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Lack of informations and bad service

I booked my trip to Cairns and Whitsundays through this agency, as I wanted to do a lot in a small amount of time, and thought they could help me out finding the best deals. I'm all over very happy with my trip, so nothing wrong there. Well almost nothing.. My agent booked me into Gilligan's in Cairns knowing I had to get up very early each morning, and she did not tell me, it is a party hostel. I was very upset about not being able to sleep because of the loud music playing throughout the entire night! I understand it's popular, but you should warn customers about there things.

The worst part about booking this trip was all the lack of informations! I had to send soooo many mails for her to answer my questions, and I had to force the flight information out of her. I never got any information about my bus from Cairns to Airlie Beach, so I had to call the greyhound company, as my agent just stopped answering my mails. I'm very disappointed with the level of service, and I will NEVER book with them again!!

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Great service

Ķobe was a great host, enjoyed talking and planning our trip with us. Fun to visit their travel agency, nice vibe. Like you are talking with friends.
Kobe tried to listen to what we wanted, also if we wanted to skip something, he didn't push us. He even took more time after the office was already closed.
Hope it's gonna be a great trip!

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Overpaid, betrayed

I booked a package from peterpan including Fraser, magnetic, Great Barrier Reef and two days in paradise.It cost me in total 1735 dollers including a discount of 250 dollers as say said. Book it with another travel agency and it cost 1000doller! The even don’t want to say how much each booking cost although another agency uses the same system and she convinced me that it is easy to find out. They betray and I would not recommend them

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Me and my boyfriend were getting very stressed booking our east coast trip. A friend recommended Peterpans so we went to the shop in surfers paradise! Bo booked our whole trip for us and made everything so easy to understand! She was absolutely amazing!!! So friendly and great knowledge of the east coast! We have recommended many friends to also book through Peterpans! Would 100% use again. Thank you Bo! Xxxxxxxxx

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GREAT service and oh my god what an awesome trip! I usually don't write reviews.. But they crew in Bondi beach helped me heeeps. Without them my trip up the east coast would have been a total failure!! Thank you so much for planning and booking my whole trip!!! They give the best advice, really got to know me and planned out the PERFECT trip. Really recommend people to go in and sit with them, they really listen to what you want to do and help you plan and book the whole thing (big or small). So much work done in just a few hours, would have taken me 5 days to find everything. + they gave me the best price!

Please trust in this company, they treat you so well and help you all the way (before and after booking)!! <3

Customer Service
Ease of Booking
Trip Completed Yes
Booking Type Accomodation, Car Hire, Flights and Tour


The idea is very good: an organisation which books everything for you and you don‘t need to care at all. But there are so many things that definitely need to be improved! First of all I booked my tour (a whole east coast package) at their website. Horrible! Hard to find something! As I finally found the right tour for myself I still had so many open questions which definitely should be mentioned before! So I tried to contact one of the team which went very well because I received an answer after probably 5 minutes . The first girl texted with (couldn't remember her name) was the only one (and I had contact to at least 5 or 6) which wasn't rude and insolen I ignored it and still booked the tour. But during the tour I really missed organisation! The only things I knew before were where I'm going and how long I would stay. I really felt uncomfortable sometimes. Another annoying thing was that you must call 24 hour all hostels and the bus company (every time!)!!! So you could do it better alone!

Incorrect Information given by staff

We booked a tour through Peterpans Adventure Travels to go to Whitsundays (2 days and 2 nights). Due to weather in the area we wanted to enquire about our cancellation options. We called the Byron Bay office to ask if we had cancellation options and what our cancellation options were after giving all details of our trip (timings, date etc). We were told we had three options:
- Cancel and receive 50% of the fee
- If the tour cancels we receive 80% of the fee
- We could cancel and use 100% in-store credit for another tour which could be used worldwide.

We decided on the phone that option 3 (using 100% for in-store credit) would be the best option and discussed an option about travelling to Uluru through Peterpans adventure travels. We were told that we should arrange travel ourselves and she would send details of the different Uluru packages to us via email. We had very tight time constraints therefore had to organise everything very quickly. Shortly after the conversation we cancelled our travel from Rainbow Beach to Airlee Beach and booked a coach down to Brisbane in order to get to Uluru via a plane. We were fortunate enough to get a coach a few hours after our conversation. During our coach trip to Brisbane we called to chase the different packages for Uluru that had been promised but we're passed to a different representative of Peterpans admitting they had made a mistake with the information they had given us and we weren't able to use any credit money to go to Uluru. I explained that we were already on the coach to Brisbane following the information we were given and had we have been given the information the second representative had given us we would be well on our way to Airlee beach to get to the Whitsundays tour as losing out on $500 AUD each ($1000 in total for both of us) was not an option. Ultimately we were told there was nothing they can do after quoting terms and conditions about a 48 hour compulsory notice period (even though we had given more than 48 hours notice based on our first phone call to Peter pans) and nothing has been done since.

Ultimately our expectations of what should be a professional travel agency has been shattered and I would not recommend Peterpans Adventure Travels to anyone. There seems to be no concern for their customers money which is very disappointing.

Best Service!

I booked Noosa, Fraser, Whitsundays, magnetic island and diving in cairns with Bo, she is amazing! She really helped me a lot with everything, I really recommend her to everyone who wants a perfect trip!

Ease of Booking
Trip Completed Yes
Booking Type Accomodation, Cruise and Tour

Perfect service from Bo :)

We booked a camper van and a day trip to the Blue Mountains which both made our holiday amazing! :) Bo gave us some good recommendations before booking it and I would book it definitely again. Many thanks again xx

Customer Service
Ease of Booking
Trip Completed Yes
Booking Type Car Hire and Tour

Really helpful staff

I initially booked my trips up the east coast in surfers paradise with Bo and she was amazing! She helped me get everything sorted and talked me through what I could do in each place based on her own experiences and what I wanted to do, she made it really easy. I gave her a very short time frame and she still delivered and went above and beyond to make sure I had the best trip possible. Thanks again Bo! :)

Ease of Booking
Trip Completed Yes
Booking Type Accomodation and Tour

Perfect help in Surfers Paradise!!!

Me and my friend booked kiwibuses, accommodation and hobbiton in the last minute with Bo in surfers paradise, she was so helpful and she fixed everything!! We are so grateful and we really recommend her!!

Best service!!

Me and my friend booked fraser island, whitsunday, skydive and more with the help of Bo! She was amazing, everything went so smooth! We are so glad we got her help

The service of Bo is absolutely amazing

After conversations with travel agencies that made us feel really uncomfortable, we met the lovely Bo who took the time to explain everything and show the different options for the whitsundays and Fraser. The first travel agency that didn’t try to push a bit more as soon as we wanted to think about it, but gave us time. Bo made everything very easy and was super friendly and patient. It didn’t feel like she was trying to sell something, more like she really wanted to help you and make sure you have a good time.


We came to PP to confirm some minor details of trips we had already booked but stayed over two hours to listen to Bo’s expertise. She had great recommendations, fixed our entire trip to New Zealand and even helped correct mistakes that other agencies had made. Her enthusiasm (without being pushy) made us book some great things, thanks Bo!

Lovely people

I was helped really well, everybody was so nice and they helped me with all my questions.
When i didn't know, they were there to offered me trips and saved which was well recommended!

It’s ok

Good service in general, staff very friendly and helpful.
On the other hand, it’s never clear the prices breakdown (we booked a full 40-day trip through Peterpans) and I don’t find it fair that if an activity is cancelled by the supplier the customer is charged 20% booking fee.
Anyway, I would recommend

Very professionnal

We book in Manly Peterpans office and we had very good help and advices, especially to make modifications during our trip.
Many thanks to Cécile who was very reactive and helpful all along our trip, finding solutions for us.
Great travel agent.

Amazing Service

Emma (Cairns Shop) helped me out with all my questions and requests. She took time to explain me everything I wanted to know, gave me a lot of great recommendations and fit my trip to my profil! Everything went smooth and easy :)

Amazing holiday and great help from the lovely staff in Peterpans Wellington

My friend and I study in Wellington and were looking at going to Fiji. We were told to go to Peterpans as they'd be able to help us plan the island hopping we wanted to do as well as book our flights. We spoke to a girl called Shirelle there and received excellent service. She listened to us and told us about her own experience in Fiji. She actually managed to find flights for around $90 NZD cheaper than what we found on Skyscanner and the whole package was a bit cheaper than online too!
She met up with us 3 times until we were 100% happy and we never felt rushed which was good. The actual trip was insane and better than ever expected! We got picked up from the airport, our accommodation in nadi was nice and knew we were coming. The Island Hopping company picked us up on time and the islands Shirelle suggested were so so beautiful. We had the best time and will come back to book our South Island and Australia trip later his year with Shirelle for sure.


Best time ever!! Thanks Shirelle @ Peterpans Wellington :)

A couple of mates and I wanted to hire a car and travel around the South Island. We went into Peterpans to see if they could give us a better price than what we had found online and Shirelle actually found a better car for less money. We also ended up booking the ferry and some activities like the glaciers, jetboating, a bungy and Milford Sound with Peterpans and everything was exactly what Shirelle had explained to us, no nasty surprises. Had an absolute blast and saved some money so we'll defs be back to book future trips! Cheers :)

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I have a trip booked up the coast next Friday but unfortunately I may not be able to go but it's not 100% yet. I am wondering is there any refund if I can't make the trip?
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Hey Lexor00, Thanks for question. In order to look into this for you, can you please contact our Call Centre on 1800 669 424 or info@peterpans.com and provide them with details of your booking. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!