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Good value insurance for accident prone whippets!

I have 2 whippets who are accident prone, one has required stitches on 3 separate occasions due to run ins with tree branches. The smaller one just received stitches to her leg from an injury sustained in our back yard (still don't know how she did it). I have had both my whippets insured for accidental injury for the past 3 years and am very pleased with my policies, having made 4 claims in 3 years. Payouts are generally less than a week after my vet submits my claim and the premiums are very reasonable. I can't recommend it highly enough to owners of Italian greyhounds, whippets and greyhounds who are looking for accident cover for their hounds at a reasonable cost.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Number of Pets2 pets
Pet Type(s) InsuredDog
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time<1 week
Claim DateJune 2019
Claim ApprovedYes
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Thanks so much for the great feedback Kate, we are very happy to help protect your two fur babies and we are very glad you are happy with the service and price! Kindest Regards, Natalie Carpenter

Rip off - If I could give a minus score- I would.

I have had my dog insured since the day she was born- The breeder had her insured and we then insured her. My dog had BAD allergies- allergic to Chicken (which is in ALL dog food) Sorghum (again- in all dog food) barley, peas, kangaroo, tomato, soybean..... Pet insurance Australia refused to allow, our medium cover, to be claimed (even though our Vet stated it was necessary) for her special kibble - They claimed it's a "diet "and diet food isn't covered ! They also knocked back medication that she needed, claiming it was "training "medication (rubbish) They did however approve her pain medication- SO- paying $45 a fortnight for EIGHT YEARS and being able to claim back a lousy $70 every 3 months- I transferred to Pet Insurance . com .au --- Same company holds insurance on Pet Insurance Australia & Pet Insurance --
So- I told Pet Insurance Australia.com.au that I was leaving them and signing up with Pet Insurance - as they were cheaper ---(they laughed at me and told me that I'll be back and then I'll have to back date all missed payments ) so, I sign up with Pet Insurance.com.,au ----( paying BOTH insurances, so it doesn't lapsed... ) and OVER 2 months later (lodged in October 2018- now middle of Jan 2019 ) they refuse the pain medication claiming it's a pre existing condition.
HOW can a dog that's had insurance NON STOP - since the day she was born, have a pre existing condition??? She's only been on the medication for a year... SAME COMPANY --- I cancelled it with them and will NEVER go back to anyone with HOLLAND Insurance.... RIP OFF.. and I rang them and told them to cancel it this morning... so if they say otherwise they are liars... I also used 4 letter words to let them know what a rip off to a pensioner they really are... I go without food to make sure my dog had coverage and for what ! NOTHING... No more - rip offs.
-(C&P from their websites) - Pet Insurance Australia is general insurance issued by the insurer The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (ABN 78 090 584 473; AFSL 241436) . Petinsurance.com.au is general insurance issued by the insurer The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (ACN 090 584 473; AFSL 241436) (Hollard);
Have lodged official complaint with Ombudsman

Insurance claim madeYes

Happy with premium increases, claim process & great customer service

I've had 3 accident policies for 4 years with this company & am happy with low premium increases after the rip off nightmare with Bow Wow where increases were 20%+ a year despite no claims. Also happy with great customer service. First claim was a hassle but recently lodged my second claim & it was paid quickly. Fantastic customer service from both Natalie & Rebecca is much appreciated. Definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for good value pet insurance.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Number of Pets3 pets
Pet Type(s) InsuredDog
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 weeks
Claim DateJuly 2019
Claim ApprovedYes

They are brilliant, could not recommend higher!

Decided to take out Pet Insurance for my little mate who came along by surprise at 6 after substantial Vet bills for my previous 2 dogs towards the end of their lives and could not be happier or more complimentary of Petinsurance.com.au. Unfortunately I have had to make a claim for Sasha as she has developed a Mitral Valve Disorder and they could not have made the process easier or been more helpful and caring, which has made a stressful, painful and quite costly situation all that much easier to deal with. The 3 consultants I have spoken to over the past couple of weeks have been outstanding in both their help and genuine care for me and Sasha and I am very grateful for this. Being my first ever experience with Pet Insurance, I cannot recommend these guys highly enough and am very thankful for all their help and assistance. The online portal is great and makes it very easy to lodge documents and check on the progress of your claim. Policy was very easy to set up and very good value. The ability to earn Velocity Points is also an added bonus.

Insurance claim madeYes

Really good value. Easy to set up online.

Came with benefits of Velocity Points which is always appreciated. Have made one claim but it was unfortunately rejected. I probably didn't read the fine print properly as it the claim was for vaccinations and desexing which apparently isn't covered under my particular policy.

Insurance claim madeYes

Easy online claims paid so quickly!

I recently had a sick puppy and had to spend a lot on vet bills. The online system allows you to upload your paid invoices and vet noted easily - it only took minutes. Best of all the refund came through in less than a week - amazing service. Very satisfied customer :) thank you

Insurance claim madeYes

Love the low cost Puppy Cover :)

Petinsurance.com.au was an easy choice for my new puppy - very affordable. Application process was easy. Saw them at Dog Lovers Show on the weekend and they support Australian Working Dog Rescue. Yet to claim, but feels like an insurer with a genuine care for pets.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Thanks for the great feedback, we are very proud of our partnership with Working Dog Rescue and we look forward to help you protect your fur baby for many years to come.

Perfect cover for my cat

Very happy with Petinsurance.com.au!!! Found perfect cover for my cat Lucy, who never goes outside. Struggled to find a company that offered illness cover only. Customer service really friendly too!

Insurance claim madeNo
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We are so happy you chose our 'first in market' Indoor Cat Policy for Lucy. Thanks so much for the great feedback.

Value for money policy.

To be honest, I don't know much about pet insurance companies, and therefore I purchased my policy for my dog Kiya, based on cost, as it was the best value top cover one that I could find on the market.
I'm now glad that I did, as It was easy to apply for, and all I had to do was scan the vet bill and I received reimbursement within days.
My husband was pleasantly surprised by how much we received back, and as our fur baby has an ongoing allergy condition, this policy will definitely be worth it!
I have given this a 5 star rating based on the simplicity of applying, information provided, fast processing/refund of claims, and friendly and helpful customer service.

Insurance claim madeYes
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We are so happy to hear your claims experience was such a positive one and we hope that Kiya is feeling much better now.

Happy Cat. Happy Cat Servant

Making a claim for my Jasper Lloyd through PetInsurance.com.au could not have been easier .Vet visit, paid the bill, scanned the forms and away we were! I kid you not - that simple! Even Jasper Lloyd was laughing at how quick the process was..as you can see!! Both of us are delighted with the company :)

Insurance claim madeYes

Best cover possible for Uno

Before choosing to insure with Petinsurance.com.au, i did a lot of research with other companies and found myself comparing policies to ensure i got the best cover possible for Uno and at a reasonable price. When i stumbled upon Petinsurance.com.au on Facebook, i immediately got a quote and compared it to two other companies i had chosen. Pet insurance.com.au was by far the cheapest for the policy and level of cover i wanted for Uno and had great reviews from current customers, which was really important for me in making a decision. I purchased the policy i wanted and was surprised at how easy the process was, within minutes i was insured and had all my relevant paperwork! Over the course of the past four months, i have had to make a claim twice, due to an unfortunate and very serious illness Uno had and was so relieved at how simple the claim process is and had no issues receiving my reimbursement. I am very pleased with this company and would recommend it to anyone looking for pet insurance!

Insurance claim madeYes

Perfect Puppy Cover

No premium increases for 3 years and customer support thus far fantastic. Website easy to use and information easy to understand.

Insurance claim madeNo

Absolutely AWFUL coverage

After 5 years a member and no claims, my dog had a run of various different minor issues. I put in 10 claims from the past 18 months and 8 were rejected as not being covered due to small print, and of the two that were accepted; one gave me a return of $4.19 and the other didn't even cover the excess that was never outlined when I joined. Biggest waste of money, and an absolute disgrace!

Insurance claim madeYes

Misleading! Never again

My dog was on a Plus plan and I made a claim on routine check up. Only to be advised that he is not covered. However if you go on their website it clearly states that this is covered under this policy. I spoke to the manager who confirmed the information on the website is misleading!! Unbelievable!! I have canceled my policy and strongly advise customers to stay away from this company!!

Sneaky Pet Insurance Company with Terrible Customer Service

Signed up with petinsurance.com.au (without comparing other companies - stupid thing to do) under the plus plan with monthly debits 12 months.

Knew my dog was going to get desexed during that time so i specifically chose the plus plan because it said it was covered under "Desexing (included in routine care)".

Little did i know that I actually had to choose a separate "routine care" box when signing up to be able to be eligible for this. So my claim was declined after speaking to their inept claims team (located in the phillipines). Another sneaky insurance company.


Read this comments for anyone wants to take up a policy with petinsurance.com.au.

We had an insurance policy (accident only) with petinsurance.com.au since my dog was 3 month old. No claim was made until my dog was 14 months. We realised how ridiculous of the company was.

The accident was due to my dog tried to jump up to a rendering wall, but landed on yard awkwardly and caused soft tissues damage. We went to a vet emergency, got all documents required and submitted a claim. The claim got rejected about a week after. Petinsurance claimed that our policy didn’t cover for the accident. The accident covered with accident and illness. We lodged a dispute and got rejected claiming my dog was jumping up to an elevated surface, but didn’t fall from an elevated surface, therefore it wouldn’t be covered under accident only policy. We found it was a joke. Subsequently we cancelled our policy and switched other to other provider.

We paid the policy monthly. Policy started on the 9th and payment automatic debited from our account on the 15th. When we cancelled the policy it was only 1 day after the payment cycle. The customer representative advised me that the payment would be still deducted on the 15th. Once they received the payment, we would get pro-rata refund. We were ok with that.

However, after one and half months, we still haven’t received the refund. We contacted the company. A customer representative told me their system was down, but he would call me back as soon as the system back on running. However, we never heard back from him. And then we called the company again. Another customer representative advised that they don’t offer pro-rata refund during the cycle. We told her what we were advised and provided her all details. After investigating the case, they agreed to refund the premium.

You just couldn’t trust them at all!!! Lesson learnt ..... if you would want to be able to claim your insurance, make sure you don’t insure with Petinsurance.com.au
Absolutely nothing
Very bad reputation

Pet Insurance

Do NOT get petinsurance with petinsurance.com.au ,customer service terrible ! Called this morning on hold for 23 mins, hung up ! Phoned back this afternoon on hold for 1hr 5mins still not through to anyone ! Had 2 claims for our dog, both knocked back, can't find out why because I can't get anyone to answer the phone ! Made us jump through hoops when we put the claim in, had to get records from when he was born, and when the vet couldn't provide the first 6 months because they had taken the practice over from another vet, I had to fill in a Stat Dec, even though we had a letter from the vet confirming that they didn't have the records. Want to cancel the policy, they haven't got an e-mail address, useless company ! Avoid them like the plague !!!!

Very bad customer service

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Minimum Pet Age 8 weeks8 weeks26 weeks26 weeks8 weeks8 weeks
Accidental Injury CoverIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Illness CoverIncludedNot IncludedIncludedNot IncludedIncludedNot Included
Routine Care CoverIncludedIncludedOptional ExtraOptional ExtraOptional ExtraOptional Extra
Tick Paralysis$1,000$1,500$1,000$1,500$1,000$500
Emergency Boarding Fees$1,000$500$1,000$500$1,000$500
Lifetime Cover IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Cooling Off Period30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
Consultation Fees$300$300$300$300$300$300
Cruciate Ligament Conditions$2,600$2,600$2,600$2,600$2,600$2,600
Waiting Period for Illness 30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days

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