you said it will arrive by 11 April latest and it is 15 now. Where is my stuff?
No answers

Hello I'm trying to find the perfume bye dance & gabriel to buy. Where could I order it from and price please?
1 answer
Although this question is a little outside my expertise, Google only brings up the one reference to this product, which is Ozstock. However their ad (see link below) suggests that this perfume is sold out. You might try ringing their customer service line and ask if it will be reintroduced. https://www.ozstock.com.au/19252/Dance-&-Gabriel-The-One-100ml-Women%27s-Perfume.html

Want to get the ear cleaner have you got ph number?
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no sorry only deal by email

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