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Painmate Tens Machine

Painmate Tens Machine

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Don't buy

So bought this as was advised it's good, when it works it is. It has good preset mode, that bring a constant charge and a pulsating charge. You can't change it, but it's good. The issue is getting it to turn on, had mine less than a month, won't function on my leg can't seem to sense skin, I even shaved, works on arm. Also pads are poor quality, they pull away from unit way before they stop sticking to skin. I have another brand and never had an issue, so knowing how to use and look after isn't an issue. I would look else where.

Purchased in March 2019 at Price line for $34.99.

Works great for me so why complain

Been using for 3 days on my back and Achilles....just love it.off painkillers for the moment..not sure why it works so well.

Son brought it for me and thought it would be useless.

Purchased in March 2018 at Priceline for $50.00.

Disappointed after a great start

I bought this unit after having had positive feedback from family members as to the efficacy of TENS therapy. I made my choice based on the compact, discreet appearance of this product, as I intended to use it in my workplace as well as at home. When I used the product it was just blissful, the pain relief was really effective and it did not interfere with normal activity. BUT..... the battery life was ridiculously short, about 10 treatments and the unit seemed to develop a random response to the input instructions. When it worked, great relief! But completely unreliable in its response, and sucked the battery dry so quickly. I’m so disappointed, because when it works, it’s great...but so unreliable.

Purchased in March 2019 for $50.00.

Good relief but batteries dont last the 50 times it states

When it works if is brilliant but batteries dont last very long and its so hard to change batteries due to cover too fiddley to open. Its convenient having no leads etc like other tens machines. Bit expensive unit overall

Purchased in August 2018 at Tens Machines Australia for $49.95.

Best little pain reliever on the market.

I bought this over 2 years ago, and love it. It’s on its second lot of gel pads and second battery, after lots of use. I use it, on average, on a fortnightly basis, mostly for my knees, back and neck, to help with muscle and arthritic pain.
After a recent injury to my shoulder, due to a car accident, I’ve been using it nightly, before bed, and it gives me enough relief to get a good night sleep.
It has certainly saved me a fortune in pain meds over the years.

Waste of money

Bought mine <3 months ago at Priceline. Didnt feel anything 1st use and 2nd use didnt even turn on. Gel had peeled back a bit and case very hard to open. Took it back to Priceline for a refund and shop person opened it with difficulty and then disappeared with it. Came back and said she had put it on HER arm and it worked so she would have to ring the manufacturer before I could get a refund. Shocked on many levels and was not prepared to wait (was told to do some shopping and come back after her call was returned). Hygiene ignored by staff so I will not be using it again. Waste of money .....just a, bit of expensive rubbish.

This is Great, when it works

I had my doubts buying this for a painful elbow but it actually relieved the pain but after a few weeks and changed batteries twice, on the second change it wont work at all. cant find the receipt so the chemist wont do anything.

Its just "ok"

I use the pain mate for pain associated with thoracic disc buldges and protrusion. Works while its on, however, needs frequent battery changes and new gel pads which gets expensive.

Great when it works but really buggy

Only works intermittently, trouble turning on, have manual, followed all instructions, now beeps constantly when properly attached to skin (probably needs battery replacement even though I've hardly used it.) Shame, it's very good when it does work.

Waste of money

You may get it to work initially but it then is fickle and only work now and then. When it does it’s great but I bought it to use when I want it and for it to work. Waste of money!

Great while it worked

Yes was absolutely wonderful when it worked but it was hit and miss to get it to work especially when it was attached to a part of the body hard to see. Stopped working permanently after 6 months.

My portable comfort relief

I've had mine for well over 2 years now and would be lost without it. I have suffered considerably with neck pain for most of my life and I have many other items that I have used to relieve any pain.

The Painmate is like a mini tens machine for which you can carry around in your handbag or if travelling. You don't have to worry about wires because it is so portable. It comes in a clear protective compact which is great because it keeps the pad clean and ready for your next use.

I have found the tens pad lasts quite a while for me before I need to change them.

It's so easy to use. Apply the pad say the back of your neck. Make sure that the pads are flat against your skin. Then press and hold the plus (+) button down for about 3 seconds. This is when you really have to listen for a very faint beep that will let you know that you can now keep pushing the + button to get to the intensity of what feels comfortable for your pain. There are 15 intensity levels so plenty to choose from. After 20 minutes of use, it will automatically shut off. If you want to shut the device a bit early, you only have to press and hold the minus (-) button for 3 seconds and it will stop.

The gel pads are easy to replace.

My husband also uses this device for his back and calves.

I am impressed with how it works. I must point out though that a lot of people will apply the pads after moisturising their skin and this is not good for the pads as they won't stick well. Your skin needs to be completely dry.

The gel pads seem to last me quite a long time. Battery life is also great.

Stopped working

Stopped working after 3 days. I changed the battery 3 times thinking it might be that. Never made any beep from the beginning as was said.
Emailed the company got back to me then after second email never responded.
If you read this before don't get one.

Stopped working 3rd use.

3rd use stopped working. Expected more for a $50 product. Seemed to work well the first 2 times but you have to worry about the quality of it can’t make 2 days use.

Works well for me

I bought a Pain Mate and love it. I have bought other tens machines that were a lot dearer than the Pain Mate but Pain Mate works very well for my Fibromyalgia and is easy to work while wearing it.

PAINmate is GREAT!!

I have a rare form of arthritis called DISH. I am always in pain even with very high dose pain patches and supplementary tablets. This pain stops me doing many normal activities. My daughter, a nurse, discussed my pain with a doctor from The Royal Hospital Hobart. She recommended I try Painmate. I find it amazing in particular it helps me get through the times when I am doing too much and would normally need to go home to lie on my bed. By placing Painmate on the stressed part of my back I am able to stay out to enjoy the occasion. What I like about it is that it is compact so it is always in my bag therefore available when ever I need it. I have recommended it to many pain sufferers who are equally happy with its results.
Painmate has made a significant difference to my ability to participate in life.

October 5th 2017 Update: A Godsend.

I suffer chronic back pain so often I would not be able to join friends for lunch as sitting for two hours was an ordeal. Now thanks to Painmate I can join them as I hardly notice my pain. S. Roberts.

Please give this a go and stop your suffering!

I purchased two of these devices with very skeptical hopes that it would help much if at all.I am blown away.I now have one in my handbag everywhere i go instead of pain medication which is fantastic as they always make me feel sick! And one by my bed for when i want to sit back and have a nice relaxing treatment.I couldn't believe after my first treatment that it actually worked! Id never tried any kind of tens machine before but this is brilliant! The stimulating pulses change and make my sore spots feel much better! I suffer from lymes disease ( neuroburrelliosis) so lymes of the nervous system and osteoarthritis as well as fibromyalgia, my pain levels are high everyday..this really helps me to cope and i love how handy it is to carry.For the price ive recommended it to so many people i know it can help them too..Im hoping my osteopath will stock these for all the other people suffering like i do.So happy i found this! You have nothing to loose and so much of your life to gain back!

Have had relief.

Being in pain with sciatic nerve problems, I bought one of these for personal use at home when I'm not at the physio on their TENS machine. My experience is that while it's running it actually helps the pain and even when it's finished I'm free of pain for a little while after as long as I take it easy.

Just another product that can't live up to its claims

I have had my pain mate for one week and have successfully gotten it to work a total of three times, when I did manage to get it going, it didn't do anything special, just intensity or less intensity. I have read and followed the instructions to the letter but can not get it to work each time I try.
There is no comparison between this and the ever faithful T.E.N.s machine, which I will be returning to.

Over exagerated claims and benefits

I bought this product to assist with my restless leg syndrome rather than having to resort to dopamine (I bought this cheaper $50 unit as TENs units have variable results for sufferers). I have used it successfully 5-6 times although have also noticed that it doesn't beep to turn on and is very fickle about working, it has to be turned right up to feel any sensation. The unit is already signalling weak batteries after this short usage (advertises up to 50...). I am unable to conclude from this short experience whether TENs are a viable investment for me but certainly will not recommend this unit.

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Questions & Answers

I love my Painmate and have had it for a long time. At the moment it is doing a fast beep when I turn it on. I have changed the battery but it still is happening . What makes it do that and how can I stop it?
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Hi Mary, this happened to me once and it was because i accidently bought a disc battery with lower volts. If i remember correctly, pain mate needs 32volt disc battery. Otherwise, when my pain mate does that beepy thing, its because it doesnt have correct contact with my skin so i change my pads. Problem for me is that my skin is quite oily so i have to use an alcohol based wipe for my skin before using the pain mate.

Can it be used on osteoarthritis in fingers and how long does it help after use?
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It can definitely be used for osteoarthritis as I suffer that in my neck, shoulders and knees but this painmate tens machine has to sit flat so to use on your fingers would be hard. I don't have it in my hands or fingers so I guess I could try it out and see how well it sits across the top of your hands and give my results.I've just had a look to see if it is possible to put on the top of your hands and it just doesn't work well at all because it does need to be flat. I know my ex mother in law had osteo in her hands and she reckoned that Goanna Oil worked great for her. I have no idea if they even have this on the shelves anymore.For my muskeloskeletal pain, the painmate works only when the machine is on. Once i take it off, the pain is still there. Bascially it just interupts the pain signal in the brain, it doesnt have any long lasting effect or 'cure' for my pain but it gets me through the day. I tried using it on my scapula but the pain mate really only operates when it is completely flat.

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