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Paul's Warehouse

Paul's Warehouse

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1.8 from 150 reviews

Very disappointed

The smell in this shop is disgusting.. it’s the smell of second hand clothes and some shoes !! It’s buy one get one free but they put prices up so high that you’re not really getting one free !! It’s like a garage sale !!! Shop is a miserable mess !!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationDandenong
Sizing Slightly small

Not sure if shoes are authentic

Purchased 8 pairs of shoes from the sunshine store for the growing kids. Everyone fell apart within a few months. I thought it was because my kids were getting out and playing so I didn’t mind. I was actually proud that they were not the useless house bound variety children so I didn’t think much of it. My wife purchased the same brand and style of shoe from the local shoe shop, (we always get the youngest one shoes from this shop because of ...... favouritism), to replace the ones I had obtained from Paul’s warehouse as they wore out. Only problem was the replacement shoes seemed bulletproof by comparison. The kids out grew them not out wore them.

I’m not going to say that the shoes are inferior quality but they didn’t last as long as the same ones from the local shoe shop for some reason.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Store LocationSunshine
Sizing True to size

Shocking customer Service

I have now been to Pauls warehouse Sunshine thrice. All three times I have witnessed the lady (Caucasian, dark hair) on the check out’s horrible, horrible behaviour. First time customers were waiting to be served and she was chatting with a friend for 8 minutes before deciding to say ‘next’. The second time my husband and I visited and there was something wrong with the pricing, she literally told the girl on the checkout, give it to them at the price they’ve said (cause she knew we were right) I don’t want to have this conversation!! Today 28/02 I went there in the morning and was being served by another staff member, when an African man cane by to exchange a pair of blue Adidas kids shoes, which he said he had bought y’day. OMG she literally told him he was lying(even though he showed her the receipt) and called him STUPID! This lady needs to realise that she is in that job ONLY because customers visit the store. I’m sure she would never have called a white person a liar or stupid. She should be sacked. The man was able to exchange the shoes only because the other CS person told her that the request was reasonable. She is a disgrace. Please do something and get better staff.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationSunshine, Vic 3020
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Please do not shop here

Paul's warehouse does it best to yell at the customer. Rude staff and no manner. Please do not shop at the store. No wonder why online shopping becomes big part.

Return Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance As advertised

All crap models that look fake or second hand

Displayed like an op shop, don't have any current models all Crap you would not want , looks like there all fake knock offs. Shop is run by inexperienced kids with no idea. Woodridge store qld , "says it all". Everything just looks cheap and nasty don't waste your time. But how they display their shoes is an absolute joke. A WHOLE WALL OF----! Don't know how they can still be in business. I feel ripped off just going there. Listen to all these reviews, not everyone can be wrong. Spent long enough talking about this store, just go to another shop like rebel sport and see the difference. Better quality with helpful staff that have a brain. They aren't cheaper prices just cheaperly made shoes. DONT DO IT.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationWoodridge Qld

Fake not real shoes

Husband and I both purchased top of the line new balance and muzuno running joggers... you would think for the top tier models and price they would be comfortable and not make your feet feel like they've been standing in thongs all day. We have owned multiple versions of these joggers and never experience this... they have to be selling non-genuine products such as waste of money so disappointed.

Fake Shoes

(Adelaide) Shoes sold here should come with a free can of spray glue. Bought 2 pairs of sport shoes and the soles on both began to flap as I walked with days of purchasing them. I had to glue them back weekly. Haven’t been and will never go back.

Customer service

Yesterday at the Rockdale Paul Warehouse totally unprofessional, rude staff. When I saw the Manager who happened to be the Regional Manager I went to try to talk to him about his staff. He was utterly rude to me, one staff came there yelling at me, he did not ask her to stop or leave. No wonder why the staff behaves the way they behave.

Do NOT shop here

This store has dirty second hand looking clothes. They will not give you a refund although they will tell you they do. Just go and take a look at how bad it is , it will make you laugh .

Horrible Customer Service

Deceiving sale saying 81% off but only 25% off in the actual store. Waited in line for about an hour just to find that the pricing was ridiculous! Went back the next day to return something as the item didn't fit and they said they couldn't return it because apparently if an item doesn't fit it's change of mind which is wrong. The store is overcrowded, there is stuff all over the floor and also the store smelt very bad. Waste of time and money, customer service horrible; Do not shop here.

False advertising

This is ridiculous advertising...staff are so unprofessional I don’t believe they are still operating. I went to Gregory hills to buy a pair of sneakers after watching their ad for buy one and get one free. After going through a few pairs I found two which were to my liking and went to the cashier to pay for it. At this point the cashier calls the floor manager ([name removed]) who said that I can’t take the same pair as it can’t be from the same lot. I explained to him that it was from two different lots but he insisted that I can’t buy them and said I could buy them at a different which he quickly calculated. I told him it was misleading advertising to which he said either I buy them or not...my reply I will not pay any extra to the advertised price and took photos of the two different stand and left the shop...I will be reporting this to ACCC. I wish I had read the reviews before I went....can’t believe with such low ratings the regulatory body hasn’t taken any action so far.

An Expensive Op Shop Don’t Bother

If I could rate this with 0 stars I would. Went to the Dandenong South Store. The store looks like one big untidy teenagers room. Stuff everywhere and a weird smell. Never mind the bucket of water sitting in the middle of an aisle... the clothing looks second hand or at least 15 years old and the prices don’t reflect that! There are 3 different prices depending when you buy (very confusing) . Didn’t see any designer brands. What a waste of my time.

Wouldn't recommend unless you want to buy second hand items

The store is not clean and piles of clothes. The items didn't look new. For second hand items it's over priced. I couldn't wait to get out of that place. Wasted my time.

Might as well go to your local Op Shop

I saw the add thinking it was new designer clothes, Listen to the reviews on here and don’t waste your time.
I drove 40 mins each way for no reason, Even smells the same as my local op shop.
Second hand items at higher than new prices don’t bother.

Factory or op shop????

Be careful if buying in this store some of the item has been used and you can't return it. It happens to me and we complaint that's it's been used we were just told some of the item are pre owned. I'm shocked I thought I'm shopping In a factory outlet but I'm shopping in an opshop. Very disappointed. Not coming back.

Worst retail experience of my life false advertising

Like a bad opportunity or st Vincent’s shop, not an outlet none of the the things there people would buy new strange discontinued lines allot of the merchandise highly suspect false radio advertising lured me and family there and I could not have been more disappointed I love outlet stores in the USA which rate 10 this store is 0.5 of 1 don’t waste your time

Second hand shoes

Today 15/12/18 I purchased 3 pairs of shoes
Unknown to me the pair on the sale table is second hand the left shoe has a hole on the inside heel , the kind you get from wear
The right shoe that I tried on is in a new condition
When I called to explain what had happened I was told that’s what you get from a sale item and there is no exchange or refund so now I have a pair of shoes that I will have to throw away

False advertising and staff have unprofessional customer service skills. 2nd Dec 2018

Paul,s warehouse at Gregory Hills. Suits were advertised as $50.00, all along the wall where they were hanging. On top of that there is a permanent advertisement with words to the effect that major designer brands are sold at cheap prices.
I went to the cashier with one suit and she told me that the price is $118.00. I pointed at the advertised price of $50.00. At that she told me that these is a designer brand and designer brand are not on special. I told her that that's fine but there is not notice there to say that designer bands are not sold for $50.00. At this point another cashier took over from this cashier started talking at top of her voice and telling me the same thing. This store is quite big and my partner who was at the other end of the shop could here what this lady was telling me, and came to inquire This lady lacks customer services skills. She was trying to raise her voice so I would keep quite. She further tells me that customers could have placed these suits in these racks. I asked her to show where the designer brands are kept, as all the suits were hanging where the discounted prices advertised.

Another staff took me to the rack however she could not find the rack that had designer brands. Nor she could show me where any notice was displayed to say that designer brands are excluded from the sale price. So she showed me a empty rack but that rack did not have anything to do with suits. It was just part of shirt rack. I later found out that this staff was the manager. At this point my partner and I was surrounded by 5 staff, who were trying to ambush me.
One of the staff said that this is advertised for $50.00 so everything is $50.00. however he was told by another staff that this is not the case. A male staff told me that I have to leave the store as I am arguing about the price. He stated that price is $118.00 and thats it. I told him that he can not tell me to leave the store as I am not aggressive and he is not the store manger nor the center manager. Then he changed his tune and said that we are closing in 5 minutes, and the cash register is all closed.
A customer jumped in the conversation saying that people move thing around (which I agree), however she did not know what issue was and continued saying that there could be lawyers around, which has threatening imputations . I asked for details about there superior officer but they advised me that they do not give any phone numbers or contact details or email and I have to try my luck to find them.

Staff lacks customer service and problem solving skills. Customers mostly know about the regulation that govern advertising, hence it would be advisable that staff adhere to the advertising standards that are regulated by the government. I would like the management to respond to this review and provide me an email address where I could lodge in a formal complain rather than reporting to Australian Competition and consumer commission (ACCC).

So much to choose from! RATE 3.5/5

They have great clothing and items. Not sure how authentic they are because I'm not sure if high brands such as Michael Kors would sell items to a store like this. I could be wrong, but I feel as though it's not possible. They easily manipulate u and waste our time by putting high-end brands in the "5 dollar section" and when you go to the efforts of trying the clothes and checking out they tell you its '40 dollars, 5 dollars excluding high-end brands'. Nowhere did it say excluding high-end brands, they will only tell u at check out. However, they do have really good deals and clothing that are unique and not common to find in regular stores which is awesome! can get loads of compliments with such little amount of money! would recommend, but be careful of so-called "high-end" brands

Extremely cheap and decent employees

I bought this bomber jacket that was supposed to be 206$ from perry ellis, but at pauls warehouse they were 25$. They sell 20 dollars authetic vans and so much other treasure you can dig. Employees are mostly helpful, you might run into one or 2 impatient ones but it's rare in Melbourne shops.

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Do you sell brand hand bags? Guess, particularly
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I have seen guess tops. They do have bags but I've never gone near them, they look bad quality even from a distance.No, they didn’t have any when I was there, it’s all basically bad quality.Ask Paul’s

Why can’t I look at the products on the Paul’s warehouse website?
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Hi I was wondering if use sell size 7 and a half woman rroller skates and mens size 10 and a half speed skates please and if so how much would they be please.
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