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Totally let me and my dog down

My dog has been insured with PetCover since she was 8 weeks old - EIGHT WEEKS - and now I am told that she has never had life cover so she can only be covered for new illnesses. She's 12. Go figure. Do not use them.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Number of Pets-2 pets
Pet Type(s) InsuredDog
Claim MadeNo

Rude and useless

They took over two weeks to send me quotes after my 4 week free cover. Then said they would have to start a new policy at another price because i hadn't renewed in time, despite my ten phone calls. Useless and rude

Insurance claim madeNo


I have insured my dog with Petcover for over 10 years. I recently noticed that my direct debit had not been processed for January. After calling them numerous times, I was told that they had forgotten to renew it and they would do so and send me the details. I kept calling when nothing happened. I have just called today to be told that there is no record of my policy, or my phone conversations! Unbelievable, after paying them for over 10 years they suddenly have no record of me. Could it be because my dog is over 10 years old now, (December was the 10 year anniversary of the commencement of my policy) and I wouldn't be able to get another policy anywhere else??
On a side note, I had my other dog Ziggy insured with Petplan (Petplan and Petcover are the same company), they were more than obstructive and made his illness and subsequent death so much harder at an already terrible time.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Just a quick update- they found my policy and have sent me the details of the renewal - from an annual fee of $500 last year to $1800 this year!!! What a disgrace, needless to say I won't be renewing and have found a policy with another company, that despite being accident cover only (because of his age) actually pays out for more eventualities !

So Disappointed

I have been a long term customer with my XL dog. We did have some claims as she was young (3 years ago) but for about 2 years and even with hip problems we didn't claim. Out of the blue the premium triples. I call, wait 20 minutes and get someone lamely telling me there was a letter telling me about the price increase but it must have gotten lost.

I call back 10 minutes later to cancel my policy, now all of a sudden no-one is able to talk to me. I get bounced from wait line to wait line, continuously insisting I leave a message so they can get back to me (not likely, they never got back to any message I left in the past). Finally I get forced to an answering machine (at 2pm) that tells me it is at capacity and I can't leave a message. Then it hangs up.

They used to be absolutely fantastic and in the space of 3 years they have become the worst possible insurer I have ever had to handle short of petplan.

Insurance claim madeYes

Rude and incompetent - bye bye from long term customer

I've been a long term customer - however recently cancelled my policy as new underwriters bumped up premium 150% - never made a claim mind you within life of policy. Secondly - the interactions with their "customer service" staff appalling, ie talking over you, acidic tone, argumentative and clearly unable to update my address correctly - yet give me attitude when I stated I never received policy documents. Claim they've sent email correspondence (which I've never found) and got defensive when I asked who / what email address did it come from. Seriously grateful in some respect I've never had to claim as I believe it would have been equally as difficult or worse than recent interactions. Bye bye Petcover - hope you realise sooner than later customer retention should be your main priority along with training in respectful and competent customer service!

Insurance claim madeNo

How can they be operating

I'm not sure how this company can be operating. We filed our first ever claim in Nov 2016 after being with them since 2005. After 4 weeks we followed up time and time again with them saying their "system is down" so it hadn't been processed. We had to make weekly calls to check it had been processed but it still hadn't. Finally after 8 weeks they said it had all been processed and we would be paid within the week and it is another 4 weeks later and still no $. We have tried again to follow up but are met with the answering machine messages for 30 mins or more so get sick of trying. I just don't know how they can be in business, they need to be shut down and stop trying to cheat people out of the pet claims they're entitled to and have paid good money for.

Insurance claim madeYes

Painful claim process

Been with this company for 7+ years, have only made two minor claims. Yet each time they make things as hard as possible, with ridiculous follow up questions and forms...which come 1-2 months after you submit a claim.

I also have health insurance for myself, if i ever have to make a claim manually i get the money paid into my account within a matter of days! Why on earth does it take so long here?

Time to start looking for a company that isn't underwritten by Allianz.

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't buy this insurance for your animals - seeks others

This is a genuine insurance company which will pay claims and I have claimed on a few occasions. However, it it the policy with the strictest conditions and it is no cheaper than others. They will not pay for an ongoing condition past 12 months from first diagnosis and treatment. So if your animal is diagnosed with a chronic disease, it is absolutely no use. Additionally, they are totally useless with their administration. They make error after error which means I am constantly corresponding with them and this is a a waste of time. Their assessors have also mistakenly linked my cat's pre-existing chronic condition with another, despite my vet being very clear about the cat's 2nd condition being unrelated. This says to me that they give the claim a cursory look and don't spend any time to think. That means, I have wasted my time at my Vet's in writing to them to review the claim - this was successful. If you're not a good writer and a good fighter, you're likely to give up.

A general word of advice.:If you are seeking pet insurance, don't imagine it is anything like health insurance for people. You have to think differently. Read the Product Disclosure Statement carefully. There are a lot of conditions.

Avoid avoid avoid!!!!

Have been with this company for more than 5 years. I made my first claim more than 3 months ago and still no word from them! I rang them at the 2 month point and was told the claim was being held up because a) they had sent faxes to my vet asking for a full history of my pet but haven't heard anything back (I then rang my vet who advised me that they have never received any of these alleged faxes) and b) because this is the first time I have ever made a claim and first time claims always take a while.

This company is a joke. You are better off pocketing the premiums that you would pay to them and using that money to pay any vet bills that may come up.

Deceptive, rude, actually everything!

Worst insurance I've ever had

This is the most disorganised, rude, unhelpful and inefficient company I've ever dealt with. Claims take up to 6 weeks minimum and you are paid by cheque so add another week to clear it! Don't dare ever try and call. If you do, expect to be cut off at least 4 times, kept waiting for up to 30 minutes to ask a simple question and don't expect an answer.

Terrible customer service; A struggle to make a successful claim

I have had pet insurance with Petcover for more than 5 years. During this time I have made 3 claims (one on my dog and 2 on my cat). In each instance the Company made it very difficult to claim. Claims were denied in each instance and it took a lot of extra paperwork and letters to the Company before payment was forthcoming. I am still waiting for the outcome of my third claim. It took 5 weeks before the Company even looked at it. Insurance should never have to be this hard!!!

they are quick to take payment for your premiums but getting payment for your claims is hard work

So very disappointed

We have been with them for a no of years and cannot get one cent back! We are leaving to go somewhere that actually will pay occasionally. All they have done is taken our money! The last thing is that our dog had a crucial e ligament replaced in right leg them went in for observation of left leg a couple of months later - they will not pay on the opposite of anything I'd legs/ears etc because they are weakened - what a load of hogwash!!! Go with anyone but this mob - they just want ure money!!!!

Can't get Claims Dept to Pick up Phone

I started to time my calls on my third attempt to get through to Claims. Wait times:
3. 1.5hrs.
4. 35 minutes
5. 32 minutes
6. ~1hr 25min - only then I got to speak to a person.
Total wait time probably about 5 hours, every second minute a recorded message said 'your call is important to us". Annoying!
They did call me to query my claim, which was good, but communication became slighty inefficient when I had to call back.
Making a claim is not practical if you have other things to do. Honestly, I can't recall ever having to wait so long to get someone to answer the phone. When they did, the clerk was obstinate (evidently suffering from a string of unhappy customers?) and I'm afraid I lost my cool. I'd ring back to apologise by I don't have 5 hours to spare.

wont be staying...

Im sad to report that in the past two years I have had issue after issue with this company. I have been with Petcover since 2005 and always found their service to be excellent. Lately, not so much.
Though I cannot deny they pay your claims promptly (hence the 3 stars)- that is, once they bother to answer the phone or return your emails/messages (left when they dont answer the phone). Their account receipts department is pretty abysmal, it took 6 months to get them to even charge my new card after the old one expired (I had to call them every month to provide my new card details and each month they seemed to have no recollection of the issue- clearly file notes are an entity unknown to them) and then they "lost my details" in the system, causing my policy to lapse for 5 months whilst they continued to charge my card, this was only picked up when I called them to find out why I had not received renewal papers. They DID honour the policy as if it had never lapsed but it took quite a number of phonecalls over a couple of months to sort it out.
It then took a further 4 months for them to correct a mistake when they charged my card by mistake the following month.
I am currently awaiting my renewal forms which were due last month and still waiting for them to return my calls and emails to sort this out.
When I do manage to get through they are always polite and accommodating (and apologetic!)- but apology after apology only gets them so far, I get the impression they are quite disorganised.
I realise that my run of bad luck with them may be a one-off. Regardless, as a result of my experience in the past two years, I cannot recommend them.
Petplan, I have found, are better value and much more efficient.
prompt claim payment
disorganised accounting, difficult to contact, unresponsive

Changed their terms and now refusing to pay!

After having continuous cover for our cat for a number (prior to the cat having any type of medical problem at all) Petcover then changed their policy so that each policy automatically ends after 12 months and a new policy begins. They now say that if the cat has any type of illness that it has had in the past(even if the illness occurred after cover was taken out and the cover has been continuous) that it is a 'pre-existing condition' as it existed prior to the new 12 month policy commencing. Our cat happened to have another bout of illness that it had also had before and so they are now refusing to pay the claim. Do not trust them - They change our policy after we had bought cover, and while the cover was continuous.
They used to be good to deal with prior to new underwriters taking over
Flat out refusal to pay claims since new underwriters changed all policies to be a MAX 12 months.

Cowboys - Do not use them!

We have been with Petcover for years and were happy with their service however since they altered their underwriters they have been simply dreadful. Despite paying for cover, and having proof of payment, they are stating that we were not insured at that time and are refusing payment of our claims made in that period. In addition to that we were specifically informed in a RECORDED phone call that our cover would include pre-existing conditions and later they stated that it would not. So essentially, we have paid but they claim we were not covered but even if we were covered then they wouldn't pay in any event (even though we had assurances prior to paying that they would). Phone calls remain unreturned, emails remain un-returned and we are at the point now of being forced to take matters further in order to be paid. This is the most unorganised and dodgy set-up and I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. I am now out of pocket for the cost of the policy AND the cost of the vets bills, I would have been better off being uninsured.
Nothing whatsoever
You are paying to be ripped off!

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Petcover - SuperiorPetcover - Mid-PointPetcover - EntryPetcover - Economy
CategoryPet InsurancePet InsurancePet InsurancePet Insurance
Annual Benefit Limit$20,000$15,000$10,000$7,000
Amount of Vet Bill CoveredUp to 80%Up to 80%Up to 80%Up to 80%
Minimum Pet Age 8 weeks8 weeks8 weeks8 weeks
Accidental Injury CoverIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Illness CoverIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Routine Care CoverNot IncludedNot IncludedNot IncludedNot Included
Tick ParalysisNot IncludedNot IncludedNot IncludedNot Included
Emergency Boarding Fees$1000 (Dogs) or $500 (Cats) if you are hospitalised for more than 5 consecutive days$1,000 (Dogs) or $500 (Cats) if you are hospitalised for more than 5 consecutive days$1,000 (Dogs) or $500 (Cats) if you are hospitalised for more than 5 consecutive days$1,000 if you are hospitalised for more than 5 consecutive days
Lifetime Cover IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Cooling Off Period21 Days21 Days21 Days21 Days
Consultation Fees$300$300$300Not Included
Cruciate Ligament ConditionsUp to $4,000Up to $2,000Up to $2,000Not Included
Waiting Period for Illness 21 Days21 Days21 Days21 Days

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