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Payam Data Recovery

Payam Data Recovery

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No data recovered

No complaints about the service or speed of action with Payam, just be aware that for your $500 like me you may not get any data back. My external hard drive had a head crash that damaged the platters, not that unusual problem if you drop the hard drive. They are up front about the cost and risk that you will get no data back Anyway better that you know that it is a real possibility that your $500 will not result in any data.


Genuine Care for Customers

I am writing this review to highly recommend the wonderful team at Payam. These guys are so honest and genuine, and truly care about their customers by providing them with the best service possible. Their dedication to helping people is far beyond what I've ever experienced before. They understand people are anxious about their lost data, so they do a wonderful job in communicating well throughout the whole data recovery process.

I've recently moved, and live far away from any Payam location, however, I wont go through anyone else, as I have so much trust in the team. It's going to cost me a fair bit, as I've neglected a few of my memory cards over the years (one had completely crumbled to pieces, and they could still fix it!). Anyway, so they're helping me with a payment plan to suit my budget and time frame. Plus any payments I make, will be refunded to me if data is unable to be recovered. I honestly can't recommend Payam highly enough, as these guys are so committed to looking after their customers with the highest level of service.

No guarantees if you are the unlucky 1% like me!

No data received back at all. $500.00 down the drain plus postage of the device to them. No guarantees if you are the unlucky 1% like me. Owner of the company requested I remove my Facebook review of 2 stars. Now I understand why there is only such good feedback when you check reviews. If they truly only cannot retrieve data on 1% of devices then shouldn’t the company be willing to wear that 1% & offer a refund if no data is retrieved? On a plus the company did communicate well throughout the whole process. I was just unlucky & didn’t receive the desired outcome despite parting with $500.00.

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Hi, I'm sorry you were disappointing with the outcome.Most of our services are based on a no-fix no-fee policy, but the problem you had was one of the few services that we did inform you that we do need to charge you for our time, efforts and spare parts as we do know there is no guarantee that the data can be recovered. The only way we can be sure is try to repair the hard drive and extract all the data from it before it fails again. We did state that the payment you made was for our time, labour and parts to 'attempt' to recover your data, it was made very clear in about 3 places in the quote and receipt we gave you that this was a non-refundable payment. The 2nd amount due in the quote (an additional $750) was not charged to you or asked as we could not get the files off your hard drive due to severe damage to the disk platters. The reason we charge this fee is that when other companies may simply look at the damage and give up, we clean platters, treat them with chemicals and try to replace the heads, turning off particular heads, cutting some off sometimes and trying to even get a partial clone. This process took us about 20 hours of our time for you and we killed 2 sets of spare parts at a cost of about $100 US per drive. We in fact made a financial loss in the attempt to help you. We are disappointing too and hate to tell any client their data cannot be recovered. It does happen though when a head crash occurs and the damage to platters is too severe, but in most cases we DO get 99% of the files back, but in your case and some other cases we do see, despite our best efforts - it's simply not possible. But we tried very hard and did not give up easily, we gave is a serious try as you did pay for our time and parts to try this for you. We kept you up to date, told you about the cost and conditions for payment clearly, you agreed to our terms and conditions and were told about the cost several times. We take pride in being very clear about this. That's why I messaged you and felt the bad review you left was unfair to us. As a business we charged you for our time and expertise and tried to do what you asked us to (the fee was to attempt the data recovery work only, no completion fee/recovery fee was ever charged). If you are still unhappy and think it was not made clear to you, We would be happy to give you a full refund. We love to help people, bad reviews really get us down when we try so hard behind the scenes that you cannot see to help you. I hope you never have any data loss experience like this ever again. Feel free to contact me any time on 02 99572288 or email help@payam.com.au -Payam

Miracle Workers

I had a water damaged iphone that I was told from Apple and a phone repair place that I had lost my data forever. I was really down at the thought I had lost all my pics of my 6mth old and my toddler. I had one last hope when I read the reviews from Payam. After speaking with them my mind was at ease and I thought I just may get everything back. And I wasn't disappointed. After 3 days I had an email telling me they had recovered pics, videos, contacts etc. My Christmas has come early. Thank you to all staff at Payam. You did a wonderful job. And will recommend you to all my friends.

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Thank you so much Nat, I'm glad we could help you. Thanks for leaving such a nice review.

A blessing to a novice in the computer world

The work was professional, reliable and friendly and kept in touch step by step
Would recommend this company to anyone, also you can negotiate payment plans to suit your budget.

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I'm so happy to hear this, I'm glad we could help you.


Wes at payam adelaide was fantastic. After being told that there was no chance of recovering data from my corrupted cf card from another data retrieval org, Wes promised he'd do his best. The next day, with little hope left, Wes delivered. So grateful!

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Thank you Steve - Wes will be very happy to hear this.

Life savers!!

The guys at Payam know their stuff. They were able to recover crucial data from a damaged usb drive in less than 4 hours...

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Thanks for your 5 star review Steve. I'm glad we could help you.

Excellent and efficient services

The service is so professional. Also, they gave me back earlier than they promised. All data comes back, which saves my day!

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We love hearing feedback like this, thanks heaps!

Job Well done

My computer was alegedly compromised by an overseas anti virus company ( at least that was a strong assumption) and as the result I had to copy all my files into a USB and then had my computer totally re-formatted. However, the copied data on the USB was accidentally deleted few days later- the data that was vitally important for the business and irreplaceable. After contacting a few companies that I thought they might be able to help; they all recommended Payam Data Recovery, which are in partnership with internationally renowned hard drive manufacturers. The job was carried out by a team of professional, friendly technical staff at a reasonable price. All my data was recovered intact including pictures. I highly recommend Payam data recovery to anyone who is after a secure and reliable professional job.

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Thanks Saeed, i'm glad we could help you. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

Another Successful Recovery

I have been using Payam for probably a decade now. They have never been unable to recover data for me. There skills and customer service are exemplary. Most recent was a SSD that would not detect in bios, previously I have had data recovered from a failed raid 5 array, a fire damaged drive and some other failed hard disks I recommend their service to everybody.

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You are a 'VIP' customer and always will be - we wish all of our clients were so friendly and easy to do work for. It's always a pleasure to recover your data Darren.

Good job Payam

My digital camera packed up while on a recent overseas holiday and I could not recover some 900 plus photos. I also made things worse by mistakenly re-formatting the card. Thanks to Payam Data Recovery they systematically and thoroughly retrieved 95% of my images in high resolution thereby saving many precious memories and amazing images. It cost a little but was well worth it. Thank you.

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You're welcome Alan, it was our pleasure to help you - yours was a tough job but we got a great result! Thanks for your support.

So Happy

After spending a lot of time researching the internet on how I could recover data from my Samsung Galaxy phone I come across Payam. Payam received my phone on Wednesday and on Friday I had a call telling me they had recovered my data. I felt like crying at this moment as I was so overwhelmed. I could not have been happier with the service and it was worth every cent been able to get back my childs baby photos back! Would recommend Payam to everyone :) Thank you Payam.

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Thanks heaps for your support, i'm glad we could get your baby photos back for you.


Thanks payam , for your amazing recovery . I can't believe that data could be recovered in less than 48 hours .
From the beginning of time during the submission of my Harddrive, you guys showed complete100% customer service . Thankyou to your team.

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You're so welcome - i'm so happy we could help!

So happy!!

I was devastated when our hard drive consisting of 3000 photos, including our kids baby photos decided to pack it in. We were told by a friend in forensics, there was only a 10% chance of retrieving them. He asked a colleague for a recommendation & this colleague recommended Payam! Thank goodness! Keith & the team recovered ALL our photos & files!!! I was so overwhelmed I started crying! Thank you so very much Payam, from an eternally grateful & happy customer!

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We love hearing this kind of feedback, it gives all of our staff such a feeling of job satisfacton to help our customers.

Thank goodness for PAYAM!

My external hard drive was not responding and eventually asked me to reformat. Although I had backed up most of my work elsewhere I knew that the last 8 months had not been. Being in a new position and continuing with it the following year I did not want to start from scratch. I tried a number of places but they did not deal with my brand of external hard drive. Through a friend they recommended PAYAM. Within a week I was contacted and was told all my data was recovered. My anxiety disappeared! The service was quick and Wes was very friendly and accommodating. Well done.

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Thanks Chris, we love customers like you - so apreciative and polite. Thanks for leaving a review for us.

Absolutely outstanding

I recover data myself but NOWHERE near the level this company does so.
These people know exactly what they're doing.
Hard drive failed when accidentally knocked it off table. drive was cycle clicking and trying to be read.
Went onto the official seagate website for a data recovery service. The ONLY company it found as the official data recovery experts was payam. Payam have just recovered 100% of my data with the exact same folder/file structure with everything as the way it was. How they did it is beyond me but fascinates me and would love to learn what these guys do. Thanks so much again and will recommend any customers drive I would be unable to fix myself. Keep up the great work.


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Thanks for your kind words Marty, you're very welcome! Thanks for recommending us.

Saved me a trip back to Saigon

Dear Wes through Payam,
During our latest visit to Vietnam and Cambodia I made the fatal mistake of carrying out a request from my Tablet to faormat my SD card I mistakenly thought that did not affect my CF card. Unfortunately it did and I lost at least 1 day of photographs taken in Saigon. I asked various people if they could be retrieved only to be told by most people it could not be done. However a salesperson at Harvey Norman, Yes there, told me not all was lost as long as I had not done anything with the card but they could not do it nor would he suggest anyone. After some research I found Payam on a google search and with an office in Adelaide I thought why not give it a try. I spoke with Wes and although he would at the time not give me a guarantee he would look at it and let me know what he found. He did so early next day, including a print to show me. I gave him the go ahead and within days I had all my photos back, both Raw and JPG files.The thing that most impressed me was the fact that if I was not 100% happy with the result Payam would not charge me. How good is that!
Thank you Wes Hliniak, Thank you Payam , you both saved me a trip back to Saigon. Come to think of it?
Kind Regards
Henk de Weerd
South Australia

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I'm glad you did not give up when the other IT guy said it was all gone, you made a smart decision to find us and we were delighted to be able to help you.

Very happy

Thanks Payam you saved all my photos and music from the last 16years. So grateful for your service as I was very upset at the thought of losing these memories. Always backup your backup.

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You're welcome. Great suggestion, backup your backup. :)

Great work

I had my laptop stolen and recovered by Police. When I opened it everything has been wiped out. I had a very important manuscript that I hadn't saved anywhere together with photos of my girls. Someone recommended Payam and told me they were the best. The moment I met Samantha and how she explained in simple words what had happened I knew I was in the right hands. Payam did an amazing job and I was in tears when I found out that they could recover what i was looking for. And above all is the professionalism and human touch of Samantha. I highly recommend it. Thanks PAYAM

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Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review - I'll pass on your kind words to Sam @ our Perth office.

Thank you Payam

Inserting my USB into my computer it told me my files could not be recovered as my disk needed to be reformatted. Knowing that the USB contained valuable files I googled where I may go and decided to contact Payam to see if they could recover the files. It was the week before Christmas but I was provided with a quote the same day for the cost of the recovery. My files were returned at the time estimated for the recovery and there was a follow-up a few weeks later to see I was happy with the files recovered. While unfortunately not all of my files could be recovered (which is no fault of Payam) I was grateful for those that they managed to recover. I appreciated the professional service provided by Wes keeping me up-to-date on progress. I would have no problems recommending their service to others.

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You're so welcome, we love nice people like you - so understanding and patient and greatful. Thanks for leaving us a review.

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Questions & Answers

So my iPhone 7 was completely dead.. The team at payam recovered all my photos and data which I'm so thankful for. My iPhone is now working again after receiving it back. I know in the email they said phone might be temporarily fixed... I was going to apple in the morning to get replaced but now it's working. How long is the temporary fix they did? Do you think Apple will still replace?
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I've just sent my iPhone 7 off to you guys. It just stopped working! I'm praying you can recover my photos of my kids especially my newborn. Please please please do everything you can. I'm hoping as not dropped or water damage and it was working fine till I plugged it in and woke up with it completely dead that these can be recovered somewhat easily. What are the chances?!
1 answer
From my experience I am 99.99% sure they can recovery everything. They recovered everything from my cracked hard drive in my laptop.

I have a iPhone 4s that some photos were deleted off about 3 to 4 years ago I now need these photos for a court case could they could be retrieve?
1 answer
Hi Peter, I would love to help you but we only offer our services for private use, not forensic/court purposes - you may be better off looking for a "mobile phone forensic expert" which may be what you need. Good luck.

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