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What to expect?

The claim process takes approximately 1 month and not like they say, always delays, they keep asking further details via letter so weeks of delay +5 days for money to transfer even if nowday exist live money transfer

Value for Money
Customer Service
Number of Pets1 pets
Pet Type(s) InsuredCat
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim DateFebruary 2019
Claim ApprovedYes

Best Pet Insurence

Have had 3 dogs insured with Petmed. They were the only company who would insure my 9 year old shihtzu. This was the reason we insured all dogs with Petmed. Unfortunately 4 months after insuring our older dog, she suffered an unexpected trauma and had to be put down. The whole process putting in a number of claims in relation to this was so easy and we even got a sympathy letter from Petmed regrading the passing of our older dog Sacha. Thank you Petmed. .. humans work here.

Insurance claim madeYes

"Ultimate" Policy - Ultimate Rip-off

I signed up with PetMed almost three years ago when my dog was a puppy. At the time, the reviews (even on this website) were favourable. But, being an idiot, I didn't properly read the PDS and I took them at their word when they said that "accidental injury" was covered. It literally says "Accidental Injury - Yes" on my policy. More fool me for not questioning THEIR definition of "Accidental Injury" at the time, because when I went to make a small claim, I was denied. I looked at my policy more closely and found a loooooooong list of exclusions.

My claim was for $216. I was cutting my dog's nails one night and accidentally hit the quick. After an hour of her bleeding profusely, and soaking through huge wads of tissues, I took her to an after-hours vet where they were able to stem the blood flow. $216 is not all that much comparable to other problems pets can have, but all the same I thought "I have insurance, I haven't made a claim in almost three years, I may as well use it".

The claim's process was easy, but I was informed about a week later that I had been denied because they categorised my dog's injury as "grooming". I rang and told them that I'm not claiming for grooming, I'm claiming for an Accidental Injury which was the RESULT of grooming, but I was told that they do not cover anything "grooming related". So... I guess they wouldn't cover it if my dog was being groomed professionally and fell off the table, or something. Just like (as I have just found out) they won't cover any injuries that they believed happened as a result of negligence on your part (like if your dog is walking off-lead, runs into the road suddenly and gets hit by a car? Eats a big block of chocolate you left in a shopping bag on the floor? If someone plays rough with your dog and hurts them accidentally? What are the limits to that? When does an ACCIDENT stop being SOMEONE'S FAULT?)

Anyway, I have since read the exclusions and it reads like a long list of pretty much everything that could happen to your pet. My policy is called "ultimate" but, as it turns out, it doesn't cover anything. I'm not even upset about the money I've wasted on this junk policy, what I'm upset about is that I've spent the last three years thinking that I would be covered if anything happened to my dog. My dog is fine, and I'm not out of pocket all that much (except the almost $1600 I've spent on this rubbish insurance), but what if this had been a desperate situation where she was badly hurt and needed expensive vet care? I now know that they would not have come to my aid, like I fully expected them to since that is literally what I have been paying for.

My policy is due to expire soon (there is a fee for cancellation, because of course there is) and obviously I won't be renewing it. I am probably going to report them to the Ombudsman, because their initial policy information is misleading and they actually cover next to nothing, but I mostly just want to be done with them and stop anyone who reads this from signing with them and wasting their time and money like I did.

They've taken my money for three years and given me nothing, not even peace of mind, as it turns out. Don't let them take from you too.

Insurance claim madeYes

Do not use this Petmed, Premiums collected promptly but they will give you plenty of excuses

I have been paying premium for a top cover for my dog with Petmed for almost 3 years. Premiums have been collected promptly but they will give you plenty of excuses when you lodge a claim!!!!!

Lodged a claim 2 months back for $179, they kept asking for documents after documents many documents have been downloaded and sent but still no refund. This week I received a threatening letter saying that the claim will be closed in 10 days if I do not produce evidence. Today I rang Petmed they answered me from the Philippines and without much progress I requested my call to be transferred to Australia.

After 10 min wait my call was answered, this person asked me many questions for which the answers are already available on the portal so I have asked to speak to someone who is familiar with claims. I was then told that there is no one else who can help me with my query. When I asked to speak to the person in charge I was told that someone will call me within 2 days !!!

A well known 24 hour Vet clinic in Bundoora recommended Petmed to me however Petmed do not trust the tax invoice made by this vet and asking me provide further proof that I took my dog there. I am very disappointed that I chose Petmed.

Insurance claim madeYes

Absolutely useless

Was unable to find policy via my name, phone number or policy number - line frequently got cut off...can't handle something as basic even finding us...

Insurance claim madeNo

Absolute Rubbish

Worst claims service i have ever experienced, and i work in insurance so i have had my fair share of bad claims service.

The claims are outsources to a call center in the Philippines who have absolutely no idea about insurance policies or an idea about anything at all.........

Absolutely ridiculous length of a claim that should have been sorted out quickly as it was so straight forward.
Have since cancelled my policy and insured elsewhere.

Insurance claim madeYes

They lock my account and do not cancel my renewal policy.

They are so terrible and I stayed with them for 2 years. First year, they denied half my claim, the routine care only reimbursed me $50 per year, but it cost me $100 more. It is not worth. And my kitty accidentally broken one teeth, they rejected my claim again, they recognised it as a routin care not accident injure. However, I chose to stay with them one more year. Until I decide to cancel my renewal policy, I realise it is a right decision. Because I have told them keep my existing policy until it expire (because I know they will not refund the remain month to me) and just cancel the renewal one, because I do not think it is worth to my money. After three times call, my renewal policy is still there and my account has been locked, I cannot make claim and my policy is still valid. How bad service they are?

Insurance claim madeYes

Couldn't get past the worst Administration to convert quote to policy

After reading the Canstar 2017 reviews on this company which placed PetMed with Petbarn ahead of the pack for value with 5*'s, I was ready to insure my 2 pups at the top Ultimate level for each (almost $100p. month). After 3 weeks of the most terrible Administrative experiences and contact with the phone staff ([name removed]) and customer services resolutions officer ([name removed]), I am absolutely flabbergasted that neither could assist with something so simple as turning an unexpired quote into a booking. I have tried re-quoting online 3 times and turning the quotes into booked insurance without success due to IT issues. It's utterly ridiculous. I repeatedly asked to speak with a supervisor and this did not happen. The management has been appalling . When I emailed grievances to the Senior Customer Resolutions Officer - [name removed], would you believe she did not answer any element of my email regarding conversion to a policy, but did refer the fact she would pass on my notes "to the relevant department" that their advertised contact times on their website was incorrect. 3 times I referenced their website contact details state they are available from 8.00am-8.00pm AEST and infact they are only available Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.00pm AEST.
Unbelievable and still not resolved this morning. Can you believe I was told by Mary that they can't retrieve online quotes as there is a price variation between sales over the phone and online quotes - I couldn't even get to speak with someone in the sales department or supervisor. . I work in a small executive office and I can tell you that PetMed's Administration does not have a good reputation. There are quite a few others that have become new pet owners and considering insurance, If it's this hard to even get policy, I can't imagine what I'd be in for with a claim. Seems like some of the reviews also speak for themselves. However I'd love to bring this situation to the Canstar review team . They have lost my business.

Insurance claim madeNo


Started out well, but for the money you pay, the returns are not worth it. Got rejected an emergency claim because they have a 30day waiting period for illness. Then went to cancel the policy for our other dog, and told I have to pay out the full 6 months remaining on the policy. Hardly fair that I'm now locked in to a rubbish policy for BOTH dogs until mid and end of year. Regret choosing them and will cancel when they 'let' me

Insurance claim madeYes

Never go near this company!

Whatever you do, please don't go with PetMed, especially the additional "routine care" option. You get an absolute maximum of $80 per year, and that is only if you have one treatment from the extensive list of routine treatments such as desexing, which you only get $50 for (any one on the list only gets $50), and $30 for treatment on another list. This may seem vague, but this is the response I got from the so called "customer service", in a very arrogant and rude email back to my query. The customer service is outsourced to the Philippines, so you have to wait a few days for any kind of response. It is not good value at $75 a month, especially when you only get back $65 for a $600 claim. Just don't go there. Now with Pet Plan, saving $20 a month and getting better cover.

Insurance claim madeYes

Insurance for my dog

My 3 yr old dog had an accident, snapping a tendon in her back leg. Placed a claim on Thursday- Received my payment on Tuesday ( This period included a long weekend). Quick turn around time. very pleased for my first claim.

Insurance claim madeYes

Pet Med didn't disclose dental exclusions when we took out policy

Pet Med didn't disclose dental wasn't covered when we took out policy.

Our burmese cat needs to have an incisor removed (and maybe more) and related blood tests. We have always fed our burmese special oral care biscuits because burmese can have issues with their teeth.

Rang Pet Med today to discuss our first claim. They advised the policy doesn't cover dental. They said it is in the fine print.

If we had know we would have gone with a different insurance company. When discussing exclusions (when taking out the policy) they didn't make any mention of this.

We are very disappointed.

Insurance claim madeYes

Value for money and excellent service

The policy is value for money, we had our first claim processed and they explained the whole process from what is needed, thanked us for the info, and confirmed processing time and was processed when and how they advised. Wish ever company was this efficient!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Routine care not worth the extra cost

Don't bother with the routine care option,it costs about $5 more per month & you will get that back once per year if you claim so not really worth it. The consultation fee limit of $300 is ONLY for accident/illness, doesn't include seeing vet for vaccinations etc
Now I'm advised that if I want to drop the routine care from my Ultimate policy,it will cost me more!

Insurance claim madeYes

Rip off

Policy excess is rip off. Received 4 cents on a claim for over $150 then received $2.45 from an emergency vet visit that cost me over $250. What a joke.

Insurance claim madeYes

Terrible, Rip Off

Every claim I made they stated that it was not covered. Expecting 80% of our money each time and not receiving any because they have excess charges of $99 each time you make a claim was never stated to my partner or I. We bought the best cover and the pet insurance each month actually cost more than our own health insurance. The customer service couldn't help and I would not recommend to anyone. They have put us out of pocket alot of money and we wish we didn't even bother.

Insurance claim madeYes

Saved our dogs life

Recently our pet had a bad case of pneumonia which was life threatening in the end the bill was close to $3000 and if we didn't have cover Oscar would have had to be put down. I am so happy we took this policy as it literally saved our dogs life, we are happy to still have Oscar in our lives.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great peace of mind

We signed up for petmed about 2 years ago and our dog poppy has had a couple of trips to the vet - claims were easy we got 80% back and they now have an online claiming method which is pretty easy. We had to send some history in which the vet actually got a bit cranky about but he said that's the same for all insurance.

Insurance claim madeYes

Large claim we couldn't afford

It was a large claim and we did have to provide the history, we were worried because we could not afford the bill but the claim was paid 80% of the bill it did take more than a week. The insurance did make a stressful time so much easier.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very friendly staff

We recently signed up for Petmed as we wanted to avoid more expensive vet bills for this new cat as the last one, bless her cost us so much and we still miss her so. It's easy to get this organized just takes a few minutes, the staffs are friendly and speak perfect English – I think they are here in Aus.

Insurance claim madeNo

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Questions & Answers

I have accidental Pet insurance with AFS PetMed. The only claim ever made was when my Golden Retriever ate an entire ball and this was paid no problem. (It involved a lot of vomiting!) However premiums have shot up from $22 to $35.50 per month and I have 2 dogs covered, so I'm now paying $70 per month!! I am thinking of swapping to Bow Wow Meow as their premiums for same cover are $38. Reviews seem favourable. My question: Why do premiums go up for ACCIDENT cover? Surely older dogs are more sensible, less likely to run off and do stupid things and are generally slower in every way - it doesn't make sense! I understand premiums rising for illness cover, but I've never had mine covered for this. Has anyone ever queried this?
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We did a bit of research and spoke to the staff at Petmed they told us they do not have accident only insurance and all theirs is all comprehensive that covers sickness as well, Our vet advised us to get comprehensive, he told me that the accident only plans are the ones he sees a lot of people unhappy because many problems are classed as an illness even if you think it is an accident. What if your dog gets an accidental illness? Maybe you should check your policy or give them a call.

What is the best pet insurance company?
3 answers
I here Woolies are doing a good job. Note there is only one underwriter in Australia, though there are multiple companies that look like they are insuring you. Hollards - a South African company.I am with Woolies but I heard that Bow Wow Meow are ranked the #1 pet insurers ranked by over 500 people. I did read testimonials and they are very good. I am thinking to switch over.Be very careful about swapping insurers for your dog because you will not be insured for everything if you have claimed before, once you claim for something it is going to be pre existing when you go to the new company, stay with who you are with right now if you have made any claims. My friend found out the hard way and her dog is not covered for some things that can happen again. You can fill in a form after I think 1.5 years and they might get rid of the preexisting condition rule.

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