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Couldn't return calls when requested, gave the excuse "i was in a meeting"

When I confronted them over their lack of communication about the role that I was put forward for I was met with excuses and no solutions, having worked as a recruiter in the past I can say that this company is worth avoiding.


I went to meet them having applied to a promising advert. Beyond that point it wasn't good. The staff I met were very inexperienced. They didn't have any knowledge about my former employers or really any deep knowledge about my roles. I found I had to explain myself if far more detail then other agencies just to leave confident they could represent me accurately. I did secure an interview with a client but the role was very far from what was described. The client and I actually both shared our concern about the agency and consultant. She had been talking to 2 different people and repeating herself constantly. I would stick to applying directly.

Texting every Friday to ask me if I'm immediately available for work.

This company text me every Friday to ask me if I am still looking for work. You either either reply yes or no. By Monday or Tuesday when I call my consult he asks me are you still looking for work and say' s we'll keep looking for you. Thanks for letting me know your still available. What stupid system do they use if you need to ask me if I'm still looking for work despite reply to your texts every Friday.

Terrible agency, they do not answer calls or emails.

Have applied for jobs through people2people multiple times, each time I get invited for a video interview, called and told my interview went well and that they will give my contact details to potential employer, never hear from them or employer again. They do not answer any emails or phone calls and my potential employer told me they were never given my details. terrible company who blatantly ignore people.

Did not return a single call and left me in application limbo

I applied then filled out my details online and came in to discuss a specific role. I was told the role was not available but to stay by the phone as these roles come in all of the time. Phone never rang so I started calling and the phone was never answered. I have a friend who had a similar experience.


Rubbish agency. Don't come back to you after interview with them. No contact since going into their office. Terrible! Don't waste your time.


My experience started badly before even getting to the office. I shared the lift with 2 girls who were openly talking about an interview one had just had. Both were looking to leave their current employer. They both got off at the people2people level but to my shock as I went to reception both walked through a door to the back office. They worked there! At the end of my interview one of them was introduced to me as someone else who could help in my own process. I don't like my chances. My main interviewer was bad as well. He seemed to be following a script and did not in the slightest seem interested in me or what I was looking for. Having had 2 other interviews in the afternoon which were great with other employment agencies I wanted to share my experience. One of the others has already sent me a message to thank me for my time and confirm I had been sent for a role we discussed. Chalk and cheese.

There's much better recruiters out there

I recently ran into a current employee at an event. At first, I was surprised but then just disappointed in how they spoke about their own staff. It made me wonder what they might say about me. For a company in the people industry, called people2people I would expect more. I was always told to be considerate with what I said and it was better to be respectful then negative. I could not in good conscious work with them as a prospective employer.

Too bad

I applied a job through People 2 people. They took all my time and details but did not give me that job. Instead, they used me to work for some temporary jobs then forced me to paid for some expanse which is not related to me. They did not have a formal contract like other company do. They put my name on the contact instead of me signing it. The worst is, the contract is not even the job I have applied. I ended up being used by them and finally I realized so I got my current job from another company and left them.

Brisbane - excellent.

P2P brisbane were the lifeline I was looking for when needing both professional and personal assistance. They were authentic and completely understood my individual requirement and took on board everything I was looking to gain / avoid. Their professionalism and empathy was encouraging and endearing and it was clear they genuinely wanted to help. I would recommend them to anyone and would not look elsewhere when needing advice or support in the future.

First class agency, great customer service and market insights - Brisbane Office

We have had great success with partnering with the Brisbane office to help source candidates for a number of specialised roles. We have been really happy with the quality of candidates they have been able to present as well as how quickly they were able to help us set up interviews. We were most impressed with the consultants knowledge of the market and helping us make the best decision on the talent available.

Candidates placed have all been really happy with the efficiency of the recruitment process that was largely facilitated by our consultant in Brisbane and the candidate care that was offered from the first conversation right through till after they had been placed and commenced with our business.

We have used this agency in the past and will continue to do so based on the great service we have received.

Very bad agency

Everything is bad. The job isn't there. The payroll staff is super rude. Lots of lies happening. Feeling upset with the experience.

Disgusting agency!

I have waited many months before submitting this opinion. I was so angry at the time when I dealt with them. Since then a friend has had a very similar disappointing encounter, so now I want to warn others.
DO NOT waste your time and energy with this disreputable Sydney company.
They are rude. They are incompetent. They are condescending. They tell lies constantly! They are basically useless!
Keep away from them, as many others here have already said.

people2people Brisbane Worse than the Telcos!!

I have been looking for a new position for several months now and have dealt with a wide range of recruiters from a wide range of industry disciplines and specialities. I would have to state that overall they have all been quite good at getting back to me and keeping me abreast of what is happening and returning calls when placed.

HOWEVER there is ONE that stands out as an abysmal failure as to professionalism, basic common decency and anything that remotely resembles and sort of customer service or support and that would be people2people in Brisbane.

Talk about the WORST, I would have to say the Telcos would offer better service than these clowns, it got to the point that once I got my position and was approached by them as a potential client that I had great satisfaction in saying to them, (professionally of course), you have to be kidding me............

Remember guys if you want the business, bad news travels fast and some of those people you are ignoring and mistreating today may well be the ones you will be trying to deal with at a later date, and it come back and haunt you in spades, so in short.

Treat your candidates like you clients, with respect, and you will find that you may actually start enjoying your job and start being good at it!!

Just a suggestion............................

Avoid this group

I expected more having researched my consultant first. She was mature, stable and seemed to be there for a long time. When I went in to discuss a Financial Accountant role she didn't seem to actually listen to me at all or see value in my experience. I found her incredibly rude and was shocked at how she talked down to me after I took time out of my day to meet with them. I saw another agency later that day who I would recommend to anyone over these jokers. If that was there best, I'm surprised they have lasted this long.

Bad Culture. Poor Management. No values

I was very disturbed after my brief time with the company. What I was sold at interview was nothing like what I experienced starting. The women who managed the branch barely spoke to me, let alone trained me after spending 15mins with me on the first day. I quickly found myself looking elsewhere. The person I supported spoke to me terribly which seemed to be encouraged or ignored by different managers.

Worst experience ever

People2People Sydney
I applied for a job through .... job search, missed a call from the job contact but called straight back.
Note... the contact (name here) had no customer service skills at all, ironically the role advertising was seeking someone with customer service skills. I wonder how she got her job? Bad attitude and absolutely rude.
She asked me what my salary expectations were, I said lower than the advertised salary.
Instantly she told me I am not of the caliber her client is looking for and quickly ended the phone call without discussing anything further.
This organisation give all recruitment agencies a bad name, as they did not want to help me find work, they were only after their own commission.

Worst experience with recruting consultants

I have registered with this agency and i have had the worst experience with them. I was sent an SMS message asking me to respond to a vacancy for customer service. Being unemployed naturally i was keen and enthusiatic about it. I tried to contact the representative was askec to leave a message on her phone. I did that and replued to the sms too. However when i finallt succeeded in reaching the person she says oh unfortunately our client does not find you suitable. What are you kidding me? Have you contacted and known from the client in those 2 mins. Then she comes with a response that about 200 people are automatically placed on a system where such an SMS is sent!!! Digest that if you can.

Plus when i tried to contact Reps for other jobs , they are either on leave or not available. I was further informed that they have me on a database and that they will contact me. None have of them have contacted me. The worst consultant is [Name Removed]. She needs to be fired from her job.

All employers who are seeking good candidates for empliyment please do not use this third rate agency. My best wishes to all of you.

Lack of professional fundamentals & questionable principles

I received a call from a female recruiter about a position that I had applied for. The job ad itself was a generic description about the role and I wanted to know more about the jobs’ function, responsibility or task – basically what my work day would entail. However, the female recruiter advised that she could not disclose any information about the role over the phone and was very persistent in meeting with me. I was keen on the role, despite the lack of forthcoming information. I asked what industry the role was, as I did not want to waste anybody’s time if it was not aligned with my experience. However, I thought it was quite odd that she would not disclose the industry either. The female recruiter asked me if it sounded like something I would be interested in and I replied that I am unable to make an informed decision about the role if I don’t know anything about it.
At the interview the female recruiter was 10 minutes late and only had 2 of 4 pages of my resume printed - missing out on my career history and qualifications/certificates/accomplishments etc. I asked why all the secrecy about the role as I would have appreciated more details about the position. Again, the female recruiter was very obstinate and wanted to look-over my resume (first 2 pages) before revealing the name of the company and the position on offer. She advised that she wanted to discuss my experience in detail before divulging the business name. At this point, I explained to her that this was not a one-way street and that you don’t get to ask me all the questions, without answering any of mine. I informed her that she needed to look at it from my perspective and help me fill in the blanks.
In my opinion, she made the interview process more complex than it needed to be. Basically, she stuck to a script because it was people2people’s policy and did not modify or compromise on a solution or considered my perspective. She failed to explain the business, products and services and she did not communicate in a way that was in my best interest or considered my viewpoint when she required my input into the role itself. Information about the role was not shared freely and she quickly dismissed or did not understand why I would be asking her questions about the role if they were not in line with her own thinking ‘scripting’. The female recruiter discounted the importance of building rapport and getting to know me – my relevant work experiences, my industry qualifications/certificates, my expertise. How then, is she supposed to assist or recommend me to prospective employers if she didn’t offer me professional courtesy of basic customer service. I’m not holding my breath - I would never recommend people2people Parramatta.

Advertise jobs that aren't there

Some of the jobs that they advertised do not exist. When inquired on the phone, they said immediate filling-in and after going through interviews and online tests (with great results), they said that they are going ahead with the hiring pending client's approval. Then nothing from them. When followed up, they said the client had put it on hold. However the advertisement is still there and was still there 2 months on. When inquired again 2 months later, they said yes it back on. Went through the above process again and then nothing. Again they said, it had been put on hold. But the advertisement is still there! I know recruitment agencies sometime do need to fill up the database quota but I felt this agency had stepped over the line.

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