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Great Service and Great Turnaround

People2People (Adelaide) were fantastic in their search for a candidate. While helping to support our business in the search of a flexible and talented individual Emma Wragg was instrumental in securing the right fit for our business.
With a tight market and the need for good people, it isn't easy to find employees in the Adelaide market.
People2People came through and we have been pleased ever since as was our employee.

Couldn't thank the People2People office enough!!

Great communication & candidates

I have used People2People for both permanent roles and temps for inside sales campaigns. The candidates were high quality but most notably the level of communication from the team was outstanding. I will continue to use and recommend them.

Run far away

I’ve been engaging with people2people under a year now. I had to decline one “assignment” because of personal issues and I let them know straight away. Since then, they haven’t contacted me. Today was the worst, where they contacted me at 8:15am to ask questions that were already on file from my initial contact with them. They called back and told me I never made contact with the team about what happened with the assignment I didn’t finish and wrote down lies about how I did a runner - far from the case! Would not recommend them. They only want contacts and I find it fake their assignments get filled under a minute.

Unprofessional & Rude

I waited a few months to submit my review but upon seeing how many bad reviews there are of this agency I am not surprised that I had this negative experience with people to people.

I used to temp with this agency a while back and was unable to make an assignment due to being really unwell. you are not really required to give notice for a casual assignment but I called up prior and explained that I was unwell as soon as their office opened as I had no contact details for my recruiter. I was yelled and screamed at by the recruiter on the phone and hung up on. I am not someone who ever takes sick days and unfortunately this was out of my control and these things do happen. I was interrogated by him and treated as if I was lying. It is quiet common for recruiters to cancel temp work last minute for temps as well.

I then rang up recently to ask for temp work and had seen a role I was really interested - I was amazed to hear from a new recruiter that he had written a bad note about me on my file. I explained to her what had happened and why I was ill and that I havent had any issues since, that it was 10 years ago and that I'd be happy to provide references to prove my work ethic.

She really went on and on, going "No I dont know - its not good to have a comment like this on your file and makes me reluctant to work with you" I did apologise again and kept making comments about what poor form it was but that I would always give as much notice as I could and was never the type to take sick days. She really went on and on saying "no sorry" I ended up getting fed up and said dont worry and went to terminate the call as I was hanging up she went "I'd be happy to check references - Its a legal requirement anyway" I had offered them to start and it was pretty obvious she was trying to get me to beg for work. I still told her not to worry and terminated the call.

I attempted to complain to the receptionist about what happened. Once I had finished explaining, she said "sorry so what happened?" as she clearly had not listened. I then went to explain again and she responded with "so whats the issue" absolutely amazed at the attitude from her as well - I hung up.

I then spoke to the recruiter again who spoke down to me and tried to claim that I was rude to her and the receptionist. She kept saying " references are a legal requirement and I was happy to go ahead if you provided them" (she wasnt) - it is actually incredible how many of these recruiters are straight out rude and then lie and say it is the candidates - They act innocent and most of them are on working holliday visas and have no integrity and are happy to chuck candidates under the bus to save their jobs.

She then said "I appreciate that work is hard to find in sydney but I dont think you would be suited to any of our clients. This is not a free service and we are not required to work with you".

I could not believe the condescending tone, straight out attitude from her and was quiet upset to be so judged by someone that didnt know me or my work ethic and was going off a note that a recruiter had written 10 years ago on my file. I have over 5 years experience within corporate administration roles and have several positive references. I was getting quiet worked up at her attitude and asked how she could be so rude to her candidates on the phone. She spoke directly over the top of me and laughed at me on the phone.

I have emailed the temporary manager with a complaint and not even heard a response from him.

Dont waste your time with these recruiters.

Whether you are a candidate or a business looking for an Agency, look no further.

As a candidate with a HR background I have been thoroughly impressed with people2people. They care as much about their candidates as they do about the organisations they represent. I found them professional, very friendly and the response time was exceptional. They are diligent, really take the time to prep you as a candidate and keep you informed throughout every stage of the application process.

Great company

This is a great agency! They found me a job within a week, thank you to my consultant! He was super professional, friendly and understood the type of job I was looking for.

Couldn't return calls when requested, gave the excuse "i was in a meeting"

When I confronted them over their lack of communication about the role that I was put forward for I was met with excuses and no solutions, having worked as a recruiter in the past I can say that this company is worth avoiding.


I went to meet them having applied to a promising advert. Beyond that point it wasn't good. The staff I met were very inexperienced. They didn't have any knowledge about my former employers or really any deep knowledge about my roles. I found I had to explain myself if far more detail then other agencies just to leave confident they could represent me accurately. I did secure an interview with a client but the role was very far from what was described. The client and I actually both shared our concern about the agency and consultant. She had been talking to 2 different people and repeating herself constantly. I would stick to applying directly.

Texting every Friday to ask me if I'm immediately available for work.

This company text me every Friday to ask me if I am still looking for work. You either either reply yes or no. By Monday or Tuesday when I call my consult he asks me are you still looking for work and say' s we'll keep looking for you. Thanks for letting me know your still available. What stupid system do they use if you need to ask me if I'm still looking for work despite reply to your texts every Friday.

Terrible agency, they do not answer calls or emails.

Have applied for jobs through people2people multiple times, each time I get invited for a video interview, called and told my interview went well and that they will give my contact details to potential employer, never hear from them or employer again. They do not answer any emails or phone calls and my potential employer told me they were never given my details. terrible company who blatantly ignore people.

Did not return a single call and left me in application limbo

I applied then filled out my details online and came in to discuss a specific role. I was told the role was not available but to stay by the phone as these roles come in all of the time. Phone never rang so I started calling and the phone was never answered. I have a friend who had a similar experience.


Rubbish agency. Don't come back to you after interview with them. No contact since going into their office. Terrible! Don't waste your time.


My experience started badly before even getting to the office. I shared the lift with 2 girls who were openly talking about an interview one had just had. Both were looking to leave their current employer. They both got off at the people2people level but to my shock as I went to reception both walked through a door to the back office. They worked there! At the end of my interview one of them was introduced to me as someone else who could help in my own process. I don't like my chances. My main interviewer was bad as well. He seemed to be following a script and did not in the slightest seem interested in me or what I was looking for. Having had 2 other interviews in the afternoon which were great with other employment agencies I wanted to share my experience. One of the others has already sent me a message to thank me for my time and confirm I had been sent for a role we discussed. Chalk and cheese.

There's much better recruiters out there

I recently ran into a current employee at an event. At first, I was surprised but then just disappointed in how they spoke about their own staff. It made me wonder what they might say about me. For a company in the people industry, called people2people I would expect more. I was always told to be considerate with what I said and it was better to be respectful then negative. I could not in good conscious work with them as a prospective employer.

Too bad

I applied a job through People 2 people. They took all my time and details but did not give me that job. Instead, they used me to work for some temporary jobs then forced me to paid for some expanse which is not related to me. They did not have a formal contract like other company do. They put my name on the contact instead of me signing it. The worst is, the contract is not even the job I have applied. I ended up being used by them and finally I realized so I got my current job from another company and left them.

Brisbane - excellent.

P2P brisbane were the lifeline I was looking for when needing both professional and personal assistance. They were authentic and completely understood my individual requirement and took on board everything I was looking to gain / avoid. Their professionalism and empathy was encouraging and endearing and it was clear they genuinely wanted to help. I would recommend them to anyone and would not look elsewhere when needing advice or support in the future.

First class agency, great customer service and market insights - Brisbane Office

We have had great success with partnering with the Brisbane office to help source candidates for a number of specialised roles. We have been really happy with the quality of candidates they have been able to present as well as how quickly they were able to help us set up interviews. We were most impressed with the consultants knowledge of the market and helping us make the best decision on the talent available.

Candidates placed have all been really happy with the efficiency of the recruitment process that was largely facilitated by our consultant in Brisbane and the candidate care that was offered from the first conversation right through till after they had been placed and commenced with our business.

We have used this agency in the past and will continue to do so based on the great service we have received.

Very bad agency

Everything is bad. The job isn't there. The payroll staff is super rude. Lots of lies happening. Feeling upset with the experience.

Disgusting agency!

I have waited many months before submitting this opinion. I was so angry at the time when I dealt with them. Since then a friend has had a very similar disappointing encounter, so now I want to warn others.
DO NOT waste your time and energy with this disreputable Sydney company.
They are rude. They are incompetent. They are condescending. They tell lies constantly! They are basically useless!
Keep away from them, as many others here have already said.

people2people Brisbane Worse than the Telcos!!

I have been looking for a new position for several months now and have dealt with a wide range of recruiters from a wide range of industry disciplines and specialities. I would have to state that overall they have all been quite good at getting back to me and keeping me abreast of what is happening and returning calls when placed.

HOWEVER there is ONE that stands out as an abysmal failure as to professionalism, basic common decency and anything that remotely resembles and sort of customer service or support and that would be people2people in Brisbane.

Talk about the WORST, I would have to say the Telcos would offer better service than these clowns, it got to the point that once I got my position and was approached by them as a potential client that I had great satisfaction in saying to them, (professionally of course), you have to be kidding me.

Remember guys if you want the business, bad news travels fast and some of those people you are ignoring and mistreating today may well be the ones you will be trying to deal with at a later date, and it come back and haunt you in spades, so in short.

Treat your candidates like you clients, with respect, and you will find that you may actually start enjoying your job and start being good at it!!

Just a suggestion.....

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