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I love my rings!

I love my pandora rings so much I don't take them off. They are classy and elegant yet not ridiculously priced. I have had some rings for 4 years and they still haven't rusted!

good products. questionable service.

me and my friend were really happy with the products we looked at but the girl who served us was rather pushy and made us uncomfortable. we didn’t purchase anything because of that. but will be back another time when she isn’t there.

Product Quality
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Good product, questionable service

I was given a ring from pandora for my birthday, but it was far too big since I am quite petite. I went in to the pandora store at Marion to exchange it for a smaller size. I took the ring out of the box and put it on for a few seconds, just to see how big it was for accurate sizing. The lady working there finally came over as I was doing this (I waited 10 minutes at least) and asked if I needed help. I told her I wanted to exchange the ring for a smaller size, and showed her the authenticity card I had. She looked at me rather judgementally, and told me she couldn’t excange the ring since I had taken it out of the box and put it on. I explained that I had kept the ring in the box the whole time I had it, apart from that few seconds where I tried it on, I even showed her I still had the box with me, but she didn’t want to hear it. I was very upset since the ring was a gift from a friend, and if it wasn’t exchanged then I couldn’t wear it. She told me she would see what she could do. She’s left and came back with a magnifying glass, and spent at least 5 minutes inspecting it to make sure there wasn’t nothing wrong with it. I got a smaller size in the end, but the policy seems illogical. If you can’t exchange a ring that’s been worn, how do you know it’s the wrong size if you can’t put it on?

Product Quality
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Great customer service QVB Sydney

Thanks Kim for exceptionally great customer service . Had faulty charm exchanged hassle free in QVB Sydney. Very welcoming and patient staff. I especially like how they are enthustic about the jewellery they sell .

Warranty Claim MadeYes

Pandora addict

I was gifted my first Pandora piece for Christmas 2017. I now have a HUGE Collection. It is all VERY good quality jewellery. I noticed other negative reviews. All I can say is if you follow Pandoras care instructions you cannot go wrong. Last on, first off is best piece of advice. Dont wear to bed, in shower/swimming, while playing sports. Gently polish after wear and deep clean only as per their instructions. I also use their large Jewellery box to house my collection (tarnish free treated) My collection looks brand new after a year of almost daily wear. I cannot go to our store without making a purchase :)

Product Quality
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Robina QLD staff not helpful

I never experienced poor service when I used to live in Melbourne. Since moving to QLD I shopped at the Robina store. Staff were not very helpful with suggestions for the ring I wanted to buy. I bought it in a hurry as I had my daughter with me and she was tired of shopping! After trying it on with my other rings when I got home I decided it was too thin. I read the refund policy on the receipt that night and it clearly says items may be refunded within 30 days due to change of mind. The next day when I went to return it the manager said “it’s not a simple process to refund. You were in the store yesterday and tried it on so because it wasn’t a gift then we don’t usually refund”. she then said she had to contact another manager via phone to get a code to refund it. I waited 5 minutes then said I would do more shopping and return to the store. 45 minutes later when I returned she just said “I still don’t have the code”. Then someone else suggested using a code in the safe which she did and she finally processed the refund. She was not very friendly and made me feel guilty for exercising my rights per their own policy!!

Will never shop at Robina Pandora shop again!!

Amazing products and customer care to match

I have several pandora rings I wear everyday, I broke one I had nearly a year so I decided to pop them an email, as I had no receipt or no idea what store I purchased from I wasn’t expecting much. I got a reply within 24 hours and someone even tried to ring me to discuss further. I missed the call an forgot to reply to the email.. they could have just left it and closed my case but a manager from my local store called and said I could pop in to the store to exchange it. This is the manager named [name removed] from bondi junction store, she and her team were absolutely amazing and I was provided with a brand new replacement yesterday. Absolutely delighted with the service provided!! Thank you so much team

Dreadful customer service at Parkmore, Melbourne

Range was good but customer service was horrendous. I waited so long. Was ignored the whole time I was waiting. Even when someone returned to pick up something, I was still overlooked without even an -‘be with you in a sec’.
I’m guessing it was the manager, the rudest of all.
Very disappointing. I’m embarrassed to actually be still standing here waiting. I have been here for so long.

The absolute worst!!!

over the past few years, I have been gifted and I have purchased many items from Pandora. This company is extremely hit or miss. for example about 3 years ago I was given the rose gold princess ring and the rose gold band with the gems all around it, but about a year after that I had lost 1 gem in my band and my princess ring totally broke into three pieces and it wasn't even rose gold anymore. However the same year I was gifted the topaz birthstone ring and it is totally fine to this day. I also bought the leather bracelet and have gotten a few charms over the years and I have worn it in the pool, shower, beach etc and never take it off basically and it is holding up okay. But this past Christmas I got the wish ring with the stones in it and after the first week, the middle stone fell straight out. I also bought the string of beads hanging earrings in mid-December and they were great and they looked good.... up until about a week or two ago the back of them started getting loose so I stopped wearing them altogether up until 2 days ago I put them in and one of them fell out so I was like okay I'll give them one more try but about an hour ago I was taking them out because I was getting ready for bed and the back of one of the earrings fully snapped off. Now I don't know what to do. hmu if anyone wants any broken pandora jewellery.

Horrible customer service VIC

The customer service was horrible. I had terrible
experience from pandora forrest hill The Chase VIC and from The Glen VIC. I went to Glen for an exchange because the petite charm i wanted from forrest hill store was unavailable and apparently they couldnt restock for me, so i was convinced by the sales lady to purchase one i didnt want just so i could go to Glen to exchange, she rang the Glen store to inform them to put one aside for me and apparently it was all good (she should have just sent me to the store but she wanted the sale i guess? I had toddlers with me i didn't think much so i agreed) . When i went to the Glen store few days later was told there was no such item put aside for me. I was told i had to pick something else to exchange and when i picked another charm (captured heart) from their drawer and loved it, another sale lady intervened and said that wasnt for sale and i couldnt have it (even thou the item was right there on my hand! Her reason was they sell that charm with the necklace as a set) I asked if she could order it for me because in their brochure booklet it was one of the available charms, she said no, they didnt have any in stock and it is probably unavailable, didnt even bother to check for me, yes she said PROBABLY unavailable and walked off. I ended up exchanging it for another item i wasnt 100percent on. Very disappointed with such poor customer service, and everywhere had low stock on items i wanted. Does pandora not restock regular items? Either that or they are too lazy to make an order for me because they were inexpensive items? i had higher expectation from a well known store supposedly selling high quality jewellery. I decided to ring Forrest hill store after to let the lady know what had happened since she was the one who suggested i did this and apparently checked with Glen it was all good, the lady cut me off half way complaining and said oh well i guess it was a computer glitch. Her attitude was completely different this time round compared to when i was purchasing from the store. Not a single apology from either stores and just plain rude. After this experience, i have decided i will never step foot into another pandora store ever again.

Simple, don`t shop here

Purchased 8 items prior to xmas & received 4 complimentary pieces in the sale. Exchanged items after xmas but had to buy more to get the exchange & give up complimentary items.

Deplorable Pandora online service, even worse experience with Customer Experience and Online Service

My husband will never buy Pandora items for me ever again thanks to Pandora’s problematic online purchasing and redeeming processes.
What is worse is that the Team Leader who eventually contacted me provided incorrect information, for example, that the reason I could not redeem my e-gift card online was that I needed to enter a credit card number as well, for security reasons (!). The cost of my items was less than the cost of my gift card, there was no reason to enter a credit card number as well... The conversation I had with this lady ended with her telling me that maybe my husband would forget about the bad service and purchase Pandora again for me one day. When I put this in writing she denied that she said this. We both know who was right here. When I asked for her manager’s details and email address, she would not give them to me. Clearly an indication that she knows that her dealings with me have not been what they should have been, and she does not have the knowledge to be dealing with customers who are trying to resolve problems with their purchasing experience. I have purchased over $20,000 worth of Pandora items in the past, and I considered myself a loyal customer. How awful is it to be treated this way after investing so much money in their products. There is so much more to this sorry tale, inconsistencies about where missing gift cards were emailed, not addressing issues with online forms, blaming me for not checking my junk mail (wasn’t there anyway) for the missing gift card. I could keep going. My message here is don’t put your confidence in Pandora’s e-commerce systems, or else you will end up even more disillusioned when you have to deal with their incompetent customer experience Team Leader trying to sort the problems out.

Not shipped, not replaced, long wait on response and refund took a month to be told item lost hopefu

Will never buy pandora online again never received package paid express, now waiting for refund, very disappointing read all reviews.


I love my pandora necklace and rings, although I found when I wore my necklace in the shower it began to rust on the back. As long as I prevent them getting extreamly wet the rusting is the only problem I have encountered. Overall they are great items which personally I wear every day

Never shop Pandora

I placed an order 2 weeks before Christmas. I never received my package for my wife's present. Everyone kept saying it shipped but the tracking number said it wasn't mail. I thought they were over priced with all of the other charm bracelets on the market. The company made no attempt to offer me a partial refund and send the bracelet. Instead they canceled the order and issued a refund. I'd never purchase from Pandora ever again.

Absolutely disgusted

Mickey Mouse clip loved the product when first brought but now disgusting at how the clip is not firm or tight enough and it comes undone on own for $99.00 I would expect better quality. The annoying fact that I will now have to purchase another one to go with the set it’s just not fare at all. Seeing my daughters face when going to show her pandora charms that she received for Christmas and then discovering the Mickey Mouse was gone 1 day after Christmas was heart braking to see and the tears went all day. https://au.pandora.net/en/charms/clipsfromlib/disney-mickey-shimmering-portrait-clip/797495CZ.html

Poor product and service

Purchase was a J with diamonds, stone and then a T with diamonds. J was produced backwards and only realised once given on Xmas day. Returned to store with no interest. Told that was how it is and reluctant to get the manager. Manager stated ‘if your not happy we’ll give your money back’. Stated it was incorrect and wanted it corrected. Told to call Pandora. Pandora acknowledged they had had lots of complaints but that was the way it is. Appalling behaviour from start to finish. Note: all other letters with the exception of the J were correct.

Very bad customer service

Pathetic customer service and very rude customer sales representative, they should treat everyone equally. So much attitude they have and don't even bother about customer's emotions.

Lucky to get a 1

Pathetic Store Manager - only happy when your purchasing! Tried to return an item purchased from another store and the way I was spoken to was horrendous.....

Horrible customer service

I’ve been to pandora Carousel shop few times, bought jewellery few times and never had an issue. But today when I walked in it was a different staff. So when I was waiting for a staff member no one approached me to help. So I asked one staff member and she said she is busy and can’t help. So I walked out of the store and I came back after a while and they didnt let me in saying they are about to close but still there were few customers inside. So I mentioned them I already know what I need to buy for my partner and got inside. But some of the staff members were looking at me and shaking their heads like they were unhappy to see me in there. I was really disappointed about this customer service as I’m a dark skinned person and I just wonder whether they have a different way of treating dark skinned people. Anyway I bought a necklace and a ring for my partner and during transaction the manager said to a staff member who was a blonde and wearing specks to open the door to customers when they leave but she didn’t open the door for me.

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My boyfriend bought me a promise ring online and he got 2 sizes too small. He said he doesnt have the receipt but is there any way i can exchange it in store if i have the packaging?
1 answer
You dont need receipt or packaging as long as the ring is in very good condition. You can exchange for correct size at any physical store. All Pandora jewellery is stamped with hallmark eg ALE 925 and authentic Pandora is instantly recognised by most staff. Hope this helps.

Are jewelry stores to sell pandora merchandise at the same price as pandora store or can they charge more? Just wondering purchased a ring for 100.00 and pandora Site had it at 75.00
No answers

I updated my pandora bracelet and my old charms wont fit new bracelet. How can I get them on?
2 answers
Why not ask Pandora?Are they the same bracelet? Like are they both moments bracelets or is one an essence bracelet? If they are the same maybe charms need cleaning. If they are not, the charms for essence bracelets are too small for moments ones.

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