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Nice Custom PC. Great Turnaround. But 4.5/5.0 not 5.0/5.0

I ordered two custom PCs for pickup. The surprise was they will not accept CC payments online or by phone for a custom PC for pickup unless I drove an hour each way to present, and would not commence the build until I did so or they received an EFT. Parts orders can be paid on pickup. I understand they do not want to get stiffed making a custom that is not collected and paid for, but. It makes no sense since they otherwise are happy to take plastic. Why not plastic online or by phone, or paypal? Excepting that curiosity, a good range of product with sharp pricing. Some pre-purchase advice from their sales via email caused me to save a few $100's on each PC by not over buying. Assembly was perfect and packing was well done. A recommended supplier, just that paying for a custom PC for pickup only by EFT or in person? Strange.

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Perfect transaction with incredibly fast shipping.

I ordered a Ducky One Two Mini keyboard late on a Thursday morning in Cairns, and it was at my door by the next afternoon. It was shipped through Startrack Express. An all around outstanding transaction.

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Everything I asked for

Everything I asked for. Pre built system shipped perfectly and securely (bubble wrap and internal components protection). I was worried how it would transport however pccasegear really plan for this. Extremely professional business and cared about me every step of the way.

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Excellent! 5 stars.

Super easy to deal with, amazing range of products, hyper knowledgeable staff.
Other computer stores take note, PC case gear is how retail should be! Jordyn in particular provided exceptional service. But all of the staff there are top notch. the in store pickup is easy and convenient for me. But their shipping times are also super reasonable.
Great range. Would definitely recommend.

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changed to cancel out previous thing as its been refunded - not happy with the process as it is majorly inconvenient over something that defies logical common sense
so retract and please do not publish this

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This is amazing

All my cases and protectors are from PTC, fan of PTC. Especially the Nano Extreme Guard protector, it is the best ever screen protector.


Won't refund even though item faulty. the fault was a bsod. sent back for repair and came back with more problems in audio and fps. now cannot play any games at all.

Great company

Easy to shop, easy to navigate web site, great prices will recommend to all, great service, very happy, thx all

Decent prices, OK service, looong lead times if something goes wrong

Price was okay, customer service was OK. But prepare to ship things at your own expense and be without your parts for a 1+ months if they send you a lemon. GPU (Artifacts) and RAM (not on mobo QVL) both handled, GPU replaced, RAM upgraded for minimal cost but still turning it around a month after purchase and being dismissive about timeframes. Friendly enough otherwise. If you're buying a lot of gear and warranty replacements could come into play I would look around though, unless you have zero time pressure. You could just go cheap and run RMA's through the manufacturer's direct on the same timeline, but these guys are a little more forgiving in how they deal with things which is the nice part.

I would buy a pre-built from these guys again but not a full machine worth of parts. Unfortunately I had a good set of drives and valid Windows or I would have done and been much better protected, but they don't offer a pre built like that. As always familiarize yourself with Australian Consumer Law and assert your rights if you're being ignored.

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PSA: Don't trust TUF-branded RAM in anything but a TUF motherboard, and probably not even then.


I bought a pc from here and it was great. the service and the delivery time was mad. and making phone calls to make sure about things was very helpful

Warranty Claim

PCCG has one of the easiest and most responsive warranty departments for their customers. I recently had some issues with some products that required a replacement and or store credit. Customer Service rep "Phil" was on hand and more then willing to assist in any reasonable way he could, providing a replacement product and thereafter a Store Credit.

They will do all they can to sort the issue promptly and there's no mucking around with offers of asking the customer to perform DIY fixes of a broken product under warranty.

It's customer service like this that has kept me a loyal customer at PCCG for over 10yrs. So I highly recommend them for their reasonable prices and excellent after sales service.

Terrible Customer service if you need to make a change to your order

I ordered a set of 27inch monitors and shortly after my purchase (about an hour) I decided to upgrade them to the 32inch version. However their website would not process the changes. I tried a few different ways through their website and a few different cards but had no success. I then emailed customer service to ask for them to make the changes to my order on my behalf. In reply I received a very vague email that just reiterated my query as appose to actually addressing it. After two more of these emails I was informed that the order had been shipped and was in transit, so I was now unable to make any changes unless I was happy to foot the return postage from WA not to mention a 15% processing fee if I happened to open the box to check that I had actually received the correct order. I feel that this was the plan from the get go in order to get around actually helping the customer. I wouldn't normally write a review because they are usually countered by a suspiciously enthusiastic review from "[name removed]" in Baldivis who "Couldn't believe how good the customer service is at PCGEAR is..!" after she bought a 2mtr HDMI cable for her smart TV and "You wouldn't believe how quickly it was delivered.." not to mention her glowing recommendation at the upcoming P&F night.

Good deals on old stock but be prepared to receive zero help if you need it !

Amazing customer service

Can not rate Phil enough in terms of customer service. Had a Wi-Fi card die, and he was so prompt in getting into contact with me and fixing it up, and was now than helpful in assuring I was given store credit rather than a replacement as I asked. Awesome job Phil

Great service to their customers and great pricing

A bit of a late review but before Christmas I'd ordered a new CPU and some thermal paste and liquid metal and it all arrived amazingly fast. I'd ordered the gear the week before Christmas on Wednesday and wasn't expecting to see it until after Christmas but it showed up to me in Brisbane from Melbourne by Friday which I was stoked about. I'd sent an email to get an estimate on when it'd show up and Jordyn was extremely helpful and quick to respond to my emails and kept me updated with shipping info. Thanks heaps!

Easy to use site and Great Customer Updates

We recently purchased a computer and chair from this company. The chair was not available for immediate delivery but we were informed about what was happening at all times. The items were exactly as described. A very easy buying experience.

Good Range but make sure you order online for instore pickup

I do like their range of products and the pricing is reasonable. For first time users, please make sure you order online and request for pickup in store if you want to get your hands on something. What is that you say? You want to look at different ranges of products and discuss different options before making a final commitment to buy in store!!? What? Are you some sort of Baby Boomer? Sorry we don't do that sort of thing! Your kind are not welcome!. Sadly I find all computer companies a bit like this.Never enters their mind to put some instruction on how to purchase on their website. Would save a hell of a lot of confusion.

A go-to for great service & shipping

PC case gear is the whole family's go-to store for years, they always have fantastic service and speedy packing times. We've ordered numerous products from them. They are super easy to work with on refunds, damaged goods, and are very communicative. They're fast and responsive. Recently I ordered an NZXT Puck, and it arrived a day later, and even around Christmas time! Keep it up PC Case Gear!

Largest Range of Products

I have tried almost every local computer store in my area, and never have I been to one with such a large selection of goods. From monitors, graphics cards, and the lot, you can bet PC Case Gear has what you're looking for.

Since, PC Case Gear does not have a show room; you'll have to order online and pick it up, or get it delivered. Ordering online is a breeze, the website is clean, minimalistic, and fluent. As mentioned, the lack of a show room really has to force you into looking up reviews of the product that you want to purchase, as you aren't going to be getting advice over the counter. The line is generally a 10 minute wait depending on the time and date, and the last time I went, only 1 register was open.

Next Level

Wow, I was told that PC Case Gear were the way to go based on reviews and people I know. I went to PC Case Gear for a PC despite the fact their prices were marginally higher.
Needed a computer and put in for express delivery (dispatched in 2 business days) knowing that I probably would get pulled up come Christmas time and then have to wait till like the 28th because of delivery delays.

PC Case Gear got all the parts, built, tested, and dispatched the computer 5 HOURS after the order was generated! Wow!

I wish that PCCG would put some money into a better and more reliable courier, if it wasn't for StarTrack's useless system I would have had my computer by this morning.

Best service and shipping

Good service

I needed a couple of case fans quicky for my build as I was let down by another so called reputable company.

I paid a few dollars extra for shipping, however the items where delivered in record time, especially considering Australian postal service is not the fastest.

Will use again.

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Questions & Answers

Do you guys only ship in Australia or do you ship outside of Australia?
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If I made an order and canceled it because i found a mistake and asked to refund in store credit how long does it take to get into my account, mind you I did the order and cancelation on Saturday?? Thanks for the help
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Hi! I'm planning to order all the items in my cart at once (to nerf shipping prices). Will it come together, or separately making me pay extra shipping?
1 answer
In the past when I've ordered a bunch of stuff it has come packaged in one or two larger boxes. I've always had them arrive together as well but who knows with Australia Post. You pay the shipping at checkout so you can see how much it will cost total before you commit.

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