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No coverage for defective items

You are only covered purchasing through PayPal if the item never arrives, if it arrives defective or not as described or broken you have to wear the cost of returning it to the seller, which is usually more than the purchase price.

not what it use to be..

with the protections from your bank nowadays with using your cards online I don't think PayPal is as useful when buying online anymore. I've had funds frozen due to exceeding $1,000 limit? The result? Missed being able to buy something that I wanted, faster not using paypal with shopping checkouts too!

Wouldn't leave home without it

I buy a lot on the internet, and sometimes the products aren't as advertised. Paypal have always given me my money back. When a supplier is overseas and they dispute the issue, an individual just can't afford to do anything about it. Much simpler to use than a credit card company and more helpful. As long as you are genuine and have proof you are 100% covered.

So unhelpful

I placed on order with a store online and used PayPal, the store never received my order but PayPal took the money out of my account. I have emailed multiple times to get my money back and they send me a list of unrelated FAQ’s.

Paypal believes scammers and rewards scammers. Do not link paypal to your gumtree account

Paypal believes scammers and rewards scammers. Do not link paypal to your gumtree account. I offered a service to help a buyer by posting it to Queensland at cost price and then buyer opened a dispute saying item was defective ( it definitely isn't, it's a plastic ornament!) and got the money. Did not realise Paypal covered Gumtree transactions but for some reason they did so unlink your account f you don't want to be scammed.

Why do I need to upload proof of identity after 10 years

I am unable to use my account until I supply proof of identity and address. Why after 10 years? PayPal said it is a requirement of the Australian Government as I have a "common" name

You decide on their warranty's value

I purchased a 1TB Seagate drive on Ebay from iitsupport2. I received it and put it aside. After a little more than 4 months I installed the drive. It was DOA. I complained to Ebay as the vendor would not take it back. They said PayPal's warranty will protect you. Twice PayPal rejected my claim for a new drive. In my initial ask of the vendor (iitsupport2) I mentioned 2 layers of bubble wrap is not a very good way to pack a new drive to a customer.

Should I receive a refund or new drive? Or was it received as described by the vendor which Paypal says it was?
iitsupport2 said it was too late to report damage on the shipment. I say the shipper would have rejected any claim from me because of the iitsupport2's packaging was totally inadequate! Thanks Paypal!

not trustworthy

I sold an item online, through an app which uses Paypal as it's payment method. Although I had said there are no returns on the items I am selling (as with most people using the app), the buyer made a complaint about something apparently wrong with the item (which, by the way, the buyer was not able to prove). However, without even checking the legitimacy of this claim, Paypal was able to take money out of my account. I sent multiple e-mails to Paypal to try and clear up the situation but every time I just received an automated e-mail as a response which did not help me in any way. I also tried calling customer service but was put on hold for over an hour every time. In the end, I didn't get the money back and thus incurred a loss. I was shocked at how easily Paypal was able to take money out of my account without even assessing whether the claims of the buyer were legitimate.

Paypal supports fraudsters

I was dumb enough to buy a pair of Ecco shoes from a fraudulent website. I started a dispute process and explained over and over to Paypal the situation, and they did not care. On instruction by Paypal, I was forced to send back the goods to "the seller" at my own cost...and of course the seller did not accept the goods back. So I am out of pocket for both the purchase and shipping, and Paypal settled the disput in favour of the seller. Fraudsters know the resolution process of Paypal and exploit it. All they have to do is never accept the goods back, and they get to keep your money. Paypal does not act against fraudsters, so do not think you are protected.


They gave my private details to a third party and can't tell me why. They are useless, and need others to get a royal commission or remove them from the Australian marketplace.

Dangerous, won't take action against fraud.

PayPal would not investigate a probable fraudulent website. Their response to many emails from me staying that after paying via PayPal I did not receive my goods and that the business would not respond to emails, telephone or written letters was to advise me each time to contact the business!

If you use this service and hold conservative opinions, don't let PayPal find out

I recently became aware that a number of conservative personalities have been banned from PayPal for voicing those opinions on other platforms. Then I checked PayPal community posts only to find that some of those who are asking why are also being locked out from these communities. So PayPal has taken it upon itself to decide what opinion one is allowed to hold and they take punitive action against those who have a different viewpoint from their own.

Worst Ever!

Bought a car battery from Repco, who supplied wrong goods and cancelled transaction in minutes. Paypal forced me to wait many days to get money back that shouldn’t be taken

Careful what product you use!!

I was tricked by a dishonest seller to pay through PayPal for an item and I thought it would have been good as I would have been covered in case of any problems. However, the items resulted to be fakes and I asked to return them. PayPal did not want to help and brushed me off because I was tricked to pay using "family and friends" deposits. There was no indication that I was not covered and that I was proceeding in doing a transfer on cash and not a payment for goods. PayPal. Did not give any warning or alert. Like any crappy company they washed me off by saying that I should have read Ts&Cs. I provided all proof that I had bought an it's. I had provided all proof to show that I didn't simply donated money but purchased something but they didn't care. I had to approach my bank so it is just unworthy to use this service when your Credit card institute actually covers you better and actually cares of their customers. PS the service cost is $9.5 but if you use your credit card is free so DO NOT USE PayPal.

I was charged twice and disputed but they said it is authorised!!!

I bought an app from apple store last month and tried to restore my purchase but they charged me once more for the same app and when I tried to get refund, PayPal said it was authorised!!! and they don't even let me get that disputed. They ONLY reason I used PayPal was buyer protection but seems like that is all that is missing. Will be closing my Paypal account and will make sure to inform all my friends and colleagues till Paypal gets back to me and fixes their mistake!

What a disgrace.

I sold an item on Ebay and PayPal actually charged me a fee so I did not get my full price so I will not give the item to the buyer until they pay me the difference. Can you believe this type of transaction. I hate Paypal. PLUS it takes five business days to get your money. Never ever again Paypal.
To claim the money is also a very lengthy process. Shocking.
I also noticed Ebay took nearly 10% from my sale. Me thinks a waste of time all round. Better to throw the item out.

Account is limited without explanation, no customer service available

It all started 3 months ago, I received an email from paypal to add more information so I can receive money, otherwise my account will be limited. I wasn't able to do so as every time I tried there were "technical difficulties". I contacted Paypal directly, was told to email them the documents so they can fix it from the back.A few weeks later , received the same email saying they will limit my account. I contacted Paypal and was told to ignore those emails and was confirmed by their staff that my account is OK. 4 weeks ago I received an email to say my account is limited and I cannot receive money. I tried 4 times emailing their support, all I got were automated responses with their computer guessing the Q&A that might help you. Everyime I replied back and asked for a proper response. Now it's been a month and it is still unresolved. I lose business because my customers are unable to pay me through my online store. I am so disappointed and regret using Paypal as a seller. Now I have taken Paypal off my store completely. Good luck paypal, no customer support at all, how do you expect people will continue to use you when you don't help them with your product in the first place?

Standardised Responses And Zero Customer Service

I ordered a phone and paid by Paypal. Two minutes later, my husband phones me to tell me that he had ordered the same phone. Tried to contact Paypal immediately to stop the payment but all I could get was a standardised response and no person in attendance. Told by Company that they would charge administration fees as it took me so long on Paypal website before communicating with them. Poor website and where is the customer service when you urgently need assistance???

Also had my bank account hacked on Paypal so be very wary of undertaking any transactions with this company.


Zero customer help in regards to fraud. I will personally never be using Paypal again, and if you're smart, you won't use it ever again either. Not worth your time of day


After my bank account was compromised, I provided my Paypal statement to my bank to compare payments.
There was one that did not match up ( turns out this is because Paypal does not give a clear view of where funds have been debited from) so it was reversed. While it was investigated, all paypal payments were blocked. Once we sorted it all out. I asked my bank to remove the block... but then found Paypal had blocked my bank account!!! So more phonecalls to sort this out..and I had to re add it.
It then took over a week to have the account confirmed so I was not able to add any funds. My fathers credit card and bank account were added when we didn't understand what was happening.. just testing out.. and now I cannot remove them
Anyways.. 17.27 in debit.. so oo I tried 3 times to correct that without luck.. finally the payment was accepted BUT did not cancel out the negative balance.
I have had emails back and forth (around 30!!) all the way through this process and was promised it would be amended by the 25th, my bank shows it as debited on the 24th! It is now the 28th, and I am still unable to use paypal to purchase without adding in the negative balance to the amount debited!
I've just spend another hour on the phone demanding this be resolved as promised.
They didn't want to .. but eventually agreed to credit my account temporarily to solve the immediate problem.. and will debit it again later.
I accepted this though made it clear they should have compensated me for this absolute circus.>
AND Still.. accounts not in my name ( though I have put my name ) are unable to be removed.
I'm so done..
I am just grateful that this made it clear to me I cannot trust paypal as I intended to purchase a mobile card reader to take payments at my shop to go through Paypal.- I have selected another service to do this.
I can never get this time back all the time lost, all the anxiety caused,.. it doesn't just stop when I get off the phone.. It affects my entire day and takes time from my children .- it takes away time I could be spending positively

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Never send money to anyone via their Paypal personal payment option - if you are scammed Paypal will do absolutely nothing to help you. I will never use Paypal again.
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I have suspicions about buyer & have already paid for it on Paypal. Dispute has been elevated to claim by PayPal, & will take 3 or 4 weeks. Contacted Chase Bank who asked PayPal for refund. Sent e-mail to seller and E-bay to cancel as order is to be shipped tomorrow. Should I refuse delivery if is shipped?
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its up you. what you want to do. nobody else can make the decision for you I don't understand why you ask the question here where you could be given the wrong informationCheck your rights under ACCC LAW and all your questions will be answered. PayPal must comply to ACCC LAW and any seller. ACCC out line your rights and once you notify PayPal your rights under ACCC law they must comply. PayPal is rubbish just a middle man and middle man stalling and delaying tactics so they can try make money. All banks do comply to ACCC Laws, so use a credit card or your debit master card :P and always check your statements on line soon after for a less hassle free internet purchases. :D

Hey I have a inquiry about a email I got sent today could you please tell me if it's a scam or if its real?
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